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It’s About the Money for Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

And here we thought no one was interested in Jermichael Finley because they were afraid he’d get reinjured. In reality, it’s about the money.

Finley revealed that he has indeed had a contract offer — from the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose team doctor performed his spinal fusion surgery — but that offer was too low for his liking.

Finley plans on having an MRI and a CAT scan on Wednesday and then sending those results to all 32 teams as proof that he can play. And then he’ll wait some more.

“As long as I wait, you know and I know, guys are going to go down and the money’s going to shoot up,” Finley said. “It’s all a waiting game right now.”

Finley termed his offer from the Steelers as one where the money “ain’t where it’s supposed to be.” He’s also visited the Seahawks and Patriots this offseason, but it doesn’t appear that he received an offer from either of those teams. The same goes for the Green Bay Packers, who have said they’d like Finley to return, but have done nothing to make that happen.

Finley has little leverage at the moment if he wants to play in the NFL again. He’s coming off a major injury and no team is seriously bidding for his services.

He does, however, have a backup plan. He could collect a $10 million insurance policy if he walks away from the game. That appears to be a realistic scenario at this point, although he’s been training all offseason. And why would you work so hard to get ready for the season if you didn’t really want to continue playing?

On one hand, the guy says he’s a competitor. On the other hand, it’s clearly about the money.

It can’t really be both ways for Finley. We’re sure we’ll find out what it’s really about in the next month or so.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg July 15, 2014


    I have been saying it all offseason, Finley is a big headed selfish unloyal entitled injury prone brat with a big mouth!!! He’s a CANCER!

    I wouldn’t take him back for the league minimum! I wouldn’t even take him back for a fresh fruit basket!


    1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014


  2. Howard July 15, 2014

    Going, going, going, GONE

  3. Cheese July 15, 2014

    I don’t think any team is going to offer him more than a $10 million dollar contract. Take the insurance money and run, that is if you can hang on to it butterfingers.

  4. Kristofer July 15, 2014

    Finley has so much talent and creates such a matchup nightmare for teams that it is a no-brainer to re-sign the guy. It is worth putting up with his mouth if he is anywhere close to the same player he was before the injury. So since he isn’t signed to a contract yet says a lot about where he his physically.

    1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014

      No, it’s not. I wanted the guy gone two years ago. He is sort of a nerfed version of a diva receiver like Randy Moss or Terrell Owens. The tremendous talent is more than cancelled out by the locker room cancer he brings. Finley showed a lot of that type of personality. The only reason it never blossomed fully is because he never truly realized his potential.
      That position may have been debatable before, but with this injury it is a no brainer.
      Here’s to Colt Lyerla, a white boy who can actually catch the ball.

    2. You Enjoy Myself July 15, 2014

      His mouth wasn’t even a problem last year anyway. Loker Room Cancer, thats bogus. And we don’t want him no matter what, but if its for $3 or so million or less, why the hell not.

      1. pPhaygzus July 16, 2014

        Why the Hell not? Because:
        1) The Packers have a 53-man roster like every other NFL team, and a whole helluva lot of talent to winnow.
        2) They could be sued for a whole helluva lot if they clear him to play and he injures himself in a manner related o his original injury.
        3)That money could bhelp keep a player like Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb in town.

  5. MGP July 15, 2014

    If he take the insurance policy, he can no longer play?

    I mean, forever?

  6. MGP July 15, 2014

    And it´s always about the money….

    No player want´s to play for a certain team just because it was a childhood dream..

    In the soccer it´s the same shit…

    My team buy´s a player and in a year or two he makes pressure to be sold to England or Spain, were he can earn much more money….

  7. Nacho dan July 15, 2014

    You guys must work for free right?

    1. Chad Lundberg July 15, 2014

      I make about 350 a week to serve people meat and get only two weeks of paid vacation a year. Finley wants millions to catch a football and work only six months out of the year.

      Please, make yourself useful and stop comparing millionaire’s to middle class.

  8. Sgt Handle July 15, 2014

    Screw this puke! He is a cancer. Cut him loose! Or better yet send him to Minnesota!

  9. Kristofer July 15, 2014

    I dont understand where finley has done everyone so wrong that he is called a cancer. I know he had said some debatable things but when had he ever cost the packers a game? To hope he doesn’t resign with packers or hope he signs with the Vikings is absolutely ludicrous. He is a top 5 TE in the league if not number 2 if still same player before the injury. He is a freak of an athlete and that is how front offices see him. Those of you butt hurt by his past comments need a reality check and need to look at the league in a different view point, the view point that every GM in the league has then u may realize the difference a guy like finley has on a teams TE position. The packers are a better team with him.

    1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014

      He is a top 5 TE in the league if not number 2 if still same player before the injury.

      Bullshit. I demand statistics to show that. Even if that were true, which it is not, the eye test, with all the dropsies in particular, invalidates that. And in any case, the sort of injury he has suffered in all likelihood means he ceases to be a TE in the league at all.

    2. Howard July 15, 2014

      The Packers won a Super Bowl without Finley and Finley missed a large part of that year. So what makes the Packers a better team with Finley?? I do not believe you can have a better team for that year than a Super Bowl winning team.

      I do not even care about Finley’s previous comments. What I see is a player who is constantly injured ( knee, two concussions, and fused spinal column). His own son wanted his dad to retire after his first severe concussion last year. In addition Finley has a problem catching the ball in traffic, specifically over the middle even when healthy. Do you think with the injuries Finley had last year that he is going to not think about stretching out for a pass over the middle? Or maybe you think Finley as a tight end does not need to stretch the middle of the field or block? Maybe you would like Finley to be a wideout? Oh shit then you have to pay Finley more than eight million a year because Finley would believe a wideout should be paid more than a tight end. A good GM would have red flags all over Finley, Hell, Finley would not even get drafted with the injuries of last year if he was draft eligible.

  10. dbdave July 16, 2014

    no way will he ever see that money. No insurance company is going to set up a policy for him to get that much money just cause he can’t get a big enough contract. His getting a contract offer should be enough to give them an out assuming it is based on getting too injured to continue playing, which is what I had read it was based on in an earlier article. Hope you have a fall-back plan

  11. iltarion July 16, 2014

    Of course Finley is going to claim he has an offer. What do you expect him to do? Admit no one is interested? That certainly wouldn’t help his cause.

    Potential is simply unrealized productivity. That’s about all Finley has ever been. Ironically, just when Finley’s production looked to be in line with his paycheck, he got injured.

    That pretty much sums up his career.

  12. Salazar July 23, 2014

    This guy is too loud and ego-driven. Not the kind of player you want in the Packers locker room. If he would’ve just shut his mouth and put up the kind of numbers that would entitle him to such an ego when he had the chance, we’d all be a lot more apt to want him back.