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Packers Trounce Bears, All is Well

Jordy Nelson

Well, everything returned to normal this week. The Green Bay Packers dominated offensively, their defense sucked and they beat the Chicago Bears anyway by a score of 38-17.

Aaron Rodgers looked like his old self for the first time this season, dialing up the Bears for 302 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

The reason for that wasn’t because the Packers got their running game going — that was still garbage. It was because the Packers used the middle of the field and threw the ball to someone else other than Jordy Nelson.

Jordy still got his — 10 receptions, 108 yards, 2 touchdowns — but some other guys got in on the act too. Randall Cobb showed up for the first time this year, recording seven catches, 113 yards and 2 touchdowns. Richard Rodgers also had his first two catches of the season, which went for 52 yards.

Eddie Lacy, meanwhile, had another underwhelming effort with 48 yards on 17 carries. That’s a meager 2.8 yards per carry. Oddly, he’s the only running back who got any carries on Sunday.

Running game is broke. Don’t give the ball to anyone else.


This game basically turned at the end of the first half.

With the Packers ahead 21-17, the Bears drove to the Packers’ 1 and were unable to score before the half ended. From there on out, it was all Packers.

The Packers put up 17 in the second half, while the Bears produced two turnovers — both Jay Cutler interceptions.

The Packers’ defensive effort was reminiscent of 2011. They couldn’t stop the Bears, but they got enough turnovers to win the game.

Both picks, which came courtesy of Clay Matthews and Sam Shields, included long returns that put the offense in great position to score. And score they did, putting up 14 of those second-half points after the turnovers.

Despite that, it was pretty clear the defense couldn’t stop the Bears. In pretty much every way.

The Bears gained 235 rushing yards, 122 of which were Matt Forte’s. They also had no answer for tight end Martellus Bennett, who had nine receptions for 134 yards.

If it weren’t for the turnovers, this game would have been a shootout.

There were literally zero punts on the day. No one punted. Not once.

Thankfully, it never turned into a shootout. It was blowout, as it should be every time the Packers play the Bears.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Brewtown Packer Backer September 28, 2014

    Same ol’ Jay!

  2. Savage57 September 28, 2014

    That fucking glob of shit McCarthy was trying to find a way to fuck this up deep into the 4th quarter. Passing game has been lighting these motherfuckers up all afternoon, but when it’s time to step on their necks and put these assholes away, he decides it’s time to feature Eddie ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Lacy.

    This guy is the the thickest, most uncreative fuck calling plays in the NFL. Hey propellor-head, when the Bears ran Jeffrey on that fake jet-screen were you able to even stop blowing spit bubbles and see what was happening? A coach with something other than a maggot-turd for a brain designed a play that took advantage of a defense’s reaction to something 180* opposed to what worked for them the week before and the other team saw on film. That’s how it’s done in the NFL you worthless piece of shit.

    1. Shawn Neuser September 28, 2014

      Epic bad take. Check the scoreboard once. Thanks.

      1. TyKo Steamboat September 28, 2014

        one thing is for sure,,,Big Mike hates Chicago & coaches a big game every time

  3. Moolla September 28, 2014

    Good win, run d is right about shit though, forte just about did what he wanted.
    Can someone explain our running game though, what’s up with lacy’s, now official, sophomore slump?

  4. billybong September 28, 2014

    was Lacy the only running back suited up??

  5. Nick is smiling this week September 28, 2014

    WTF is with the officials. Worst called game I ever saw. No disrespect to the fail mary replacement fucktards but this was consistenly horse shit. We got screwed on the first series with the phantom fall on peppers. Call for barely grazing cutty’s head to stop from hitting him was lame. Bears got robbed on the nonexistent fist down by jordy. And not necessarily bad officiating but we lucked
    Out at the end of the fist half.

    Better not see thes morons in the playoffs. They ain’t ready for the big leagues

    1. Pastordad September 29, 2014

      There were many games that went the same way in regards to the referring. The Steelers game was own and lost because of the ref’s… Officiating officially sucks this year and the watching public will have to put up with it.

  6. john doe September 28, 2014

    Lmao. These people jumping right back on the Rodgers bandwagon. The guy was freaken amazing. 151 passer rating ? Yeah say he is old and lost his skill set now. The defense was horrible ? The bears scored 0 after their 3rd drive. Don’t forget they had it at the 1 yard line and just got a BS PI call on HaHa. Then they go and shut em out for just a fg ? The bears offense got shut out after their 3rd drive. That’s excellent defense !

    1. Kato September 28, 2014

      Besides the fact they allowed nearly 500 yards of offense. I know all that matters is the scoreboard, and allowing 17 points on the road to a good offense is good by todays nfl standards. But that effort wont cut it in San Fransisco, Seattle, or philly for that matter. I know a team cant be perfect, but over 200 yards on the ground? comon…..

      1. john doe September 28, 2014

        500 total yards is never good. And their run defense was horrible. But their passing defense has been excellent for 4 games now. But 500 total yard offense won’t mean much when the defense is forcing 2 turn overs and don’t forget that stop when the packers stop the bears on the 1 yard line. Plus the ref called a BS on pepper to extend their drive. The packers defense seem to be attacking the run more hence is why they gave up the pass easily. Take away their lead and look at how their pass rush and pass d excell.

      2. john doe September 28, 2014

        And how many yards you gain doesn’t win you games. Its how many points you score. They scored 17 points. Shut out after their 3rd drive. Look at how many yards the seahawks gave up to the saints in the divisional game. 400 ! But they dominated that game.

        1. Kato September 28, 2014

          I know. I just worry what happens when the come across better teams than the bears. Teams that can play defense and packers will actually have to punt a few times. Their pass defense didnt really worry me too much going into the season, i was more worried about the rushing defense. Against lesser teams i would expect them to build up a lead and then force the other team to be one dimensional and the pass rush can tee off on the qb. That isn’t a good thing to hope for in a defensive slugfest though.

          1. john doe September 28, 2014

            I believe when the season goes on. This team will fix it’s problems on defense. They just need to stop the run ! Then they are good

          2. john doe September 28, 2014

            I believe when the season goes on. This team will fix it’s problems on defense. They just need to stop the run ! Then they are good

      3. The Money Mike September 29, 2014

        Prime example of why this game means nothing so far

  7. Packer Bob September 28, 2014

    All is good until the Packers lose…

    Then you people will be right back to your predictable bitching and whining about whatever all over again.

    1. Packer Bob September 28, 2014

      Of course they are jumping on the band wagon. This site it all about knee-jerk reactions, absence of thought, and a lot bullshit wrapped up in a little bow called “expert analysis”.

    2. Kato September 28, 2014

      Still dont feel good about this team. I am worried about when they play one of the top NFC teams. And the lack of a running game is concerning.No team is perfect, but those are two very important ingredients to successful playoff football. Still time to improve I suppose.

      1. Shawn Neuser September 28, 2014

        Valid concerns, except who is a “top NFC team”? San Fran has been sad. Seattle lost to the Chargers, who are losing to the Jaguars.

        Saints have sucked. Atlanta is losing to the Vikings. Detroit lost easily to the Panthers, who lost easily to the Ravens. Philly’s sad sack defense made Kirk Cousins look like a superstar.

        The point is no one in the NFC has looked that great.

  8. Shawn Neuser September 28, 2014

    I’ll pick the Packers to lose every time if I can get this offensive performance as a result.

    A-Rodge, you were right. We were wrong. Welcome back.

    Oh, and same old Jay Cutler. You can put all the weapons around him you want, which is essentially like putting great details on a Pinto.

  9. E. Wolf September 28, 2014

    Whitney Houston believes that children are our future. Others believe in God. I believe in the Green Bay Packers, and that sacred, illustrious oval G symbol that adorns their helmets.

  10. john doe September 28, 2014

    And I just got to say this, the packers defense faced a offense with Marshal, Jeffrey, bennete and forte. Which other team on the NFL has this type of players on their offense ? No one.

  11. aValpo September 28, 2014


    That fucking glob of shit McCarthy was trying to find a way to fuck this up deep into the 4th quarter. Passing game has been lighting these motherfuckers up all afternoon, but when it’s time to step on their necks and put these assholes away, he decides it’s time to feature Eddie ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Lacy.
    This guy is the the thickest, most uncreative fuck calling plays in the NFL. Hey propellor-head, when the Bears ran Jeffrey on that fake jet-screen were you able to even stop blowing spit bubbles and see what was happening? A coach with something other than a maggot-turd for a brain designed a play that took advantage of a defense’s reaction to something 180* opposed to what worked for them the week before and the other team saw on film. That’s how it’s done in the NFL you worthless piece of shit.


  12. Tim September 28, 2014

    Are Nick Perry and Datone Jones busts comparable to Justin Harrell?

  13. MJ September 28, 2014

    It was like watching the 2012 season. A fierce passing attack, a turnover creating D and neither running game nor run stopping.

  14. Harry September 28, 2014

    Bears are the better team.

    1. Kozak September 28, 2014

      At sucking.

  15. flyboy7588 September 28, 2014

    Pack is NOT one of the top teams in the NFL. I agree, the D is still awful and so much for the new and improved Packer running game. Bring back Brockington and Lane!!!!

    1. Deepsky September 28, 2014

      I think they already got Brockington with Lacy. A one year wonder.

      1. Kozak September 30, 2014

        Brockington. 3 1000 yard rushing seasons, when that was hard to do. Pro Bowl 3 years in a row. I’ll sure take that from Lacy any day.

  16. Organicbuzz September 28, 2014

    HaHa is Mvp for the game. His grab and throw back of bears receiver as 1st half ended was the turn around of ballgame.

    1. Kato September 28, 2014

      Could you imagine MD Jennings trying to make that play? I think he will be a player down the line. I think it may take him a while to settle in, but he will be a big time player. Immense upgrade over MD Jennings.

  17. jtmax September 28, 2014

    R Rodgers can play. I was defending him all this last week from all the idiots slamming him. He never gets the freaking ball thrown his way. The same can be said about everybody else not named Nelson last week. A Rodgers finally threw it to him and he’s got glue hands. He’s got good game speed also and can get separation and at 275 lbs is hard to bring down. Hope MM runs more plays for him. He’s our poor man’s Martellus Bennett. Just need more opportunities. Shields is freaking fast. Wow. Fun to watch. Can always count on him to pick Cutty and Romy. Why is Brad Jones playing? If we want to stop anybody running we have to keep Pennel in, Richardson in and keep Hyde and Jones out. Not a big fan of Hawk either. HHCD is another stud. The guy is a brawler. Really knows how to get to the ball carrier. Everyone else looks scared of the ball carrier. Good draft pick. Just seems to me that Rodgers must have heard the fans. Finally spread it around. He also is not hesitant to run either. He’s got legs. He needs to use it. Well he’s got a freaking laser arm too and just needs to start firing the ball around. Just wait until we throw Janis in the mix. If the stupid refs don’t call 10 phantom penalties we’ll be scoring 45 a game. Who needs run defense then.

  18. the real russ letlow September 28, 2014

    hey, we won! woo hoo!

  19. gort September 28, 2014

    Hey, jtmax, the Pack needs a run defense, and Brad Jones did not play today – he was inactive. The biggest reason the Pack won today was the inept QB play from Cutler. The Bears averaged 5.7 yards per carry. That means that if they abandon the passing game, they will get a first down easily within an average of 2 plays. They marched down the field quite methodically and scored points all with Aaron Rodgers watching from the sidelines. Later in the game, Cutler got impatient and started forcing passes into tight coverage. A better QB would not get impatient and the Pack would have been in a shootout for the whole game. I love my Packers, but something must change on the defense. They can’t stop the run, they don’t get enough pressure on the QB, they lose contain too often and their “superstars” really aren’t playing all that well. Yeah Clay Matthews had a pick, but it was a deflected ball that hit him in the hands. Matthews had ZERO tackles on the day. Julius Peppers had ONE. Guion had 1, Datone Jones had 2 (1 was the Pack’s only sack of the day. Lots of people have been ragging on Hawk, but he had 10 tackles, second only to Burnett’s 12. I have no idea how many tackles from defensive backs were on running plays, but there were a lot. Like I said at the beginning, the Pack needs a run defense and soon. The Vikings ran for 241 today and we get to see them real soon.

  20. billybong September 28, 2014

    If you told me last week that we get 3 turnovers, hold a team to 10 points offensively and we lost the game i would say your crazy, same for this week if you just showed me the stats for our defense with the Bears up around 500 yards or there a bouts…the middle of the defense sucks, like the announcer said..the Packers run defense is “horrid”….but i love the win and the way the offense opened up….strange how McCarthy kept force feeding Lacy the ball, give Starks a chance or Harris…jeez…

  21. Tundraboy September 28, 2014

    At this point a big win, but once again there is a a head scratching decision. No Starks? Who the hell uses one back? Why would you not use a strength. Just dont f ing get it

  22. Fresher than Wonder Bread September 28, 2014

    Jared Allen was out with Sheep-Fucker-like symptoms.

  23. the real russ letlow September 28, 2014

    I also wondered about the zero carries for Starks and harris.

  24. Jtmax September 28, 2014

    My bad. D jones lined up at lb so i thought why the hell is b jones in there. Hawk had a lot of tackles but that is because they ran up middle all day. Our ilb need to fill gaps. They did not do that. IBL seem to be playing prevent defense. They rum towards the OL pull rather than attacking gap. Huge B gaps all day

  25. john doe September 28, 2014

    The packers run defense was pretty bad. But they gave up 300 yards in the half and 17 points. In the second half they gave up 0 points, force 2 turn over and gave up 200 yards, but don’t be fool, the half of those 200 yards was garbage yards during garbage time. Seriously, the bears back up QB racks up 50 yards on the last drive and the drive before that was against a soft prevent defense that gain another 50 yards. Thats 100 useless yards. Don’t get confuse. The bears had 496 total yards, minus the 100 useless garbage time yards and it comes to 396.

  26. DJ September 28, 2014

    Sweet road win!! Glad to see MM finally realized that he has been guilty identity theft the first 3 weeks. If last yr proved anything….its that ARod is who & what we are. So establish him early, get his rhythm & confidence up, dictate tempo & formation, and build the running game in around that. Forget trying to protect #12 via scheme, forget trying to force “balance,” just give him the ball & get him on his front foot.
    The reality is that our Offense is our best Defense. Our D cannot force any offense to become one dimensional by the sheer force of its talent & execution. If the opposing offense has its entire playbook available to them late 2nd half….we’re in trouble. Our offense, however, IS good enough to make teams one dimensional by putting up pts & making opposing offenses play against the clock & scoreboard. Our D is good enough to make plays in that scenario.
    Yes, our MO was the 2012 version today. Yes, its not ideal & probably wont work in the playoffs. Yes, it puts ARod at risk but so too are Brees & Manning every week. We won 15 games playing that way 2yrs ago. Right now we are a .500 team….so whatever gets us to the playoffs this yr is what I am for. Given the deficiencies of our front 7 & the strength of our division (especially offensively), I just dont see another way. Its who we are…why fight it? Try and perfect it.

  27. Jody September 29, 2014


    As a Washington DC transplant from Green Bay, yesterday was one of the great sports day for Wisconsin. First, Jordan Zimmermann, Wisconsin native son & all around great person, pitched a no hitter for the Nationals (was two runners away from a perfect game, one by a walk & the other by a WP after a K) and of course the Pack destroyed the Bears. That being said, we need to send a year’s supply of Kaopectate for our “diarrhea defense” because they can’t stop the “runs”. Absent that I will have to continue chugging bottles of Pepto Bismol to try to neutralize an ulcer that is forming thanks to a defense that has more “holes” than a brick of Wisconsin’s finest Swiss cheese. Exciting offense puts butts in the seats, but as all loyal Packer backers know from the Lombardi & Holmgren eras defense wins Super Bowls.

  28. The Money Mike September 29, 2014

    I will not go back on my previous statements. Yes the Packers played good yesterday and it was a good game to watch for once, but until they make it past the first game in the playoffs, it was all for not. I have higher expectations because people need to respect us like the Seahawks who somehow made a deal with the devil 3 years ago.

  29. Pastordad September 29, 2014

    Aaron said ” relax” and he gave us a good game…but it was so hard to relax while watching the D… Except for a few good plays I was still left wondering how far we will go!

  30. Zwoeger September 29, 2014

    What the rest of the NFL thinks of our D.
    Everybody runs even the Bears who were worst in the run this season so far . Bears hadn’t done 4&1 until today and of course they suceeded. Hawk was pretty good , some good tackles and mostly under the pile and not on top. Still showing constantly his hair do though. Shields saved his slipping bad covering weak tackling day with the interception.
    Officials were horrible both ways but the one against Peppers you have to got a big immagination to see one there. Yeh I got quite exited with te win but indeed courtesy of Cutty.
    I know why Arod said relax. He talked to the Buffoon and told him to call it his way or he would be in great trouble. And B(ig)B applied.

  31. Tundraboy September 29, 2014


    I think your right on with it.