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Predictions: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

Shawn (5-2) — Whether I’m picking games or playing fantasy football, it always seems like my record imitates the Green Bay Packers’ record. Let’s hope that continues because I’m picking the Packers.

Drew Brees has had some big games against the Packers, especially in New Orleans and because of that and his no-surprise sizable yardage total this season, many are picking this game to be a shootout.


Maybe Jimmy Graham will be fully recovered or at least recovered enough to have a big game against the soft-spot of the Packers defense. That would be quite a rebound considering Graham played limited snaps and didn’t have a single catch last week against the Lions. Maybe the young Saints’ receiving corps will have a coming out party at home. Or maybe the Saints will successfully pound the Packers with whoever they have running the ball this week and take the pressure off their passing game. Maybe.

In the past, when these two teams have faced off, Drew Brees has rarely been pressured. Usually, the offensive line is a Saints’ strength, especially the guard position. And in the past, the Saints had enough receiving weapons to give the Packers fits. I have my doubts that either of those conditions exist for the Saints any longer.

The Saints’ offensive line and receiving corps are not what they used to be. There are good reasons why the Saints are 2-4 and Drew Brees only has 11 TDs versus 7 INTs so far this season.

And though I may come to regret these words, I have to admit that when I see the Packers’ pass defense, pass rush and secondary, put up against the Saints’ passing offense, I like the Packers a lot. I feel pretty much the same about the Saints as I do most Packers’ opponents: they need to run the football or they will NOT have a large amount of success against this defense. Run the football and other things can open up. Fail to run the football and expect an ass-whooping.

Unlike his predecessor, Aaron Rodgers has never had any issue with playing in a dome. In fact, he typically shines indoors and he is on quite the tear right now. The Saints are not gifted with a great pass rush and therefore will rely on blitzes to get pressure on Rodgers. The Saints’ blitz package is probably the key to this game. The Saints’ secondary wasn’t playing that well even before injuries knocked out a couple starters, including big free agent pick-up Jairus Byrd. If the Saints can’t get to Rodgers, their chances of stopping the Packers’ passing game are remote.

With the bye following this game, will the Packers already be looking forward to it? Will their bags already be packed? That is a wild card, but typically Mike McCarthy’s teams play well both going into and coming out of the bye week.

The Packers don’t HAVE to be 6-2 going into their bye, but they SHOULD win this game.

Packers 38, Saints 20

Andrew (6-1) — First of all, I want to go on the record that I’m a little sick of hearing about the New Orleans Saints. I’m tired of hearing about their home winning streak under Sean Payton. You know, the streak that skips a year in time because of Payton’s suspension for something he supposedly might have done regarding ‘Bountygate.’ Who gives a shit anyway? So what that under Payton this team has won 19 straight and have been 18-0-1 versus the spread in that time?

Damn… when you say it out loud, it is a little intimidating. But to this particular stat I will yield to Steve Buscemi who while playing Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs summarized his thoughts on automatically tipping waitresses by succinctly stating, “Fuck all that.”

Yes. Fuck. All. That. The Saints are favored in this game? Gimme a fucking break. New Orleans opened as one point favorites and have ballooned to two and in some places even 2.5? Fuck all of that even further.  Jump on the Packers with both feet. The Saints are living on past reputation.

And Drew Brees this and Drew Brees that. You know what? Fuck Drew Brees. Yeah, I said it. Dude makes 30 million a year, owns a handful of Jimmy John’s restaurants, orders his food to go and then doesn’t even tip his own employees. Brees and Mr. Pink should get together and go bowling so they can bitch at each other for 30 minutes about who owes the extra penny on their $14.85 tab, even though they both agreed to stiff the waitress. Makes me sick. When you’re a public figure and make a crap load of money, you have an obligation to be a good, if not extremely good, tipper.

Not to mention the dude is a chucker. I predict Brees throws at least two interceptions and if that prediction is accurate I think the Packers are going to rip this team apart. This game is not about what the Saints can do on their best night at home. This game is about what the Packers are capable of doing which is laying the wood to this Saints team that for some reason is still garnering a lot of respect and adoration in this league.

If I’m the Packers and am two-point underdogs coming into this game, I’m getting ready to rip someone’s throat out and then show it to them.

“We are nobody’s underdog.”

You’re goddamn right.

The Packers will roll the last breath out of these pukes from the Big Easy. Say goodbye to your season Naw’lins.

Packers 41, Saints 19

Monty (4-3) — I was all set to pick the Saints in this game. I’m still not sold on the fact that the Packers are as good as their 5-2 record indicates. Before today, I wasn’t sold on the fact that the Saints are as bad as their 2-4 record indicates.

Two things changed my mind.

First, the money flowing toward New Orleans. The Saints opened as one-point favorites and if you know anything about how lines are set, that means they’re only favored because they’re playing at home. Then that line started to grow, which means more people are taking the Saints than the Packers.

And if you know anything about betting on football, then you know the majority usually does not rule. The majority are usually a bunch of fucking idiots. Go against the money in a game like this, you’ll probably win.

Second, I looked at the Saints’ roster. Who the hell are these the clowns?

Their top rusher is Khiry Robinson. Who the fuck is that? Doesn’t matter because he’s already been ruled out for Sunday.

Their leading receiver is tight end Jimmy Graham, which was predictable, but he’s questionable for the game. And as Shawn noted, he was a non-factor against Detroit last week. Even if he plays, I do not expect him to go off.

At receiver, the Saints still have Marques Colston, but their next two guys are Brandin Cooks and Kenny Stills. How much am I frightened of those two guys? Is it possible to be negatively frightened?

And here’s all you need to know about the Saints defense. They’re 28th in points allowed (27.5 per game) and against the pass (270.5 per game).

So, there are damn good reasons these guys are 2-4. They’re 2-4 because they’re a shitty team.

The Saints are still getting respect because of 1. past success, 2. Drew Brees, and 3. Sean Payton.

Well, I’ll tell ya what. You can jam past success straight up your ass, New Orleans. I’ll give you Drew Brees being pretty good, but he’s not going to win games by himself. And Sean Payton? I am totally fucking indifferent.

Is he a better coach than Buffon? Probably so. Hard to coach ’em up when your defense is that bad, your team is ravaged by injuries and Brees’ supporting cast wears red noses, floppy shoes and usually ride around on tricycles.

Unless they decide this is the week to shit the bed, the Packers will win this game simply because they’re the superior team.

Packers 32, Saints 23



  1. Old Man At The Gym October 25, 2014

    I got a bad feeling about this game.

  2. Cheese tastes good October 25, 2014

    Have to agree. Everyone is thinking of past reputation. One thing stops these Packers and that is a stout, athletic defensive line. Saints don’t have that.
    I look for Breese to make some throws but also throw at least one pick. Professor Long Hair will blitz at the wrong time and Jordy will go yard. 34-17

  3. BZ in BA October 25, 2014

    Monty: “Buffoon” has two O’s. But your prediction is correct, and your writing is brilliant (as usual). Actually, I thought that all three of you expressed yourselves quite nicely. Great job! GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Disposable h3ro October 25, 2014

    This is the same Saints team that shit the bed against B Hoyer and the Browns. Fuck them.

  5. Deepsky October 25, 2014

    The Packer victory in Super Bowl XXXI will always be my favorite Superdome memory, but my second went like this:

    “Favre goes back to pass, he pumps, now he fires over the middle, intercepted, I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now, it was intercepted by Tracy Porter….but why do you even ponder passing, I mean, you can take a knee!…this is not Detroit man, this is the Super Bowl!!”

    1. Deepsky October 25, 2014

      The Packers can pass and stop the pass, but they can’t run and stop the run, so I’m not sold on them yet. I was way wrong last week picking the Panthers last week, so hopefully I’m wrong taking the Saints.

      38-31 Saints.

    2. Chad Lundberg October 25, 2014

      I think I’ve watched that video at least 100 times, no joke. Me and my brother watch it every time it’s a Packers-vikings week. I’m gonna go watch it again right now, it NEVER gets old!!!

      I hate Drew Brees, one because he’s so popular even after he under-cut his team by holding out for an even fatter contract, and two he’s widely regarded as one of the absolute best, when in truth he only looks as good as he does because he throws 50 times a game. Matthew Stafford threw for just as many yards when he threw just as many times, what does THAT tell you??? Honestly, Brees is good but he’s not THAT good!

      That being said, I will be forever grateful that he was good enough on that day to beat Princess Favre and the Viqueens.

    3. Chad Lundberg October 26, 2014

  6. Howard October 26, 2014

    I have to admit when the schedule came out this season this game was one of five I thought would be a likely loss. Two have already happened. I now feel better about this game being a Packer win. The saints offense is not what it use to be even though it did better against the lions than I thought they would. It is hard to tell on their D, depends on how much Ryan blitzes and how well Rodgers picks it apart. The Saints blitzed a lot less against the lions than Ryan normally would.

    I do believe quieting the crowd by a good start will make a big difference in the outcome of the game. It sure seems as though Brees gets a lot of roughing and pass interference calls at just the right time at home. Keep out of the game refs! I believe we can hit quick off tackle runs on the saints. Lacy keep the damn ball tight you are waving it around when you dance. Four wides can stress their Secondary and may cause Ryan to blitz. Rodgers has picked Ryan’s blitzes apart in the past. Our D will pressure Brees. Perry will have at least another sack(s). No one is writing about Perry but Perry is getting pressure and sacks at a fairly high rate per attempt. If Richardson plays the saints had better put on some rib protectors! Go Pack!

    1. Chad Lundberg October 26, 2014

      You’re absolutely right about Perry, but while people haven’t written about it, people have in fact noticed. MM said this week that he wants to get Perry on the field more often, so as long as the coach is noticing, that’s what matters most.

      Anyway, I hope he continues to improve like he has the last few weeks. He could be a real force, and we need all the talented D players we can get in a league with teams like SF, SEA, and possibly even facing a team like Denver in the Super Bowl.

    2. Andrew Chitko October 26, 2014

      Howard, good point on Perry. I meant to list him on multiple occasions and forgot.

      Would you like to sit in and do the Top 10 after this game…my usual column? You always make some good points and I’m just terribly busy this week.

      Let me know.

      1. Howard October 26, 2014

        Andrew: you must be screwing with me. There is no one that could come close to doing what Monty, Shawn, and you do every week. Besides I do not know how you guys take some of the abuse. If you are serious I appreciate the offer, however I will be on the road tomorrow.

  7. Howard October 26, 2014

    By the way is Brees standing on a stool in that picture? Maybe he wears lifts? There is no way he is as tall or taller than Rodgers by any stretch of the imagination.

    1. Chad Lundberg October 26, 2014

      If I’m correct, the camera has a fish-eye lens. Just an illusion.

  8. Organicbuzz October 26, 2014

    Packs D pitches Shutout at Superdome,Fuck you World Series. I’m optimistic. Go Pack Go!!!

  9. Savage57 October 26, 2014

    The Packers win this because Brees has that fucking spot on his face. WTF is up with that? The dude makes enough bank that he could buy his own plastic surgeon, yet he refuses to even have a procedure done to remove that fucking leech from his cheek.

    I’m just glad he has to wear a helmet so it’s not so obvious and I don’t have to see it as much.

    Maybe if the Packers kick the shit out of the Saints, and they’re interviewing Mike Daniels after the game, asking him what was the key behind his 4-sack game, he’ll own up and admit that, “fucking Brees and that nasty shit on his face. Just got tired of looking at it.”

  10. Zwoeger October 26, 2014

    What I hate the most about Brees is that constantly licking is fingers. I mean his mony is not there to count. Hope we get don’t get close ups until after he’s sacked.

  11. Don Q October 26, 2014

    These buttfucks barely beat the Queens in that shit-dome. Fuck em!

  12. James Bennett October 26, 2014

    I agree with Deepsky. I’d like to see us run the ball and stop the run. Winning teams do that; always have. We know what Rodgers can do; if our O-line gives him time to throw, we should win the game. Dolphins came within about six seconds of beating us by being in his face most of the game and knocking the snot out of him even when he got passes off.

  13. the real jeff ircink October 26, 2014

    this is why i never made predictions publicly. cause you look like an asshat when you lose. i even cheered for GB is this one.

  14. E. Wolf October 26, 2014

    God what a disaster. Fuck me.