The Teddy Bridgewater Era is Officially Underway

Teddy Bridgewater at the NFL Draft: total ecstasy

Teddy Bridgewater at the NFL Draft: total ecstasy

It’s safe to say the Minnesota Vikings are in full rebuilding mode. After losing franchise running back Adrian Peterson for the very Vikings’ reason of being a scumbag, the team has now officially entered the Teddy Bridgewater era.

They put starting quarterback Matt Cassel on injured reserve. Cassel broke several bones in his foot against the Saints on Sunday.

Bridgewater, one of the Vikings’ first-round picks this year, relieved Cassel on Sunday and was 12-of-20 for 150 yards, no touchdowns and no picks. That gave him a rating of 83.3, which is pretty middle of the road and also pretty much perfect for a Vikings quarterback.

This also means — at least we assume — that we’re really only one injury away from resuming the total awesomeness that is/was the Christian Ponder era! Remember how great that former Vikings’ first-round pick was? We know you do!

Teddy — and I’ll never get why a grown-ass man would ever want to go by Teddy instead of just Ted — is sure to follow in that same glorious path, resulting in multiple Vikings Super Bowls!

Go ahead, ask any Vikings fan…

On a more realistic note, at least we now know the Green Bay Packers won’t be finishing last in the NFC North this year.

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7 Comments on "The Teddy Bridgewater Era is Officially Underway"

  1. Fritz

    da bears won — that leaves GB and MN in a dead heat for last. however GB played progressively worse game by game for the first 3 contests of this young season. MN played progressively better each of their first 3 games. the mgmt. needs to point this out to the entire team via the coaches; just in case they haven’t noticed yet.

  2. Howard

    Nice of Vikings to let us have an extra week of game planning. Since we attack teams weaknesses so proficiently (see lions) I would be sure our game plan on O is to kneel down three times punt the ball out of bounds so Patterson cannot return and let the rookie QB make mistakes so our D can score.

  3. regbelgb

    LOLOLOLOL!!! As frustrated as I am being a Packer fan right now, I cant imagine what its like being a white and realistic Viking fan. I mean have you seen TB throw a football? He makes Tebow look like Joe Montana. Worst throwing motion ive ever seen. Have you ever heard the guy talk? Yeah he deserved a college scholarship, like my dog did….

    Look lets keep it real. TB was drafted because the Twin Titties thinks its progressive and it needed another black qb. Fuck call me racist, call me anything, dont change reality or the truth. This guy is a turd wrapped in a slimy skin of vaginal excretion. Good job MN on being progressive, and good job on sucking another 5 fucking years….geezus you fucking losers….

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