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Brett Favre Has No Regrets, Except for Those Regrets

Brett Favre

The Brett Favre Goodwill Tour is underway! Bam! Wooooo! Hell yeah!

Old Favrelous is running his pie hole on some Wisconsin radio programs. He was on WTMJ in Milwaukee this morning talking about his relationship with the Green Bay Packers and so forth.

This was his platform to tell us he has no regrets. Well, except for those regrets right there.

I’m not even making this shit up.

So, first, no regrets.

“You can’t go back. That’s the one thing I finally said, ‘It is what it is. It’s over. It’s done with. You can’t change that. You can change today and the future.'”

“I really don’t hold any regrets through my career. That goes from day one until the end.”

no ragrets

No ragrets, brah!

Oh, but wait. It sounds like maybe you have some regrets?

“… the way things ended in Green Bay is very unfortunate. We all can look back at something in our life… I share as much blame as anyone. It’s over and done with. We’re underway in getting a resolution here and it’s a good thing. We move on. We move past it.”



“I can sit here and name so many things from a regret standpoint that I do regret, but there’s nothing I can do about it know but change from this thing forward.”

So to summarize, Brett Favre has no regrets. Well, except those regrets right there.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg August 8, 2014

    As much as I hate Favre, and as much as I am looking forward to seeing him booed again, these posts are only hurting the traffic of this site.

    Maybe it’s time to just neglect the matter altogether, just saying.

    1. You Enjoy Myself August 9, 2014

      What are you talking about, hurting the traffic of this site!

  2. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

    Here is a link to the second interview by Bill Michaels:


    Quite remarkably, and I am not too sure that he simply mispoke, is that he characterized those who are hurt and unforgiving as having turned against THE PACKERS! HA! Unbelievable. Towards the end he does express regret about the infighting, some of the stuff he said, and so on.
    Not sure how much I believe him about anything–that he wants the Packers to do well, that he has regrets, etc.

  3. stubbyduck August 8, 2014

    You need to get over it for crissakes! He was and is a great Packer. He was pissed when he got traded. Ya cant blame him. That doesnt mean he wasnt a great Packer and one of the funnest to watch. You acting like a big baby only makes you look stupid. Get over it.

    1. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

      Get over it–the go to tell off of stuck up, dumber than they come white adolescent girls. Late at night, do you shove a curling iron or hairbrush up your pussy wondering what it its like to be made to feel like a woman, like Deanna and the disturbingly high number of women he womanized and discarded?
      I can and I do blame him. Get over that.
      I will say that while his contrition is quite imperfect, I feel different. I am no longer in perpetual homicidal rage. I am simply saddened by the whole thing.
      I will be reflecting on this for a while, to sort things out. No matter what happens, I will never completely forgive, and I certainly will NEVER forget how we were all on the razor’s edge. One errant penalty in New Orleans was all the difference.
      In short, things will never be as they were.

      1. stubbyduck August 8, 2014

        You sound like a big baby. Grow up and get over it. On to bigger and better things like the current day Packers.
        Honestly your Dad shoulda smacked you a bit more. Man up!

        1. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

          As I said, get over it is what stuck up daddy’s princess teen girls say. As is grow up. How does that curling iron feel late at night?

          1. stubbyduck August 8, 2014

            You lost this battle. Move on…………..

    2. Deepsky August 9, 2014

      Favre wasn’t pissed he was traded. That was his plan all along, before he got traded, to move to another team and the next year go to the Vikings.

      He was pissed he couldn’t play GM by getting receivers he wanted on the team and he was pissed he had to compete with Aaron Rodgers who he knew stood a good chance of our performing him.

  4. Organicbuzz August 8, 2014

    How does E.Wolf know what a daddy’s princess teen girl says? Oh my!

    1. Cheese August 8, 2014

      Why do you think he’s so knowledgeable about age of consent laws? Haha

    2. E. Wolf August 8, 2014

      Some people such are myself are all too well aware of how our culture is devolving. The phenomenon I related to has become fairly ubiquitous. See for e.g. Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America or this episode of Catfish:


      That that manner of speaking makes me my ears bleed tends to discredit your juvenile accusations.

      1. Cheese August 9, 2014

        Accusations? It’s called a joke, learn how to take one. Culture phenomenon or not, if you think I’m watching a forty minute episode of catfish you’re absolutely nuts.
        Speaking of juvenile, isn’t that show for teenage girls?

        1. E. Wolf August 9, 2014

          I fail to see the humor. I do not think accusing someone of something like that is a joking matter Adam Carolla for one likes catfish. I think it is actually very interesting as far as it examines human psychology and a pretty disturbing trend in modern society. I do suspect that much of it is doctored or scripted, which takes a lot of value from it.

          1. Cheese August 10, 2014

            I think it’s more disturbing people actually waste their time watching that garbage. Examines human psychology? It’s a bunch of idiots who are top dumb to make sure the person they’re talking to is who they say they are before meeting, despite the fifty glaringly obvious red flags. Just like it’s so glaringly obvious that it’s scripted that it’s too painful to even watch.

  5. Levi's Dickhole Jeans August 8, 2014

    “Well, I do kind of regret getting busted for sending those dick pics to Jen Sturger.”

    1. Howard August 8, 2014

      If you kind of regret those pics maybe now you could be candid with Goodell about the whole situation. As long as there is a love fest going on maybe Goodell will give you that fifty grand he fined you as a parting gift on your NFL career. Of course the fine was only for:

      “Commissioner Goodell also determined that Favre was NOT CANDID in SEVERAL RESPECTS during the investigation, resulting in a longer review and additional negative public attention for Favre, Sterger, and the NFL. The commissioner notified Favre that he has been fined $50,000 for his FAILURE to cooperate with the investigation in a FORTHCOMING MANNER.”

      We are positive you have always been candid in every respect throughout the years except for that one time. Oh sorry, to be candid several times with Goodell. Well at least we are sure now that you are being candid and forthcoming in every respect. Right……..Right??? O.K get back with us on that.

  6. Abe Frohman August 8, 2014

    This was going to happen one way or another. I have lost respect for Brent as a person, but I think it goes to show that Mark Murphy was and continues to be the better man in all of this. The Packers organization has repeatedly taken the high road – as it should.

    Personally, I’m tired of reading about a guy that is not on the roster. I also don’t care for all these people telling me that I should like it, or that I am or am not a true fan. I’m here, reading this and other posts most days. I watch all the games. I go to some. I read more about it than I probably should. Stop patronizing me and telling me what I should think and feel about it. Brett’s an ass and choked away more than a few NFC championship games, but he was a hell of a QB in the day.

  7. iltarion August 8, 2014

    Hey, Wolf, see any hot 16 year old “women” lately?

    Post some pics, bro.

    Anyway, Monty, who is this Brett Faver that you speak of?

  8. DJ August 8, 2014

    Its just painful watching Favre fumble away chance after chance to put this entire thing to rest.

    The object isnt to get his number retired or for him to be in the Packer HOF….thanks to the Packer organization…those ships have rightly sailed. The object SHOULD BE to squash any and all ill will and unite the fan base so that the people who will boo today will abstain from doing so tomorrow and the people who would sit idle today will cheer for you tomorrow. Why settle for 60% of the fan base when 90% is within your grasp? Why turn the honoring of your career into a controversial spectacle…with the media just salivating to highlight the boos & discontent?

    “It is what it is. Its over…. I cant change that. I have no regrets…”

    Are you fucking kidding me? That is a really sound dispute resolution strategy!! You know people are upset but without a time machine…you’re powerless to do anything about it. lol I’ll use that one on the wife next time we fight and I hurt her feelings. Anybody know a good divorce attorney?

    What a moron.

  9. Mike73 August 8, 2014

    Monty is getting desperate. I mean really, is this blog post supposed to change anyone’s mind? Petros Papdakis put it best. He said Packers fans should give Favre a standing ovation, and the only ones who won’t are sitting with a beer and 40% bodyfat. Lol.

  10. Mike73 August 8, 2014


    Great read on NFL.com about this whole deal. Get over your bitterness, people, and remember how fun Favre was to watch for all those years.

  11. Levi's Dickhole Jeans August 8, 2014

    Now that we’ve established that I’m not forthcoming, I think I’ll try to get on at the IRS.

  12. the real jeff ircink August 8, 2014

    you know if the admins on this site spend half as much time NOT picking at everything Favre says, you could consistently write some good posts. but you won’t (about Favre), so you won’t (consistently write decent posts). i’ve never seen so many commenters who are anti-Monty before – and i’ve just scanned articles/comments. you gotta give it rest at some point, man, or you’ll simply be dismissed in the end.

  13. Levi's Dickhole Jeans August 9, 2014

    Favre’s got it coming. He insulted the entire fan base. He should be thankful that he didn’t help the Vikings win a Super Bowl, or he’d be a pariah in GB. He’s a classic narcissist.

    1. E. Wolf August 9, 2014

      He’s not thankful for that, and not truly regretful. He should still be a pariah in Packerland. Because intent matters as much as the act itself.

  14. the real russ letlow August 9, 2014

    the old dickslinger has divided the fan base, he knows it. maybe after all the PHOF, number ceremony, HOF stuff, let just hope he goes away and we can concentrate on Packer football! Really looking forward to seeing some of the young guys in action tonight!

  15. E. Wolf August 9, 2014

    An astute commentator on jsonline suggests that Murphy and Co will go to all lengths to ensure at least an appearance of unanimous applause, including funneling in artificial applause and otherwise doctoring the acoustics.
    This seems to be his last way of fucking us over by drawing this out instead of just getting it over with and by demanding unanimous adoration and, it would seem, obliging the organization to take all steps to ensure that.

  16. Pharts McGEE August 12, 2014

    E. Wolf, can you use your big smart guy words to describe your love affair with children?