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We Should All Thank Aaron Rodgers

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

We’ve never known Aaron Rodgers to be the kind of guy to pat himself on the back. Yet, there he was yesterday patting himself on the back.

And on top of being self-congratulatory, which we LOVE, he was overly pleased with himself for something that quite a few people didn’t even want — the return of Brett Favre (who knows the definition of a real Packers fan).

“I’ve kind of been on the forefront of getting this thing done, you know, in my own way,” Rodgers said. “I wanted to make sure my voice was out there and behind Brett coming back. I think it’s important to bring him back into the fold. It was a great thing to be able to announce that and retire his number and put his number in the Packer Hall of Fame, which is obvious – of course it’s going to happen. He’s one of the greatest Packers of all-time and one of the greatest NFL players of all-time. It’s good to get him back here and hopefully get him here in the fall, as well.”

Oh, well, thanks buddy! Thanks for making this magical event happen, which we are all so grateful for!

You are the man!

Seriously, what the fuck?

Maybe Rodgers has gone off and gotten a big head now that he’s banging Olivia Munn.

“Hey, look at me. Look at what I did!”

Maybe he’s been hanging around with Favre and is now delusional just like that prick.

“All fans love you, Brett. You must come back and I will make that happen!”


Maybe just go out and chuck 50 touchdown passes and keep your mouth shut from now on, Aaron.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. packnutt August 7, 2014

    Monty, please pull E. Wolf’s dick out of your ass and post some informative blogs.

    Thank you.

    1. Carl with a "C" August 7, 2014

      I thought it was in his mouth, that’s why he types on a blog and is not in radio… We all know he couldn’t do TV…

      1. E. Wolf August 7, 2014

        I have no doubt you two are quite preoccupied with homosexual acts of all sorts. Best keep it to yourself. Utter that to the wrong person in real life you’ll get knocked the fuck out.

        1. Cheese August 7, 2014

          Making indirect physical threats on an internet forum now are we? Chill out tough guy.

          1. E. Wolf August 7, 2014

            It is not a threat–it’s an observation. You say that sort of thing, particularly in a blue collar or Irish bar, things will get ugly fast. There the ones being internet thugs by engaging in that.

  2. Clark chase August 7, 2014

    Thanks for the informative piece of dribble. I’m sure glad I read this crap. The Packer backers should be thankful to have qb’s in our hof like Starr, etc and Aaron is taking an active stance in being sure that Favre has a rightful position in the gb hof and the nfl hof. He deserves it. If there is a hof for -sis holes you toe commentators would be right up there. Thanks for nothing guys.

  3. Cheese August 7, 2014

    Wow, all these Favre articles are getting unbearable. Now you’re talking shit about Aaron Rodgers???? Seriously????

    1. K.L. August 7, 2014

      No kidding. Monty has turned into a real dick about the Favre thing. Brainwashed by E. Wolf or some shit.

  4. Archer August 7, 2014

    Can someone please stop all this Favre shit? ESPN and packers.com is just force feeding it.. I bet Ed Werder is sexually insatiable with all this “Favere Watch” stuff.

  5. Dave August 7, 2014

    Agreed, not a fan.

  6. Deepsky August 7, 2014

    Rodgers learned at least a couple things from Favre, although Favre didn’t actively teach them. Rodgers picked up Favre:

    Don’t throw picks.

    Take the high road.

    Good job, Aaaron.

  7. Nacho Libre August 7, 2014

    And not to send pics of his tally-wacker…

    1. Tucson Packer August 7, 2014

      To DD’s great disappointment…

  8. Organicbuzz August 7, 2014

    Deepsky has a good perspective. Everyone by now is ready to get this far behind us.

  9. CO Bob August 7, 2014

    Out of anyone…Rogers benefitted the most from the Favre fiasco. Favre left. Rogers took over and kicked ass, and got paid…big time.

    Argue all you want about either side of the Favre issue. No one is changing a damn thing.

  10. Chad Lundberg August 7, 2014

    Fuck Favre, that is all.

  11. E. Wolf August 7, 2014

    I think this is very self-serving for Rodgers, and a little less than sincere. When they went on stage, it just looked force. Of course this whole thing is forced. Why do people just accept this baseless assertion that it really has to happen before HOF induction?
    Lots of players had their numbers retired afterward.
    The reason of course that it is fixed is because Murphy, Favre and others stand to profit a great deal from it, by sales of all kinds of merch. Berty has more money than god so I don’t understand that. If it creates more revenue for the Packers than I guess I have mixed feelings about that.
    The bottom line is this whole this is forced. It has been and will be very awkward. ANd it is insincere.
    I bet after whatever game he appears at he will ride off again and just won’t ever come back.
    Which again begs the question: why are so many Packer fans (forget about the turncoats) so enthusiastic about this?

  12. Neder August 7, 2014

    Monty is the biggest douche in all the land……but it works……I click on his pages everyday to see what he has said. I bet a bunch of other morons do the same thing I do every single day.

  13. the real jeff ircink August 7, 2014

    another E Wolf post? geezus. now you can all find a reason to hate AR. you will, i have no doubt.

  14. the real jeff ircink August 7, 2014

    i know it say MONTY on the byline. it could’ve been, but it sure sounds like Wolf. i do agree (imagine that) that it makes AR sound like the “good guy”. maybe a good move – cause he knows that TOTAL PACKERS will turn on him any minute so he needs as many people in his corner as possible.

    1. E. Wolf August 7, 2014

      You know what, that you and your kind are becoming obsessed with me means I am doing precisely what I set out to achieve. My words resonate, with both pro and con. If what I wrote was really that silly you would not care.
      And you are dumber than they come if you mistake this writing style with mine. Monty writes in a very casual, conversational manner with a lot of profanity. On the other hand, someone once told me that I write like a “dead sexually represeed Victorian woman. Intended as a backhanded compliment, I regard it as one of the most flattering things anyone has ever said to me.

  15. the real jeff ircink August 7, 2014

    …and still no edit button. after all these years. what the fuck?

  16. E. Wolf August 7, 2014

    FYI–I know those of you onare on twitter so you probably heard about this. Two Wisconsin radio stations are intervieiwng you know who. WTMJ and Bill Michaels. Maybe if enough people send in similar emails, hard questions might be asked… Just a suggestion to tucson, chad lunberg, the lovely Miss Nurse Ratchett, and others who are thinking right about this.

  17. icebowl August 8, 2014

    Monty, you disappointed me dude !

    I’ve not been a big fan of berty after what he did but seriously lets just get over it….

    All that matters is that they kick some serious seahawk butt in a few weeks and move injury-free to the post season…
    Tired of this bull.

    1. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

      I agree that what matters most is that our Packers win additional Lombardi trophies in the coming years. That starts by running the gauntlet in Seattle.
      I hope we destroy those fucking assholes and keep kicking ass throughout the season.

  18. Howard August 8, 2014

    Right on Icebowl it is time to get on with another Packer Super Bowl season starting with the Seahawks.

  19. therealChuckywasCecil August 8, 2014

    I am now done with all this non-sense. I hated everything that went down in 2008, siding with the organization, but it all worked out in the end. The Vikes lost the NFC championship game with a typically poor Favre pick, the Pack won the Super Bowl the next year, beating the Vikes twice. Rodgers has been beyond reproach throughout this entire ordeal, rising above the craziness at every opportunity and is now, showing again, his grasp of history and Favre’s part in it. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing and doesn’t eat away at ones self like the hatred that continues here and other places. For the record, I still feel betrayed and would stand in silence if present at an induction or number retirement but I choose to let all the bitterness go and get ready for an exciting 2014.

  20. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

    Just listened to that interview. He has me thinking. Not saying I am ready to forgive, and I will never forgive completely. as I will never forget. I am going to have to think and contemplate about this a while.

  21. the real jeff ircink August 8, 2014

    E Wolf – pax…for a minute. no one – certainly not me – is asking any Packer fan to forgive Brett Favre, if that’s how they feel. i’m not ready to forgive management & start watching the Packers again, so why should i expect you or anyone else to the same with Brett. my point on this subject is, regardless of EVERYTHING that went down, one cannot rewrite history – including what Favre contributed to that history. to overlook that is blind. that’s all i’m saying.

    1. E. Wolf August 9, 2014

      Thanks for certifying your status as a fucking turncoat

      i’m not ready to forgive management & start watching the Packers again, so why should i expect you or anyone else to the same with Brett.

      That’s all I needed to know. Go start browsing Vikings forums and sites. Or one’s specifically devoted to Berty. You don’t even watch the Packers, or have their success at heart.
      As a turncoat, you are among the lowest, most contemptible scum on the planet.
      If things were as they ought to be, you would be forced to give up your Green and Gold privileges. And if you have some Packers related tattoo, you deserve the Hells Angel treatment, who take off HA related markings one way or another–sandblaster, blowtorch, whatever.
      I really wish the very worst for people like you, and that fucking dork wearing a Packers cap and a tucked in Vikings jersey. I make an exception for Milfy dames, but only to a certain extent. Men who act this way deserve the very wrath of god.

  22. Lisa August 9, 2014

    Stay off Arodg…he is the greatest. Go Pack Go!!