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Five More: Packers 31, Jets 24

Jordy Nelson

It was by no means pretty, but the Green Bay Packers got their first win of the 2014 season by outlasting the New York Jets 31-24 at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

I don’t think it was just me. Did that game take forever? I was at the game and we ended up leaving at 7 p.m., which would have the time of the contest pushing four hours. Or maybe it wasn’t actually any longer than a normal game, it just felt like it.

It appears this year’s Green Bay Packers are going to be exhausting. And probably frustrating.

Most people thought the Packers would curb stomp those assholes. Instead, they spotted them 18 points and then got carried by one guy and a career day to a fairly improbable victory.

Well, way to make things way more interesting than they needed to be, you dicks.

Here are five more thoughts on the win.

Davon House knows what to do in a contract year
You probably noticed that cornerback Davon House was on the field an awful lot on Sunday. He was the standout of a pretty solid effort by the Packers secondary, knocking away two passes and recording two tackles. It was a good day for a guy playing for his next contract. B.J. Raji could take some notes. House also got a little bump up the depth chart. He replaced Casey Hayward in both the nickel and dime. Hayward was demoted for, get this — missing tackles. Word is, he missed three against Seattle. There were so many misses in that game that we didn’t even notice. However, we’re happy that the Packers actually appear to FINALLY be serious about getting guys out of the lineup that don’t perform.

What, exactly, is the offensive game plan?
It’s not really clear what’s going on here, but two weeks in a row, the Packers look like they have no idea what they’re doing on offense. Against the Jets, the Packers dropped back to pass 46 times. They ran 22 times. I get that the Jets are good against the run and bad against the pass AND that the Packers were down for most of the game, but that ratio is still way off of what it should be. The Packers barely ran at all in the first half, even before they were down 18. They also seemingly made it a point to run behind right tackle Derek Sherrod, who’s only in there because Bryan Bulaga is injured. Brilliant idea there. The passing game wasn’t any more impressive. Only one catch by a tight end and two total targets by our count. If one guy has to account for half of your total offense every week, you’re going to be in trouble. Buffoon really out buffooned himself with the play calling again this week.

Speaking of Derek Sherrod
First of all, it was the right move to hold Bryan Bulaga out. He has a knee injury and you really don’t need him injuring it worse or hobbling around out there on one leg because of pride or some shit. His replacement, Derek Sherrod, is still pretty awful, but at least he showed some improvement over last week (and the preseason). Sherrod did get blown by early in the game and gave up a sack and he couldn’t get any push in the running game. That being said, the Packers dropped back to pass almost 50 times and Aaron Rodgers is still among the living, so obviously Sherrod was at least serviceable.

And speaking of Aaron Rodgers
He threw for 346 yards, which is swell, but Rodgers still looks like he has his head up his ass if you ask me. First of all, if it wasn’t for Jordy Nelson, that gaudy passing yardage number wouldn’t be nearly as big. There was plenty of crap from QB1 on Sunday. First, he fumbled the snap on the opening play. You can talk about center exchanges all you want, but Rodgers is the veteran in that combo. Grab the fucking ball. Also, when do you think this guy is going to learn that the quarterback can’t hold onto the ball in the pocket for five seconds in the NFL? Rodgers was sacked four times on Sunday. Two of those were entirely his fault. GET RID OF THE BALL, YOU ASSHAT! Finally, there were some drops by receivers on Sunday, but there were more poorly thrown balls by Rodgers. The accuracy that we’ve grown accustomed to in recent years, hasn’t been there this year. Despite the numbers on Sunday, I would argue that Rodgers hasn’t played a good game yet this season.

We like the 4-3
We’re not sure what the breakdown is, but the Packers seemed to use their 4-3 defense more than in week 1, when they had all kinds of communication and substitution problems. We like the 4-3. The Packers personnel is better suited to the 4-3. The 4-3 gets Mike Neal on the field more and we like Mike Neal. Mike Neal disrupts shit. The 4-3 also keeps clowns like Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers out of coverage. Although Julie almost had a nice interception on Sunday. Still, we’d rather have Julie up on the line chasing after the quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers and Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom are running the 4-3 more than the 3-4 pretty soon.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob September 15, 2014

    They won after trailing the Jets 21-3. Be happy you dick.

  2. T. Jervey September 15, 2014

    Hey Packer Bob….kiss my ass and Monty’s while you are at it. Here is what this shit boils down to. Win or not….they looked like shit yesterday. If Marty Morningfuck doesn’t call that timeout….God knows what the end result would have been.

    1. Howard September 15, 2014

      I know Tramon knew the play was dead. You could see him making a cut motion immediately after the play. I think the tape will show some of the other DB’s let up on the play also knowing it was dead. You cannot say we would have allowed a TD when the official blew the play dead just before the snap.

      1. Chad Lundberg September 15, 2014

        AGREED!!! Finally someone who thinks before they judge a play like that!! I’d like to shake your hand!

  3. aValpo September 15, 2014

    “First of all, if it wasn’t for Jordy Nelson, that gaudy passing yardage number wouldn’t be nearly as big”

    First of all, if it wasn’t for Aaron Rodgers, that gaudy receiving yardage number wouldn’t be nearly as big.

    1. MJ September 15, 2014

      A-Rod’s salary deprives him of ANY excuses. He is taking a large part of the team’s cap, so he must make up for what we cannot assign to other positions. Else, he should take a pay cut to help the team keep competitive.
      He played well on the second half. He even made the Jets uncomfortable with the hard count at least once. He just has to keep the standards that earned him the huge contract.

      Jordy (Effin) Nelson made a lot of yards after the catch, which bloats the yardage for Rodgers.
      Last season, Nelson twisting and stretching himself to catch a not-so-well-thrown pass was a common sight.

      1. aValpo September 16, 2014

        Rodgers made a lot of nice passes to Jordy, which bloats his receiving yardage. Jesus, Rodgers threw for more yards than anyone in the NFL last week and somehow he’s not doing good enough. What’s he supposed to do, not hit Jordy in stride and throw to a covered guy? Do Manning or Brees not have guys that make good catches or run after the catch?

  4. rebelgb September 15, 2014

    First let me be positive: We won, 1-1 is much better than 2-0. The team battled the whole game and refused to let the Jets push them around. Our defense was better the 2nd half, though id argue not good enough against an enemic offense.

    Now to the article. I agree 110% that our offensive game plan has been terrible 2 games in a row. Its so predictable and bland. Its almost as if MM has run out of ideas.

    Rodgers has NOT been the HOF Rodgers we have seen in years past. He is making odd decisions, still holding onto the ball too long, and his accuracy is off more than we have ever seen. I love Arodge but maybe fewer commercials, fewer Model girlfriends, fewer paid public appearances (and non – paid such as charity work) and MORE focus on football.

    Im going to get flamed for this but I have to wonder if Aaron is that concerned about winning another Super Bowl. He has a ring, an SB MVP, and tons of money and fame. Some guys get complacent with that and are content with just living life to the fullest at this point. Now dont confuse that with wanting to win game time, Arodge is competitive once the lights go on. But to be a HOF QB that wins multiple SB’s he has to be all about Football, even in the offseason.

    Im not sure Arodge has the desire.

    1. Kato September 15, 2014

      Might be a little soon to be accusing Rodgers of being complacent. Although I would definitely agree his play leaves much to be desired. We shouldnt be too spoiled, we could always have Brian Hoyer, Shaun Hill, or (gulp) Christian Ponder playing qb for the packers.

  5. kato September 15, 2014

    They looked like hell still. Aaron rodgers play is a little troubling. The,one sack he could have easily thrown it away. Noticed a few other situations where he had receivers running open and didnt connect. Wish cobb and rodgers could get on the same page. Defense still very concerning

  6. the real russ letlow September 15, 2014

    my thoughts are that the starters didn’t play very much in preseason games. So you don’t get the speed of live action and you don’t get the benefit of playing with the guys that line up with you for a whole game. I hope they get it together on both sides of the ball very quickly. I hope that the second half of the Jets game is an indication that things are coming around. That was some damn good football from the mid 2nd quarter on.

  7. Cheesemaker September 15, 2014

    I’m not sure Rodgers has looked the same since Philbin left. Thru 2011, you could almost take it to the bank that Rodgers would deliver. Not since, although he’s clearly still the reason this team has a shot week in and week out.

    Re the defense, I hope the 4-3 makes the critical difference, but I lost faith in Capers years ago, and I fear that a change in scheme will merely be a band aid on an amputation as long as he’s in charge. Hope I’m wrong on that.

    Re MM, what can you say… if you say his teams are always soft and seem unprepared and confused and the play calling is baffling and his dogged support for poorly performing coordinators drives you insane, you get flamed by people who trot out his winning percentage, number of playoff appearances and the SB win. Which is all true, except that more often than not it feels like GB wins (and won) more in spite of him than because of him. I’m not sure how great he’d look if he didn’t have #12 as his QB.

    This game felt like a microcosm of the MM era. As long as he’s the coach – and based on his wins, he’ll be there as long as he wants, or at least until TT leaves – I won’t expect more and I won’t be surprised by less.

    1. Steve September 15, 2014

      The Rodgers to Nelson play book isn’t going to work like that every game. Man they were boring on offense yesterday. Defense is still shit, and I will stand by those comments until Capers and Winston Moss are gone.

      1. Phatgzus September 15, 2014

        You think that maybe, just maybe, they kept calling passes to Jordy because he was destroying Milliner?

  8. Howard September 15, 2014

    Since we won I will only send out positive waves today. So positive thoughts as follows:
    Aaron seams to be getting a connection with Davante and that is a good thing.
    I like it when we are on D and there is such a pile of green and gold in the middle of the run play that you can not tell who made the tackle.
    It was sure nice of the Jets to quit running outside and using the read option. Good move bringing in Vick.
    Great game Jordy.
    Peppers sure has a long wing span and that is good enough with the 6 inch vertical leap.

  9. Deepsky September 15, 2014

    A couple of items about Rodgers poor performance of late.

    First, it always seems to take Rodgers few games into the season before he gets his act together. The Packers started out 3-3 in 2010 and 2-3 in 2012 and 1-2 last year. He’ll get his act together.

    Second, this spread offense McCarthy runs doesn’t give him a lot easy short routes, so Rodgers is waiting for some receiver to come back to him. I didn’t watch real closely or look at this game a second time, but it sure seemed like when he was scrambling, there we no receivers in the picture.

    1. MJ September 15, 2014

      Yes, we need the short pass option to avoid having Rodgers holding on to the ball forever. The TEs should help here.

  10. Carl September 15, 2014

    They put up 31 points against a good defense and you’re still complaining about the play calling. Guess what? The play calling clearly worked.

    You also ignore the fact that Rodgers calls lots of audibles and throws on called runs. Almost all those quick WR screens are called runs.

    I need to stop reading this site as every time I do there is a completely wrong analysis.

    1. Shawn Neuser September 15, 2014

      You are reading the wrong articles. Otherwise, you are exactly right.

  11. Abe Frohman September 15, 2014

    I don’t know the blocking schemes that were called, but I thought the second sack on Rodgers was Lacy’s fault. He blocked inside and the rush came from the end.

    The defense was uninspired in the first half, but honestly I thought our play calling was boring and predictable.

    Tramon looked really good. I think our secondary held up pretty well other than that TD to Decker over Shields. Sam stopped running as he watched the ball.

  12. The Money Mike September 15, 2014

    I don’t care if they won, again they played like shit. You wont be able to come back against a GOOD team, especially away. Right now we are AVERAGE, IE 8-8, nothing more. Their defense was now exposed against an average team, we have no impact players on D, even Lacy looked like the same old RB we used to have, ran right into the defense…Rodgers and Nelson got their shit together to win, but Holy Shit Rodgers looks nothing like his once dominating self. Seahawks lost to the Chargers too btw…

    1. Shawn Neuser September 15, 2014

      Did you just say- I don’t care if they won?


      Winning is the only thing that matters.

      1. The Money Mike September 16, 2014


        I would be much happier if we blew them out; the Jets are not an elite team and they almost beat us; We will not be able to come back against a better team in that situation and you know it; we didn’t deserve TV air time the first quarter, we looked like the Vikings without Peterson Sunday; why do teams keep improving IE: Browns, Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Seahawks, Cardinals, Eagles, Panthers, in the past 5 years and we continue to be dogshit IE one and done in the Playoffs? I feel with this win we will shit the bed against the Lions.

  13. Savage57 September 15, 2014

    Looking at games like these as barometers of anything other than how fucking weak can you be and still pull a win out of your ass is a bad idea.

    Or maybe we should start looking at just how much more shitty does the other team have to be in order for the Packers to win.

    This team has been on a downward trend over the last couple of seasons, and nothing we are seeing of late is comforting in the idea of halting or reversing that direction.

    I wish it wasn’t true, but when you count on the other team’s fuck ups to get your wins, it doesn’t portend deep playoff runs.

    Needed by the Packers: A fresh perspective on how you play defense in the NFL and a play-calling retinue that can get this offense off the hump and pull MM out of his creative doldrums.

    1. The Money Mike September 16, 2014

      ^My point exactly Savage!

  14. Nacho dan September 15, 2014

    Satisfaction is the death of desire.

    1. The Money Mike September 16, 2014

      Exactly Dan that’s what I’m saying, yes we won THANK GOD, but dammit be pissed you almost lost and get fucking better

  15. Fred September 15, 2014

    The one problem with the 3-4 is clay is beinh used as a middle linebackers so he cant blize as much

    1. Shawn Neuser September 15, 2014

      You mean the 4-3. Otherwise, good observation.

  16. Shawn Neuser September 15, 2014

    Carl has it right. A-Rodge has a run/pass option on nearly every single play. So, a lot of those passes, especially in the first half, were probably run plays that A-Rodge got us out of. There were a lot of audibles being called in the first half.

    As we saw against Seattle, A-Rodge is going to go with the best match up. The Jets didn’t have anyone who could cover Nelson, and so, he kept with what was working. I trust Cobb or Boykin will step up when needed, and I like what we’ve seen from Davante Adams, definitely reminiscent of JJ- who had a decent game himself yesterday though in the kind of embarrassing defeat that you get used to as a Raider.

    Again, the play-calling always looks bland when you can’t run the ball successfully. When you can run it, it opens up the playbook and everything looks brilliant.

    I’ll be analyzing the tape, but I believe 3 of the 4 sacks were A-Rodge’s fault. He got sacked twice while scrambling and once on a blitz where we didn’t have enough guys to block it. A-Rodge has to recognize that and get the ball out. He didn’t see it coming.

    Lastly, winning is ALL that matters right now. You want to be playing your best ball in January. Right now, winning ugly is completely fine. Just win, baby. Sure, this team is far from looking like a title contender right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Long ways to go. Seattle, San Fran, Atlanta and the Saints all lost this week, and injuries are already mounting on the Bears.

  17. DJ September 15, 2014

    I think the biggest concern now (other than the Defense, which is like death & taxes for us these days) is the confusion & indecision offensively. That starts at the top with MM. The play calling is becoming way too stale & predictable. There is no SUSTAINED rhythm being established. It seems MM wants balance but is more concerned with the play counts than the game situation/flow or def alignment. Anybody who watches the games religiously can tell you what we will do after a successful series, an explosive or negative play, or if we go into certain sets. Its as if we put up a neon sign that says “Ok, Now we’re going to try to the ball!” or vice versa. It seems forced & premeditated and we squander the initiative/advantage/rhythm we established on previous drives. To be fair, however, we did just play two of the better defenses in the league but that doesnt change the fact that we are becoming redundant in what we do. We can, imo, do better.
    ARod is fine. Yes, he held the ball too long a few times but he had all day to throw too…give the Jets credit for sacrificing their pass rush & executing their coverages a couple of times. Adam’s insertion into the lineup helped on his progressions later in the game for sure. The key to ARod is his feet & his willingness to use them. Coming off the injury, I was concerned about that but anytime they lost contain he made them pay & avg’d 5yds per carry on six attempts. I’ll take that all day. Move the chains. Just remember to slide, dude! lol

  18. gort September 15, 2014

    I am just a dummy watching on TV, but it looked like the only protection for Rodgers on the right side was when there was extra help for Derek Sherrod in the form of Eddie Lacy. The worst part is that too often there was not a blitz there, just the single rusher. However, I do agree that it was a good idea to keep Bryan Bulaga out of the game. The season is a marathon, not a sprint. Maybe some more snaps against real competition will improve Sherrod’s game and we will need a healthy Bulaga later. Rodgers still holds the ball way too long. Throw it away!!! Second and 10 is a whole lot better than second and 22.

  19. nosnhoj4 September 15, 2014

    I didn’t know there was a stale and predictable way to score 31 points in the NFL. I guess I should be disappointed by the lack of rhythm established in outscoring the Jets 28-3 after being down by 18.