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Of Course Colt Lyerla Got Arrested

Colt Lyerla mug shot

Colt Lyerla, who spent most of training camp with the Green Bay Packers, is back in Oregon and probably up to his old tricks. That is, getting high and getting arrested.

Lyerla was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Those intoxicants are suspected of being either illegal drugs or prescription meds.

Lyerla was arrested about a year ago, after leaving the Oregon football team, for cocaine possession. So this isn’t his first rodeo.

Lyerla was signed by the Packers after a tryout in May. He suffered a knee injury during Family Night and then got jerked around by the organization. First, they waived him with the intent of re-signing him and putting him on injured reserve. Lyerla went unclaimed and the Packers did indeed follow through on that. That is, right up until they decided to release him again.

The second release came about because the Packers were supposedly concerned about keeping Lyerla out for an entire year, which is what would have happened if he were on injured reserve. Since he left his Oregon team in September of 2013, a stint on injured reserve would have meant barely playing or practicing for two years.

The Packers gave Lyerla an injury settlement and sent him on his way, while holding out the carrot that maybe we’ll bring you back later in the season.

Well, big surprise that a guy with substance abuse issues couldn’t stay on the straight and narrow.

As someone who has enjoyed his (and your) fair share of substances, I can tell you free time and a pile of cash is best used for one thing. Well, maybe two things if you like escorts. And who doesn’t?

Look, it’s a business and blah, blah, blah, but if the Packers really gave a shit about Colt Lyerla, they would have kept him in the program.

Sending him away with an injury settlement, well… they may as well have given him a briefcase full of blow, a handle of Jack, a box of condoms and a suite at the Hilton.

So Lyerla got caught rolling around under the influence of something. Amazing.

We understand it isn’t the Packers’ job to watch out for the welfare of the players, but they position the organization as one that holds itself to a higher standard.

And maybe they do hold themselves to a higher standard. When it’s convenient for them.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. J.B. September 8, 2014

    Or, maybe they hold a higher standard by not keeping dirtbags around.

    And it isn’t just a matter of convenience… Hard to say this guy was even a Packer. They owe him nothing and as you stated, this is hardly his first run in. Clearly the guy has and had issues before the Packers ever thought about giving him a shot.

  2. kato September 8, 2014

    Very disappointing. I had real high hopes for the guy. Just goes to show how easy it is for these guys to relapse.

    1. You Enjoy Myself September 8, 2014

      Relapse? You and I know NOTHING about this whole situation.

  3. Howard September 8, 2014

    Lyerla is not a Packer. The Packers still may give him another chance even though the NFL may have issues with him. He has to be on at least stage two or three of the NFL drug policy.

    I think as far as drugs go was the alleged DUI offense pain medicine for the current injury or was it a illegal drug. If it was a prescribed pain medication then you might say that Lyerla is just a dumbass for driving under the influence and not an addict.

    The two problems I have with Lyerla is (1) how stupid can you be driving under the influence. People are killed and maimed by such actions. (2) Lyerla quit on his team at Oregon. I would not trust his character. You do not quit on your team under any conditions.

  4. Tundraboy September 8, 2014

    News just keeps getting better

  5. Skinny September 8, 2014

    You have to watch this kid 24/7. Like the Rangers did with Hamilton, have a guy with him at all times. I thought the Packers were making a mistake by cutting him off from the football family. Hes already experienced abandonment back home, why send him their emotionally again? If he was still in Green Bay in some form with the organization, player or not, this wouldn’t have happened.

  6. Tom Brown September 8, 2014

    Colt had his shot. The Packers are not in the babysitting business.

  7. Nacho dan September 8, 2014

    At least he wasn’t texting dick pics, that never mixes with painkillers.

  8. The Ghost of Gilbert Brown September 8, 2014

    He gave it his best shot. In the arm.

  9. Arcturus September 8, 2014

    Any elevator video?

  10. JMallaber September 10, 2014

    And it is the Buffalo Bills fault that OJ shot his wife.