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Did you Catch Jordy Nelson at Game 7?

Jordy Nelson cheering on the Royals

Ah, good. The way-too-long baseball season is finally over. The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals in game seven of the World Series last night and demonstrated to whole world, once again, exactly why baseball sucks a donkey dong.

The same goddam teams win every year. MLB should think about contracting the league to just the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Cardinals, Giants and Dodgers. Maybe have the Rangers play in odd years.

The Royals were a great story. Hadn’t been to the Series since 1985, which gives hope to us long-suffering Milwaukee Brewers fans. Like, hey, maybe WE could win a World Series ONCE in my lifetime!

Of course, it ended like every baseball season ends. Like shit.

Seriously, if you can tell me who won the last three World Series before this year without looking it up, I will give you a medal. Nobody knows, because who gives a shit? Unless you happen to live in New York, Boston, St. Louis, L.A. or San Francisco.

But anyway, enough of why baseball sucks. You know baseball sucks. I know baseball sucks. Baseball knows baseball sucks.

Jordy Nelson was at the game last night! He even got a shout out by Fox. It was kind of like when they show all the celebs at a Lakers game, except they only showed Jordy Nelson.

Jordy, who is from Manhattan, Kansas, is one of two known celebrity Kansas City Royals fans. The other is Paul Rudd, who’s from Overland Park. Jordy and Paul are probably still drowning their sorrows with a keg of Bud at Paul’s mom’s house as we speak.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Arcturus October 30, 2014

    Now for some facts to destory your pathetic little diatribe: Out of the last 25 World Series winners, there were 14 different teams – yes 47% of the teams have won it. Counting losing teams, 23 teams have played in the World Series during that time, or 77% of the league. Now the NFL – last 25 Super Bowls, 14 different teams have won it, or 44% of the league! Adding in the losers we get 23 different teams, or 72% of the league appearing in a Super Bowl! What the fuck do you know? The whole premise of this story is bullshit! Fucking football – if you want to see the same teams win it all the time watch the NFL. Baseball is where a little parity is.

    1. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

      No–and how convenient you start at 15 years, after the yankee dynasty peaked.

      1. Arcturus October 30, 2014

        Its 25 years, moron.

        1. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

          In a moment of haste I conflated 15 years with 25. The problem with your analysis is that teams with huge payrolls (red sox yankees I believe also Cardinals and Giants but could be wrong) still account for far more championships, let alone playoff appearances.
          Bill Burr made this point, and its really pretty simple. In elementary school, when kids pick teams, they can tell when there is no balance. They call it scratch, divide the players again so it remains competitive. NFL understands that concept. MLB does not.

    2. Shawn Neuser October 30, 2014

      Baseball has parity… really?

      Come on, man.

      That’s why the Royals hadn’t made the playoffs in 29 years.

      The Bills have gone 14 years since making the playoffs in the NFL. That’s the longest such drought. Not even half the time of the Royals. OH, and there’s more teams in the NFL…

  2. Fred October 30, 2014

    Baseball still sucks

  3. Baseball = buttball October 30, 2014

    Baseball is so buttstuff.

  4. Cheese October 30, 2014

    I prefer Baseketball myself. Steve Perry!

  5. E. Wolf October 30, 2014

    I guess now I wish the Royals had won, just because 87 would be elated, which would help us. On the other hand, I believe Rodgers is a SF Giants fan…

    1. Savage57 October 30, 2014

      That’s why AR didn’t throw to Jordy against the Saints. Butthurt because Jordy was pulling for the Royals.

      1. Shawn Neuser October 30, 2014

        You might have something there.