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Sam Shields

Well, the Green Bay Packers righted the ship for the time being by thrashing the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday.

Good for them and good for us. Here are five more thoughts on the win.

THAT, was some terrible officiating
In the first half, the officiating crew watched Julius Peppers get held by Bears tackle Jordan Mills, who also grabbed Peppers’ facemask on the same play. They then proceeded to call illegal hands to the face on Peppers. That was dumbfounding, but it didn’t end there and it wasn’t just one-sided. The Bears were penalized by some real shit calls as well. It’s as if the crew was constantly making make-up calls one way or the other because they totally boned an earlier call. We’ve seen some shit officiating in our day, but something has to be done about these clowns after Sunday’s display. Interestingly, the crew was led by Terry McAulay, who was the lead official in the Super Bowl last season. The rest of this boneheaded crew is umpire Bryan Neale, head linesman Greg Bradley, line judge Tom Stephan, field judge Dyrol Prioleau, side judge James Coleman and back judge Greg Steed. Well done, guys.

Welcome to the NFL
As we noted yesterday, rookie tight end Richard Rodgers had his first two NFL receptions on Sunday. He apparently got the message from his benching that wasn’t a benching last week too. The receptions both came on the Packers’ first drive. Rodgers’ most impressive play was on Randall Cobb’s 46-yard reception late in the game, though. When it looked like Cobb was getting bottled up around the 10, Rodgers hustled downfield and absolutely trucked some asshole Chicago Bear, allowing Cobb to get a little closer to the end zone.

Meanwhile, you may have also noticed a couple undrafted rookies getting their first playing time. Nose tackle Mike Pennel, who was active for the second game, but got his first action against the Bears, had two tackles. Preseason sack king Jayrone Elliott was active for his first game and had one tackle.

Receiver Jeff Janis, a seventh-round pick, was also active because Jarrett Boykin was an injury scratch. He didn’t get any playing time that we noticed, however.

Pretty questionable showing by some defensive “playmakers”
If you expected Julius Peppers to have a big showing in his return to Chicago, you were sorely disappointed. He was in position to make plays a number of times, but didn’t deliver. Peppers had a pedestrian two tackles on the day and no sacks.

Even less impressive was Clay Matthews. Yeah, sure. He got that interception. Tramon Williams made that play. Matthews just happened to be in a fortuitous position. What’s more indicative of Clay Matthews’ day was the fact that he couldn’t seem to get close to the quarterback and that he had just one tackle, an assist.

It gets worse. It gets worse in the form of safety Micah Hyde. For the second week in a row, there were times when Hyde just looked lost and/or incapable of doing anything. He got abused by Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. He was no help for a run defense that desperately needed some.

In fact, none of these three guys were. If the Packers are going to stop the run, as they did for most of their week 2 and 3 games, they need these guys playing at a high level. Right now, it’s debatable whether Hyde even deserves to be on the field. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Morgan Burnett — yes, Morgan Burnett — are clearly the Packers top two safeties.

Hello? James Starks?
The running game still isn’t working. Eddie Lacy managed only 2.8 yards per carry on Sunday. That’s awful. Lacy showed flashes at times, but other times he couldn’t get out of the backfield. Part of the reason is the offensive line. When a lineman is getting shoved five yards backwards, that’s probably not going to result in a positive running play. Part of it is play calling. Let’s stop running these fucking toss plays and slow-developing runs designed to go outside. You have a bruising back and a line that can’t run block, just run Lacy straight ahead on quick-hitting plays.

Still, part of it is Lacy. So obviously, James Starks should get more carries, right? Nope. Why would we want to try handing the ball to a guy who averages 5 yards per carry, asked Mike McCarthy?

Starks got zero carries on Sunday. The same Starks who has that 5 yards per carry behind that same shitty offensive line.  That’s right, we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of a guy who’s struggling by putting someone into the lineup who might perform better. Then we’d have a guy with a bruised ego AND a potential controversy! We can’t have that!

These guys…
Two guys on the defense that should be singled out for playing well are cornerbacks Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. Recently, they’ve been overshadowed by Davon House. House wasn’t anything to write home about this week. He fell down more than he did anything else. The two highest-paid players in the secondary played like it though. Williams had five tackles and was responsible for Matthews’ pick. Shields had three tackles and a pick of his own. What’s more telling is they shut down the Bears big, bad receivers — Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Marshall had just two catches for 19 yards. Jeffery had four for 39. That’s some stellar cornerback play.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Lovie Smith September 29, 2014

    It’s about damn time MM put Pennel in the game. Letroy Guion is not a functional nose tackle or even defensive tackle. He get blown out of every play, often by one blocker. Look no further than the interior of our D-line for the reason the Bears rushed for 800 yards. The few plays Pennel was in there, he was very stout. He even got some push up the middle in the pass rush. Also agree with the assessment of the run calls by MM. For God’s sake, just call some trap plays or something to get Lacy going north-south with out all of this side stepping.

  2. icebowl September 29, 2014

    Great summary….

    I believe #12 could have just as easily used the five letters : C-U-T-T-Y in his Calm The Cheese Nation broadcast…..

    I was always envious of the Cheat hawks having a 12th man….. I propose we make Cutty our man… He’s done more fit GB than anyone other Bears player in history…

    1. Pastordad September 29, 2014

      Oh how I like this comment…cutty seems to always come through for us to be sure! This post is one of the best analysis that I have read yet concerning yesterday’s game….thanks!

    2. jtmax September 30, 2014

      Yeah! Pennel is going to get more snaps this week. Guion is to weak. Put some beef and muscle in there. Pennel is our biggest guy.

    3. jtmax September 30, 2014

      Yeah! Pennel is going to get more snaps this week. Guion is to weak. Put some beef and muscle in there. Pennel is our biggest guy.

  3. Cheese September 29, 2014

    Surprised I didn’t see Scott Green and Lance Easleys names in that bunch of refs. Allstar cast of Packer referees.

  4. Skinny September 29, 2014

    This defense is going to set all kinds of embarrassing records this year.

  5. Please September 29, 2014

    My Five More.

    1. The Packers may make the playoffs but they have almost no chance of a Super Bowl with their defense. Most of front 7 are horrible.

    2. The Packers would be a better team without Eddie Lacy. This is hardly debatable. Lacy is not fast, elusive or quick. If we had a decent run blocking offensive line he would be fine (but so would any other back). Every time the Pack tosses the ball to Lacy I think its a win if he can make it back to the line of scrimmage. There really is hardly any difference between having Eddie Lacy versus Brandon Jackson at this point.

    3. Fans who think BJ Raji would make a difference are completely clueless. Would Raji sack the QB or pressure the QB?…no. Would Raji take up 2 blockers?…no. Would Raji get in the backfield and be disruptive?…ah, no. Would Raji make numerous tackles?…no. So what exactly would Raji be doing if he indeed were playing right now?

    4. Aaron Rodgers is the Packers right now. Let’s just say the coaching staff went on a cruise during the bye week and the ship got lost for several months. If this were to occur the Packers would probably be better off. Rodgers would take over all facets of the offense and I’m sure the Pack would average over 30 points per game. Heck, I even think the defense would improve. Many a defensive opponent have stated, post game, that they consider it a win anytime Rodgers hands the ball off and it’s out of his hands. The opponents defensive loves it when we try to run the ball excessively…that should tell McCarthy something.

    5. Then there is AJ Hawk. There are many in things in life I just don’t understand. Things that just don’t make sense. I know this one is pretty trivial in the whole scheme of things but nevertheless it stares me in the face every year. How on earth does AJ Hawk continue to occupy a roster spot (and start and play every stinking down) for the Green Bay Packers? I know there will be sports historians discussing this very question many years in the future. Defensive coaches, whose only job is too build a solid defense, watch film daily to make sure every aspect of the defensive is top notch continue and year after year position AJ Hawk in the middle of the field. Does anyone think that when an opposing team has third and 4 or shorter and put out 4 receivers we are going to stop a run in our nickel defense? This has become comical for me. We have 2 down lineman and AJ Hawk 5 yards deep. They double one of the lineman and there is no one there for at least 4 yards but AJ Hawk. And don’t you know that number 50 is going to get a portion of the tackle as they move the chains for the first down. I’have not read or spoke to anyone with any reasonable knowledge of football who can find the words to explain how and why AJ Hawk is still playing. There must be something working here that is bigger than all of us.

    To sum it up….there will be highs and lows like most seasons but we are smack dab in the middle to the Mike Sherman type era where we are good enough to make the playoffs but we have no reasonable chance of a Super Bowl.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Kato September 29, 2014

      And this is wrong in almost every aspect. The packers would be a better team without Lacy? How so? If you are going to construct an argument that is even high school level, you have to give some sort of reason rather than comparing him to a past packer. Run blocking hasnt been as consistent this year as last. Kuhn hasn’t been lead blocking nearly as often.

      Two, Raji would make an immense difference in the run game. Our defense is weakest up the middle, and he would occupy two blockers on most plays, go back and watch games last year and see how many double teams he took. Sure, he may not notch up sacks, but he is sorely missed right now.

      Three, AJ Hawk? Really? Ok, so he isnt Patrick Willis. But he is solid and assignment sound. I think the drop in weight really hurt his ability to hold up in the run game, but he is better than any option on their roster right now. Everyone including Monty wanted to jump on the Lattimore bandwagon because he is like the backup quarterback for a lot of teams. Well, look what happened yesterday when he played. They were gashed for a season high 235 yards. Sure, they can throw Barrington in there, or even Bradford, but I am not sure the results will be too different. The packers talent evaluation at inside linebacker isn’t good, and they havent had anyone real solid in the middle for an extended period of time since Nick Barnett.

      1. Please September 29, 2014

        Lacy has one year under his belt and had 1178 yards to show for it. That’s 78 yards per game (whoopee). He runs hard but he’s not overly blessed with speed, elusiveness or quickness. He looks even slower and more apprehensive this year. We don’t have even a good run blocking line. Even last year we couldn’t count on giving the ball to Lacy in 3rd or 4th and 1 yard to go. We’d be stuffed by almost any team when they know we’re running the ball. The Packers would be much better off with an elusive quick back to compliment Rodgers in the shot gun. When its 2nd and 10 and we give the ball to Lacy it’s going most likely be 3rd and 8. If we’ve worn a team down in the 4th quarter Lacy could make some hay but he is not an elite back.

        1. Kato September 29, 2014

          I remember when Marshall Faulk played behind a mediocre offensive line in Indianapolis. I think he qualifies as a quick, elusive back. And I dont think the results were all that great until he went to St. Louis (who had a very good offensive line). Point is, no matter who you put back there, they will not succeed with the current run blocking. While some of it is on Lacy, I think it is unfair to place all of the blame on him and to give up on him after four games. Lesean McCoy is struggling this year as well because the run blocking has been ineffective along with the injuries they have had up front.

    2. jtmax September 30, 2014

      Hawk is selfish. I backs off runners but be in position to still tackle 5 yards back so he can rack up tackle stats and avoid getting hurt. That’s not helping the team win. He’s always healthy and racks up a lot of tackles every year but it’s a constant that opposing teams run up the middle like there’s a freeway there.

  6. jtmax September 29, 2014

    For run defense, it’s very simple. You need raw size, strength and quickness. Those pesky measurables. Guion, our ILB, and Hyde don’t measure up. I’m all in favor of putting in those guys who can shove blockers aside and fly to the ball. Richardson,Elliot and Pennel come to mind. Wouldn’t hurt to try Elliot at ILB. Athlete is athlete. It’s a mystery why Richardson does not get more PT. He’s our best hitter and has that rare combo of size and speed.

    Shields also made some great pass deflection also.

    1. Skinny September 29, 2014

      Really all you need is size and strength to play Nose. You don’t even need to make plays, just hold the point. Pennell might have that, but the Packers mouths are stuck on Guions balls for some reason.

    2. MMTTDCSUCK September 29, 2014

      McGlurpy plays favorites, always has! Why he does, beats me. Richardson should be in there ahead of Hyde. Hyde has never really impressed me. What does he do, other than return kicks that sets him apart from the rest? Perhaps he kisses that fat fuck McGlurpy’s ass? Pennel and Elliott should get much more playing time now that it is clear these guys (along with Richardson) have some athletic chops. The Fucktard just does not play best avail. player at position, he best start wrapping his “genius” around that concept for a while . . .

  7. jtmax September 29, 2014

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for the 10th time. Richard Rodgers runs great routes, has sure hands and is hard to tackle as he’s the biggest TE we have. Use that talent. You either have a TE that can catch or one that can block. Can’t have both. In the MM era we never had a guy that can do both. There’s only one Jason Witten.

  8. James Bennett September 29, 2014

    Our defense was atrocious, especially against the run. A good high school team could have slowed down Forte and the others better. It’s just hard to imagine with a sieve like that how we even won the game. However, the OL did a good job giving Rodgers pocket protection; whenever that happens, he will carve you up surgically. The defense better shape up, though, because we can’t count on that outstanding pocket protection every game.

  9. the real russ letlow September 29, 2014

    did any one else think the holding calls on Linsley were crap? Looked to me like he had his hands inside the shoulders. He’s a strong mofo and he was tossing around the Bears DL like rag dolls. If you see TE Rodgers in person (in uniform) the one thing that stands out is how thick his lower body is. He’s going to be a good blocking TE in time, he is hard to take down, and he can catch very good now. Get him some more targets.

    1. Abe Frohman September 29, 2014

      I thought the first one was crap and the second was legit.

      1. Kato September 29, 2014

        Agreed. While his hands were within the frame of the body on the second one, his hand was full of jersey, and the guy he was blocking going down further compounded the situation. Too bad because that was one of the best plays I have ever seen Rodgers make. Still dont know that it beats when he put a spin move on John Abraham in the backfield and fired a laser on the out route to James Jones in the NFC divisional game against the Falcons.

    2. jtmax September 30, 2014

      Lindsley was a beast so they called penalty on him for being so. BS.

      Yes Rodgers is big. But not tackle big so don’t expect him to block a 280 DE but he’ll do the job and please get him the ball more. Dude has glue hands unlike Finley.

  10. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU September 29, 2014

    Big deal you guys suck, and we will crush in the playoffs.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK September 29, 2014

      At this point you are correct. With the genius of McGlurpy and Dom Capers and the fact that Seattle grabbed the real Draft GURU in Schneider from us, it may continue, at least until our higher draft guys get their NFL feet and start playing like higher draft picks. But you can fuck off for writing this and mount your bung hole on a cattle prod for a while fucktard.

    2. Chad Lundberg September 29, 2014

      No, we won’t. You won’t even be there.

      Seattle sucks this year, and we’re only getting better.

  11. Arcturus September 29, 2014

    Eddie Lacy = Ron Dayne except without Dayne’s quick footwork.

    1. Abe Frohman September 30, 2014

      why is everyone jumping off the Lacy bandwagon? Yeah, he’s a bit more of a dancing bear than last year but give him some time. He’s got two new linemen to work with.

  12. Chad Lundberg September 29, 2014

    Monty you on crack or something??? Morgan Burnett?? The guy who got steam rolled by Matte Forte?? Sam Shields who has the worst rating among CB’s this year in the entire league? The same Sam who allowed big gains and totally bit on a TD play by Jeffrey???

    I get that the stats look impressive, but damn, you better watch that game over and carefully and see just how bad those two were.

    Neither of those two are playing up to their contracts, ESPECIALLY Shields!

  13. Please September 29, 2014


    I don’t think you really want to watch Raji’s game film from last year. He had a total of 17 tackles an no sacks. My definition of taking on 2 offensive lineman would be holding his position on the line to free up the backers but when Raji was doubled he was moved to the next area code or placed on the ground. Most plays he basically slow danced with his one opponent with hardly any effort to disengage to make a play. I’ll give you the last 3 years of game film to come up with some highlights. Good luck.

    “Solid and assignment sound” Let’s break this down a bit. What do you mean by “solid”? That he shows up and practices? That he points around a lot before the snap? That he tries really hard? And then there’s the ol “assignment sound”…. what is that? I know he blitzes a lot and almost never comes close so if his assignment was to blitz well then you’re right he followed his assignment. And if his assignment is to cover the back out of the back field he does at least try to cover them but he is so overmatched that you sometimes don’t see him on the TV screen until the replay is shown. And I know his assignment on running plays up the middle is to try to make the tackle and so I guess he’s following his assignment by wrestling ball carriers to the ground 5 to 15 yards down field with several of his teammates. So I guess you could be right in your assessment that AJ is solid and assignment sound.

    Two years ago we got torched by the niners in the playoffs where Kaepernick ran all over us. I thought that would finally get Ted to replace Hawk and Brad Jones but to my amazement he doubled down and brought them both back and gave Brad Jones a raise. There is absolutely no hope for the Packers present roster on defense. Back in 2011 when the Packers were 15-1 our defense couldn’t stop anyone but most faithful Packer fans thought we would still roll to the Super Bowl. I enjoy watching the games but I like to watch “good” football and continually stated that we would go nowhere in the playoffs. I’m not an outcome guy. If the Packers played well on both sides of the ball and lost to a better team then so be it but both the GM and coaches have failed miserably on the defensive side of the ball. You really truly can’t fix stupid and that’s the state of the defense in Green Bay.

    1. Chad Lundberg September 29, 2014

      Raji was moved back to his NT position, where he played in 2010. There were plenty of highlights then.

      He was on a one year prove it contract where if he didn’t live up to expectations he would have only made 500,000 as opposed to 4,000,000 if he did. Reports from camp were that he was having his best camp since 2010.

      With that kind of motivation, conventional wisdom says that he would have had a productive season.

  14. Scpackfan September 29, 2014

    Is it just me, or was there a lot of over pursuing the ball? Guys were blowing past the ball carrier 3-4 yards from where he came from.