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Eddie Lacy

The Green Bay Packers that I personally love to hate returned this week. You know the ones. The Green Bay Packers who are just as liable to dominate as they are to go out on the field and shit all over themselves.

Normally, we’d be like, oh well. The Packers lost to the New Orleans Saints on the road because of course they did.

But you’re kidding yourself if you think this New Orleans team is very good. They’re Drew Brees and a bunch of bozos.

And we’re the Green Bay Packers — makers of careers. Mark Ingram thanks you.

Here are five more thoughts about the game that we didn’t touch on last night.

Oh, Eddie!
Hey, hell of a game by one Easy Eddie Lacy. Hell of a game! Lacy had 182 total yards (59 rushing and 123 receiving). Every time I looked, I saw Lacy either trucking some asshat or making him look like a fool with that spin move. Lacy gained that 123 on eight receptions. He only carried the ball 13 times, which begs the question. Why? It’s obvious no one was stopping Lacy (expect when he ran behind Lane Taylor). Why not run him more and try to the keep the ball away from the Saints, who the Packers obviously couldn’t stop? Because Buffoon, that’s why.

Speaking of Buffoon…
You know, the Packers go on a little win streak and everyone starts lapping up whatever the organization, coaching staff and local media hacks serve up to them. Mike McCarthy is suddenly a genius and you best not ever criticize him! Yeah, I heard it and I decided to lay off a bit. Well, now those of you who chastised me for consistently referring to McCarthy as Buffoon can go straight down to Pound Town and fuck yourselves. Let’s run behind Lane Taylor on 4th and 1 in our own territory! Nothing can possibly go wrong here!

Just because the Packers consistently win, doesn’t mean Mike McCarthy is necessarily a great coach. Much of the time, they win despite his buffoonery. Remember that.

This is just amazing
As we pointed out yesterday, neither team punted in the game. If you’re thinking that just happened, you’re right. When the Packers faced the Bears earlier this season, neither team punted. Here’s what’s more amazing. There have been only three games in NFL history where neither team has punted. The Packers have now participated in two of them and they happened in the same season. That’s probably some NFL history you and your shitty defense don’t want to be part of.

The formula for success is clear
The Packers have managed to string some wins together despite being totally awful at stopping the run. Not a big surprise they couldn’t stop the Saints mediocre-at-best rushing attack on Sunday. What they did in those wins that they didn’t do on Sunday was play the pass well and not turn the ball over. Against the Saints, the Packers did none of these things. They were just as awful at defending the pass as they were at defending the run AND they lost the turnover battle 4-1. We’re pretty certain the Packers aren’t going to suddenly be able to stop the run later this season, so they have to play well in those other two areas. We’re not terribly concerned about turnovers because Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to have too many two-interception games. We’re also not terribly concerned about pass defense because safety Morgan Burnett and cornerback Sam Shields will hopefully be back after the bye. Those two guys were missed on Sunday. It seems like it’s a different defense with Burnett on the field. We’re not quite sure how we got to that point, but Burnett’s absence has shown us just how valuable he is this season.

That being said, we’re pretty certain Sunday’s turd was in no way indicative of how the Packers will play the rest of the year.

So Sam Barrington is the answer?
Barrington started his second game in a row at inside linebacker in place of Jamari Lattimore. He had seven tackles compared with Lattimore’s two and by our assessment, got the majority of the snaps. Now, we’re not going to suggest that it was Barrington’s fault that a joker like Mark Ingram had a career day, but we really don’t know. What we do know is we certainly didn’t see Barrington make any plays, which is something we’ve grown accustomed to Lattimore doing.

So is Sam Barrington really the best guy to start next to A.J. Hawk? We don’t have a definitive answer, but we’re leaning toward no.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Kato October 27, 2014

    I still think McCarthy is a good coach. But the 4th and one play was questionable at best. Nevermind the fact that they went for it which was idiotic in the first place, but of all the short yardage plays you have in your playbook you pick a halfback dive right behind Lane fucking Taylor? This game magnifies two things for me. One, this offense dearly misses Finley. As has been widely discussed before, there is nothing in the middle of the field. The occasional seam route by Randall Cobb, but there is nothing the opposing linebackers are even remotely scare of, and because of it the run game suffers. Two, we are learning what a valuable player Don Barclay was for this offense. He had his limitations in pass blocking, but was serviceable enough. But his ability to play virtually any offensive line position is invaluable. He would have filled in seamlessly for Lang, and maybe even done a better job in the run game. Even despite McCarthy’s idiotic decision to go for it on fourth down may have succeeded had it been Barclay.

  2. Sanguine Camper October 27, 2014

    that was a total ass kicking last night. Here are 5 lessons from the game:
    1. The Peppers experiment at ILB is a failure. Put him back at DE he can’t be any worse than the turnstiles they have there. 2. House and Hyde suck. They are too slow and always chasing in the pass game. 3. Why is lane Taylor the back-up guard? He got stoned all night long. 4. CM3 is really declining fast. He is getting pushed around. 5. The season is over. Even if they Packets squeak into the playoffs with 9 or 10 wins an elite qb will light them up for 400 yards and a back up rb can go for 150 against them.

    1. Savage57 October 28, 2014

      1. Will Peppers take fewer plays off at DE?

      2. Agree as to House, LB speed at the CB position. Hyde still gets a pass from me, cuz he can tackle and that’s a rare attribute on this team.

      3. Lane Taylor is at guard because there’s no one better than him to play there.

      4. Agree 100%. He’s been figured out, no longer has the under move and the sheer edge speed to beat tackles. All someone has to do is get some contact against him and he’s out of the play.

      5. That depends on the Kittens. Packers will go 4-4 in the second half, with wins against the Bears, Vikings, Falcons and Buc’s, which, by the way, are all shitty teams. Losses against the Eagles, Patriots, BIlls and Lions put them at 9-7 for the year, not good enough for a wild-card. So the question is, can the Lions find a way to go 2-6 in the 2nd half, and the Packers get another NFC North title gifted to them?

  3. Chad Lundberg October 27, 2014

    I’m so happy we have someone who’s here to say it like it is. MM IS A BUFFOON! An offensive coordinator, NOT A COACH!

    MM has his moments, but his greatest defect is that he can’t keep his team playing consistently! One week we trump the Vikings 42-10, another week the score is reversed the other way around!

    This guy can NOT deal with adversity. Unless he has an offense as talented as 2011 or a defense as talented as 2010, he really can’t keep his team on consistency!

    Our only hope for a ring this year is if we stay healthy!

  4. icebowl October 27, 2014

    Five letters to the Defense from us in the Packer Nation :


  5. Fresher than Wonder Bread October 27, 2014

    Oh no, we suck again!!

  6. E. Wolf October 27, 2014

    Utter complete disaster folks. I don’t see how the run defense can be fixed this year. Flashes of hope have just been an ilusion predicated simply on playing an inferior opponent. So at this point I’m about to forfeit any real hope for this season–not quite an absolute metaphysical certitude, but cose enough.
    I generally support McCarthy. The cutesy, gimmicky decisions in this game are more reminiscent of a high school team than an NFL Team, let alone the Green Bay Packers.
    In the end, to the extent that hamstring thing was top happen, the game was lost from the start. I predicted in one of my articles that this game was a loss. I dont mind the loss, I mind how they played, and how the manner in which they played (notably both facets of defense) and the fits of cute gimmicky tricks can only mean another disappointing season. No Lombardi trophy this year.

  7. PackAttack October 27, 2014

    Hey Pack Fans,

    I’m sure you all saw this last night, but how big of a piece of absolute shit is Rob Ryan? Your the worst D coordinator in the league, your the fattest piece of shit in the league and your running your mouth on the sidelines to the best QB in the league after a tipped INT? Okay you fat fuck, go have a salad.

    Here’s the pix. Monty, post a story on this fat fucking loser.


    1. Chad Lundberg October 27, 2014

      AGREED! Screw this ignorant lard sucking loser!

  8. Shawn Neuser October 27, 2014

    And Dallas loses to the Redskins.


    1. Savage57 October 28, 2014

      Yeah, for a team with a defense.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK October 28, 2014

      Yeah, for the second tier to make it to “one and done” in the playoffs! McGlurpy is a fucktard and Dom Capers is out of touch . . .

  9. Jtmax October 27, 2014

    Bring back jolly. Bishop

    1. Chad Lundberg October 27, 2014

      hmm.. intriguing.

  10. Andy October 28, 2014

    The most surprising thing to me was the red-zone melt down, especially after rodgers pulled up lame, why they didnt hand it to Lacy? he’d been trucking guys for the whole series.

    I dont hate the peppers play, I mean the ball was right there for him, but maybe pull that little nugget out when you’re up 21 points on the vikings or panthers.

    Main concern at this point is we look quite lack-luster on the road, which is where our play-offs will end up.

  11. James Bennett October 28, 2014

    That’s IF we make the playoffs. Our inability to run the ball and stop the run is not going away. The entire leadership of the organization is on the hook for not putting together a tough as nails defense.

  12. Savage57 October 28, 2014

    Here’s one to add to the list. Packers second possession, after Q’s catch, MM runs Lacy behind Taylor, who gets blown up, resulting in a 3 yard loss. Next play, the Packers go to the screen to Lacy for 60+ yards (good play call for Taylor so when his man goes past him in a blur, it’s actually what you want to have happen). Curtis Lofton chases Lacy the entire play and drags him down at the 3, preventing a touchdown. As an aside, I imagined what that play would have looked like had the Packers been chasing Ingram and we would have seen shots of the backs of Hawk, Matthews and Lattimore pulling up after 30 yards, standing there watching with their hands on their hips. But I digress…

    So, after Lacy’s 60 yard catch and run, Duh decides that it’s not only a bright idea to immediately go back to a guy who’s probably gassed, but to run him right up the ass of a guy who’s been getting tossed around like a rag doll. The result? The play gets stoned, and Duh decides that to absolutely confirm his brilliance as a football tactician that throwing to a glue-handed wideout like Julius Peppers is just what’s needed. Then on 3rd and goal, when no one’s expecting a pass, right?, Buluga sees that there’s a guy lined up directly across from him but decided that Taylor is such a jizz-bag that helping him with a double-team is a higher reward proposition than letting his guy come free.

    Result? FG instead of a TD after 3 tries from the 3 yard line. After that series, I knew the Packers were doomed.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK October 28, 2014


      1. Tundraboy October 29, 2014

        Dead on. We have to be the only fucking team that gets down to the 3 on a play like that and can not punch it in. With our playbook. Disgusting.

        How we tried was the most feeble series of plays I have ever seen.

  13. James Bennett October 28, 2014

    That’s well said, Savage. I think you’ve nailed one of the most compelling sequences of the game. In the moment, I felt the same as you did.

  14. icebowl October 28, 2014

    I concur w Mr.Bennett, job well done ’57!
    Common thread has been terrible play calling….
    Mr. Lombardi is turning over in his grave….