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So You’re Saying You Might Bench Brad Jones?

Brad Jones

Everyone except the Green Bay Packers’ opponents has pretty much seen enough of inside linebacker Brad Jones.

If he played for another team, Jones would either have been benched or kicked to the curb after last week’s turd of a performance. But this is Green Bay, where veterans don’t get benched.


Regardless of how bad they are.

But maybe there’s a point of suckitude that even the Packers won’t tolerate. On Monday, defensive coordinator Dom Capers was noncommittal about Jones remaining a starter.

“Tomorrow, we’ll come back and look at it, and as we get ready each week as we game plan, we go through and look at personnel and how can we get our best people on the field and pick up and move forward,” Capers said. “Because I told the guys in the meeting today, that’s what this game is all about.”

We have long been supporters of Jamari Lattimore, who would seemingly be the top option if Jones were to be benched.

Although Lattimore will make some mistakes and be overly aggressive at times, he also makes plays, which is a foreign concept to both of the Packers’ current starting inside linebackers.

And now that Jones is missing tackles on a regular basis, we might as well live with Lattimore’s mistakes because at least he brings something else to the table.

Lattimore filled in while Jones was injured in 2013, a season that saw him record 35 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.

The other option would be Sam Barrington, who we haven’t seen much of. But really, could he be worse than Brad Jones?

We don’t see how that’s possible.

Honestly, despite Jones’ performance, we’d still be surprised if the Packers made any lineup changes. People get uncomfortable when things aren’t status quo in Green Bay.

And remember, this isn’t about Brad Jones. It’s about pad level. And this is the week we’re going to correct that.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. disposable hero September 9, 2014

    I will shit a gold brick when this organization actually holds someone accountable.

  2. Vijay September 9, 2014

    Pad level and tackling through the ball carrier…you know, stuff you learn in peewee and high school football.

  3. C. Moore September 9, 2014

    No. I’m saying I’d take Brad Jones way out in the country and while he was taking a pee in the bush, I’d jump in my car and head for home!

  4. Howard September 9, 2014

    Capers sounds like Charlie Browns teacher Waa whaaa W Waa Whaaa. Take some action. Brad Jones as most (but not all) have said needs to be at least be benched. Those who do not believe we should at least give Barrington, Lattimore or even Bradford a chance over Jones need to tell us what other NFL teams Jones would (1) start for (2) make the team as an ILB? Is that team(s) a playoff caliber team?

    1. Luke September 9, 2014

      Carl Bradford is a playmaker…. He’s on another level compared to Lattimore or Barrington. This is a no-brainer for those of us who have seen Carl’ dominate the Pac-12 at ASU

  5. BZ in BA September 9, 2014

    It just seems odd to me that TT hasn’t been able to significantly upgrade the ILBs during his tenure, given that it would be natural to assume that it would be a position he would be most familar with since that is the position he played…. Of all of the starting ILBs in the league, I think that AJ Hawk probably ranks somewhere in the middle – at least I hope he does given how much money he earns. Brad Jones is clearly at the bottom. I agree that Lattimore couldn’t be much worse. Let’s give him a try!

  6. ay hombre September 9, 2014

    What. A Crock. Of shit!

    I’m so sick of this. It’s colossal failure after colossal failure with Capers. He didn’t know it would be difficult to swap personnel out based on what Seattle was doing? He didn’t realize by following this strategy that without fail, of fucking course, that our guys would have to be told to get their sorry asses out on the field, AFTER the guys they’re supposed to be covering are already out there and accounted for. YOU DIDN’T FUCKING REALIZE THAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM? And then you talk like you’re some fucking genius to have come up with the idea that we’ll just sit in the 3-4 all game and “allow them to play fast”. More fucking bullshit. If that was the case and sticking in the because “I didn’t want that to happen again where there were only 10 men on the field.” Oh bravo, Dominique. Bravo.

    But riddle me this…If the 3-4 was going to allow us the best chance for success by playing fast, then why the fuck were you switching around based on THEIR personnel and letting THEM dictate the terms to us? That is if you’re so confident in that 3-4 and it allowing your guys to play fast. So by that rationale, were you implying these guys are so fucking clueless with what you’ve got them doing in the 4-3, that they are the opposite of playing fast? That they are in fact slow?

    He failed in the read-option debacle against San Fran. He failed last Thursday. His teams can’t, don’t and/or won’t tackle. His philosophy is so fucking “smart” that these “rocket scientist” players can’t figure it out.

    It is FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. I am so sick of it.

  7. ferris September 9, 2014

    Better off with 10 on the field than with Jones. I will never understand why players as bad as him are on the roster. He is the worst tackler in the league. We thought Walden was bad.

  8. Savage57 September 9, 2014

    Defense is soft, like their vag D Coordinator and Head Coach.

    As really sad as it is Packer fans, you aren’t going to see anything different until those two are gone.

    1. Shawn Neuser September 9, 2014

      That makes sense since the Packers won a Super Bowl with those two. Good thinking.

      1. Savage57 September 10, 2014

        A suggestion Shawn?

        Save the lectures and snide comments for people who give a shit about what you have to say. When we want to vent our spleens about the Packers defense shitty state of play, that’s why we come here, and what we don’t need is the football equivalent of Dexter Snid coming to their rescue with trite, worn out pap that uses a statistical anomaly to try to defend a defense that is perennially defenseless. I’m pretty sure Monty isn’t after that drink-the-Kool-Aid, defend-the-fort, rah-rah-support-the-team-or-else, Packers.com kind of vibe for this website.

        Take away that 6-game hot streak in 2010 that netted a Super Bowl and the Thompson McCarthy era looks an awful lot like the Vikings – lots of Division titles and not much else. It wasn’t their defense that was responsible for the Super Bowl title, Aristotle. Maybe you should move across the Mississippi and go join a fan-base that supports a team that seems better aligned with your priorities and values.

        There are few things worse in life than getting talked down to by self-appointed, condescending, apologists that think their mission in life is to carry the banner and defend the honor of their heroes.

        But you keep on telling everyone why the Packers defense is so good, and then we’ll tell you what a vagina feels like.

  9. Abe Frohman September 9, 2014

    I’d rather have the intensity of Lattimore (and any mistakes that might mean) than the completely average and uninspired Brad Jones.

  10. PF4l September 9, 2014

    I don’t recall, who was that user that proclaimed the Packers were on the downward trend courtesy of big Big Ted and Capers.

    How’s that Sherrod pick workin out Teddy? Hang on much?

    Like I’ve mentioned the past few years, and disposable hit on it. No accountability. Enjoy your undeserved extension Ted. Say hi to Jerel Worthy for me. OH……He’s gone?

    Another National TV game. Another embarrassing performance.

    1. Shawn Neuser September 9, 2014

      Yeah, 5 straight playoff appearances isn’t worthy of an extension.

      Another embarrassingly bad PF4L post. Now I remember why I don’t miss you.

      1. Cheese September 9, 2014

        You can barley count last year as a worthy playoff appearance. They squeaked in by the skin of their teeth with a .500 record because the NFC North was complete garbage. Then they got beat for the 3rd year in a row by a team that actually plays defense.

        1. Shawn Neuser September 9, 2014

          Right. There should be an asterisk by that division title, and in the footnotes, the asterisk should say “squeaked in.”

          Maybe we should ask Bear fans if they wished they had “squeaked in.”

          Packers played good defense in the playoff game, even without their best defensive player.

          Maybe if the offense had gained a single first down in the 1st quarter…

  11. Tundraboy September 9, 2014

    Shawn. That is true. It’s also why. Im sick of seeing Hawkins Jones Burnett Kuhn bad blah, All the same old mediocre at best play with no plays
    !! Sucking and dragging a good chunk of the D. Last year after losing the entire team it seemed, with the heart they showed against SF. This CRAP??? THIS IS YOUR LINE UP? PLAY THE YOUNG GUYS

  12. rebelgb September 9, 2014

    Some Packer fans live off of one year their whole lives. Like the Packer fans who would have supported Brett Favre raping a kitty kat because he won us a SB in 96.

    Capers didnt have enough time by 2010 to really influence the direction of the defense. Id be careful about giving him too much credit for 2010.

    Andy Reid had Philadelphia in the playoffs year after year, finally he had to be fired; making the playoffs in football is becoming less and less impressive, especially with all the wild cards now. Its more like baseball and hockey now. The standard is winning a Super Bowl. At least getting there and making a run at it. 1 and done in the playoffs is a joke.

  13. Shawn Neuser September 9, 2014

    I would love to bench Brad Jones and replace him with Dave Robinson. Unfortunately, Dave Robinson is unavailable.

    The point is that Brad Jones had a shit game, but you don’t remove a guy because you are pissed off at him, you make a change if it helps your football team, or in other words, if there is someone better behind him.

    I would love to believe that Jamari Lattimore would come in and set the world on fire, but the guy had a poor preseason, when he was expected to push Jones for the position, has a knack for blowing assignments, AND missed a rather easy tackle himself on Harvin early in the game. Hilariously, during the same kick return, my man Sam Barrington also missed Harvin.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure that someone better than Jones is on this roster. I am fine with Barrington or Lattimore getting a chance, but they are not better than Jones simply because they haven’t had the chance to make themselves look worse than him.

  14. rebelgb September 9, 2014

    Shawn you are right about that, you cant make changes based on anger. The Packers saw all the ILB throughout the camps and preseason and all of the practices, believe me, if they thought they had a star on their hands outside of Jones, that guy would be playing.

    With Sherrod I feel the same way. If you look at his actual experience in the NFL the guy is a rookie. He came in game 1 against the best D in the NFL, on the road in the hardest house to play in, and he gave up 2 bad plays. Were they huge plays? Yes. But Sherrod has all the physical tools and he is a smart guy (unlike Newhouse), so if he can get it together, he may never give up that RT spot.

    Now 3 weeks from now I may feel differently. But I wonder why it is that Buluga is so eager to return with his injury if Sherrod is so fucking bad????

  15. Jtmax September 9, 2014

    Bulaga wants to return because sherrod is bad and can kill rodgers and packers season. Hello!
    How many games do we have to lose to bench hawk and jones. Hummm

  16. Danville Pack September 10, 2014

    I thought this whole thread started with benching Brad Jones. That seems obvious to everyone except DC and MM. That’s a problem. I don’t care about the consecutive playoff appearances and the 2010 SB. In the past, irrelevant to this thread. Lattimore, Barrington, or Bradford need to be given a look. Maybe if Jones gets some bench time, it will wake him up.

  17. aValpo September 11, 2014

    “If he played for another team, Jones would either have been benched or kicked to the curb after last week’s turd of a performance. But this is Green Bay, where veterans don’t get benched.”

    I disagree. Everyone bitches that we don’t sign enough free agents (veterans), and we heard a bunch of bitching last year about not re-signing Desmond Bishop… and now we suddenly have a bunch of washed up veterans on the team? Okay, AJ Hawk is still here after a paycut, and a 28 year old ‘veteran’ that we’re going to bench… but we didn’t keep Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Desmond Bishop, Aaron Kampman, Donald Driver, Atari Bigby, Charlie Peprah, Jonny Jolly… Brett Favre around. I think Thompson’s had more of a record of dumping veterans rather than dragging them around too long. And in most of those cases, young guys like Clay Matthews (Kampman), Boykin (Driver), Shields (Harris) were able to play early in their career because Thompson either didn’t resign them, or their playing time was cut. We have a younger team than both Seattle and San Francisco, the two franchises everyone fawns over here, and had the rookie of the year last year because we insert young guys into big roles early.