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Rodgers, Nelson Hanging with the St. Louis Cardinals

The Green Bay Packers arrived in St. Louis on Friday and then they had some time to kill before getting ready to play the Rams today. So Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson went and hung out with some guys on the St. Louis Cardinals over at Busch Stadium.

Being a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I hate the fucking Cardinals. Kind of like I hate the Chicago Bears. Except, the Cardinals are good every year, which just pisses me off more. Being a fan of a small-market team in baseball usually means you get a really good season (and a playoff appearance) once every 10 years or so.

Now, the Brewers have put together a couple playoff seasons over the past 10, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Cardinals get to be good every goddam year.

And not just that, it’s the way they play. They’re part of the good old boy, unwritten rules of baseball police, something instilled by their shitbag manager Mike Matheny. If you ever want to see a prick with negative sense of humor, listen to Mike Matheny talk.

But don’t get too close because he’ll have someone throw at your head for crowding him.

Before Matheny, this approach was instilled by Tony LaRussa who, guess what. Is a Hall of Famer based on the fact that he was lucky enough to coach some guys who juiced a hell of a lot. Those guys will probably never get in the Hall, but LaRussa does because… I don’t know. He never openly admitted his accomplishments are directly tied to steroids?

Guess making that admission would be against the unwritten rules being a total fucking douche.

Anyway, shove your unwritten rules up your ass, St. Louis.

And while you’re at it, give the Rams back to Los Angeles. You don’t deserve a football team.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Garth August 16, 2014

    If you get too down about the Cards, just pop in the tape of the final game of the 1985 World Series when Joaquin Andujar (walking underwear) melted down and charged umpire Don Denkinger behind home plate. The cards got a screwing at 1st base from Denkinger which cost them the series. Then in the final game, their pitching went in the shitter and they gave up something like 17 runs. It was all punctuated by Andujar’s epic meltdown. And personally, I’d like to see the Rams all the way back in Cleveland (just old school dreaming).

  2. Deepsky August 16, 2014

    The Cardinals are the best baseball team in the league at cheating, particularly in their pitching, and getting away with it. That’s why you see their pitchers do so-so elsewhere, go to St. Louis, become great, leave and become average again. Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan knew all the tricks. Why do you think years ago LaRussa never pursued the Kenny Rogers pine tar thing? It was he knew his team was also cheating big time and didn’t want his own team inspected.

  3. E. Wolf August 16, 2014

    Not that I am a Brewers fan, but baseball is a fixed game for small markets like Milwaukee. I have lost all interest in it. In a few decades baseball we be marginalized in much the same way that boxing has been.

    1. Arcturus August 17, 2014

      Baseball revenue is eight times what it was about 20 years ago. It is still Americas number 2 most popular sport by a good margin, and is getting more popular each year. It is obviously too sophisticated a game for someone with your limited reasoning abilities to follow. Please don’t predict anything else, it just confirms your low intellect.

      1. E. Wolf August 17, 2014

        Even if revenue has expanded, viewership, which is the ultimate tell-tale, has been consistently going down. This belies your assertion about it growing more popular every year. Hint: it really is not.
        Your attempts to insult my intellect are really silly. Again, that you and others like you continue to fixate on what I write demonstrates to me that I am doing something right.

        1. Arcturus August 18, 2014

          You suffer from a fake megalomania. The real cause of that is likely an inferiority complex. You are “doing something right” in the way that a small boy misbehaves to get attention – as in ‘any attention is better than none at all’.

          1. E. Wolf August 18, 2014

            Fake megalomania? What the fuck is that? Keep dancing you monkey.

      2. Tucson Packer August 18, 2014

        Yea Arcturus,

        If someone doesnt like something it is obviously because they just dont understand it with such massive intellect such as yourself possess.

        1. E. Wolf August 18, 2014

          Note that I never gave all the reasons I have lost interest in it

  4. Ben August 16, 2014

    Summarized version of this article:
    “I’m going to use the fact that some Packers visited Busch Stadium to rant and whine about how much I hate the Cardinals while making sweeping assertions.”

  5. a_random_guy August 16, 2014

    This is a horrible article, written by a cry baby. Do you what some cheese with that wine? The brewers will win the division this year barring a total meltdown, but your chumps will not get past the first playoff round. You will die before you ever see the brewers ever win a world series. Meanwhile, my cardinals will win another 3-4 in that timeframe. Lastly, whoever let you publish this garbage article needs to get their head examined.

    1. cheesenbeer August 17, 2014

      Screw you and the cardinals. Packers and Brewers for life!!!!!!!!

    2. Arcturus August 17, 2014

      Whomever let him publish this article is him, because he own this site. You are a typically stupid Cardinal fan twat waffle.

  6. Organicbuzz August 17, 2014

    How does Monty feel about players high on recreational drugs? No way to keep everyone substance free. A lot of players took pharmaceutical meth in 60’s and 70’s.

  7. Salazar August 18, 2014

    This blog has become consistently negative and not funny at all anymore.

    1. John Denver's Gavel August 18, 2014

      ::farts in hand, smells palm::