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Something’s Going on With Casey Hayward

Casey Hayward

Seen Casey Hayward lately?

No? Hayward was absent from the Green Bay Packers Wednesday practice with what coach Mike McCarthy termed a glute strain.

Okay, well where was he Sunday?

Hayward wasn’t listed on the Packers’ injury report prior to the Jets’ game and he did indeed play. He just didn’t see any significant action.

Davon House took Hayward’s spot as the team’s nickel cornerback and had a great game. Jarrett Bush played in the dime. Hayward, meanwhile, only saw action on special teams.

After the game, Dom Capers suggested Hayward’s hamstring had tightened up, which is why he wasn’t used on defense. Well, why was he used on special teams then?

There was also a report that suggested Hayward had lost his spot to House because of his poor tackling in week 1. He apparently missed three tackles against Seattle.

While it’s possible the Packers have finally started punishing guys for playing like shit, we’ve never (or rarely) seen such action from a Mike McCarthy-led staff before. Why would it suddenly start now, especially when you can just blame “pad level” again.

It certainly looks — as Chitter suggested earlier this week — like Hayward was out and out benched. If that’s the case, what is the injury about?

Well, maybe we’re reaching here, but guess who else remains out with a phantom injury.

Brad Jones, another guy who missed a boatload of tackles in week 1.

Jones supposedly has a quad injury, which kept him out of practice all of last week, right after probably his worst game as a pro. It conveniently allowed the Packers to insert Jamari Lattimore into the starting lineup — something they should have done some time ago — without anyone batting an eyelash.

Jones saves face for getting replaced because he’s “injured” and the Packers don’t have to admit they made a mistake.

It seems like a stretch to say that anyone would suggest Hayward is as bad as Jones, but…

He hasn’t done anything of note since his rookie campaign. Granted, he was injured most of last season, but he played like crap when he was on the field.

Regardless, it certainly seems like Hayward has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg September 18, 2014

    Really hope you’re making more out of this that it actually is. Davon has been playing well, that’s for sure, but Casey simply had a spectacular rookie year. Maybe they just let him on the field for a few tries on special teams to see how his glute reacted and then decided it’s best to play it safe from here.

  2. Richard September 18, 2014

    Maybe they can throw these guys on IR if the time comes instead of cutting them? Not sure how they would save any money on the Jones contract but everyone knows Thompson loves his compensatory picks so he needs these contracts to expire, not he terminated early

  3. Phatgzus September 18, 2014

    Glute strain, eh? Well, that sometimes happens when you sit on your ass for 4 hours straight. In all seriousness, I hope he picks it up, and returns to rookie from +, when he could tackle and cover. Maybe he just needs more time and with the way House (and even Bush) have been playing lately, it doesn’t make sense not to have them on the field. As usual, time will tell.

  4. 13time1265 September 18, 2014

    If they want to be assholes and not produce for this team they do not belong on the field. The Packers shouldn’t beat around the bush saying the player is injured, just say it to the player like this…you suck so welcome to 3rd string. Display effort and improvement and your friend 2nd string my stop by and greet you.