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Will It Really Be This Year for Brett Favre? We Shall See

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers

“In terms of when he would come back, we’ve had ongoing discussions with him, very good relations. We are talking about bringing him back for a game this year. We had discussions last year about bringing him back for a game; those were not fruitful, but we’re hopeful we can get him back for a game this year.”

*IF* this is all Mark Murphy said on the matter of a Brett Favre return to Lambeau, it would seem it is not at all determined that Judas will return this year, but rather that Murphy and his men are once again simply begging the egomaniac to do so.

His statement makes mention of talking and being hopeful. Nothing indicates it is a done deal.

Lacking any semblance of dignity or self-respect — after all, by stating that he is not in fact afraid of getting booed or jeered, Berty basically called Murphy a liar — this strikes me as a prophylactic measure to contain the very same sort of drama this man has been inflicting on us since before 2007. Starting with the will-I or will-I-not-retire drama, such dramatics eventually ballooned into the ultimate backstabbing against the Packers, which further instigated a veritable civil war among Packers fans and erstwhile turncoats. A civil war which I thought was settled with a calamitous second year as a Viking and the Packers’ hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy in Dallas.

I will believe it when an actual date is confirmed. As for the sort of lockstep, uniform adoration this asshole demands, absolute adoration that silences all dissent, silencing any booing or jeering, I will not believe that until I see it — a day I would truly come to rue with gnashing of teeth. It really seems that the fact that many Packers fans are not all smiles and sunshine and refuse to simply turn our cheek and lick his ass like so many pandering lapdogs would do far more damage than one would otherwise expect to his gigantic but still fragile ego. To humble him so may only be just a taste of tit for tat, not quite achieving the just desserts of full retribution that he so richly deserves. But any small taste of tit for tat is better than none at all.

Mark my words, before all of this is said and done, Berty Judas will have once again betrayed those Packers fans who still adore him: Packers fans who continue to extend this man an unbelievable gesture of kindness and goodwill and forgiveness. An incredible gesture made despite donning the uniform of the ENEMY and doing everything in his power to make the Vikings Super Bowl champions (that mere phrase propels me into vertigo) and irretrievably derail the McCarthy-Rodgers era. A vendetta that, but for one fluke 12th man penalty and subsequent interception in New Orleans, he very nearly succeeded in exacting. He will either delay it another year, or not come back until after being admitted into the Hall of Fame, or he will draw the tortuous affair out yet further by hemming and hawing, pussy-footing around, just as he did with the shall-I-retire or shall-I-not soap opera. Favre will once again prove that, as that Minnesota beat reporter stated in Last Day at Lambeau, “Brett Favre does not give a shit about you, Packer fans.”

As for the turncoats still in our midst, i.e. those despicable subhuman vermin who were donning enemy colors in our very presence and at that most crucial hour when the enemy were at our very gates, and who are now once again coming out of the woodwork like the cockroaches that they are?  Their loyalty is to Favre and not to the Packers, and their adoration and allegiance to him is as unwavering as it is blind and downright vile. For me, it all comes to show that the death penalty is truly the ideal and just sanction for high treason. Indeed, how nice would it be if we could, for once and for all, dispense of these traitorous elements from our midst for all time. Peace, unity, and brotherhood in Packerland would at long last be restored.

A few visual reminders of the ongoing Civil War in Packerland.  Thanks, Brett.

God damn Turncoats, trading on our colors. Off to the gallows!

God damn turncoats, treading on our colors. Off to the gallows!

Remember monstrosities like these, desecrating our Green and Gold colors with those of the enemy?

Remember monstrosities like these, desecrating our Green and Gold colors with those of the enemy?

A rare case of leniency? Perhaps, but only because she is a woman and kinda cute. Really deserves a hard, brutal grudge fuck, however. Don't trade on our colors!

A rare case of leniency? Perhaps, but only because she is a woman and kinda cute. Really deserves a hard, brutal grudge fuck, however. I wonder though if Berty ever texted her. Regardless, don’t tread on our colors!

E. Wolf

Just a Packers fan and native Seattleite left stranded in New York City, and apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the near disaster in New Orleans in January of 2010. Bleeds Green and Gold through and through. Listens to indie and hardcore industrial and aggrotech music, and thus would much rather hear Headhunter by Front 242 or Front Line Assembly's "Mindphaser" than "Celebrate" or "I Gotta Feeling" in the fourth quarter, or any time.



  1. Archer July 27, 2014

    This article doesn’t seem up this site’s usual standards…

  2. CO Bob July 27, 2014

    Ok….death penalty?
    This sounds a little sociopathic to me. I don’t hear any threats, but to suggest it warrants some thought.

    Assuming it’s not Monty….normally you get the “Lord Favre” or “Cockslinger” references.

    If this person continues this type of tone, I would report them to authorities. It’s a fucking game people…..

    1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

      You can clearly see I was the author on the main page.
      And no, my exhortations are not tantamount to an incitement of violence that is legally actionable. Don’t believe me? Just look into a wonderful gangsta rap ditty called “Fuck tha Police” with far more imminent exhortations of violence against white cops.
      And yes I stand by every word. I hate these god damn turncoats with every fibre of my being.

    2. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

      Oh, and Green Bay Packers football is NEVER just a game.

  3. Howard July 27, 2014

    There are three things regarding Favre that created problems with his thought process. First Favre needed strong father figures in his life. Favre lost Holmgren and Holmgren from my perspective kept Favre somewhat grounded in the football arena. Once Holmgren left Favre believed he was the team. The only way the team could win is if Favre won the game by himself. This attitude I believe created some playoff losses that could have been avoided. Second Favre lost his father whom I believe kept Favre somewhat grounded as a individual. I do not believe Favre was getting good advice from some family members and his agent. Third Favre started buying into the Favre legend. I am the greatest. Their is no one like me. I can do what I want and to hell with anyone who disagrees. In Favre’s defense a lot of people fall into this trap.

    I for one believe that Lambeau field is sacred ground and I do not believe anyone should boo a past player who was part of a championship or Super Bowl team. That is like booing history and the Packers and Lambeau field have great history. With that said I could not fault anyone for cheering Favre either. I personally would remain silent. I believe the silence option is respectful to Lambeau field and so to speak voices my opinion of Favre. We have all heard how some teams and players relish the boos in enemy territory. If Favre is truly an enemy why give him the satisfaction of boos. If Favre is as I believe a me first person then silence would bother him more than anything.

    The one item that really pisses me off is individuals who are Packers (want to be) fans who have to wear another teams jersey or portions of such into the hallowed grounds of Lambeau field. Those people are disrespectful and abominations to the Packer family.

    The day will come when Favre will return and each person will have to make their one decision regarding Favre’s return. I think we should follow advise from that great philosopher Curly in City Slickers as follows:

    Curly: Do you know what the secret of life is?
    [holds up one finger] This.
    Mitch: Your finger?
    Curly: One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don’t mean shit.
    Mitch: But, what is the “one thing?”
    Curly: That’s what you have to find out.

    We all have that one thing to figure out when Favre returns. It is an individual thing. We should not fault anyone’s individual decision unless the assholes wear Vikings gear to the event.

  4. Deepsky July 27, 2014

    Every time I hear Favre say “true Packer fans understand” I am again reminded of how distorted his viewpoint is.

  5. Cheese July 27, 2014

    I can’t stand those douchebags that wear vikings jerseys and claim to be Packer fans. To be honest I was more on Favre’s side at the time of the split, due my lack of knowledge of how to run a football team and everything else that was going on, but no way am I going to wear another teams jersey.

    There was some old guy that used to come into where I worked all the time wearing vikings apparel. So naturally I just thought he was a vikings fan. Then one day he was wearing a Packers hat and I was like WTF? Someone else made a comment to him about Favre and he blew up, started yelling about how the Packers were unloyal, ungrateful, blah blah blah and stormed out the door.

    I understand if you’re emotional, hurt, whatever…. but the second you put a vikings jersey on is the moment you cross the fuckin line.

    1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

      And so whose side were you on on Nov 1, 2009, or the game before that in Minnesota?

      1. Phatgzus July 27, 2014

        Packer fan 1st, Favre fan 2nd-I have no qualms saying I rooted for Favre against anyone but the Packers or a teams that would help the Packers in the standings; I even went for them in the NFCCG-I’m glad they lost just not the way they did. I have nothing but immense respect for the way Favre PLAYED TE GAME and t he LOVE HE HAD FOR IT, that for me transcends everything. I understand his actions may be constued as that of a petulant child, but it was a petulant child who’s MAIN desire was pure-to win another Lombardi Trophy. I believe that he believed his best shot was in Minnesota-and while I hate the Vikings more than all but a few teams (Donkeys, Seasquawks, and 49ers), I can understand his thinking pragmatically-they had a very good D led by the Sheep-shagger, the Williams twins, and Winfield, (the last 3 granted on the decline but still better than most), and an O featuring a prime AD (one of the best RBs of all-time, pure and simple), Sydney Rice, and Percy “China Doll” Harvin. I get it, he betrayed the Packers, but he was a competitor who wanted to win “uber alles” (as you might say) and he wasn’t exactly afforded the opportunity in GB (rightfully so) or NY. What would you do in his situation, Wolf, roll over and fucking die? I doubt it, You’d try to win it all, and in the process, stick it to everyone who doubted you along the way, including your former employer.

        Yeah, the Vikings are shit, and Favre made a shitty choice for 2 years, but he also gave his Gdo damn heart and soul to our team-the true “World’s team”-for 16 fucking years, through broken thumbs and JV WR corps, so drop it, it’s over, what’s done is done, be the bigger man, pick any phrase you want, just let it go, because it’s over-O-V-E-R.

        1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

          It was not just about winning a Lombardi, I really believe that was secondary to the vendetta. After all, the Jets were just as formidable with Sanchez as quarterback.

      2. Cheese July 27, 2014

        I was inside Lambeau Field wearing a Packers jersey. Afterwards I was walking to my vehicle with a bunch of purple fags running their mouths about how they won the game. Oh how I hated them.

        And the game before that I was a block away drinking beers at Anduzzis, probably amongst a bunch of bandwagon viking fans. Packers lost, I got hammered.

        I will never root for the vikings, or any other team that plays the Packers. I wont even play fantasy football because I could give a shit less about any player that doesn’t play in Green Bay. My friend asked me to be in his FF league. I said that I was going to pick all Packer players. He told me I couldn’t because it would ruin it for everybody else, so I wanted nothing to do with it.

  6. Luke g July 27, 2014

    This was a distastefully written article. You can get your point across without all the swearing in an article.

  7. Kristofer July 27, 2014

    I didnt even want to read this full article. Its annoyingly out dated, why do you have to keep bringing this subject up. I am not for or against Favre. He is a guy who used to play for the Packers. Get over it already. Why hold such a grudge for so long. I recognize that due to Favre’s accomplishments while a green bay packer, his number should be retired. Wolf, you sound like a little girl who cant let things go and who tries to stuff way too much lengthy vocabulary into your articles/ comments. There is a point where it gets to be too much. Also, why care so much about what other poeple want to do, in that regard, you sound like Hitler. I guess, all i can say, time to grow up.

    1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

      “Get over it” and “grow up” coming from the likes of a Favre apologist–never heard those lines before. Not ever.
      Why hold a grudge for so long? Both myself and many others have expressed our position quite succinctly many, many times. We must repeat ad nauseum ad infinitim ONLY because of the apparent inability of people LIKE YOU to comprehend or even acknowledge our objections. Here are some of the more immediate objections yet once again, in bullet form. If you really want people like me to “get over it,” try addressing or refuting at least some of them. But you and your kind cannot. So round and around and around it goes.

      – I harbor a VISCERAL HATRED for the Vikings that is almost as strong as my love for the Packers. Berty not only played for them, he finagled his way out of a contract with the Jets for the specific purpose of waging a vendetta against our Packers as a Viking.

      – INTENT MATTERS. Yes he failed but he only failed by the narrowest of margins. All of you Favre cocksuckers (or would be cocksuckers) act like it does not. We won the Super Bowl, so the mortal danger we were in somehow in does not matter. One again I ask you and those like you this: If you concede that helping the Vikings actually win a Super Bowl is unforgiveable, as most do, including Steve Homer Treu, NAME A SINGLE INSTANCE OF WRONGDOING that, if fulfilled successfully would be unforgivable, but if it only just fails somehow then becomes forgivable. There are lots of things people regard as unforgivable–murder, a wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you, treason, killing one’s pet cat or dog, a Gordon Gekko style hostile takeover bid to gut a company and sell off its assets, disenfranchising its thousand of employees. Or, for me, ruining the future of a team I love more than anything while taking our most hated rival to the promised land. Whatever it is, whatever analogy you want to use, name one–JUST ONE–unforgivable thing that would somehow become forgivable because he only just barely failed. UNTIL YOU CAN NAME SUCH AN INSTANCE, I will not ever get over it, ever. Just as I would never get over high treason, attempted murder, so on and so forth.

      Also, why care so much about what other poeple want to do, in that regard, you sound like Hitler. I guess, all i can say, time to grow up.

      Because I am rightly intolerant of that which offends me. And that whole turncoat phenomenon that happened in 2009 was offensive to me. Affinity for sports teams, but above all the few transcendent teams like the Packers, create a sense of tribalism that is an intrinsic part of human nature, a band of brothers. This is why complete strangers commune when they see each other donning the same colors, and take an immediate disliking to someone wearing enemy colors. And yes I do take an immediate disliking to someone simply for wearing anything involving the Vikings. And just as I have gone up to strangers on the subway or elsewhere in the city wearing Packers stuff saying “right fucking on, GO PACK,” as others have done to me, I have gone up to people wearing Vikings baseball caps and told them “Vikings suck, Go Pack.”
      But when people who hold themselves out as Packer fans DARE to don these enemy colors, that to me is like a bull seeing red, taking things to a whole different level.
      On that November 1st game I nearly got in a bar fight with just a turncoat, and got an applause from a crowd mostly of Jets and Giants fans after getting in his face telling him off, telling him to remember me a year or to from now after his little boyfriend retired and Rodgers, with a replenished offensive line, wins it all. I even asked him if he fucks himself in the ass at night, wondering what is like to be made to feel like a woman, like Deanna. Being an Irish bar with a lot off-the-boat Irish, they called me Cujo thereafter.
      Having suffered through this whole charade for several years now, I now really wish a lot more of us acquired some of the more foreboding traits of Raiders or Philly fans, or better yet European football fans. Anyone wearing Vikings gear at Lambeau field should be made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. Someone who turns on our colors or presents themselves as a literal turncoat while wearing Vikings gear in conjunction with our green and gold colors and that sacred, illustrious oval G symbol, there should be absolute hell to pay. If fights or beatings or even shankings resulted from such, I would not condemn it. Not at all. People who do that are absolute scum and deserve no sympathy, indeed not even humanity. Mess with bulls, you get torn up, Play with fire, you get burned.
      You may retort, but try addressing our actual position, rather than simply cry “get over it” or “grow up” like some spoiled and not altogether too bright teen princess.

  8. Cheese July 27, 2014

    Dude we get it, Favre did some stupid shit. Any dirt you bring up on him is probably true. But at some point you have to stop and ask yourself “how am I benefiting from this as a person?” This whole topic makes you absolutely miserable. The way you write makes it sound like your blood pressure is about to explode. If you truly feel like this and aren’t just spicing it up for a more amusing article, there is no way this isn’t affecting your health.

    People who complain are typically butthurt losers who are trying to cope with their shitty situations, where as the winners are too busy enjoying themselves and having fun to even think about complaining. The Packers WON THE SUPER BOWL, and the vikings didn’t. I don’t see much to complain about there. Sounds like a perfect situation.

    Sure Favre came close, but close isn’t good enough. Yes he will get his number retired and a bust in Canton, but after that he rides into the sunset. He has no more opportunities to win a Super Bowl as a player. He’s DONE. Where as the Packers keep on going. Adios Lorenzo.

    If the vikings win it all that year, so what. They would have earned it. They had a great team. I believe they were better than the Aints and the Colts. They were clearly better than Green Bay that year. Favre should of won MVP no question with how he brought that team together. Unfortunately Peyton Manning has his cock lodged so far down the NFL’s throat it’s ridiculous.

    So what I’m saying is, stop beating the dead horse. Favre is gone. He boosted his stats in Minnesota and nothing else. Being angry and miserable all the time isn’t good for you. Plus it’s obviously starting to get to everybody else on here. You’re bringing down the entire vibe. Not cool man. Pretty soon people are going to ignore you, or stop coming to this site altogether. Quit complaining and start THRIVING. Instead focus on what makes you happy, what you’re passionate about in a positive way and talk about that. It feels much better and people will actually want listen to it. Sorry if I sound like Tony Robbins but this Favre thing is SO FUCKING OLD!!

    1. Archer July 27, 2014

      Well said. And I bet you didn’t even go to Fox Valley Tech like E. Wolf….

      1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

        I live in NYC and am originally from Seattle. My academic credentials are actually quite substantial, but still; if you are to continue with these juvenile insults, at least try to make them at least remotely feasible.

        1. Archer July 28, 2014

          Juvenile? There is nothing more shallow and juvenile than your obsession with Brett Fav-re.

          Honestly, if this is what you do for a living, I feel really bad for you; it’s one thing to be a self-absorbed journalist, with pretend accolades, but to also be really bad at it is a completely different level of failure.

          Wolfina, if they taught you anything at Fox Valley Technical College, it should have been that the secret to good communication is brevity…your thesarus responses that go on for years are really rather, elementary.

          1. E. Wolf July 28, 2014

            You cannot possibly be that slow to still not perceive how implacable I am. Do you really think your insults, or anyone’s insults, are going to persuade me?
            If my writings were really so juvenile, you’d just not read and ignore them. Instead, you chomp at the bit for every opportunity to attack me.

          2. the real jeff ircink August 1, 2014

            wolf e – attacked you? i’ve read your comments throughout this post. attacked you? please.

        2. bob at 81 July 28, 2014

          wolfy, it doesn’t take all the credentials to just be a good human being, what it takes – is the golden rule – i’ll stake my 82 years against all your dr”ets and give you that many years to GROW UP. GO PACK

    2. E. Wolf July 27, 2014


      First of all, having clarified that you are a Packer fan and not one of these Favreists, I have nothing but respect for you personally, you and everyone who holds your position.
      Two quick replies. So if your wife or gf arranged to cheat on you with sworn enemy, or tried to arrange a gangbang that was only cancelled at the last minute–in other words tried but failed-would you let bygones be bygones.
      Second, and I think this is part of the problem, I believe had he succeeded, the outlash would have been so sever as to make 2010 impossible. Remember those kids cursing out Aaron Rodgers, remember all those picketers demanding the return of number four. It would have been that and more on steroids. Remember, a lot of fluky stuff had to come together for us to win the Super Bowl, indeed the Vikings game at Lambeau that year. We succeeded by the narrowest of margins.

      1. Cheese July 28, 2014

        First off, Favre did have a gangbang with Minnesota. But can you blame him? We all love sex and his previous girlfriend of 15 years dumped him, even though it was probably his fault. Plus Minnesota was way more attractive than New York.

        I would move onto a new girlfriend, and ten years down the road when none of it even matters anymore maybe we can have a coffee, talk about good times, and I can retire her number. That doesn’t mean I have to get upset or even forgive her. By getting upset, that would take away from the enjoyment I could have with my current girlfriend. The one who wants to be with me and make me happy. Why would I mess that up?

        Yes the vikings came close that year, but close doesn’t mean crap. Yes Packer fans would have been devastated and the aftermath would have been terrible. But it didn’t happen. Everything worked out. Enough with the what ifs.

        I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where the puck has been- Wayne Gretzky

        1. E. Wolf July 28, 2014

          Again, I feel there is a disconnect about intent.
          I struggle to find a suitable analogy.
          How about this–someone takes a revolver and plays a sort of reverse russian roulette on you, with five or six of seven chambers filled, rather than one, puts the gun at your temple, pulls the trigger, and miraculously you live to tell the tale–that one empty chamber happens to land in the chamber. The six out of seven analogy holds true because at that very moment, the chances of winnig had to at least approximate Longwell’s percentage at such a range. (And if the Vikings win that game, I am more certain than anything that they then win it all, particularly given that 18 is a greater choke artist than Berty).
          Should I just let bygones be bygones and shake his hand. After all, in your own words, the results could have been “devastat[ing] and the aftermath would have been terrible. But it didn’t happen. Everything worked out.”

          1. Cheese July 28, 2014

            To me personally, getting worked up over Favre is a waste of my time and energy. I have many other things I can focus on that are a lot more enjoyable. Like Rodgers getting more SB rings that Brett ever did.

            It’s DONE. Everything worked out. Favre will never play another down in the NFL ever again, EVER. No more what ifs.

            Yesterday dont mean shit- Pantera

          2. E. Wolf July 28, 2014

            You did not answer my question.

          3. Cheese July 28, 2014

            Yes I did. Talking about this is a waste of time.

            I believe YOU have a disconnect about intent, because comparing the foolish actions of a professional football player to someone blowing your head off with a revolver is absolutely ludicrous. For some reason I get the feeling that I would not want to be one of your ex-girlfriends.

            I don’t give a shit anymore.
            Favre be with you

          4. E. Wolf July 28, 2014

            It is an imperfect analogy to be sure, but it holds up insofar as what Favre did was also wrongdoing.
            Again, the Packers are a very important part of my life.

    3. therealChuckywasCecil July 28, 2014

      Cheese: Thank you for a rational response to this endless, frustrating topic.

  9. Carl w a "C" July 27, 2014

    Wolf is killing the site.
    Carl w a “C”

    1. RelampagoBlanco July 27, 2014

      Agreed. It’s the same regurgitated anti-Favre thesis. Time to get a new hobby there Wolfie.

    2. Kristofer July 27, 2014

      I second this. When i come to this site, i want to hear about the current packers players. I am finding myself visting this site less and less because of E. Wolf dominating every single message board. If Wolf were to do all this say, a half decade ago, i would probably still care about the issue. Please make it stop. Maybe ban Wolf from the website because there are far more poeple annoyed with his over-reacting comments than poeple who agree with the guy

      1. E. Wolf July 27, 2014

        Grow up and get over it.
        Note that as usual my objections stand completely unaddressed by you and your ilk.

        1. Archer July 28, 2014

          Wolfina, if you have to use 10 cent words and continually tell people that you are very educated, you probably are not.

          Also, it’s insulting to the people who read this blog to have their competence questioned. They should have taught you that at Fox Valley Tech – as a “journalist” don’t insult your readers unless if you are Howard Stern.

          1. E. Wolf July 28, 2014

            Stop putting words in my my youth you ugly, yappy little dog. I replied to snide comment by retardo blanco or (whatever his name) that I need to use a thesaurus, stating simply, “no I don’t, I have a classical education.

        2. RelampagoBlanco July 28, 2014

          Wow. Retardo Blanco. Pretty sick burn there Wolfie.

      2. the real jeff ircink August 1, 2014

        yah! what Kristofer said!

        1. E. Wolf August 2, 2014


  10. Richard Crainium July 28, 2014

    E wolf is really Brett Favres pen name….. Both mentally unstable.

    Let it go! We still love what you did for us Brent!

  11. Abe Frohman July 28, 2014

    Back to the issue at hand: is this the year?

    This seems to be a carefully orchestrated little skit. Murphy is playing “good cop”. We welcome Brett back. Suggesting, like my Dad would, that we should all act like adults in this matter. Then you’ve got the ol’ gun slinger saying “I don’t care if you boo me” because I’m a MAN and I do what I want to do – like play for the Vikings. Sorry E. but I don’t see Brett calling Murphy a liar in that.

    This is all about testing the waters and gauging everyone’s reaction. Outside of E. Wolf, I think you’ve got most people saying “meh….who cares now? Welcome back, Brett” I am not one of those people. I’m a forgive but don’t forget kind of guy. I’m not letting him affect my life, but I’m certainly not going to rejoice in his “triumphant return”

  12. the real jeff ircink July 28, 2014

    e. wolf – man you are a real psycho on this whole Favre thing. the fact that you’re constantly talking about him and now blogging here about him shows all of us that you maybe like him more than you’re letting on. i mean – you seem more of a Favre fan than i am. really. i’m laughing over here in Greendale, man. NOW i come to this site just to read your comments. ;)