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Matt Flynn is No. 2

Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn is still the Green Bay Packers No. 2 quarterback.

Coach Mike McCarthy confirmed as much on Sunday.


Well, that’s totally understandable. Scott Tolzien, who is now officially the team’s No. 3 quarterback and likely to be inactive on game day, outplayed Flynn during the preseason.

We’d say he outplayed Flynn by a fairly wide margin.

Flynn was 18-of-38 for 232 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in the preseason. Tolzien was 38-of-56 for 477 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

And we’ve gone over and over the fact that the Packers have no downfield passing game with Flynn in the game, while Tolzien can sling it.

Who cares about any of that though.

You could read the tea leaves on this one. Flynn started the final preseason game, even though the two quarterbacks were alternating weeks with the No. 2 offense and it was Tolzien’s turn to start.

We’ve also discussed how the Packers almost always value the veteran, even if he’s mediocre, over the youngster, even when he’s a playmaker. You can add this situation to that list.

But hey, Flynn has won games for the Packers. And in the end we’re only going to care if he actually has to play, something no one wants to see happen.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. bob September 1, 2014

    meh, Don’t forget how awful Tolzien was last season. I know he’s had time to grow, but still. Flynn was serviceable, and, dare I say, good in that game against the Cowboys. I don’t remember Tolzien ever playing well against anyone’s first team and his best play to date happened on a broken play when he got scared out of the pocket shitting his pants and threw down that huge B.A. spin move.

  2. KazooPackFan September 1, 2014

    Perhaps they kept Flynn and named him #2 as they are confident he could enter a game if Arod gets hurt and execute well enough to win that game. Scooter meanwhile could be prepped over the course of the ensuing week or couple weeks to play should noodle arm prove to not be able to back off the defenses enough to keep the offense effective, should Arod have a longer term injury. Short term option, long term option?

    1. Phatgzus September 2, 2014

      That’s what I’m thinking. Tolzien is still in the process of changing his throwing motion and I think the organization wants to wait and see how that progresses before shit-canning a proven commodity. I think Tolzien will possibly be our #2 someday (unless offers him a starting gig, which I don’t see happening), just not today.

  3. Vijay September 1, 2014

    I predict Scott Tolzein takes the starting job in another city within 1-2 seasons. The Packers auditioned three QBs on Sunday and are likely fielding offers for a trade using Scott as the main piece. They are trying to get either a starting caliber Center or Defensive Tackle in return.

    1. Phatgzus September 2, 2014


      1) I highly doubt TT or the MMs or anyone else for that matter wants a repaet of last season.

      2) The Packers have 2 young Cs who they are apparently pretty high on (granted at least one may be injury prone).


      3) Ted Thompson almost never makes trades. One may not be re-signed next season (very possibly Flynn, depending on Tolzien’s development), but I doubt he’ll be traded.

  4. Jtmax September 1, 2014

    I daresay Matt Flynn has impressed in real NFL games. The coaches will not forget that he saved the season for them last year. If Flynn has to play and he doesn’t play well they can always put in tolzien

  5. BZ in BA September 1, 2014

    Flynn has played reasonably well when it mattered (and once he played INCREDIBLY well), whereas Tolzein has not. I would say that in today’s game, it is probably 70% mental and 30% physical, and Flynn knows the scheme better than Tolzein. That said, it is also what makes AR what he is: he is the smartest guy on any field he plays on AND he has all the physical tools. Same goes for Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and possibly Russell Wilson as well.

  6. the real russ letlow September 1, 2014

    Flynn is QB2. If he was going to be QB3, there would have been no reason to keep him on the 53. I seriously hope this a moot point this season. If we only see the backup in mop – up duty and / or holding a clipboard on the sideline then I think our season will be just fine.

  7. Jtmax September 1, 2014

    If we play up to our potential backups could see some action. We play some very weak teams and the game should be over by 4th quarter

  8. Nacho dan September 1, 2014

    And Flynn is in for the victory formation….

  9. Bob September 1, 2014

    Is the title of this article just a nice way of saying Flynn is a steaming pile of shit? Matt Flynn is #2! I am starting to make the t-shirts now.