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Have we Mentioned that Olivia Munn is a Horrible Person?

We probably alluded to it, but we haven’t come right out and mentioned it yet, but Olivia Munn — Aaron Rodgers’ special lady — is a horrible person.

How do you know this, you ask?

Well, I know people who have worked with her. People in production, i.e. not stars or directors or producers or the like. People who, in Hollywood, are pretty much replaceable as far as stars (or people who consider themselves to be stars) are concerned.

I have been regaled with tales of how Olivia Munn treats these people like absolute shit. Yelling, demeaning and threatening.

And why would she do this, I ask? It’s not as if she’s one of the great talents of our time, not that that’s even an excuse.

She’s just really insecure, I am told.

Isn’t there some saying about this? About how your true character or self is revealed by how you treat those who are not as fortunate as you or something? I don’t know. If there isn’t, there should be.

At any rate, I probably wouldn’t have brought this up at all, but then someone brought this incident to my attention.

It played out something like this.

Random, non-famous person on Twitter questioned if anyone else thought Olivia Munn was just average looking. Olivia Munn — who clearly monitors all channels for any mention of her name — saw this and posed her own question, asking if anyone thought random, non-famous person’s face is stupid.

Yes, she basically retorted with a good-old “Yeah? Well your face is stupid!” I am not even making that up.

Very adult and lady-like.

This naturally caused many of Munn’s Twitter followers to pile on random, non-famous person with their own insults. Eventually, she made her account private, but it wasn’t good enough for Olivia to have chased this woman off into Internet seclusion after a bunch of random people had insulted her.


She took a screen cap of the original post and kept it handy so she could post it again for everyone to see.

As a side note, I have taken a screen cap of this in case Munn wises up and decides to delete it.

That will teach her!

There’s just so much to say here…

First, let’s deal with the obvious. Celebrities get criticized all the time. You want to be a public figure and reap all the benefits? Well, guess what Punchy? You get to take all the criticism that comes your way too!

It comes with the territory and any fucking buffoon understands that.

When someone says something negative about you, do you reply? Do you engage? Do you try to shame that person? Do you call them a doody head?

Only if you’re Olivia Munn, I guess.

I’ve come across some insecure women in my day, but I think this takes the cake.

So that brings me back to my initial statement — Olivia Munn is a horrible person. Yeah, she looks good, but when you’re a piece of shit, eventually everyone notices the smell.

And this is the type of person our quarterback is dating. We thought he had better judgment.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf October 29, 2014

    Who cares about that? I want the dirt on how she treats mere mortals. However, calling someone “stupid face” is pretty juvenile, as it also reflects less than a classical education. Then again, I do not expect glamour pusses like this, in this country at least, to be able to write their own name, let alone speak and write intelligently.

  2. Derek October 29, 2014

    Give it a rest. I like this site, but not as much after crap like this.

  3. aly October 29, 2014

    she also favorited a tweet from a guy calling the girl a c-word. then sent a high-five emoji to someone saying the girl’s face smells like taco meat….all over being called “average”. just seems like a crazy overreaction to me. and twitter searching your own name? gross.

    1. Savage57 October 30, 2014

      Our beloved QB can read a defense like no other.

      Gash? Not so much.

      1. bob October 30, 2014


  4. Crash October 29, 2014

    That response owuld be easy, bitch there are pictures of you getting fucked all over the internet.

    Is that Aaron Rodgers’ dick in the picture? Or is she just a giant whore?

    1. E. Wolf October 29, 2014

      Photoshopped or real? If the latter, does she have a nice trim lady garden?

      1. Cheesecurds October 30, 2014

        She was involved into the whole Fappening thing a few months ago.

        1. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

          Was not aware of that. Being a curious cat who is curious, I may have to see what a curious cat can see.

  5. Nacho dan October 29, 2014

    Holy fuckin shit an insecure woman. Any other revelations?

  6. avalpo October 29, 2014


  7. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 29, 2014

    when did totalpackers become fucking tigerbeat magazine?

  8. Stan Gable October 29, 2014

    I dated chicks like this all the time.

  9. Organicbuzz October 29, 2014

    Yeah, the same thing Lynn Fuckin’ Dickey said.

  10. Mike R October 29, 2014

    I was expecting a lot more than that. I don’t think that remotely comes close to proving a case that she is a horrible person, or even insecure. I think it shows that she was probably very insulted by that comment, and didn’t resist the urge to respond. Childish, yeah for sure, at least the comment, but horrible person based on that???

  11. Bama October 29, 2014

    If you read the entire Twitter exchange then you can see that it was really vicious. Olivia encouraged her followers to keep going after this girl. She posted high-five emojis after each insult. Immature AND horrible. Also on Olivia’s twitter she has posted anti-bullying messages saying that cyber bullying needs to end. She’s above following her own advice? Add delusional to the list.

    1. Savage57 October 30, 2014

      OK, so we have insecure and delusional as adjectives. Can I get a narcissistic and an amen?

      Fast forward 20 years when this dried up shell of a slut is sitting in her one bedroom apartment with 7 cats, slurping down that day’s handle of Vodka.

      Average will seem like Everest to the bitch.

    2. aly October 31, 2014

      I think you could also add hypocritical to the list.

      she’s tweeted on multiple occasions pleading with people to end cyberbullying. another article on this topic posted a screenshot of her tweeting a reference some girl that killed herself after she was bullied a few years ago…with #AntiBullying and #endcyberbullying attached to it.

      what would have happened if this girl ended up killing herself because grown men who drool over Olivia were saying horrible things to her just to get Olivia’s attention? is that when it becomes too much? until a life is taken?

  12. DD October 29, 2014

    Y’all have got to see the tweet from Rodgers’ ex-“roommate” during the Packers Sunday night loss. I saw it on perezowen.com. No joking! Lol.

    “Feeling extra Relaxed on this Sunday evening”


  13. Grady October 29, 2014

    Dont understand why Olivia would be so mad about what some random person says about her looks. In my opinion, it was rather tame compared to some stuff I have seen on the net. Sorry Liv, you are NOT a raving beauty or immensely talented. You are average on all accounts. However, I tip my hat to you for turning your mediocrity into a lucrative bearding arrangement.

  14. DanM October 29, 2014


  15. Chaz October 29, 2014

    Someone should screen shot these comments on Olivia’s Instagram photo where Olivia tells a guy he was beat with an ugly stick and is too ugly to think. Its not too hard to find more examples of her bullying http://instagram.com/p/tDxbh7smfy/ view it on Instagram it’s a handful of comments from the bottom

    1. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

      That link does not show what you purport.

  16. billdon October 29, 2014

    When will Aaron Rodgers come out as gay?

    Don’t be ashamed of who you are Aaron. Your true fans will love and respect you no matter what.

  17. Jeremy October 29, 2014

    Author sounds like a bitter ex. Not the best piece of journalism I have seen today, but that’s only because I saw some Fox News earlier. Dont like taking the criticism? Write football related articles on a football related website… But you are human, and deserve the benefit of the doubt, I don’t know your life. I’ll see myself out.

  18. Sam October 29, 2014

    This is the worst thing ever written.

    I LOVE Olivia Munn. I have watched her since she first started on Attack of the Show back in the day.

    That tweet you think is insecure – that is her comedy. Sure, it is juvenile – but that is her comedy. Go watch some of her clips on AOTS, its what her entire get up was on the show. It has always been like that.

    Find some real information before you post a worthless article like this.

    1. aly October 31, 2014

      …..her comedy is bullying, encouraging others to do the same and favoriting tweets from her fans calling the girl a c-word??

      since when is bullying random people on the internet until they make their profile private “comedy”?

      if she thinks that’s funny, maybe she shouldn’t tweet things telling people to end cyberbullying. because that’s exactly what she did.

  19. DD October 29, 2014

    Oh, snap!


    That picture of those two together makes me queasy.

  20. brett favre October 30, 2014

    I kinda like her !
    Bet She looks good in Wranglers

  21. Don Q October 30, 2014

    DD clearly has no life due to the fact he goes out of his way to try and prove to everybody that Rodgers is gay. Who fucking cares if he is or not. I fucking don’t, nor is it my business who he fucks. These annoying insecure douchebags like DD need need to grow up. Not enough hugs from Daddy, DD?

  22. DD October 30, 2014

    I didn’t write the story dude. I don’t really care if he is either. But what I do find funny is the hostile reactions of you bigotted hick Packers fans at the mere mention of it.

  23. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 30, 2014

    DD is so sickened by the image of gay men that he can’t stop jerkin’ it to bearsontwinks.com

    1. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

      That statement could be interpreted to suggest that the pic in question is of two gay men, whch I don’t think it is.
      By the way, DD, nothing suggests “projection” more than someone who goes on sites like perezhilton, under his own direction and volition, particularly in an effort to convince himself that a star athlete is gay.

      1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 30, 2014

        I didn’t mean the picture he referenced, merely that he spends an inordinate amount of time looking at pictures of gay men in general.

  24. pf4l November 1, 2014

    WOW….This is what this site has become? Before i saw this article, i scanned the # of comments in actual football articles, with most having single digits comments.

    This is the most commented article? I guess now this illustrates and passes for, the pinnacle of totalpacker.com articles.

    So it’s come to Monty hating on athletes girlfriends, with proof being, what he hears from people that live to gossip apparently.

    Sad, very very sad.

    Yes, you may now ban me again for hurting your feelings Monty.

  25. BZ in BA November 2, 2014

    I bet she’s rocking in the sack, even if she is on the wrong side of 25. Also, I really doubt that AR is going to hook up long-term with a piece of tale that has been piped and re-piped as many times as this one has. Who cares whether or not she is nice to the “little people” in show business? The only think that matters is that she gives #12 whatever it is he needs to concentrate on winning games.

  26. Grady November 4, 2014

    You’re delusional if you think her and AR are doing the nasty. If by some slight chance they are, it is because AR imagines he is with Kevin instead of Olivia.

  27. C of W November 27, 2014

    Takes one to know one Grady.

  28. John Masters November 28, 2014

    I like my women insecure and jealous. That said, I think you are misunderstanding sarcasm for hatred.

    Olivia is a MENSA candidate is ever there was one, and she loves brash in-your-face humor. (Google “Olivia Munn Pudding video” for a hint.)

    The girl is a hardcore gamer, no one I know can beat her at Halo. She is rude and crude and has a mouth like Eric Cartman on jello shots.

    No foul here. Olivia can run her mouth all day, in the end its maybe a bad joke. But hey, she is a computer geek, and they are known for esoteric humor. You know, the kind simple mortals can not grasp?

    In conclusion, get over yourself, and treat Olivia like a guest in your state.

  29. Seatoon September 1, 2015

    Concern yourselves with what’s important with AR, his well being for the season and hopefully a good run at the post as well. We are one team to have a great chance to yet again go to the SUPERBOWL! So get off his private business, I’m sure all of you have something that you would not want people discussing about on the Internet, so lay off and have respect and pride for the green and yellow and all affiliated with it BITCHES!

  30. Darlin November 13, 2015

    She looks pretty common- nothing special, and it’s a fact. No dramatism here. I saw once interview – poor creature has some brain problems, hahaha. So, in my opinion- she’s quite unnoticeable as for her looks, quite rude and stupid. Plus, what kind uf fucking “star” you are if you do reply to common people’ s opinion on the internet. :)))))hahahah

  31. Suz May 7, 2016

    I think GB has a great chance this year. Congrats to Lacy. He’s in “Magic Mike ” condition.

  32. tay September 1, 2016

    the girl who commented on olivia didnt even tag her…so in essense, it’s just a conversation to her friends/followers….it’s like me sitting at a restaurant commenting on a celebrity, and then said celebrity pops up at the table and starts harrassing me. go fuck yourself olivia. i have ALWAYS thought you were an annoying bitch that tried WAY TOO HARD to be funny and is clearly not. and those captioned lingerie pix you sent to your last boyfriend were pathetic and shows you have some serious psychological issues. desperate much?

  33. A Whole December 13, 2016

    Women are nuts. Deal with it. Hot women are really nuts. Its the price you pay for that useless piece of flesh. Robots and incubators are going to save men a lot of trouble in the future.

  34. Chris Burdick January 8, 2017

    Sounds like Olivia Munn is one of those people, who either can’t take a joke or handle criticism.

    Either way, #GROWUPOLIVIA

  35. FuckOliviaMunn January 16, 2017

    Prob swallows AR cock and balls whole….hard to let that go

  36. DJT January 17, 2017

    She is fugly, the girl was right, gappy grill, and fried egg titties. Rodgers can do way better.

  37. Lorraine September 15, 2017

    I’m 3 years late seeing this article, but it was just sent to me, and all I have to say is that speaking from personal experience with that evil whorebag – the headline of this article is 1000% accurate.