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Oh, Now Adrian Peterson Has Been Deactivated Again

Adrian Peterson mug shot

Proof again that the Minnesota Vikings are the biggest bunch of fuckups in professional sports. After reactivating suspended child abuser Adrian Peterson on Monday, the team decided they’d deactivate him again Wednesday morning.

Officially, Peterson was placed on the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission list, which means he isn’t allowed to participate in team activities while his case is ongoing. Unless, I guess, the Vikings decide they really need a running back and activate him again.

Seriously, the decision to activate Peterson on Monday was a joke. It was obviously only motivated by the fact that he’s a franchise player. That shitstain that is the Vikings have released or suspended guys indefinitely in the past for a lot less than child abuse.

Of course, none of those guys have a 2,000-yard rushing season to their name.

So the message is clear. The Vikings will not tolerate your malfeasance, unless you’re really crucial to them winning games. Oh, but then they’ll reserve the right to change course if there’s enough uproar about their idiotic decision.

On Tuesday, Radisson pulled its sponsorship dollars, which is really the only way an NFL team will listen to anything. Kudos to Radisson.

Nike also decided to pull all of its Peterson gear from its brick and mortar stores. You can still buy Peterson gear online of course, but Nike needs to take advantage because Halloween is right around the corner and dressing up as a Minnesota Vikings child abuser is going to be a gold mine.

Anyway, we commend you for taking a half a stand, Nike. You truly are the Minnesota Vikings of sports apparel companies.

As for Peterson, get this. He gets to collect his salary while he’s inactive.

Again, the NFL has a clear message for everyone here. Smoke a joint, we will fuck your ass. Beat a kid bloody, here’s a paid vacation!

This whole thing has become a bunch of fucking asshatery all around. Fuck the Vikings and fuck the NFL.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Butthead September 17, 2014

    So Adrian Peterson is guilty in everyone’s eyes. His career and reputation are tarnished and possibly ruined because of an allegation. And the corporate types get to ensconce themselves up on moral Mt. Everest and act all aghast at the evil deeds of Mr. Peterson. Anyone stop to think that getting a switch taken to you is how a lot of us were raised. I think I’d reserve judgment on Mr. Peterson until some facts come in. But the media have to salivate all over this, and the corporations have to pretend to be moral so people don’t get offended. Same circus as the Ray Rice, the owner of the Clippers, etc. Nobody cares until you or you is in the cross-hairs of the media and the “I’m offended” industry. God forbid you should ever find yourself accused of anything. The accusation is as good as a conviction if you’re remotely famous. America loves seeing successful people destroyed. It’s sick as hell.

    1. Butthead is delusional September 17, 2014

      Of course it’s about money. You’re not dropping any science on us stating the obvious. Regardless, AP crossed the line from his right as a parent to exercise corporal punishment when he lit up that kid so bad he left lacerations and bruising all over his thighs, butt, back, and balls. When you do that it becomes abuse whether that was your intention or not. I don’t believe he intended to do that (I’m sure he feels badly), but he did. So at best he’s a sh*tty parent when it comes to discipline. AP admits he “whooped” the kid. He will be judged on the outcome of his decision, not excused because of his intention. I don’t believe AP is a bad person, but that doesn’t make him a good parent. No matter how you cut it, he went too far with it.

  2. Butthead September 17, 2014

    And as we all know, corporate America has the moral authority and vision to make clear judgments concerning what’s right and wrong. They are motivated by on thing, same as the NFL and that’s GREED. All their hand wringing and their statements about how egregious Mr. Peterson’s alleged acts are, serve only one purpose. Protect the bottom line. The media is really the driver in all of this. That’s why the NFL is gonna go down the tubes, just like Mark Cuban predicted. I want to watch football and let crime and punishment be doled out by the criminal justices system. I don’t want to watch a media circus overshadow the game. We already have that, it’s called the Super Bowl. Now we have it 24/7.

  3. ferris September 17, 2014

    Criminal owner, criminal player. The Zygster said… “It wasn’t as bad as what I did so why is everyone upset about him playing?”

  4. BZ in BA September 17, 2014

    Viqueen fuckwads. Douchebags. Asshats. They deserve themselves: players, owners, fans.

  5. BZ in BA September 17, 2014

    “You can still buy Peterson gear online of course, but Nike needs to take advantage because Halloween is right around the corner and dressing up as a Minnesota Vikings child abuser is going to be a gold mine.”

    Sorry to post twice in the same thread, but I really feel like this sentence requires a comment: this is the kind of insightful but at the same time humorous observation that makes this site my go-to choice for PACKERS information. Please start writing a book or a screenplay – Hollywood needs you!

  6. Simon Says September 17, 2014

    Hey Butthead is Delusional, have you seen the “bruises and lacerations” all over his body? If he went too far, so be it. But it seems everyone has him judged before the facts are in. Sounds like Ferguson, MO.

  7. therealChuckywasCecil September 17, 2014

    I still have whiplash from watching Spielman verbally contort his way through the reinstatement presser. I almost felt bad for him. Haven’t watched Zygmeister’s “we fucked up” appearance yet, popcorn ready.

    (Viking horn blows in the background)

  8. Cheese September 17, 2014

    Uh oh, you got put on the commissioners permission list. The what? Is this kindergarten? So Mr.Dictator has a list that only he can decide who can play and not play? That’s so cute.

    How convenient this Peterson case is brought up just in time to distract everyone about how Goodell fucked up and lied about the Ray Rice case. Don’t focus on how he lied through his teeth to the fans to save his ass, focus on how he’s putting players on his permission and saving the day. Fuck you Goodell. Eat a giant fucking cock.

  9. regbelgb September 17, 2014

    I have a 2 year old: The idea of whipping him naked with a small tree branch is fucking crazy to me. Im a guy who’s dad would literally KICK YOUR ASS if you said “boo” to Mom.

    So, do I think AP should spend 5 years in prison for being an asshole of a parent? NO. Should he face consequences and people realize the tree branch maybe isnt the best discipline for a fucking kid….YES.

    Im thinking 6 games and his legal situation ends in a misdemeanor and he learns to use the ‘corner’ and ‘timeout’s’ like I have done *(which do work by the way) as good parenting tools.

  10. regbelgb September 17, 2014

    By the way let me get this out: AP used to be one of my Idols in the NFL, I know I know hes a fucking Viqueen, but Walter Payton was a Bear and I got over that, so yeah.

    But now, Peterson ( I refuse to use AP anymore) is shit to me. He’s not what we thought he was, no matter what comes of this shit. He is NO fucking Walter Payton.

    Im sorry Walter I EVER let this guy come into my thoughts as the same level as you. Payton forever man….

  11. Butthead September 17, 2014

    Just viewed what I believe to be the photos of the child. Don’t know the age but he looks no more than age 4. Based on what I see, and assuming that these are the actual child and accurately represented photos, it’s my opinion that Peterson went way overboard. That’s a hell of a beating to administer to a small child. There’s no amount of defiance on the behalf of a child that small that could justify that. I’d say he gets what he deserves. Earlier comments were made without any knowledge of the case.

  12. Savage57 September 18, 2014

    In a nutshell.

    POS human being, outstanding footballer, good at one thing, pretty much shits the bed over everything else. Plays for the shitbag franchise we all hate, so them losing him is good for us.

    Aside from that one little fact, why are we even talking about this breathing turd?

  13. Don Q September 18, 2014

    He’ll be recieving lots of Orange Peanuts in prison.