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Clay Matthews

That wasn’t much of a game. The Green Bay Packers were dominant in Sunday’s 38-17 win over the Carolina Panthers.

A dominant performance by a Buffoon-coached team…

We are just beside ourselves. But hey, the sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and again.

So here are five more thoughts on the win.

It looks like they finally got the hint on Brad Jones
Did you notice Brad Jones out there mucking up the works as usual on Sunday? He did play some defensive snaps, but no meaningful snaps that we noticed. Jamari Lattimore — thank the football gods — returned from his neck injury to start alongside A.J. Hawk on Sunday. But second-year player Sam Barrington got snaps ahead of Jones. Neither Lattimore (3 tackles) or Barrington (2 tackles) was spectacular, but they didn’t have to be. As long as neither of them are Brad Jones, that’s good enough for us.

Hey, Brandon Bostick!
Well, Buffoon & Co. finally decided to let Brandon Bostick play some tight end. Aaron Rodgers even threw him the ball one time. For two yards. Wooooo! That’s the same number of catches that rookie Richard Rodgers had and one more yard than he had. God’s Gifts, who was supposed to break out this week after catching the winning touchdown last week, also only had one catch. His went for nine yards. The Packers’ tight ends are kind of a bag of shit this year, especially Rodgers. Maybe throw the ball to Bostick a little more often now that you’ve popped the cherry there, huh? He’s the only unknown at this point. The other guys are obviously mediocre at best, so what’s there to lose by trying to involve Bostick? Nothing.

What a terrible game plan…
Usually we’re talking about Buffoon’s shitty game plan in this space. We’ve now seen a shittier one. It was the one drawn up that clown show that coaches Carolina. So let me get this straight. You know the Packers are vulnerable to the read option and your quarterback is Cam Newton, yet you run, what? Three read option plays all day? Your tight end is Greg Olsen and he’s probably going to be covered by A.J. Hawk, but you don’t get him involved until the second half? The Packers are awful in run defense period and you’ve got Jonathan Stewart back for the first time in weeks, but you don’t try to establish a running game? I think Ron Rivera got a hold of one of Buffoon’s old game plans and decided to just use that on Sunday. There’s really no other explanation for such buffoonery.

Clay Matthews heard ya
We mentioned it yesterday, but it bears mentioning again. Clay Matthews responded to all the chatter about how he’s playing like shit with probably his best game of the season. As we’ve come to expect this season, Matthews didn’t have a great line in the box score (2 tackles, .5 sacks), but he did wreak some havoc. His first tackle on the day was one where he dropped Stewart in the backfield. He was also directly responsible for at least one of Julius Peppers’ 1.5 sacks. Matthews’ initial pressure on that play forced Newton to step up in the pocket right into Peppers. It was pretty much a continuous dose of fucking shit up from Matthews. It’s just a good thing the Panthers didn’t run any read option directly at him. Anyway, Matthews apparently only shows up for games now when you ride him all week, so keep riding him.

There are times…
When I think Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is the best defensive player on the field. Clinton-Dix had a team-leading eight tackles on Sunday, which has pretty much become the norm. That name has become a fixture at or near the top of the tackles column in the box score in recent weeks. I’m not sure I’d call him a game-changer yet, but Clinton-Dix has certainly improved the Packers defense. I would personally like to punch Big Ted in the face for trying to pawn off M.D. Jennings on us for so many years. Now that we’ve witnessed solid safety play first hand, it’s pretty clear that was a total dick move.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob October 20, 2014

    Don’t worry, Monty. The Packers will implode next week against N’awlins and you’ll have plenty to bitch about then. I bet you get a boner just thinking about all the clever things you’re going to write.

  2. Sean October 20, 2014

    I’m pretty sure Bostick broke up with one of the coaches daughters.
    Something went down after he broke his leg… Dude was looking too good for there not to be something that put him in the doghouse.

    1. Phatgzus October 20, 2014

      Uhuuuhhh, did you not see him drop an easy pass from Flynn (who has nowhere near the same velocity on the beall as Rodgers( on a drag pattern when they were trying to move out of the shadow of their own 1 yard line? Sure it’s great if he can get open and do things after the catch, but if he can’t catch it, what the fuck’s the point?

  3. UncleGravySword October 20, 2014

    HaHa has helped changed the attitude of that squad. They play hungry now, not scared.

    Matthews played great yesterday. Also had that nifty int return that was called back.

  4. Asimov October 20, 2014

    Is there a coach in the league you would prefer right now Monty?

    1. Chad Lundberg October 20, 2014

      Chip Kelly, Sean Payton, John Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Bill Belicheck, there are a few out there at the top of my head. It’s not necessarily about how bad of a coach MM is, but it’s a lot about what he simply refuses to do. He’s been a head coach for 9 years, 9 FREAKING years! And he still doesn’t do screen passes, dinks and dunks, creativity, etc. Watch another football game, and you’ll see A LOT of creativity, something MM refuses to do! The Seahawks and Rams game comes to mind, that was loaded with “move the chains” and creative moves.

      1. Shawn Neuser October 20, 2014

        Chip Kelly? Hahahaha… that’s funny shit.

        Watch the Broncos, Patriots and Colts play once. Not a lot of creativity. “Creativity” is what you need when you can’t just line your offense up and kick the other team’s ass.

        The Packers and those teams don’t need creativity. They have ALL Pro QBs instead.

        You are right though. The Packers need to run some screens or something since the offense sucks so bad. If only the offense was as good as the Rams and Seahawks..

        1. Chad Lundberg October 20, 2014

          I’d like to hear you say that if we experience another game like the one against the Lions. MM refuses to do anything else other than the big plays, even if it costs us the game. Yes, the offense is damn good, but when it isn’t, MM will look the other way.

          1. Montyisahomo October 21, 2014

            Chad you have spent to much time on your knees with Monty. You are obviously clueless. The pack has a top rated offense for years. What more do you want?

            When a play fails it is not MM fault for a bad block or a fine defensive play. Get a clue Monty lover.

            What is it with this cost us the game bullshit? You are not the GBP dumbass. You are nothing but a fair weather fan who sits on his ass watching the game thru the rear view mirror.

            Now go take it up the ass from Monty.

      2. Phatgzus October 20, 2014

        Sean Payton? Are you out of your fuckng mind?! Have you seen the saints the past few years? GTFO. MM does run screens. You know how many screens the Packers have failed to execute the past few years? Nearly half of them. Our best screen options are Cobb and Harris, one is so proficient form the slot and the other is so buried in a deep backfield (and possibly prone to fumbles) that the screen option is pretty unecessary, esp. considering we have one of the All-Time Great QBs, who, if given the opportunities, teams (see Lions) still try to play Cover 2 versus. The screen play is not a good play to run vs. the cover 2. You want to know varied a fucking scheme Vince Lombardi ran? It wasn’t. Not at all. He ran the Packers Sweep half the fucking time. You want to know why? Because his team could dominate opponents. Pretty sure this O, when firing on all cylinders can dominate most any D. Sean fucking Payton, Chip fucking Kelly, and goddamn Jim Harbaugh. What have those fuckers won? 1 SB, and that motherfucker’s team is on the decline, big time (TY Jarius Bird). We have one of the best coaches in football who knows his team better than anyone (100s of times over the armachair GMs). Get a fucki9ng clue, dude.

      3. DJ October 20, 2014

        I “kind of” agree with you but I think its unfair to say he lacks creativity because MM takes a back seat to no one when it comes to coordinating a high tempo & aggressive – balls to the wall- passing attack. When he unleashes ARod & is in full on down field attack mode…there isnt a better passing play caller in the league. Our excellence in that phase is just as much MM as ARod. That is a big deal & shouldnt be overlooked. I’ve got mad respect for him in that area.

        Where I do think we’re a little stagnant is in the intermediate passing game & the run game. We’ve got the hitch to Jordy & the other WRs vs soft man…and thats about it these days. No Finley is a factor there too but if we dont trust our TE’s then some bubble or RB screens would be a nice move to maybe get our TE’s some space back side. The run game consists of stretch plays, Shot gun delay, & power stuff straight ahead….and lets be honest…its pretty predictable & we dont always impose our will up front so it would, imo, behoove us to change things up by having more misdirection, motion, & fakes. I did see a fake fly sweep/hand off to Lacy & the quick hitter to Dorsey which were nice wrinkles…we need more stuff like that to help the bread & butter run game get downhill vs good defenses. Definitely nitpicking, I know, but the bill will come due Nov & Dec if we dont get both phases kicking butt by then. Meanwhile, I’ll take 5-2 and enjoy it. lol

  5. Skinny October 20, 2014

    Im just pissed at Jeff Triplete. Guy cant wait to throw that flag can he? Matthews was totally screwed on that taunting call. That was a bush call. Kuechly also got screwed, where is the warnings first? The league is heading to flag football man, im telling you.

    1. Phatgzus October 20, 2014

      That PI call on (I believe) House was absolute garbage as well. Dude literally had his hand on the back on the receiver and nothing more. The coverage rules were fine, and Goodell had to fucking ruin them with this flag football bullshit-it’s disgusting, they need to call those penalties as often as the do for RBs squaring up defenders (not at all). That call on Kuechly was complete BS as well-I could maybe see a PF (as per the official rulebook), but ejection was way too much. Hell, Triplicate couldn’t even get the numbers on the that punt return correct, and he had 2 chances. Ridiculous. Worst officiatinf crew this side of Mike Carrey’s.

      1. Savage57 October 21, 2014

        The fix? Get rid of Goodell. Whatever happens, I just hope he fucks up one more time with this Ray Rice thing so Roger and his pussy ass get gone.

        Then the league needs a former player as Commissioner so that the game can be returned to, and remain looking like something remotely close to football.

  6. aValpo October 20, 2014

    Site should be renamed “TotalButthurt”

    1. Savage57 October 21, 2014

      How about “SandPacked Vag”?

  7. Nosnhoj4 October 20, 2014

    This “Buffoon” stuff is old. The guy (McCarthy) just keeps coaching his team to the playoffs in spite of his buffoonery. 4-1 in the last five games, and the team keeps getting better, yet he’s still Buffoon here. Drop the Buffoon crap.

  8. Carlos Goodman October 20, 2014

    Yeah, Monty is kind of a huge bitch.

  9. billyschwils October 20, 2014

    I agree that this site has become pretty terrible. The best thing to do is tune out. It’s clearly become a revenue source (love the new pop up ads!)…so with that in mind, the site’s job is to draw people in with inflammatory bullshit. This is just the other side of the Skip Bayless coin.

    The lack of knowledge, recency bias, confirmation bias, and other non-sensical whiny bullshit has pushed me away. This used to be a hilarious place, but now it’s become a cuntish bitchfest. Tune out, drop out, and let the whiners whine. Or if you want to learn about confirmation and recency biases just read this dribble every day.

    Speaking of dribble, my cheese-hardened, post-victory dumps have more sense than this load of shit website. If these are not the ideas you align with, there are other better places to read about football and the packers.

  10. Fred October 20, 2014

    Barrington actully started over lattimore in that game,and the bufoon thing is getting old

  11. Fred October 20, 2014

    Barrington actully started over lattimore in that game,and the bufoon thing is getting old

  12. Montyisahomo October 20, 2014

    Monty you are a total dick licking piece of shit. Go join the Viking fan club you worthless bastard. GB has had one of the finest organizations in the nfl for the last 9 years. Dumb asses like you have no idea how to even play the game let alone manage a locker room and prepare for a football season. MM and TT have brought a level of class to this organization that is,in my opinion, unequal in the league. Are they perfect? Only Monty is I guess. The teams that TT has put together and his drafting of players are unequal. Yet you, dick licker, only look to the individuals who do not pan out. You are the expert of the rear view mirror and the ass holes of your queers out west. This franchise is built for today and for the future. The Pack will remain competitive for the long haul. I am proud to be a fan of this team and am happy the Pack are coached by MM. He has more class than you will ever know. Now go to Dallas and look up Michael Sam. The two of you have much in common.

  13. UpNorth October 20, 2014

    While I would certainly take some certain coaches out there over MM’s stubborn style, the guy has still managed the team and turned out constant division titles. He is under appreciated a bit in the league if you ask me, but that kinda fits his style I suppose.

    Either way, once his time with Rodgers is up we’ll most likely get a better feel for just how good a coach he is. Much like BB in NE once Brady is gone.

    1. Cheese October 20, 2014

      That is if McCarthy and cheater boy decide to coach after their star quarterbacks are gone. I would lean toward not so much. Brady isn’t going to play for much longer and there have already been talks of Billicheat retiring. If Rodgers plays as long as he says he wants to, which is up to 9 years, I can’t imagine McCarthy coaching very far beyond that if he does.

      1. UpNorth October 20, 2014

        I agree, I don’t see BB staying in NE once Brady is gone. My father is a die hard NE fan and he thinks he’ll just retire. Don’t know about MM but so long as he has Rodgers his job is more then secure.

        Gonna enjoy #12 while he lasts that’s for sure.

  14. Abe Frohman October 20, 2014

    I get that it’s sort of en vogue to bitch about certain things on this site. I do it myself. But I gotta say this: as long as they continue to win as convincingly as they did yesterday, none of us can really bitch about anything.

  15. Bryan October 20, 2014

    Uh ya know we literally whooped on a good Carolina team. It’s a shame you couldn’t find 5 POSITIVES from the game, I can so here you go:
    1. Offense was dominant, and only getting better
    2. Defense got consistent pressure and stopped the run; they are improving
    3. Haha and Davon are beasts in our secondary
    4. Devante Adams is becoming a valuable receiver and he’s only a rookie
    5. Barrington started over b jones (shitty play has earned him the bench)

  16. Shawn Neuser October 20, 2014

    Actually, this was the second week this year where Richard Rodgers made you look foolish, Monty. He had a hell of a game blocking.

  17. icebowl October 20, 2014

    HHCD is a friggin animal….
    Makin it easy to forget Sir Charles….

    1. Kato October 20, 2014

      Would not go that far yet. HHCD has only played 7 games. Not going to forget Woodsons 40 picks with the packers and 10 tds or whatever it was. Plus several big sacks and forced fumbles. That Dallas game in 2009 was a gem. Might be the best game I have ever seen a defensive player play. Strip sack of romo to set up a packers td. Forced fumble of roy williams on a big play down the field to take possible points away from the cowboys. Then the diving interception in front of jason witten to preserve the shutout and keep the packers on a roll. Several other plays like a diving one armed tackle of willis mcgahee to keep the ravens off the scoreboard also come to mind. Like what i have seen out of HHCD, but he doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the multiple time all pro, and defensive player of the year charles woodson yet.

      1. icebowl October 21, 2014

        All valid points. Brings back great memories of a solid player and leader in the courthouse…
        Hoping HHCD can get there …..

  18. theripster30 October 21, 2014

    The writer obviously didn’t pay attention/watch most of the game. First off, Richard Rodgers had a pretty good game. He had some incredible blocks that created some huge gaps in the run game. Also, Bostick had a big drop on 3rd down when we were backed up with Flynn. He shouldn’t have dropped it, at all. Obviously the coaches made him a backup for now because of fundamental mistakes like that.

    Might as well add this too, anybody who watched the whole game would also have realized RELAX was hanging in the stadium. Not only did they show it on camera, but they spent a whole drive talking about the moment that was said and how the Pack has responded since.

    But what would I know? Im not a so-called Packer fan who runs a website dedicated to bashing the team.

  19. Fritz October 21, 2014

    Still worried about Lacey. Often he takes a split step on arriving at the line. Then can’t make his move so maybe dropped for only one yard. Maybe it was his concussions. Maybe the improved O line is a wall that won’t let pass rushers in but also won’t let RB out?

  20. therealChuckywasCecil October 21, 2014

    The Buffoon is 94-52-1 with 6 playoff, 2 NFC Championship and one Super Bowl appearance. Oh, he won that Super Bowl, by the way. I’m of the age where my first memories were Phil Bengtson and Dan Devine, meaning I lived the through the 29 years of dark ages between Lombardi and that magical 1996 season. A 5-11 season was typical of the 70’s while 8-8 was en vogue in the 80’s.

    Buffoon? Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. Shawn Neuser October 21, 2014

      Tru dat.