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Green Bay Packers 2014 Final Roster Analysis

Scott Tolzien

The Green Bay Packers finalized their 2014 53-man roster on Saturday — the initial one, anyway. We’ve already looked at the guys they cut. Here’s who they kept and what we find interesting about that.

QB — Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn, Scott Tolzien

Yup. The Packers kept three quarterbacks. Although we didn’t have three on our projected final roster, there’s really no surprise here, especially after the quarterback debacle of 2013. What’s really great is that we had a bunch of local beat writers to write the EXACT SAME STORY about the Packers keeping three quarterbacks.

What is actually interesting is the Packers apparently still view Flynn as the No. 2, even though he was outplayed by our boy Scooter Tolzien during the preseason.

RB — Eddie Lacy, James Starks, DuJuan Harris,

FB — John Kuhn

Exactly as expected.

WR — Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin, Davante Adams, Jeff Janis

It seemed like the Packers would end up with six receivers. We thought that guy would be Myles White. A lot of people thought it would be Kevin Dorsey. Alex Gillett even had a decent case. The Packers don’t NEED six receivers, but they had the talent to go heavy at the position. The only question mark entering the final week of the preseason was Janis and he easily locked up a roster spot with is performance in the final game.

TE — Richard Rodgers, Brandon Bostick, Andrew Quarless, Ryan Taylor

To be quite honest, it became more and more surprising to us that Quarless stuck as the day went on. We had him on our final 53, but he was one of the last guys to make it. Quarless has experience, but is no more than an average tight end and he does nothing on special teams. It seemed logical to rid the team of a mediocre veteran in order to keep a youngster with promise. Logic is not always applied at 1265 though.

OL — David Bakhtiari, Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, J.C. Tretter, Corey Linsley, Derek Sherrod, Lane Taylor

No surprises at all here. Derek Sherrod sucks, but he’s a former first-round pick and the Packers lack options, so there’s not really anything else to do but keep him. We would not be surprised at all if the Packers sign another offensive lineman.

DL — Datone Jones, Mike Daniels, Josh Boyd, Letroy Guion, Mike Pennel

Five defensive linemen is not an ideal number, but the Packers didn’t really get production from any other defensive linemen during the preseason. In fact, they didn’t get any production from Guion because he had a hamstring injury, but he managed to make the team anyway. That does not make us confident in this group entering the season. If they get in a pinch, it looks like the Packers will turn to Julius Peppers and Mike Neal, both of whom have played defensive end. Pennel was one of two undrafted rookies to make the team. That should be a surprise to no one.

OLB — Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Mike Neal, Nick Perry, Jayrone Elliott, Andy Mulumba

Frankly, we were a little surprised that Child Warrior Andy Mulumba made the roster. Yes, he was on the roster last year, but where was he this preseason? Fending off warlords? We didn’t see him do anything on the field. Elliott was the second undrafted rookie to make the team. Again, that should come as a surprise to no one.

ILB — A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones, Jamari Lattimore, Sam Barrington, Carl Bradford

This is a pretty underwhelming group, but it’s exactly the underwhelming group we expected. There had been some debate about whether Bradford, a fourth-round pick, deserved a roster spot. Based on his play, the answer is no. He was moved from outside linebacker to inside linebacker just last week. We’re guessing Bradford showed enough in that brief audition to make the Packers think he still has some potential.

CB — Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward, Davon House, Jarrett Bush, Demetri Goodson

As you know, we are absolutely appalled that the Packers kept Goodson instead of Jumal Rolle. Rolle outplayed Goodson throughout camp, by a wide margin. In fact, Rolle outplayed a lot of guys. Meanwhile, Goodson’s play made it clear he isn’t ready to contribute. On top of that, he didn’t even play in the final preseason game. The only logical explanation here is the Packers kept Goodson because he’s a draft pick. So let this be a lesson to all of you out there. Don’t you dare come to Green Bay and outplay one of Ted Thompson’s draft picks.

FS — Morgan Burnett, Sean Richardson

SS — Micah Hyde, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Zero surprises in this safety group, which looks greatly improved over last year despite Morgan Burnett’s continued presence.

P — Tim Masthay

K — Mason Crosby

LS — Brett Goode

Woooooo! Specialists! Here’s a question. Why do the Packers need a guy who’s only a long snapper? We’re not suggesting Brett Goode isn’t good at long snapping, but is this really that hard of a job that one of the other two centers on the roster couldn’t do it? You know, then you’ve got yourself another roster spot for a guy who does something other than throw a ball backwards between his legs.

We know, a wild suggestion.

At any rate, the practice squad is up next.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Jackinthebox August 31, 2014

    Meanwhile in Shitcago; M.D. Jennings waived on injury settlement. Basicly an extra pick for us and nothing but expenses for the asshats of midway. Also; didn’t Goodsen have an concussion…if they waived /released him, they would have to pay an injury settlement……I’m guessing they keep him until he clears the medical and then move him to the PS. His old seat goes to an extra lineman (O or D…could use both).

  2. Howard August 31, 2014

    O.K most of the cuts and players on the 53 are not big surprises after factoring injuries except one and that is Goodson. I do not see Goodson as better than either Rolle or Banjo. Jack your thoughts on Goodson make sense otherwise all you can think is WTF!

  3. nurseratchett August 31, 2014

    Goodson also a head scratcher for me; I liked Banjo & Rolle better, but time will tell. If they do wait until he’s healthy, I hope Rolle will still be around.

    1. Phatgzus September 2, 2014

      Same here, I liked them better than Bradford as well. Then again he did look pretty good at his projected position vs. KC’s scrubs.

  4. Howard August 31, 2014

    Good news both are on the PS including Myles White.

  5. 13time1265 August 31, 2014

    Banjo and Rolle were the 2 mistaken cuts this year.

  6. Disposable h3ro August 31, 2014

    Rolle didn’t even make the PS was he signed by another team?

  7. Tim August 31, 2014

    People need to relax with Goodson and learn all the facts. He has a concussion and can’t be waived until he is cleared or they pay the injury settlement. Also Rolle and Banjo both made it to the PS so I guess no one else things they are worthy of a roster spot. Once Goodson is waived a PS player will be brought up and Rolle will be on the PS.

    You can be appalled all you want but why not get the facts first? Might help you here with your blog. I know not to come here for information.

  8. Jtmax September 1, 2014

    We look solid at every position except at ilb. Cobb does worry me though. He has not looked good. We need him to not go raji on us in his contract year.

  9. Phatgzus September 2, 2014

    Do the Packers really need a long snapper? I dunno, would you rather have 3 points or a nice change-of-field about 5 times a game or 3 TOs 20 yards behind the LoS? Me I’ll go with the points and field position; 32 well-paid general managers agree.

  10. Bearz rule!! September 3, 2014

    The packers are terrible.