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Brett Favre is Going into Packers Hall in 2015

Brett Favre

Brett Favre will be getting inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame in 2015.

The official announcement is scheduled for Monday, but word leaked out Sunday evening. There has also been speculation that the Packers will retire Favre’s No. 4 this season, even though they already said they wouldn’t.

The Hall holds their induction ceremony in July, so if the Packers are going to retire the number before he gets inducted, then they’d have to do it this year.

The Packers are really jamming this whole thing down our throats, aren’t they?

Having done some work with the Hall of Fame, I can tell you that some of their board members were hell bent on playing a role in the so-called reconciliation between Favre and the Packers. They reached out to him about induction back in 2012, but Favre wanted nothing to do with it.

Former team president Bob Harlan, who now sits on the Hall board, seems to be driving the process these days.

So, you’re getting some Brett Favre whether you want him or not. And as you know, the organization gives exactly zero shits about what you want, so please keep that in mind.

Favre will at least be returning to watch a game in Green Bay this year. He cannot, however, be troubled to show up for the presser on Monday. He’ll be chiming in via phone.

I’m sure we can’t wait to listen to all of these guys pat themselves on the back for giving us something we didn’t ask for and don’t want.

At least it will all be over in a year or so.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese August 3, 2014

    “So, you’re getting some Brett Favre whether you want him or not. And as you know, the organization gives exactly zero shits about what you want.”

    “I’m sure we can’t wait to listen to all of these guys pat themselves on the back for giving us something we didn’t ask for and don’t want.”

    Sure sounds like something YOU don’t want. It’s not like the whole fan base has a blood vendetta out against Favre like a “Pack of E. Wolves.” Pun intended. If the Hall of Fame wants to retire his number, great. If they don’t want to retire his number, great. It’s going to happen eventually.

  2. Howard August 3, 2014

    At least have the common sense to NOT have the ceremony during the Vikings game.

    1. TyKo Steamboat August 3, 2014

      Brett Favre was a Minnesota ViQueen

  3. E. Wolf August 3, 2014

    The guy has a private jet, and he cannot even bother to show up in person, but phones it in.
    Everyone here knows my position. As I have stated before, I am pretty much resigned to this happening. What I am not resigned to happening is absolute, lockstep adoration for a man who wanted the Minnesota Vikings to be Super Bowl Champions and tried to fuck over our team in every way possible. Again, and it seems this has to be repeated as a mantra, people who cheer for this man are cheering for someone who not just wanted but did everything in his power to make the Vikings Super Bowl Champions and fuck us over in one fell stroke. I am also pretty sure he was also gnashing his teeth when we won Super Bowl XLV. And you people cheer for him.
    As I have also stated before, I am hopeful that a sizable contingent of fans, representing those legions of us who are not so forgiving, will not be so obliging and make themselves known on any day he returns, by booing or jeering, and bringing posters and banners that denounce this man and his ultimate betrayal. That will at least be a small taste of tit for tat.
    If that should not happen, if we should be represented–in monolothic and absolute fashion–as a wishy-washy, Milquetoast bunch who KISS THE ASS OF SOMEONE WHO TRIED TO DESTROY US, I will be ASHAMED to be a Packers fan.
    One story I have not yet shared, which might give some insight into how we are perceived by other parts of the country where you actually have to have some edge to get by in life. After the 2009-2010 season, after we only just narrowly averted absolute disaster on par with a zombie apocalypse, a coworker learned of my fanatical support for the Packers. He asked me what I thought of you-know-who. In the conversation, he commented n disbelief and disgust, that Packer fans were actually cheering for a man who made it his god damn mission in life to beat us. My response was that my recollection of the November First Return to Lambeau consisted of far more many boos and jeers. But he is right, how shameful it IS that some of us were cheering for a man donning the uniform of the FUCKING ENEMY, in a personal vendetta to ruin us. And how shameful it would be if all of us to a man were to simply turn our cheek and act as if it is ok. It is not okay, and it will never be ok.
    Yes we won the Super Bowl, yes he failed–but only just so. The number of circumstances for each to have happened is truly daunting indeed: 12th man penalthy and interception, thena Vikings touchdown recalled in the first 2010 game (controversial but most seem to think that was wrong), both Lions winning at Tampa Bay (for the first time in forever and eternity) and the Second Miracle at Meadowlands that then put the Giants and Packers in a de facto playoff game at Lambeau that yours truly witnessed, a last second interception by Tramon Williams in Philly, the Spill-It Pickett fumble without which the Steelers would likely have taken the lead and probably won. Just because a jilted lover leaves you and fucks your sworn enemy and–in the bargain-points a gun at your head and fires only just missing, does not negate how freakishly lucky your sorry ass is OR the fact that a gun was aimed at you and fired.

    1. K.L. August 4, 2014

      This is happening, as it should. Come to peace with it.

    2. Archer August 4, 2014

      Let it Go – Give him a golf clap and move on with your life.

    3. Arcturus August 4, 2014

      Christ I knew this would put a nickel in you and there would be a 2000-word post.

    4. Savage57 August 4, 2014

      Straight up fucking crazy. You truly have gone off the reservation over this shit. And this is only the tip of the iceberg – Brett Favre is conspiring right now to pork your old lady, Wolfie.

      Book your isolation chamber for whatever week this is going down in 2015, otherwise you are going to wind up self-immolating.

      My question – Who are you going to channel all this hate towards when your anti-Favre crusade is overcome by events? Or will you have been sated by your ’15 minutes of fame’, regardless of how perverted and fucked up it is?

      1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014

        Youre fucking right I am nuts. I love this team more than anything. The Packers are a very important part of my life. People thionk that a cheating wife or russian roulette or attempted murder or whatever is too extreme of an analogy. No they aren’t. Packers football is not just a game. Packers football is practically a life or death matter to me, and many others.

    5. You Enjoy Myself August 4, 2014

      Everything hes saying is true.

      Doesn’t mean life has to stop, but because its happening, we should just forget about it…

  4. Shawn Neuser August 3, 2014

    The Packers and Brett Favre have an announcement tomorrow at 1:30.

    We haven’t heard that line since 2008.

    As supported by a recent poll in the local media, and many conversations I’ve had with people here, the vast majority of Packer fans want this.

    Yes, there are still those that hate the man, just like there are those that will love him no matter what he does.

    There will be a standing ovation when Brett returns to Lambeau Field. Count on it. Yes, there will be a smattering of boos, and Brett deserves those, but they will be drowned out by the applause.

    Brett is one of the greatest Packers to ever play for the organization. Nothing can change that. Curly Lambeau tried to move the Packers to LA, and there is a statue of him in front of the stadium.

    There are some wounds that time does not heal, but THIS is not one of those.

  5. Nacho dan August 3, 2014

    Did the stockholders approve this?

  6. RelampagoBlanco August 4, 2014

    Great. One more entire year of Wolf bitching and moaning about the inevitable.

    1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014

      My implacable nature is perhaps the personality trait I am most proud of all.

      1. Kozak August 4, 2014

        It sure wasn’t attractive when you whined and cried for half the season last year about how it was all over when Rodgers got hurt.

        1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014

          Sorry I try to temper my rabid enthusiasm by also managing realistic expectations. Sure wish we could have knocked the Niners out. In any case, if Schwartzy were not coach of the Lions, we would have stayed home.

  7. Deepsky August 4, 2014

    So Favre mentions Ron Wolf and compliments him and then calls him the “greatest GM in the history of the NFL”. Why does he feel the need to do that? This is, of course, a slight to Ted Thompson, a person who Favre hates and he cannot get over this hatred. Notice too, he never mentions the greatness of the Packer organization or the Packers as a team. Just HIS GM.

    As I predicted, this is one of many slights and backhanded compliments that will be coming from Favre leading up to 2015. The national interviews will now begin and he won’t be able to contain his anger. Most of us who see Favre with a stain on his legacy will be able to recognize this, but the Favre crowd will continue to filter out these things.

    1. ay hombre August 4, 2014

      Nice catch. I thought the same exact thing.

    2. T. Jervey August 4, 2014

      Couldn’t agree more Deepsky. When did Packer fans become blind to Bert’s hidden yet obvious ways?

      1. Tucson Packer August 4, 2014

        Because those fans of which you speak of are “#4” fans. Not Packer fans.

        Two different things.

        1. T. Jervey August 5, 2014

          I feel you Tuscon.

  8. LynDickey August 4, 2014

    What the hell is wrong with guys? Who gives one solid shit what Brett did when he was here and when he left. Bottom fucking line, without him the Pack would have never won a Super Bowl. And In the wash of all this kindergarten fuck soup you guys create we won another one after he left! Think about for one piss hard minute you tools! I would pop a pill and pound whiskey with number 4 in a Mississippi minute…

    1. Deepsky August 4, 2014

      A few of items about the comment that the Packers would never win a Super Bowl without Favre.

      First, the most outstanding stat of 1996 was Desmond Howard’s punt return yards, a record which was shattered and still remains shattered today. Even without Favre, the return game would have been huge.

      Second, the Packers had the #1 rank defense in yards and points. Even without Favre, the defense would have been Super Bowl quality.

      Third, by 1997 Mark Brunell’s QB rating would be about the same as Favre’s, by 1998 Brunell’s QB rating surpass Favre’s. And this was with expansion team players giving Brunell a horrible line and receivers.

      I think if Brunell stayed on the Packers, he would have had a very good shot at winning a Super Bowl.

  9. T Pack August 4, 2014

    So what he went to the Vikings. Means nothing to me. I enjoyed watching Favre for many years and that is what I choose to have as my memories of the Favre years. That Monday night game after his father died was sick to watch. Let it go. Retire his number as like it or not he was one of the best Packers ever. Move on.

  10. Skinny August 4, 2014

    Its all an ass kisser fest, they should just put two statues up of Harlan and Favres asses and charge fans a dollar to kiss it. The truth is both those guys were run out of Green Bay because the board was sick of their shit. Im still happy about this though, it just seems forced.

  11. ay hombre August 4, 2014

    They should retire his uniform at the Hall of Fame induction. Then standby with positive crowd noise if need be. Done.

  12. icebowl August 4, 2014

    Still not liking it….
    The things Burt did and said were wrong in so many ways…
    Gave up following baseball years ago….
    With this crap Football may soon follow…….

  13. T Pack August 4, 2014

    You are giving up onfootball cause of what one player said & did? Wow let it go. We got a great qb & rb. Focus on the current team!

  14. Howard August 4, 2014

    Icebowl: do not give up on Packer football because of Favre. He is not worth it. Favre is nothing more than a small portion of Packer and NFL history. Those who are a part of history should not concern us. Our concern should be those who want to change history.

  15. T Pack August 4, 2014

    Favre did change Packer history. Turned the franchise around. Did he act like a dick at the end- yes of course but you really can’t deny what he did for the Pack.

    1. Deepsky August 4, 2014

      Favre alone did NOT change Packer history and if you think this is true, then you don’t know Packer history.

      1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014


      2. Kato August 4, 2014

        If Favre didnt play for the packers then they would not have won a super bowl. Fact. Granted, a lot of things had to come together, as wolfie has pointed out, with Wolf and Holmgren, as well as reggie white coming to town. And a plethora of other factors obviously. But even despite all of those pieces, the packers do not win a super bowl without him. I dont care if they had the number one defense. Granted, it was a good defense. But look back at the quarterbacks that have been winning the big game since the 90s: Aikman, Young, Elway, Brady, ect. Yes Dilfer won a super bowl, but he also had the greatest defense of all time, sorry, the 96 packers defense does not even touch that Ravens defense.

        Does Favre deserve all the credit for pulling the franchise out of the abyss? Nope. But it doesn’t happen without him. That team was in the shitter for TWENTY FUCKING YEARS. They were awful. I am too young to have experienced those teams, but I have watched some of those old games, particularly the late 70’s games, and they were borderline unwatchable. Yeah, there were some flashy players that made them mildly entertaining like James Lofton, but you can say the same thing about the Jaguars and MJD, and many other examples. While it is impossible to predict the course of this team had they not experienced the renaissance that they did in the 90s, we may be talking about a team as, do I dare say it, the Vikings? Or maybe they ended up with the #1 pick in 98 and draft Peyton. I am going to lean toward the former though. It takes some extraordinary events to pull a team out of NFL purgatory like the packers were in, and like many other teams in the NFL have been in. Favre was one of those extraordinary events that led to the ultimate glory of winning the super bowl. Have you guys forgotten how GOOD he was in the 90’s? No, he wasnt putting up 100+ passer rating seasons like Rodgers has, and with all due respect to rodgers because he is obviously one of the top if not the top player in the NFL, but what favre did in the 90s was outstanding and is just as impressive as what rodgers is doing now.

    2. Howard August 4, 2014

      Sorry T Pack what I meant by change history is rewrite history.

    3. You Enjoy Myself August 4, 2014

      No ones trying to deny the good he did. We just don’t want to brush the bad away like it didn’t happen.

  16. PACKATTACKINMPLS August 4, 2014

    Its about FN time…All you FN whiners still hung up on the whole Viqueens deal get the f*** over it.
    I had to deal with it living in MPLS for 2 years Favre this Favre that Oh how much we love him. Well F*** You Minnesota he is still part of the Packers Org and will always be. So to everyone calling him a traitor shut the F*** up and get over it. ITS A FUCKING GAME AND A BUSINESS!!!!


    Congrats Brett Favre!!!!!

    GO PACK GO!!!!


    1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014

      Get over it huh? You know what has a great propensity for getting over things? Stupid barn animals. A rodeo bull comes to mind, who often times tries to kill the guy riding him, and then quickly get over in about two seconds time once a rodeo clown distracts him.
      I for one am the exact opposite of a dumb rodeo bull. I have a memory and an IQ above 100, as well as dignity and backbone.
      I will never shut the fuck up, fuck YOU very much!

    2. Howard August 4, 2014

      MPLS: Whiners, shut the F up, get over it, F ers. You sound like one of those rejects from Minnesota who can not carry on a discussion because you already lost the debate. Pull up your britches Nancy everyone has an opinion with good points by most if not all.

      You know you could move as it appears that Minnesota reject virus has infected you. Before you wrote Go Pack Go I hope you took off your Favre #4 Vikings jersey?

  17. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey August 4, 2014

    Brett Favre is a dick. Retire his number, put him in the hall, and let’s never see this asshole in Lambeau ever again.

    Great player? Sure. Great dude? Hell no.

  18. John August 4, 2014

    Great it will be a great day in Packerland when we welcome Brett home !!

  19. John August 4, 2014

    E. Wolf, I suspect you will never grow up. Why don’t you join the ViQueen fans? Us Packer fans don’t want yah

    1. E. Wolf August 4, 2014

      Grow up? Never heard that one before. Shut your piehole, you sound like a valley girl.

    2. Tucson Packer August 4, 2014

      Hi John.

      YOU don’t speak for ALL Packer fans.

      Thank yah

  20. the real jeff ircink August 4, 2014

    jam, jam, jam down your throats. love it. :)

  21. Gort August 4, 2014

    I wish that they were not waiting for another year. Bite the bullet, get it done. Now we must endure another year of EW’s diatribes.

    Brett is a retired football player. He is not a politician. He doesn’t need to please everybody. He is entitled to his opinion, just like EW is entitled to his opinion. I am sure that there are people that like EW and there are people that like Brett. I would be willing to bet that even EW was a Brett Favre fan for about 10 or 11 years. He worked his ass off to please all of you. He got his bell rung several times and usually came back after taking only a play or 2 off. He puked on the field when he got hit hard and was sacked. He played a great game after his father died and before the man was buried. Brett Favre never missed a work day (games started) for over 16 years with the Packers. How many of you never missed a work day in 16 years?

    Yeah, I get it. There was a “real bad divorce”, but it is time for the bitterness to end, at least enough for civilized conversation. I don’t have a triple digit IQ, like some of you, but I do have enough common sense to know when to stop. That is my last comment on this BS.

    1. Kato August 4, 2014

      Very well said. Yes, Favre was a dick and still is a dick. I am not sure that I like him personally anymore. But the fact remains, he did as much for that organization as just about anyone in packers history. Not trying to get people to the Favre bandwagon or anything, I just think it is silly to be discussing this still and calling each other names over something so stupid. Personally I would be very disgusted if people boo at the ceremony, but at the same time people are going to have their own opinions, however misguided they may be. I despise Tom Brady more than perhaps anyone, however if I was at his HOF enshrinement, I think I would find it in myself to do the mature thing and politely clap and acknowledge the greatness he did achieve on the football field before going back to hating him.

      1. Cheese August 4, 2014

        If it wasn’t for the tuck rule and the Patriots spying department we would even know who Tom Brady is.