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Richard Sherman Accuses Aaron Rodgers of Avoiding Him

Aaron Rodgers and Richard Sherman

You know Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had to say something to someone after Thursday night’s game. He said it to Aaron Rodgers.

“You avoided me, didn’t you?”

Kind of like how an insecure chick constantly asks you if she looks good.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Jesus Christ, broad! How many times do I gotta tell ya!?”

Rodgers appears to reply in the affirmative and then totally blows off Sherman and his fist bump.

So did the Packers avoid Sherman?

Who gives a fuck?

They couldn’t do anything offensively after the first half and their overall game plan sucked, so it really doesn’t matter if one defender was targeted or not.

Our guess is Sherman, who’s likely the best cornerback in the NFL, wasn’t targeted. Kind of like a team would say, well, maybe we should double team Clay Matthews when we’re going to pass or maybe we should run the ball away from Patrick Willis.

You try to minimize the impact of great players. At least if you’re a smart football coach, which is debatable in Mike McCarthy’s case.

At any rate, this is what we find curious. Sherman was covering Jarrett Boykin all night.

Boykin wasn’t targeted once, but Boykin is also the Packers No. 3 receiver.

If Sherman or the Seahawks were so worried about him making an impact, they’d have put him on Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb. They didn’t.

He covered the No. 3 guy the whole game. Would Rodgers have gone away from Nelson if Sherman were covering him?

Highly fucking doubtful.

Isn’t that right, Dick?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg September 6, 2014

    Not surprised at all. They didn’t show class in 2012, they sure as hell ain’t gonna show it here.

    Bulaga, Tretter return. Boykin, Janis, Adams, Richard Rodgers and Brandon Bostick develop into capable weapons. Rodgers and the offense become unstoppable.

    Mike Pennel and Josh Boyd develop into a capable NT duo, and maybe, just maybe, if the football gods just for once favor us, they’ll let Jones or Hawk be benched in favor of a more talented ILB. I don’t care if it’s Elliot, Bradford, or Mulumba or whoever. The secondary, which might be one the best in the NFL, becomes every bit as tough as the self-proclaimed “legion of boom”. The defense actually becomes respectable.

    The Packers have a rematch with the seacocks in the post-season and win.

    There you have it. My far fetched, totally out of this world fantasy that won’t happen. It’s so crazy that it just might work, which is why I’m pulling for it! Hooray for half-ass sports fantasies!

    1. You Enjoy Myself September 6, 2014

      Who cares whats “supposed” to happen. We’re fans, merely here to hope for the best!

      1. Chad Lundberg September 7, 2014

        Now you’re talkin!!

  2. Killurbeer Gbaja-biamila September 6, 2014

    It’s still a goddamn stupid idea, to only throw to the left side of the field. Sherman’s good, but he’s not that fucking good. Jody’s not some chump.

  3. Killurbeer Gbaja-biamila September 6, 2014

    *Jordy’s.. damn autocorrect.

  4. Nacho Libre September 6, 2014

    Fuck him, he can fist pump himself. Glad to see A-Rod left him hanging. HA!

  5. Nacho dan September 6, 2014

    If he’s so great why doesn’t he play both sides? Who asks for compliments? Oh yeah douche bags.

  6. Defend 1/2 Field September 6, 2014

    Pete Carroll said if a team is only going to target one half of the field, Sherman did his job and that he would take that any day. That leaves the other defenders the ability to concentrate on the other side. What team just wouldn’t want to have to defend only on half of the field? Just saying…

  7. Zwoeger September 6, 2014

    Nice to see that contrast between a realy great one and one who shows to be insecure about being that. Quite pitifull.

  8. Richard Crainium September 6, 2014

    One makes 20m/yr another 14m/… Wonder which one will be broke in 10 years?

    Never really been for wishing injuries on people but if Sherman broke both of his femurs, and tore up both knees and could never play again I wouldn’t feel bad for him one iota. That’s my sports fantasy!

    1. chad lundberg September 6, 2014

      Well when it comes to players like Brandon Merriweather, id say the desire to see them get hurt is justified. Dont forget that it was Sherman who Is the one who broke Harris’ leg last year.

  9. billybong September 6, 2014

    well, thats cuz Arod and Fat Mike did avoid him…pussy like scairt….i am rapidly losing faith in “we’ll get that cleaned up” Mike and strange Ted and his crappy drafts…i mean most sports writers went “WTF” with his 3 – 4th round picks…he need help, can we please get Jon Schnieder back from Seattle?? If you want to wave the pompoms go read Ask Vic…

  10. Shawn Neuser September 6, 2014

    As long as he sits on one side of the field, Sherman should get used to being avoided. If we can match our third WR on him all game, then why wouldn’t we? The Packers won’t be the only ones to do it.
    He doesn’t take away half the field. That is idiotic. He takes away one WR, which in this case was Jarrett Boykin. Big deal.
    Considering the results, Seattle shouldn’t change a fricking thing.

  11. Vijay September 6, 2014

    Seahawks, Miners still trump our roster…any given Sunday. Only thing that’ll stop them is a rash of injuries. Otherwise, this is going to end the same way as the past few seasons have…

  12. Vijay September 6, 2014

    *Niners*…damn auto correct

  13. jtmax September 6, 2014

    I think what is starting to piss off all Packers fans is that TT and MM are acting like they’ve made it by winning that Superbowl 4 seasons ago and have no problem getting booted in the first round every year. I don’t think they’re able to figure it out. Same approach and same result. They’re too conservative and sticking to status quo. Starting AJ Hawk at the heart of our defense says it all. If they’re content with just getting to the playoff then stick with the same old formula. Else, do something different. Put the best players on the field regardless of draft status or tenure and do something creative on offense! Russel Wilson epitomizes Schneider and Carol’s approach. It’s all about putting the best players on the field. Wilson, the Rookie got the nod over Flynn, the 10+ million a year vet. Don’t get me started on how they call their offensive plays compared to ours. If we go one and done again in playoff this season, they’re going to lose the fan base. I think the fans are tired of watching the same old movie.

    1. Chad Lundberg September 7, 2014

      I don’t know about TT, and while I haven’t always been and upbeat fan of his, don’t doubt McCarthy’s passion.

      Pete Carrol’s team would be half of what it is if it weren’t for Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson. Keep in mind those guys were drafted in the 5th and 3rd round respectively. And Marshawn Lynch was practically handed to them for the price of peanuts.

      If you ask me, they lucked out about as much as a team could possibly do so.

  14. Howard September 7, 2014

    Seattle has had some luck but they also have shown a pattern of activity that no other team uses. It is not getting free agents that they do well. It is not finding those diamonds in the rough in later rounds that they have done.

    Seattle is the best team by far at breaking the rules the NFL has set up for all teams to conform and Seattle out does all the other teams by a large margin.

    Seattle in the first instance hired a known violator of rules in Carroll. Carroll in fact oversaw the breaking of so many rules at USC that USC was crippled with NCAA sanctions for years and would have been fired if he had not ran and hid in Seattle. The Seattle owner willfully embraced the known violator.

    Since Carroll has been in Seattle the hawks have had the most suspensions for PED’s in the league (7) and would have had 8 if the labs had not screwed up Sherman’s FAILED PED POSITIVE TEST!

    In this years off season Seattle was fined 300,000 ( chump change to a billionaire) by the NFL for excessive contact during training camps. Do not get me wrong I think you should be able to have excessive contact in camp after all is not that what football is and what we all enjoy. The problem is the CBA rules do not allow such. The CBA rules have handcuffed all the teams making it harder for teams to be as prepared as they should be at the seasons start except for Seattle as they do not follow the rules. If you say that is only one year no big deal well during last years offseason Seattle was fined for the same reason. In fact when the fine this year was handed down it was indicated that Seattle was a repeat offender over multiple years.

    There is no question the hawks have a disdain for league rules and the habitual violator of rules is Carroll. You can be sure with so many known violations there are many more that are not being caught as was evidenced at USC.

    So what does this have to do with the Packers well we just happen to be one of the two or three teams that get to start the season out against a team that gains an unfair advantage by willfully breaking rules. Do not get me wrong we would not have won at Seattle,however in hindsight there is not much difference between the bottom feeders (Minnesota) and the elite in the NFL. On any given day any team can beat any other team. If the hawks were not allowed to be chronic rules violators by the NFL with their weak ass slaps on the wrist, against the multiple rules violations over the years by Seattle you could make the case they would not be what they are today. Addicts to cheating!

  15. Lisa September 7, 2014

    Seattle and San Fran play at the benchmark level to which the Pack must improve. Until then, we will not see another Superbowl. I sure hope that can happen.

  16. nurseratchett September 7, 2014

    Rodgers! Don’t walk away from me while I’m trying to trash talk you! Hey! Hey!!

    Isn’t a win enough? Apparently not in Seattle….

    Kind of like how an insecure chick constantly asks you if she looks good.

    “Do you think I’m pretty? Jesus Christ, broad! How many times do I gotta tell ya!?”

    A better analogy might be, since this is a “man’s” game…

    “Is it big enough for you, honey? Of course it is, sweetheart! Jesus, how many times to I have to pretend to gag?”

    1. Tucson Packer September 8, 2014

      ZING! hahaha

  17. Organicbuzz September 8, 2014

    There is a link between Aaron avoiding sherman and that goofyass State Farm commercial. Both things are embarrassing.

  18. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU September 9, 2014

    I will point this out to you in an honest fashion. Your time is up, and it’s our time to shine. You see Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas and you go “Damn I wish we had this team. Fuck why do we suck so much?” You are worse than Niners fans, and trust me we will have 3 superbowls in the next 4 years. So fuck you.