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That’s Not Lambeau Field, You Dick!

Scott Walker's Lambeau Field

Oh, Scott Walker, you tool!

I’ll be honest here. I no longer follow Wisconsin politics. I do, however, get the distinct impression that a lot of people think Governor Scott Walker is real dick though.

Maybe even a lying, piece of shit, bullshit artist. But then that wouldn’t really make him any different from any other pol, now would it?

I’m not here to provoke some political debate though. What I am here to do is point out the fact that Scott Walker has a new campaign ad. It touts his many accomplishments (which fall well short of his campaign promises, from what I gather). It also features Lambeau Field, but not really.

It makes reference to Lambeau Field and then shows a stadium that is clearly not Lambeau Field. Doesn’t look like Lambeau Field and the fans are certainly not wearing any green.

Now, being the governor of Wisconsin, you’d think Walker would know that pretty much any one of his constituents would know that this is not Lambeau Field. But then, maybe he doesn’t know that because apparently he believes the 100,000 new jobs he “created” are somehow equal to the 250,000 he promised.

What we can say for sure is Walker should probably fire whatever dipshit agency created this ad for him. Because right now, I’m Scott Walker, I don’t know what Lambeau Field looks like and I support this message.

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Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Organicbuzz September 18, 2014

    He’s no friend of the working man. He is a POS.

    1. Shawn Neuser September 18, 2014

      Right, because the working man hates having his property taxes lowered.

      We LOVE property taxes!

      You mean Walker is no friend of the union man.

      1. Arcturus September 18, 2014

        My property taxes have gone up every year since this fuck was elected. All the school districts are raising their taxes to make up for Walkers cuts. Time for him to be run out.

        1. Shawn Neuser September 19, 2014

          Ours have been lowered. They have been lowered in a majority of counties, but not all. Some have gone up. The school districts do not have the power to raise taxes. After freezing their budget last year, Walker agreed to a 2% increase this year. Of course, most the superintendents whine and complain that is not enough, which is seemingly their full time job (and only job). The 2% increase might have caused some property taxes to go up, but not as much as they would be if Walker hadn’t froze the budget two years ago.
          I am not especially pleased with Walker’s job performance, but I don’t see his opponent as a better alternative.

      2. The Money Mike September 19, 2014

        “Not starting a political debate” lol. Right on, remember what the government gives, they can take away…earn your shit people

  2. Carlos Goodman September 18, 2014

    I guess you have to pull your weight to like Walker. No more sitting on your ass and demanding compensation. Pieces of shit.

    1. T. Jervey September 18, 2014

      Well said Carlos…totally agree….in other news….Monty has balls to bring politics into TotalPackers, I applaud his bravery…but don’t agree with it. Let the shit storm begin!

  3. Ivomitonvikingfans September 18, 2014

    Holy shit !! That really isn’t Lambeau? Fuck. I change my vote. I bet that beast hermaphrodite running on the other side would use an actual image of Lambeau.

    1. Chad Lundberg September 19, 2014


  4. Fred September 18, 2014

    Wow a democrat from california dosent susprise me at all

  5. Shawn Neuser September 18, 2014

    Actually, right in the ad, Walker admits he promised 250,000 jobs and that we are at just over 100,000. So, that is about as stand up about it as you are gonna hear a politician be.

    Lambeau Field is barely mentioned, so I don’t think a video from there is required. The Packers and the NFL probably wanted some ridiculous fee for game video of the stadium, so this was the cheaper route.

    Walker was elected to eliminate the $3.6 billion deficit without raising property taxes, and that’s what he did. Not sure where he supposedly lied about anything. Maybe someone can clue me in.

    1. The Money Mike September 19, 2014

      Right on Shawn, money has to come from somewhere and last time I checked I don’t have anything guaranteed at my job…

  6. mike September 18, 2014

    LMAO Walker is a shit stain! But everyone with half a brain already knows that….. moving on.

    1. rebelgb September 18, 2014

      Right..you apparently have “half a brain”…my guess is your a fucking brain dead idiot.

      1. Arcturus September 18, 2014

        Well of course a racist asshole would be a Walker fan amIright?

  7. 13time1265 September 18, 2014

    Well maybe you are well off Shawn and love Walker for supposedly lowering your property taxes. In reality, you are being lied to by a CAREER politician who doesn’t give a shit about you or how much you pay in taxes. He hasn’t delivered anything because he doesn’t work for the citizens of Wisconsin. He work for his campaign donors and does not much care for real working people or that poor guy living on the street who is still waiting on that job Walker promised to create. Find actually facts and then match it up with the words that are coming out of Walkers mouth. We were not in great shape with Doyle but, we certainly have fallen even farther down that rabbit hole with Walker. Notice, most of his campaign signs are posted in front of businesses because no working person who knows he is full of shit will not support him. Just businesses window licking treats.

    1. rebelgb September 18, 2014

      LOL dude do you just read the Demodumbs reading points and repost them as your own? You cant possibly believe 1/10 of that crap you just posted.

      Stop being a clone and start actually engaging yourself in the reality that most of us live in. Is Scott Walker a career politician influenced and in the pocket of millions of dollars?… YES. Is he any different from the rest of the scumbags out there? NO. Is Mary Fucking Burke the answer? Un hell no. Scott Walker has at least brought us out of the dark ages that Doyle had us in, AND he ended Union chokehold on the State Budget, something that killed Detroit….

      Between Walker and Burke there is ZERO debate. Burke is a piece of crap supported by Walker haters who care nothing about her actual politics or qualifications. I hope Walker walks away with it, which judging by the bullshit recall, he probably will….AGAIN.

      1. The Money Mike September 19, 2014

        Haha I love how all the guys I agree with in Packers logic have the same political logic as me, right on reb

  8. Kozak September 19, 2014

    Hey Monty, stick to the Packers and leave the politics out.
    I don’t come here for sage political advice or insightful political analysis.

  9. bob at 81 September 19, 2014

    well said Kozak, anything that is within reason for Monty is just some more cuss words. his mother should have washed his mouth with soap and taught him some manners. but he can give some good packer comments. so I guess we have to take some politics with it all.

  10. Andy September 19, 2014

    They couldn’t use Lambeau Field due to license rights. The NFL, and the Packers would have to sell those rights for a commercial, which would be a steep price for a 30 second tv ad.

  11. aValpo September 19, 2014

    It was probably way too expensive or against NFL policy to use game footage. I’m surprised they were even able to write “Lambeau Field” and not “The Professional Football Team’s Stadium in Green Bay”

    This is pretty stupid and probably wouldn’t be written if the opponent did the same thing.

  12. JPM Illinois September 19, 2014

    I’m a Wisconsin native, but moved to Illinois for work. Illinois is a mismanaged mess. Yes, Walker has been tough on the unions, but they need to look at their role in creating a huge deficit. You could do a whole lot worse than your current government — I’m living it.

  13. The Money Mike September 19, 2014

    Packers please, not Political bullshit

  14. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey September 19, 2014

    “I’ll be honest here. I no longer follow Wisconsin politics. So, here’s a bunch of uninformed bullshit to demonstrate exactly how ignorant I am.”

    *is Monty McMahon*

    1. DJ September 19, 2014

      This from a guy who annually gets cease & desist orders from the Packers for logo, imaging, and licensing infringment….and he cannot connect the dots that Lambeau falls under that domain too? All the while, penning such biased trash from CA…THEE most corrupt public sector state with a $800 BILLION debt…600 of which is unfunded public sector employee pension liability. And the guy who pre empts that kind of public fiscal catastrophe for WI is a “dick?” I know a bunch of people who process information and come to illogical, unsupported & challenged conclusions like that and even worse… have no shame in advertising it. They’re called “Chicago Bear fans.” Either Monty got hacked or I’m officially worried for his well being. :-)

  15. Najeh Davenportland September 19, 2014

    C’mon everyone knows Walker is about as sleazy as they come. Shit his inner circle staff has been convicted for child porn and stealing from veterans. People who support him are the biggest bible banging racist fascist pieces of shit. Plus he’s really from Iowa.

  16. all afternoon September 21, 2014

    Today’s loss is what you get for going political on what was otherwise a beautiful thing (TP.com). Let that be a lesson to you…dick!