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Of Course Adrian Peterson is Playing this Weekend

Adrian Peterson

Hooray for your fantasy team! Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will be in uniform this weekend for that joke of a franchise.

The Queens reinstated Peterson on Monday, probably not coincidentally after they got blown out on Sunday.

Peterson had been suspended for Sunday’s game because he was indicted on charges that he injured one of his own children. And we know that he injured the kid. He hasn’t denied it and everyone has seen the photos.

Now there’s word that he injured another one of his kids. The second incident was reported to Child Protective Services, but chargers were never filed. That kid — who has a different mother than the first kid — apparently has a facial scar from the beating.

So why does Peterson all of a sudden get reinstated?

Well, because.

Here’s what shitbird Vikings GM Rick Spielman had to say.

Q: Why do you have to wait for due process when the extent of the injuries and the facts are so readily available? In other words, what would what a jury says change about what you can see with your eyes?

A: Again, I don’t know. It hasn’t been in front of the jury yet, and what we have is what we’re aware of right now, and collecting all of the evidence and facts that we can to make this decision, we felt that this was the best decision going forward.

Uh huh. Best decision for your shitty football team.

As numerous outlets have now pointed out, the Vikings have a history of releasing players who get in trouble with the law. Of course, they have so many guys that get arrested, that some are bound to get released. But, that turd of an organization has actually released guys before they even had their day in court.

Earlier this year, linebacker Erin Henderson was cut after getting arrested for a DUI. Last year, cornerback A.J. Jefferson was cut after being arrested for domestic assault. In 2011, cornerback Chris Cook was suspended indefinitely after being accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

Cook was eventually acquitted and reinstated.

None of these rules apply to Peterson though. He’s a franchise back.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. 1265lombardiave.com September 16, 2014

    Nice move, morons… It’s great to see that Radisson has suspended their sponsorship with those turds. A financial “beating” is now being taken thanks to AP.

    AP=Abusive Parent

  2. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey September 16, 2014

    Whoa whoa whoa, slow down, the team owned by noted fraudster and racketeer Zygi Wilf is demonstrating questionable ethics after their star player did something completely reprehensible? I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

  3. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey September 16, 2014

    Question, what if AP had beat his kid and stuffed leaves in his mouth on a party boat, does that change anything?

    1. Phillthy September 16, 2014

      Ha, +1 buddy

  4. Arcturus September 16, 2014

    This scum has fathered at least 7 (some say more) kids with 5 different women that have been reported. He’s 29. A really intelligent, quality individual. Besides jail time, how about a fucking vasectomy?

    1. Cheese September 16, 2014

      Right? I’m sure he isn’t in most of these kids lives either. Which might be better than if he was in their lives seeing the way he treats them.

  5. Shawn Neuser September 16, 2014

    AP = Abusive Parent. That is AWESOME. Props.

  6. Don Q September 16, 2014

    “This is stupid he done nothing wrong every body got that ass whooped growing up it’s called discipline that’s what’s wrong with this country now spare the rod spoil the child if the good book says it it’s for the good”

    – Some dumb fuck from the south

  7. Savage57 September 17, 2014

    Great news Packer fans.

    The shittiest franchise in the league just added another chapter to their legendary inept history.

    Their POS RB is not only getting some downtime, he’s pretty much done playing for the Horned Asswipes and his chances at the HOF are about equal to mine.

    Is their anything these assholes can’t fuck up?