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Stephen Tulloch is One Dumb Bastard

About the only enjoyable moment of the Green Bay Packers loss to the Detroit Lions was the one where Leos linebacker Stephen Tulloch injured himself celebrating.

Way to go, Bill Gramatica. You stupid son of a bitch…

Tulloch sacked Aaron Rodgers in the first half. It was one of two Lions’ sacks on the day. Seemed like they had about five, didn’t it? Anyway, what we didn’t notice — probably because that was the most boring football game in the NFL’s history and we were more enthralled with Candy Crush — was that Tulloch was trying to do Rodgers’ championship belt celebration.

Now, forget that Rodgers — the way he’s playing — will probably never, ever do the championship belt again.

You just don’t do another guy’s move. It’s like if the Macho Man suddenly decided he was going to use the DDT as his finishing move or Sub-Zero used the Soul Stealer for a fatality.

Get your own fucking move, you unoriginal bastard.

And so karma was bound to come back and bite this moron in the ass. It did. He injured his knee on the celebration and didn’t play afterward.

Tulloch could be seen standing around on the sideline with an ice bag around the knee thereafter. He says it isn’t serious, but we sure hope it is.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Alabama Packer Fan September 22, 2014

    Wow, you can injure your hamstring just acting like a Packer.

    1. Andy September 22, 2014

      haha nice one that made me laugh my ass off. What a fuckin buffon

  2. icebowl September 22, 2014

    Classic instant karma…..
    Sad thing is that he still played better than any GB defensive dud….

    1. Savage57 September 23, 2014

      Every NFL team needs to have an “Intelligence Officer” on their staff waiting on the sidelines. Some bad ass Ninja/Samurai cross. When a player pulls some stupid shit like this, gets called for a bone-headed 15 yard personal foul penalty that costs his team the game, or shits the bed on his assignment and gets blown up for the game winner, fucker has to drop to his knees and gets his fucking punkin’ sliced off with a Katana.

      Cut waaaaay down on the explosion of head-in-ass syndrome we’re witnessing these days.

  3. icebowl September 22, 2014

    My bad ….
    D was good it was offense

  4. Vijay September 22, 2014

    Still take him or espece Levy over what we have manning the middle of our defense. Those are what real linebackers are supposed to look like in case you all have forgotten.

  5. the real russ letlow September 22, 2014

    cue Nelson Muntz, “Ha Ha!”

  6. Kyle September 22, 2014

    Per Schefter on Twitter, Tulloch tore his ACL. Done for the year.


    1. Savage57 September 22, 2014

      Are you fucking serious? Someone has got to track down this pricks phone number/email address/twitter handle so we can flame his ass about how much of a dumb fucking pole smoker he is.

      1. Phatgzsu September 22, 2014

        Just type his name into the Twitter search, that shit ain’t hard.

  7. Fritz September 22, 2014

    wish he would replace AR in those asinine State Farm ads…

    1. icebowl September 22, 2014

      Damn straight Fritz……

  8. Fritz September 22, 2014

    wasn’t when AR started doing the TD dance TV ads that his career started heading into a u turn?

  9. Big B September 22, 2014

    Hilarious. I can’t get enough of the GIF, an endless loop of entertainment. Only sad thing though, is that it is the only highlight of the Packers game. Amazing that our passing game couldn’t succeed against a secondary of Arena football rejects and wannabes- gotta question our WR talent. Guess I am glad they haven’t re-upped yet with Cobb; he needs to show more. 22 minutes of TOP and no play for >20 Yards. Offense gave up more points than they scored. Inexcusable