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Richard Rodgers

There’s plenty of blame to go around in Green Bay. From Captain Pussy Whipped to Buffoon to Eazy E to the floppy-shoe-wearing clowns blocking for him. No one has singled out the Green Bay Packers tight ends yet though.

Until today, that is!

The Press Gazette actually trotted out this headline today: Offensive woes start at tight end.

Hmmmm… interesting theory….

Actually, no. To hell with that. The Packers offensive woes start with Buffoon’s game plan and Captain Pussy Whipped execution or lack thereof. Then they trickle down to running backs, offensive linemen, tight ends, etc.

You know, guys who aren’t making $100 million.

They certainly do not start with the tight end position.

That being said, the Packers tight ends fucking suck.

Richard Rodgers — BIG surprise! — isn’t living up to the preseason hype. We’re not the kind of people who say we told you so, but… wait… yes we are those kind of people.


Do you know how many receptions Rodgers has this year? Not a goddam one and he’s started all three games!

Do you know why he isn’t catching the ball? Well, for one, he has only one target. But that’s probably because Andrew Quarless is playing more snaps than he is.

The reason Rodgers isn’t playing all that much is because he can’t block for shit, which we also told you was going to be the case.

Then there’s Brandon Bostick, who was injured in the preseason, but has been healthy the past two weeks. He hasn’t even played a snap on offense. Why?

Well, you’d have to ask Buffoon about that. It certainly isn’t because any of the Packers other tight ends are any good. The master of the in-game adjustment apparently can’t be bothered to divert from his normal substitution patterns.

That brings us back to Quarless. He’s gotten the most action and has the most production — eight catches for 77 yards and a touchdown.

Like Rodgers, Quarless isn’t a very good blocker, although he isn’t nearly as bad as the rookie. Still, there are people blaming Quarless for the ineffectiveness of the running game.


Remember, Quarless was the Packers starting tight end for most of 2013 and the running game worked just fine. So what’s changed?

Well, there are more idiots pointing fingers. That’s what’s changed.

To say the Packers can’t run the ball with Andrew Quarless in the game is ignorant. They HAVE run the ball with Andrew Quarless in the game.

What the Packers have completely failed to do is adjust to their personnel at this position. And I know this is a foreign concept in Green Bay.

Quarless is the best all-around option you have, so he’s the starter for now.

Unless… Bostick shows he can be a halfway decent blocker. We know he’s a good pass catcher, but we have no idea if he can function in the running game because he hasn’t been on the field. So put the guy on the field already!

Rodgers needs to get shelved. The fact that anyone thought a guy who played receiver in college last year could come in and be an effective NFL tight end immediately just shows you how stupid some people are. As we’ve pointed out numerous times now, Jermichael Finley, who also was unpolished as a blocker coming out, only had six receptions his entire rookie season. That’s because the Packers didn’t try to force a guy they knew couldn’t block onto the field.

If Rodgers is going to play, then play him situationally — when you’re clearly throwing the ball. And throw him the damn ball and see what he can do.

Here’s another thing that makes no sense. People say Rodgers isn’t getting the ball because Aaron Rodgers doesn’t trust him.


So you’re telling me Aaron threw the ball to Richard all training camp and preseason and now that the regular season has started there’s suddenly no trust?

Fuck that.

Richard Rodgers isn’t getting the ball because he isn’t on the field that often and because Aaron Rodgers is playing like shit.

End of story.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ivomitonvikingfans September 23, 2014

    “Okay Eddie.. You got us through that whole disaster last year, thanks for bailing us out, but the Golden Boy is back and we really don’t want you around. Truthfully, I hate players who play violent and angry. What do you think this is? Football? So we are gonna run some token run plays that really aren’t suited to your style and ability. This will make you look like shit and give me the justification to go shotgun every play every day Bitch!”

  2. Carlos Goodman September 23, 2014

    Remember how much you hated Finley? Sure glad he is gone!

  3. Carlos Goodman September 23, 2014

    Remember how much you hated Finley? Sure glad he is gone!

  4. Skinny September 23, 2014

    Courtesy call to Colt Lyera in order? “Hey bro! its JFont, how ya been”?

  5. Kato September 23, 2014

    God they really miss Finley attracting attention to the middle of the field. And everyone hates him….

  6. Savage57 September 23, 2014

    Holy shit, Monty. Packers lose to the Bears this weekend and I’m going to have to wear a hazmat suit when I open the page.

    Like a motherfucker that plays angry, though.

  7. Cheese September 23, 2014

    Watch Quarless knock Jared Allen the fuck out and then catch a pass after Rodgers hangs on to the ball forever.

  8. Bry September 23, 2014

    That’s an epic fuckin play there, cheese. I think quarless should start against the bears. We also need to start Starks over lacy. Maybe lacy will wake the fuck up. In addition, bench boykins slow ass and get Janis and Adams up to speed.

  9. MMTTDCSUCK September 24, 2014

    McGlurpy is a toad. He plays favorites and it shows. No adjustments that show any sense of intellectual ability. Players are just showing up with no intensity. A Rodgers looks as if he is shitting the bed. All the while McGlurpy continues to pass the buck and give us his pat answers . . . what a fucktard. The most overrated coach in the NFL period.

  10. elafave September 28, 2014

    Wonder what the comments section is gonna look like when we go 12-4?