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Packers vs. Dolphins

The Green Bay Packers moved to 4-2 after a somewhat improbable last-minute comeback win against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

The win is a feather in the cap of Aaron Rodgers, who hit Andrew Quarless for the winning score. But lest you forget, such a drive is not the norm with Rodgers.

This was only the seventh fourth-quarter comeback in Rodgers’ career. Brett Favre had 30 of those and shitbirds like Kordell Stewart (9), Matt Cassel (8), Erik Kramer (11) and Jon Kitna (18), along with about 800 other guys have more.

So before you go drinking the Kool Aid that Rodgers is the most clutch quarterback to ever live, remember that Tony Romo has 21 fourth-quarter comebacks.

Now, on with the show.

Oh, Jamari…
Inside linebacker Jamari Lattimore had a pretty shit day. First, he missed a tackle on a running back in the flat. That should have been a short gain, but instead was a first down. Then he appeared to give no fucks about blocking on Tim Masthay’s first punt, which was blocked by his man, Jonathan Freeny. Then it got worse, for both Lattimore and the Packers. Lattimore left with a neck injury at some point and in came our recurring nightmare, Brad Jones. It’s as if the Packers immediately had a whole new defense, which was much, much worse than the one they started the game with. It’s pretty rare that one guy can take a whole unit’s play down several levels, but Jones has earned the distinction of being that guy. One, we will take Lattimore’s occasional lapses over Jones’ awful play any day. Two, if Lattimore misses any time, which we hope he doesn’t, the Packers would obviously be better served playing Sam Barrington instead of Jones.

You know we wanted to bitch about the game plan, so here goes…
Alright, so the running game is back to being crap for the most part. Not totally unexpected. The Packers offensive line just isn’t any good at run blocking. David Bakhtiari, as good as he is in pass protection, is equally bad in run blocking. Bryan Bulaga is a downgrade from Don Barclay. Corey Linsley is a rookie and sometimes still plays like one. That’s not what we’re confused about though. The Packers still ran and were occasionally mediocre at it instead of just plain old bad. And they kept doing it. What makes zero sense — and we’re not sure if it’s Aaron Rodgers or Mike McCarthy — is why the Packers refuse to work the middle of the field. It’s as if that area of the field has an invisible wall constructed around it every time the Packers get the ball.

Throw to the middle? Can’t! There’s a wall!

Seriously, how many times did you see the Packers utilize that part of the field in the passing game on Sunday? Once? Twice? That’s where the Packers should have an advantage, especially if teams are sitting back in cover 2, which has pretty much been the case for the last three years.

You probably also noticed the Dolphins were bringing blitzes to get pressure on Rodgers on Sunday. Those were primarily coming up the middle, which would give the Packers one-on-one coverage, most likely with a safety, if they went to the middle.

Yet, despite that, the Packers insist on throwing outside. This game wouldn’t have required a last-second comeback had the Packers had a more varied plan of attack.

Brad Jones isn’t the only guy who doesn’t deserve a paycheck this week
First, Richard Rodgers. Take this shithead and put him on the bench and leave him on the bench. He’s a liability. The only reason he should be on the field is if it’s a passing play and you’re throwing him the ball. Andrew Quarless is by far the superior tight end right now. And Brandon Bostick, can we see him already? Rodgers offers nothing right now.

Second, I’m sure you noticed Bryan Bulaga getting beaten like a rented mule on Sunday. Yeah, he was facing Cameron Wake, who’s a pretty good pass rusher, but this is why you spend a first-round pick on a tackle. So you don’t have to worry about guys like Cameron Wake. If anybody tells me Bryan Bulaga is a top-tier tackle, I’m going to punch them in the mouth. It is infinitely clear to me that the Packers line was better when Don Barclay was at right tackle and Bryan Bulaga was off giving wedgies to school children.

Clay who?
Let’s get this out of the way. Julius Peppers is the best player on the Packers defense and the Chicago Bears are idiots. That guy is straight up disruptive. Even when he isn’t making plays that show up on the stat sheet, he’s fucking shit up for the opposing offense. Meanwhile, the guy Peppers was supposed to free up and/or provide support for, Clay Matthews, is absolutely nonexistent.

Has Matthews made one play this year? Oh, right. That interception where Tramon made the play and Matthews just happened to be standing in the exact perfect spot. So he didn’t really make that play either, he was just the beneficiary of someone else making a play…

Matthews did not even have a tackle on Sunday. On the season, he has 14 tackles, one sack, one forced fumble and that interception. We supposed that’s okay if you’re like, Brian Robison, but not for a guy making the money that Clay Matthews is making.

So, when are you going to start playing this year, Clay?

Safeties = boss!
Alright, we’re back on the Morgan Burnett bandwagon. He’s playing the best football of his career right now and it’s about damn time. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix could be the reason. Talk about upgrading a position. Clinton-Dix versus the turds the Packers tried to pass off as safeties last season is like the difference between night and day.

Clinton-Dix is the real deal. He can support the run and play the pass, he’s not afraid to stick his nose in and he allows Burnett to do whatever it is Burnett does.

This position has gone from weakness to strength.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. packersfan2008 October 13, 2014

    Anyone else feel like the dolphins got away with a ton of late hits on Rodgers? He was on his back almost every god damn passing play.

    1. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

      There were a couple, particularly that one (I believe on the final drive) where he was picked up and thrown to the ground well after he threw the ball-that would have been called unnecessary roughness even in the days before QBs were treated like china dolls. The refs missed a number of calls besides that, including a blatant one where Perry was clearly spun around on a hold.

  2. Sheepshit October 13, 2014

    If Davante Adams had been tackled in bounds, as he should have been had the Dolphins defensive player not totally shit the bed on this play, the game would’ve been over and we’d justifiably be calling Rodgers a doofus. Stupid play.

    1. Chad Lundberg October 13, 2014

      You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

  3. IGGLES October 13, 2014

    I can’t wait for Nick Foles and McCoy to light your shitty team up!!!!!!! E-A-G-L-E-S-S-U-P-E-R-B-O-W-L

    1. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

      LMAO-you guys barely beat us when we had a 3rd-string QB and the quack Jennings and McMillain playing for our team.

  4. Carlos Goodman October 13, 2014

    Lolololol I don’t think 12 has any problem going back to Philly and delivering you fucktards another superbowless season.

  5. Phillthy October 13, 2014

    Anyone else not see one screen play against a defense that was penetrating damn near every play? ISNT THAT WHY YOU CALL A GODAMN SCREEN? I fucking hate McCarthy.

    1. Cheesemaker October 13, 2014

      ^This. Either MM is way smarter than all of us, or he is stubborn to the point of being retarded.

    2. Abe Frohman October 13, 2014

      I was coming to this post with exactly that same comment in mind. WTF is wrong with Starks or Lacy in space with a head of steam and 2 or 3 linemen in front of him? I even like typing it!

      1. Cheesemaker October 13, 2014

        I’ve been thinking this for so long, I don’t even bring it up anymore because I’m so tired of saying it.

        Or how about a slant?!? Something – anything – to get the GD ball out of his hands before he gets rolled by whoever our right tackle is supposed be blocking.

        1. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

          Do you also think that, MM, a man who has spent most of his adult life as a football coach and who witnesses his players 7 days a week for half a year, might know the capabilities of his players a little more than any of us casual observers (because relative to professionals, that is what 99.99 ad infinitum % of fans all are)? Maaaaaybe? Just maybe?

          1. Cheesemaker October 13, 2014

            What we’re questioning is his capacity to adjust in real time. Watching MM deal with challenges during a game is like watching Cindy Brady during the game show episode.

      2. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

        Did you see the screen vs Minisoda? Lacy had 3 lineman in front of him with all kinds of space to run and he got cut down for no gain; wasn’t the first time with this line either. You think maybe the Packers line isn’t good at running screens?

        1. bob October 13, 2014

          bingo, our line sucks balls at everything. When we play teams with good defensive lines, our offense sucks every time. That’s why we sucked it up against Seattle, the NY Jets and the Lions. If we don’t improve, we have no chance of making it to the super bowl. When we face good defensive lines, our O-line looks like a bunch of little bitches.

  6. Zwoeger October 13, 2014

    Maybe the man fka the Claymaker is thinking I got my contract lets give Peppers a chance to make a second year.
    Tought AJ was pretty good las two, three games. Now I didn’t see him up or under the pile or even near any and not showing his hear do.
    What I don’t get is why didn’t anyone saw that big hold in the 3th and about 24 sec to go that I was crying out loud while happening and changed the momentum turning into two TD in a row by the Dolphins. Yeah the anouncers saw it in replay.
    The injuries on our side was another factor but I think that no call was the changer.

    1. bob October 13, 2014

      Yeah, I think the refs have been worse than ever this year. I swear to god there’s a conspiracy to create close games. The NFL wants to create close games, and I would not be surprised if refs get a bonus for reffing games decided by 1 TD or less. Just watch some games… the refs always miss at least one huge OBVIOUS call, or make some shit up, giving the team who is down a big advantage. Does anyone else smell conspiracy? I love football, but FUCK the NFL executives and their shady-ass business schemes.

  7. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe October 13, 2014

    Brad Jones is about a useful as swimsuit on a fish.

  8. DJ October 13, 2014

    The game plan was another Sybil aka MM manifestation. ARod was 5 of 5 for 60+ yds and a touch first drive. He’s in rhythm, on his front foot, and the offense has a nice tempo….despite our rushing it on 1st down twice for a total of 1yd. Next series following their FG, we run it on 1st & 2nd down for 1yd COMBINED & ARod bails us out on 3rd down & long. We turn around on 1st down and run it AGAIN for a 3yd loss, ARod 2yd scramble, then sack, then the blocked punt. Exactly WTF are we doing? What is our MO? Why are we VOLUNTARILY conceding going away from the passing attack on 1st & 2nd down BEFORE its been stopped? Why are we running the ball when our QB is 5 for 5 & carving?

    I’m not anti rushing….if we’re gashing them for 5yds a pop I’d be saying the same thing about passing. Make them take it away through execution not just formation or our “anticipating they’ll do this.” MM’s fixation with “Ok, we’ve established the pass LAST SERIES…now lets get the run game going THIS SERIES” is a bunch of shit. That mindset HAS & it WILL cost us games….especially against inferior opponents because it keeps them in the game by taking away our momentum & offensive strength. How about scoring as many pts as possible REGARDLESS of the play ratios?! We just squander rhythm & tempo like it grows on trees…like ARod can just turn it on or off at will. Newsflash: He cant. For what? A running game that works maybe half the time (if that) & against a quality front 7 like Miami’s? The object…every week… should be to take away half of the other team’s playbook …not always possible, but at least fire EVERY bullet we have to get there. I know he wants to protect ARod & the defense but the number one priority should be to WIN the game. Although it was ultra cool & I was totally giddy about it too…..big picture…we shouldnt need late game heroics to beat Ryan Tannehill or Geno Smith. That reality worries me deeply.

    1. Cheesemaker October 13, 2014

      Without a doubt. Not to mention a 3-0 turnover advantage and almost 2:1 time of possession advantage. And lots of help from Joe Philbin.

    2. bob October 13, 2014

      Practice makes perfect. You have to take a long term approach. MM is developing the O-line. Sure we need to win games, but the goal is a super bowl. Anything short is a disappointment, and MM knows that without good run blocking, we have no chance at making it to the big dance. He calls so many run plays to DEVELOP our run game. He knows it sucks, and he knows it will often fail. How do we make it better? PRACTICE! Duh… You can’t be so short sighted.

      1. bob October 13, 2014

        and even if we don’t make the playoffs this year, if our O-linemen can become good run blockers by the end of the season, we’ll have a good shot at winning it all next year. Why haven’t you stupid fucks realized that MM’s goal is NOT winning every game. It’s developing his players so that they will be playing at a high level when playoffs arrive. If we can’t win enough regular season games with a balanced attack to reach the playoffs, then we have no business being there and will be dominated by the unhesitating pass rush of other playoff teams. DEVELOPING PLAYERS is the way to get your money’s worth out of cheap players. Also, what’s the use of making the playoffs if you can’t run the ball, and thus shit the bed as soon as you get there!? MM is doing a good job, and I believe that with practice and MM’s long-term, measured approach, we will be running the ball down the throats of our opponent by the time the playoffs arrive. GO PACK!

        1. DJ October 14, 2014

          Stupid fucks? Really? You wanna go there? Ok. That is hilarious given the idiocy you just puked up. Lets revisit your little caper here. “MM’s goal is NOT winning every game” Really? I’d say the board, shareholders, TT, and 99.9% of Packer fans find that disturbing. Yes, because whoever said “winning isnt everything, its the only thing” was a stupid fuck too! Development & practice are more important…because we CAN win the Super Bowl without making the playoffs! I must have missed the memo where we dont have to win games because our playoff spot is grandfathered in every year, as is home field advantage..and since ARod will be under center for eternity…why play for this year when we can develop & practice for next year!

          Who needs OTA’s, mini camps, training camp, and daily practices when we can “develop” our players during games! Sure, we went 2-4-1 without ARod last yr but we developed our run game!! Boy, that sure is paying off this yr!! Never mind we end up 5-10-1 if he doesnt play at all….but who cares!! We’re developing players! And why even make the playoffs if we cant run the ball? Its better to NOT make the playoffs because, gasp, we might lose! That whole “Anything can happen in the playoffs” is just a myth. Lets just roll over and die until everything is jusssssssst right. Because we all know our dominating Defense can carry us until then! I could go on & on destroying your short bus logic because its clear the subject matter has skied over your head.

          We’re an ass hair away from being 2-4 right now instead of 4-2. We havent beaten anybody with a winning record. Nobody is against running the football. Nobody is suggesting we stop running the football. We know we will need to run it & run it better. Nobody is saying MM sucks…just his tactical approach does sometimes. What is disturbing…and puts games at risk… is HOW & WHEN we choose to run the football by taking the ball out of the best QB in the league’s hands..when he’s in rhythm and hot. Build the run game in around that as a compliment UNTIL or if it is ever strong enough to stand on its own. The perfect performance analogy here is me saying “Give it to Lacy or Starks 20x…feed the hot hand” while you stand there screaming over & over “Give it to Kuhn….so we can develop Linsley!” And we’re the stupid fucks? Thats funny.

          Practice makes perfect? This isnt TBall. This is the NFL, moron, where if you dont bring your A game & maximize your strengths…you get beat. If you dont win, you get fired. Maybe you take winning 10 games for granted…us stupid fucks dont.

          And its not our ability to run the football that has crushed our post seasons, genius, its our inability to STOP THE RUN. Hence the need to score pts & make teams one dimensional before they do the same to us. You’d know that if you ever got your head out of MM’s ass so as to get a clear view of the field & scoreboard. Discuss? Fine. Disagree. Cool. But dont talk shit or name call unless you want to get bitch slapped again. Go Pack!

          1. disposable hero October 14, 2014

            ^That was fucking hilarious…

          2. bob October 15, 2014

            Someone calls you a fuck and you have to write a book about it? Small dick problems? “Anything can happen in the playoffs” is total bunk. Some crazy shit can happen, but not anything can happen. Shitty teams don’t get to and win the superbowl. That’s never happened. Teams with poor regular season records have, but that’s because they lost a handful of games early and came on hot late in the season. I called you stupid fucks because you are too short sighted and had an emotional reaction after a stressful WIN. My bad. If we can’t run the ball, we will get beat in the playoffs FOR SURE. In the short term, if we don’t run the ball, Rodgers will get the shit kicked out of him. There’s NO chance of winning it all without a half decent run game. The NFL is full of players who are still improving. Younger players are not the same in game 1 as they are in game 16. Winning is MM’s goal in a sense that winning the superbowl is his goal. Ideally, he’ll do enough to get to the playoffs while prepping his team to defeat elite playoff opponents. Also, I agree with giving the ball to Lacy and Starks 99% of the time. Who said anything about Kuhn? Lacy up the middle is a fine way to develop our center. Sorry for calling you a stupid fuck, I didn’t realize you were such a fat pussy.

  9. Big B October 13, 2014

    Beluga reminds me of an I-Pass Tollway booth and Cameron Wake is the advancing car. Looks like another first round OT in the draft next year.

  10. Howard October 13, 2014

    There is a need to occasionally remember that the Pack is playing against opponents who have similar goals (unless it is the Vikings and their main goal is prostitutes, and sheep and not necessarily in that order). If each packer player wins 55% of the time it is a good game. We are not going to win every play.

    With that said if you lose as much as Jones does then you should not have a job.

    Really liked the refs letting it go except for that shitty pass interference call on House. If the refs are going to let it be a brawl great I love it. Just don’t decide to make a phantom call that effects the game ASSHOLES.

    If you love a brawl then you have to love a powerful run game. I don’t love our run game right now.

    Whomever wrote it was going to be an ugly game in the predications was right on. Good win. Go pack.

    1. bob October 13, 2014

      The NFL gives the ref’s incentive to manufacture close games. If you think they’re too noble to do something like that, think again. Do you smell that shit?? Smells like CONSPIRACY!

  11. Mike Peiro's idiot son October 13, 2014

    Whining about the referees is a loser’s game well I’m your loser

    Refs changed momentum and changed the game.

    – insane pass interference call on shields that ahold have only been the five yard penalty because it occurs so early

    – unbelievable no call on the bear hug/ honey take me dancing fucking egregious hold on the long third down pass. You call that and the second half starts off with the same offensive futility the Dolphins had shown all first half

    -what happened to protecting the QB? Rodgers was getting hit late repeatedly some of it was good hard football. Some was late. One call would have helped. Rodgers is a brave man.

    Grimes =Grabs. Fucker was holding on every play. Think it got called twice

    If I can hold your receivers and beat the shit out of your QB with impunity I can take Towson State and beat the Shithawks.

    Fucking refs.

  12. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

    Sorry, Monty, but that may just be the dumbest fucking intro I’ve ever read, like William Hung analyzes football status. How many times has Rodgers been down in the 4th Qyarter, with the ball in his hands and a chance to win it? You give me his ratio of Successes (with a legitimate amount of time) per Opportunities vs. all those other QBs you mentioned, then we’ll talk.

    And Don Barclay better overall than Bryan Bulaga? Are you shitting me? Wasn’t everyone censuring Barclay and demanding his head on a pike a la Lord of the Flies (even though it wasn’t his fault) because you believed he was at fault for Rodgers’ injury last season? And now he’s the fucking Golden Child, Paragon of Tackles everywhere? GTFO. Cameron Wake IS THAT good. He may be the most complete defensive player outside of J.J. Watt and Robert Quinn in the league. He would have eaten Barclay’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in the passing game; the Pack would have had to chip him every passing play. Bulaga played like shit, he is not elite, never was-he is above average to good-but he was facing a monster.

    Agree with you on Matthews, for the most part. He has played well in coverage, but his run contain is shit, he keeps running 3 yards into the backfield past the RB, expecting the QB to bootleg every time. Maybe he’s greedy for sacks because he’s not rushing the QB every down now and wants a freebie. Perhaps he has no confidence in his thumb and is scared to reinjure it, because he’s not winning his one-on-ones very often either. Whatever the case, he need to get his shit together.

  13. Phatgzus October 13, 2014

    There sure is a lot of bitching considering you guys watched one of the all-time great QBs play in one of the all-time great regular season games. Not to mention our D was playing fucking incredible until 3 starters went down, including 2 CBs in one series (yeah, yeah the first drive of the 2nd quarter-that was 1 drive).

    I bet you whiners would bitch at a chick after she gave you a BJ because you felt she didn’t suck your balls long enough. SMH.

    1. Cheesemaker October 13, 2014

      Funny. And true. But that’s kind of the problem. If it wasn’t for a great QB, we’d be 1-5. ARod bails out MM more often than AAA.