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Mike Neal

1. Micah Hyde had a great seat
If there is one lasting impression I’m left with in yesterday’s game, it is the sight of Micah Hyde standing flat-footed as Reggie Bush cruised to his game-clinching score. Although the defense was clearly not the problem yesterday and Hyde might be getting unfairly singled out in this case, I think his effort on this play is representative of what is wrong with this team. Hyde stood and watched as Reggie Bush got outside before making any kind of move and by that time it was way too late. Prior to the snap, all three linebackers lined up inside the tackles with really no semblance of a defense on the edges. As the play starts, Bush clearly has the ball in the backfield, the middle is bottled up and Hyde stands and does absolutely nothing. If he uses his common sense and instincts maybe the Packers make a stop. With three linebackers lined up in the middle of the field in a formation clearly designed to stop the run, Hyde shouldn’t be waiting flat-footed for Bush to make it through that logjam of shit up the middle. If Bush makes it through that, so be it. Hyde should be shooting around the outside of the offensive line into the backfield where Bush is likely to try and escape. Maybe it wasn’t his assignment, but I don’t really care. When the game is on the line and your team desperately needs a stop to get the offense back on the field, sometimes you have to take a chance to make a great play. Believe me, we’ll forgive you for trying to make a great play even if it results in a touchdown. What we won’t forgive is passive, weak-ass, defense that STILL leads to a touchdown. Make a play for crying out loud. Where are your instincts?

2. Gimme DuJuan! Dammit, DuJuan!
I asked for him… and I got him. I’m not really sure it was his fault, as the overall running game was for crap all game anyway, but my main man DuJuan Harris didn’t do himself any favors in his limited action. This doesn’t mean I’m off DuJuan’s bandwagon, but running backs with names other than Eddie Lacy need to be given the opportunity to carry the load when the game and action dictates. Yesterday, James Starks looked to be the man with the hot hand. In fact, one could argue Starks has had a hot hand since the beginning of last year. Eddie was the Rookie of the Year so I guess you have to ride him, but at what point are you willing to give another guy more reps?

3. Randy Cobb
Randall Cobb said he was embarrassed with the way he played? Oh, okay. He covered my thoughts then. I have nothing further, your honor. Moving on.

4. The Safety Dance
McCarthy’s call? Rodgers’ audible? If I was one guy I would blame the other because the call on the play that resulted in the safety was so bad. The Packers have now given up two safeties on the year. You know how many the rest of the NFL has had? Two less than that… ZERO. No one can say the Packers offense doesn’t lead the league in anything!

5. Befuddled McFuddy
Did you see Mike McCarthy whining to the ref after the Packers gave up that safety? I was screaming at the TV, “Dude! He was tackled five yards deep in the end zone! What can you possibly be bitching about!”

6. Wow, is this boring
Did anyone else find themselves utterly bored watching this game? The third quarter seemed to evaporate before my very eyes and I was shocked at the dearth of big plays… or even mildly interesting ones. Mike McCarthy runs a boring offense. Everyone is using the word stale to the point that stale has become stale. When something stale becomes stale, and that staler thing becomes stale, then what you have is the Green Bay Packers offense.

7. Mike Neal and bow down
Shawn called it in Total View last week that Mike Neal is a potential Pro Bowl player. Although he’s had chances for gaudier stats than he currently has amassed, Neal is around the ball and is getting after the quarterback on a regular basis. And with that linebacker that always gets hurt now sitting out again, he’ll be called upon even more. Rumor has it that Neal has a Total Packers article hanging in his locker entitled “Packers Select Someone You’ve Never Heard of in Second Round.” I think Total Packers and Monty deserve some credit for keeping Mike Neal motivated.

8. You named your cat Julius!
In 2010, the Packers defense made big plays all year and forced big turnovers when Green Bay needed them the most. But then again, they had an offense that was capable of taking advantage of such plays too. Julius Peppers did his part, playing the role of Superman on back-to-back plays. After not biting on a play-action toss, Peppers gave Stafford a nice “How do you do?” by shoving him to the ground like the fat kid he is. Then on the next play he followed it up with the hat trick of the sack, strip, fumble and recovery. Damn… that’s actually four things. The Grand Slam of pass rushing sack thingies!

9. Warm up Matt Flynn
It’ll never happen. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t ever happen. Wake up, Aaron. I’ll cut you a little slack here, but quit talking about how you set the bar so high, quit yelling at your teammates and start at least pretending like you’re having fun out there. The guy looks miserable and he’s playing like he looks.

10. A bounce back team = poor leadership
A good bounce back team by definition is a team that struggles with consistency. Although history says the Packers will come back next week with their A-game, I think everyone is a little less certain about that happening than they were this week. Hopefully they can get it going in the right direction.

Andrew Chitko

Andrew Chitko is an excellent handicapper and a below average bettor. Although he is capable of uncovering keen insight in to sides and totals, he will almost certainly derail his profit margin chasing ridiculous parlays that have almost zero chance of cashing. Despite his self-awareness on these matters, expect the trend to continue until he hits a 12-teamer for a six-figure score. If he steps out of line and is convinced he has a lock, mortgage your house and bet the other way.



  1. RGO September 22, 2014

    Lets face it folks, we may be in for a very LONG season.

  2. Cheesemaker September 22, 2014

    Regarding the offensive ineptitude, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. O has been declining since Philbin left. Now, if you want to say that the team has been declining since 2010, no argument here. I’m starting to think that TT really benefitted from John Schneider who left after 2009. Chart the trajectory of the Packers’ talent level vs. the Seahawks since then and tell me what conclusion you come up with.

  3. Richard September 22, 2014

    Olivia Munn needs to go

  4. Denny E September 22, 2014

    If A.J. Hawk is on the field, this team is seriously handicapped. He is the worst middle linebacker in the entire NFL. I’ve never seen a player, outside of soft corners, get more tackles by jumping on piles 10-15 yards down field. He is CONSISTENTLY out of position on every play. Does he know where T.T has the prostitute buried or what?. Say what you want about over paying Nelson, and getting no return on investment on Matthews. Change needs to occur. For any other reason than to light a damn fire under someone’s ass. I think we can sit Hawk, Boykin, Jones, Guion(?), Burnett, and still get better results. Rodgers has zero confidence in Boykin and now only uses two receivers, seems like a predictable scenario to me. Finally, Lacy is looking more like Richardson every single game, coincidence?

  5. billybong September 22, 2014

    ah, i think there may have been four safeties yesterday in the NFL..the Packers aren’t alone although they do suck so far.

  6. the real russ letlow September 22, 2014

    agree on Starks. don’t “fire” Lacy, he’s a stud. But when he is having a bad game, evident almost from the start yesterday, don’t be afraid to give some of his carries to Starks or Harris. We’ve got 3 good RBs, lets use them!

  7. Jtmax September 22, 2014

    AR is playing like alex smith

  8. Disposable h3ro September 22, 2014

    MM is blaming the poor run game on Lacy but fails to address his shitty scheme and play calling, fucking clown shoes. Oh and he and Clements are praising the pass blocking and blaming dropped passes for a poor passing game. No accountability at the top, we are going to continue to see this team nose dive until the cancer is gone. Choke yourself MM.

    1. Cheese September 22, 2014

      Because it was Lacy’s fault that dipshit McCarthy called a run play when the whole offense was standing in the endzone against one of the better defensive fronts in the league, while our O-line sucks shit and hadn’t gotten the run game going all day. What a fucking moron.

  9. Kyle September 22, 2014

    Are we as fans willing to deal with a potential 4-win season if it means a house cleaning at the top?

    I’m rapidly reaching the point where I am.

    And it depresses me to no end that I’m starting to feel that way.

    1. The Money Mike September 23, 2014

      Better to get it over with now then 3 years down the road when Rodgers is like Favre in 2006

      A. Who is the Head Coach
      B. Who is Def. Coordinator
      C. Who is Special Teams Coach
      D. WHo Should we aquire as free agents

  10. icebowl September 23, 2014

    Good state of the union summary….
    I fear all the stated concerns about #12 are warranted.
    All play (TV Ads + Mondo Contract + Actress Girlfriend) and no work makes ARodg a bad QB…

  11. icebowl September 23, 2014

    I’d like to see Li’l Scotty Tolzien graduate from The Gunslinger Academy….
    Get the excitement back…

  12. Andrew Chitko September 23, 2014

    The best part about McCarthy blaming Lacy is him saying, “We don’t critique players in the press…but Eddie Lacy needs to play better.”

  13. tequila September 23, 2014

    Our personnel is not the problem, there is talent all over the field for the packers. It’s coaching and leadership that leverage talent. End.