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Ryan Pickett was Right

Ryan Pickett

This past summer, when it was clear the Green Bay Packers were done with him, free agent defensive tackle Ryan Pickett promised he was going to play in 2014.

Well, training camp came and went without anyone adding Pickett to their roster, but as of today, Pickett has proven himself prophetic. Surprisingly, he didn’t sign with the Minnesota Vikings, which is where old Packers go to die.

Instead, he signed with the Houston Texans, which is where Ahman Green went to die, but isn’t exactly the same hive of villainy and scum as in Minnesota.

The Texans need a nose tackle, you see. Louis Nix, who they drafted in the third round, is looking like a big, fat bust.

Yeah, it’s way too early to say that, but Nix underwent knee surgery in the offseason and then, when he returned, decided he better pussyfoot around with a wrist injury. He was inactive for each of the first three games.

Clearly, the Texans said fuck it, this guy isn’t going to do jack shit for us this year, let’s shelve him.

Remember when you all wanted the Packers to draft Nix? Don’t pretend you weren’t all for that. You know who you are!

So Nix’s all-around shittiness has gotten Ryan Pickett as job. It’s most likely a backup job to Jerrell Powe, but it’s a job nonetheless.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. chad lundberg September 24, 2014

    Im proud of you Monty. You actually managed to not criticize MM or AR for once. Could have sworn this was somehow gonna be their fault.

    1. MJ September 25, 2014

      How could it have been AR or MM’s fault? It could only be TT’s fault!

      1. Chad Lundberg September 25, 2014

        My point is, Monty has been off his rocker lately and gone berserk criticizing everything MM and AR have been doing lately. To him, everything is going to hell, and it’s their fault. We’re only 1-2, and even if we land say 4-5, there’s still plenty of time to turn things around. Rodgers had 9 picks in the first 7 games in 2010, and I was hearing a lot of the same things that I’m hearing from Monty right now. Well guess freaking what? From game 8 on, Rodgers only 4 more picks more (two of which weren’t his fault) all the way til the SUPER BOWL.

        Yes it’s possible that things won’t get much better, but considering Bulaga and Tretter haven’t returned to full health yet, and that the young receivers among other young players (Datone Jones, Ha Ha) have not had time to develop yet, it’s very possible things can turn around quite a bit.

      2. Chad Lundberg September 25, 2014

        And furthermore, saying his lack of production is a result of Munn’s snatch or the all the commercial’s he’s been doing is downright absolutely ridiculous to me. A million other athletes are both married and do a heck of a lot of commercials and it doesn’t affect their play in the slightest.

        1. Kato September 27, 2014

          Rodgers has not been good, the worst I have ever seen. And there has been no imagination to MM’s playcalling. They have had the same formation on like 75% of plays. I think it is pretty clear that this no huddle offense is not working well. They need to go back to what they did best, utilizing multiple personnel and running more formations. I dont care how good it looked in the preseason, it obviously isnt working now.

  2. Fritz September 24, 2014

    just goes to show: the nfl draft is somewhat of a crap shoot, and in the case of most teams, is more often a crappy shoot, more so after about the first two or three rounds.

  3. regbelgb September 24, 2014

    Fucking love Pickett and the great years he gave us. Glad he is pulling a paycheck once more.

    War Ryan!!~

  4. MJ September 25, 2014

    Glad for him. The Packers basically discarded him. As RebelGb says, glad he collects another paycheck.

  5. mike September 25, 2014

    Ahman Green finished his career in Green Bay. But what would I know? I don’t run a website that bashes the Packers by so-called fans of the team.

    1. rebelgb September 25, 2014

      LOL…truth brother.

  6. billybong September 25, 2014

    Good for him, another paycheck that he really shouldn’t need with any kind of smart investing at all…wish we still had him..