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Oh, So We’re Blaming It on Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy about to get killed

The Green Bay Packers offense is dog shit and coach Mike McCarthy is blaming it on running back Eddie Lacy.

“Eddie needs to play better,” McCarthy said on Monday. “I’m not going to do this anymore. I don’t correct individuals in the media. We’ve seen the film, corrections have been made, our running game wasn’t nearly what it needed to be. Not even close.”

Alright. True. Lacy hasn’t played well. We detailed that on Monday.

However, the Packers being a bunch of suckbags goes well beyond Eddie Lacy.

The offensive line — the right side in particular — certainly isn’t opening any holes. And if anyone is going to sit there and tell us that Aaron Rodgers needs a running game to be effective, then they’re full of shit.

Rodgers has played some of his best football when the Packers had no running game at all. Just look at 2010 through 2012. Here are some of the guys who carried the ball regularly for those teams — Brandon Jackson, Alex Green and Cedric Benson. Hall of Famers, none of them.

No, Rodgers is also shitting the bed. Cannot remember a stretch when he’s played worse, including his first year as a starter.

And, let’s not forget Buffoon, himself.

Usually there are times when we find McCarthy’s play calling questionable and his game management suspect. Right now, it’s as if questionable play calling and suspect game management are built into the Packers game plan.

“Alright boys, let’s just go out there and [farts]… aw, fuck it! Whatever! Draw some shit up in the dirt!”

So, let’s blame Eddie Lacy, but let’s also blame QB1 and Buffoon for the Packers struggles. Right now, they form a fine trifecta of shit.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MadCity Packer Fan September 23, 2014

    I see people on Facebook saying Clay Mathews is the problem and needs to go! lol I don’t think McCarthy has gotten a extension so he might be the one to get the boot.

  2. ferris September 23, 2014

    [farts] now that’s funny. I was watching Cleveland and the Ravens play and both of those teams look better on offense. With the young Shanahan who is terrible as OC for the Browns. I hope they are ashamed, we will see against the Bears I guess.

  3. Abe Frohman September 23, 2014

    I think McCarthy is to blame moreso than anyone. How many screens were thrown? How many quick slants? How many delayed handoffs were run? Why isn’t Cobb in motion out of the slot to create mismatch opportunities? Yes, 18 looks a bit off and it might take a bit for him to regain that burst, but there are things schematically that can be done to help him. I don’t see us doing that.

    Rodgers is holding on to the ball WAY too long and missing open guys. The problem is more than just Eddie Lacy.

    1. Skinny September 23, 2014

      Totally agree, we aren’t doing anything like that right now when one part of the offense isn’t working. Shit a couple years ago we could have had a high school RB and TE out there and McCarthy and Rodgers would make it work.

  4. icebowl September 23, 2014

    Well stated Abe….
    Game vs. Bears will be pivotal!!
    I am Not optimistic.
    Someone urged us to prepare fir a 4- win season, in my opinion a real possibility…

    Frees me up to check off items on Honey-do list on Sundays….

    1. MJ September 23, 2014

      No problem… we get a high draft pick, so we can draft a fifth rounder with our first pick.

      1. The Money Mike September 23, 2014

        Hey it worked with AJ Hawk…

  5. disposable hero September 23, 2014

    Is MM blind or just so used to smelling his own shit that he will not admit that his scheme and adjustments are not on par with the rest of the “elite” teams in the league? Even if we win 4 games does anyone really think that MM will get shit canned? This organization is run like most government organizations, fuck up and move up with zero accountability at the top. I don’t think his ego could handle not being HC and OC which directly impacts our performance on game day. MM and TT are just going to ride the QB1 train until he is used up and then “take time off to be with family” leaving us fans holding the poncho.

  6. Tedtomato September 23, 2014

    How a about blaming lang for not blocking anyone..or dick rodgers for sucking?? You truly are a fucking buffoon mcfatty!! How about blaming your offensive coaches for the sluggish starts every season?? Youre some offensive genius..yet cant figure out this cover 2 or tampa 2 shit??

  7. rebelgb September 23, 2014

    Neal said to the Press Gazette that they practiced ‘hard for the Jets game all week, but for this game we got of had a lazy week’. ????? What the fuck is that? Who’s responisbility is that (keeping the players focused)? Its not Eddie Fucking Lacy’s. That goes squarely on the coach.

    An online journalist who follows the Packers told me that the Packers dont need nor use “gimmick” plays because with Aaron Rodgers you dont need them. You just line them up and let Arodge make the plays. BULLSHIT. Time to lose that idea. Watching Seattle play, there is no doubt that this is indead MM”s game plan. Well I got news for you, the Arodge of 2010 may have been good enough to beat teams by simply playing back yard football, but that Arodge has been dead an in his grave for a year and 3 games now.

    Time to switch it up.

    1. Skinny September 23, 2014

      Been saying this for years. How the fuck you be an NFL player come out uninspired and flat is beyond me. There is no fear anymore, players are in a country club atmosphere.

  8. jimbo September 23, 2014

    Anyone that has ever even coached peewee football will tell you that Lacy was not hitting the holes with any authority. Instead of one cut and go we saw Lacy the dancing bear. Detroit stayed in deep cover 2 and the packers needed to make them pay with the run. They didn’t get it done.

  9. kato September 23, 2014

    I don’t see any creativity with this offense. They need to get the ball to their playmakers in space. Why aren’t they lining up jordy nelson up in the slot? Make the defense respect the middle of the field because right now they don’t. They are really missing Finley right now

  10. Howard September 23, 2014

    I have seen multiple plays that Cobb, Quarless, Starks, Lacy, and R. Rodgers are open and A. Rodgers does not pull the trigger even though they are in his line of site. Rodgers and Lacy are both off on there football instincts and I believe they did not get enough work in the pre season and that was a coaching decision. In addition Rodgers accuracy is way off even on completions.

    Lacy needs to quit dancing around. Plant your foot and go like Starks has been doing. We left some yards and first downs on the field last week by all the dance moves. Rodgers needs to quit worrying about his damn passer rating being damaged by INT’s and give the receivers a chance. Quit holding the damn ball. The receivers are paid to get the ball let them do their job, if they don’t sit their asses.

    Janis needs to see the field and he has the speed to stress the back end of a D. R. Rodgers needs to sit and let Bostick give it a try. Bostick unless still hurt can stress the middle of a D. Adams needs to see more playing time over The other non performing wideout who’s name I forgot because he is invisible unless the term dropped pass is include. Oh just remembered Boykin. Adams will go get the ball if given a chance and can beat the one on one matchup he will receive. Lacy sit for Starks if you want to take dancing classes.

    McCarthy and the O.C needs to be more creative and unpredictable. I hope McCarthy Clements, and Rodgers are discussing more than how each of them need to get their pad levels down. I got news for all of you, your pad levels cannot get any lower than they are with your heads up your ass. If McCarthy and Rodgers straighten up (pun intended) the rest can be corrected by getting the correct players on the field.

  11. jtmax September 23, 2014

    Richard Rodgers is not getting any opportunities. No balls thrown his way. MM do not trust rookies. Adams should have replaced Boykins 2 games ago to start. No he’s a rookie so we’ll stick with Boykins no mater how bad he plays. HHCD should have started but he’s a rookie so let Hyde fumble around getting smoked. MM is running this like the DMV. LOL.
    Hawk and Jones are washed up. Put in Bradford and see. Throw in Pennel, Elliot onto the field. Throw in Jeff Janis. Common. Try something different. Same of crap doesn’t cut it McFatty.

  12. Bry September 23, 2014

    With aaron rodgers, we should be passing FIRST and running SECOND. Wtf is wrong with picking up a 3rd and 1 with lacy or Starks. And for Christ sake, stop handing the ball off out of the shotgun!!! It’s never worked, never will. Oh yea, and give Starks for carries.. He has been beasting it while lacy is shitting the bed. Just sayin

    1. SeanG September 23, 2014

      Nailed it!
      We pass to set up the run and Mcfarty has taken the ball out of Rogers hands.

  13. DJ September 23, 2014

    MM is malfunctioning. This offense has no identity anymore. No bread & butter. What the fuck are we? We dont even know. Pace & rhythm are being sacrificed at the altar of balance. Methodical has replaced pace & a sense of urgency. Ball security trumps risk. Adjusting has replaced dictating. The only time the offense has looked even halfway decent has been when we were down big and had no choice but to be aggressive. 15 run plays & 14 pass plays first half vs Lions. So they’re in a deep cover 2…so what? 2/3 of their secondary were scrubs! Yet we concede taking the ball out of our best player’s hands & run it anyway and by the time we do decide to attack them…they’re comfortable & know its coming. I’m not saying throw it 50x a game. What I am saying is make other teams BELIEVE that we are willing to throw it 50x despite the conventional wisdom that we run it because def formation says so. The running game isnt the only aspect where patience applies. Establish SOMETHING & build off that. It just seems to me we are on our heels offensively…get back on our front foot and start fucking attacking people!

    1. rebelgb September 24, 2014


  14. SeanG September 23, 2014

    Mcfarty keeps repeating the mantra that people have to execute better. Well Mike these players are not executing week after week after week, and you keep starting and playing them. So at some point this becomes your problem and that point was a long time ago.

  15. MMTTDCSUCK September 24, 2014

    McGlurpy is a toad. He plays favorites and it shows. No adjustments that show any sense of intellectual ability. Players are just showing up with no intensity. A Rodgers looks as if he is shitting the bed. All the while McGlurpy continues to pass the buck and give us his pat answers . . . what a fucktard. The most overrated coach in the NFL period.

  16. Tundraboy September 24, 2014

    Looks like Philbin was the genius behind the genius. Either way this attitude that Rodgers is so good all we have to do is run the vanilla is sickening unless you want to see what we are seeing. It only works if the line is doing their job, or capable of doing it. It kills me to see all this talent wasted. Mix it up MM or leave.

  17. Tundraboy September 24, 2014

    And if Rodgers does’nt start throwing to someone other than Jordy we are dead

  18. Bones September 24, 2014

    I think Rodgers is playing horrible.Holding onto ball to long .He’s got that sweet little pussy on his mind….