Here’s the Chicago Bears’ Season in a Nutshell


The Chicago Bears got curb stomped by the New England Patriots on Sunday.

They’re now 3-5. After the loss, there was talk about quitting on the season and so forth. Always a good sign.

During the game this happened, which perfectly encapsulates the Bears’ season this far. Defensive end Lamarr Houston — one of the Bears’ genius, big offseason acquisitions — sacked whoever that backup quarterback is there. This happened in the fourth quarter, mind you. The fourth quarter of a 51-23 blowout.

Naturally, Houston HAS TO celebrate!

Tore his ACL celebrating that HUGE sack. Out for the season.

By the way, that was Houston’s first sack all year.


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4 Comments on "Here’s the Chicago Bears’ Season in a Nutshell"

  1. Sledgod

    Yup him and that dingle-berry from Detroit. Both a couple of complete dumpster fires upstairs for getting hurt celebrating a play…

  2. Andy

    this makes me laugh my ass off, at least that ass clown lions player who did it was actually ahead in the game. To celebrate when you’re being destroyed shows no class or integrity, i know we shouldn’t expect much from the bears

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