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Chris Kluwe is Suing the Minnesota Vikings

Chris Kluwe

Are you ready for this one? Sure you are! Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is suing those very Minnesota Vikings.

I’m going to pause here so you can laugh heartily…

It gets better, but let’s go over the background here before we get to that.

Kluwe is an outspoken proponent of gay rights. He was cut by the Vikings last year and then claimed that special teams coordinator Mike Priefer of made homophobic remarks and, ultimately, his views were the reason why he was cut.

That prompted an independent investigation by the organization. Kluwe wants the findings of that investigation made public. The Vikings don’t. Hence, the lawsuit.

Here’s the money quote.

“It’s outrageous to me that the Vikings would choose to hide the facts of the investigation from me and from their fans,” Kluwe said. “Minnesota Vikings fans are the real losers in this sad affair. The fans deserve to know that what I said about Priefer and the way the Vikings let me go was the truth. I was persecuted and then fired for standing up for what I believe in, all because some small-minded, bigoted people think that homophobia is OK in the NFL. It is not OK, and now it seems like we’ll have to go to court to force the Vikings to admit that.”

Minnesota Vikings fans are the real losers. Ain’t that the truth!

In soooooooo many ways.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014

    Whether you agree with Kluwe or not, these sorts of tirades are a distraction, particularly given that the guy is a punter. Oh well, no better team to happen to than the Vikings.

  2. Cheese July 15, 2014

    Hahahaha, this should be fun to watch.

  3. Chad Lundberg July 15, 2014

    What an intolerant bigot. Clearly he despises anyone who disagrees with him. I hate it when people don’t practice what they preach.

    1. Tucson Packer July 15, 2014

      exactly. “I am soo tolerant, UNLESS YOU DARE NOT TO AGREE WITH ME!!!”

  4. Howard July 15, 2014

    If a kicker cannot get one or two unnecessary roughing penalty(s) on tackles in their career then they should keep their mouths shut. Were the hell was Kluwe on animal rights (sheep in particular suffered) when Jared Allen was in Minnesota?

    1. Cheese July 15, 2014

      I forgot that sheep fucker plays for the Bears now..

  5. J.B. July 15, 2014

    This has less to do with gay rights, tolerance/ intolerance than it does Kluwe’s desire to be a hero for the oppressed.

    Dude is a punter… Was a punter… Never had the chance to be a hero on the field… Because he was a punter… Now he’s just an annoying ex-punter.

    Let’s grant that half of every football coaching staff uses language that the uber-sensitive would deem offensive. A) that doesn’t mean they’re truly “homophobic” B) that doesn’t mean that Kluwe’s effective playing days weren’t over, C) that distractions on the team do not hurt your chances of winning.

    This guy is an idiot.

    1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014

      I disagree with C. And they would be distractions regardless of which side he was speaking out on.

  6. Nacho dan July 15, 2014

    If your a punter in Minnesota your probably the hardest working guy in the league.

  7. 13Time1265 July 15, 2014

    Actually C Wolf it needs to be brought to attention for the context of the Vikings special teams coaches comments regarding gay people. He said that he would like to put them all on an island, nuke it, and watch it glow. It’s kind of a problem when coaches speak of killing a group of people in that manner regardless of the team they work for.

    1. E. Wolf July 15, 2014

      I recall seeing that. I don’t think anyone could condone that sort of thing, even as a joke. But he made the comment after Kluwe started his activism.
      The point is you are there to play football, well in his case not so much, but rather take a role as a specialist, which he did not do that great of a job.
      I want to stress that for me it really does not matter what the subject matter is. You keep your mouth shut do your part for the team. Special license is granted for true leaders, such as Reggie White who it seems proselytized quite regularly.

  8. 13Time1265 July 15, 2014

    This is not to be tolerated ANYWHERE! FUCK YOU if you think otherwise.

    1. Howard July 16, 2014

      13 you sure are tolerant of others opinions. You know the ALLEGED comments from the special teams coach are just that ALLEGED! From what I have seen the only person who is pinning the comments on the coach is Kluwe and the coach denies saying such. So you have already convicted the coach because a dumb ass,less than adequate,unemployed punter on a de-functional team made an unsubstantiated claim. What do you propose executing the coach for his alleged comments? Have you ever heard about a little known thing called constitutional rights? Or I guess that doesn’t work with gay rights activists unless it is a one way street?

      If the coach in fact did say something similar to what Kluwe claims I would be sure that it was not a direct quote and was taken out of context.

  9. Anyone that dislikes Klewe’s point of view hates Vince Lombardi too. His brother way gay, and one of his main tenets was that he didn’t care who you are as long as you performed, and paid the price if you didn’t follow suit. It created unity within the team. I feel sorry for anyone in this forum that doesn’t know your team’s history, especially that part of it’s history which developed success through tolerance in an era when the ability of men of different ethnicities was called into question simply due to skin color.

    1. Chad Lundberg July 16, 2014

      You’re preaching that we should be tolerant towards gays. That’s fine. But let’s just say that I am intolerant of homosexuals. What I don’t understand, is that people like Kluwe preaches tolerance, except it’s ok to be intolerant of intolerant people.

      1. Andy B July 18, 2014

        I think the argument would be perceived differently if someone in the vikings organisation was intolerant of African americans.

        Anyway the larger point is marginalising minority groups in the workplace is not something you want in any work place. folk should be able to show up and do their job with out *allegedly* being told that they should all be nuked for what ever reason.

        To be honest I’d see the person making the outspoken biggoted remarks as a minority, so maybe they should be protected from persecution? They were born biggots and can’t do anything about it, so we should accept them for who they are

  10. J.B. July 16, 2014

    If you dislike Klewe’s point of view, then you hate Vince Lombardi?

    What a fucking moron.

    Vince Lombardi &/or his brother have literally nothing to do wit this.

    Using less tortured logic, but still tortured, if you agree with Klewe then you hate Reggie White.

    1. E. Wolf July 16, 2014

      I am not sure if the poster was referring to me, or if I did not express myself adequately.
      For me, it is irrelevant what Kluwe was talking about. It just matters that he was mouthing off about something people have sincere disagreements with. It matters not whether I agree or disagree with whatever position he takes.
      The reason is because, particularly as a punter, he is far from an integral part of the team with a leadership role, as Reggie White was. Even then its dicey. I just don’t see how these sorts of theatrics are good for a football team. Which is why I am glad it is happening to the Vikings.

  11. Howard July 16, 2014

    Wow Nick what an exaggeration of the comments. No one disagreed with Kluwe’s point of view in regards to gay rights even though all probably have an opinion. Most indicated tolerance for ALL persons point of view. Why you would bring race into the subject is beyond me. Maybe you need to look at your biases as no one expressed theirs with two exceptions. You and we all believe the Vikings are a dysfunctional organization with a unemployed dumbass punter who is trying to cover his inadequate abilities as a punter by invoking others battles.

    Unless you know otherwise Nick my point is Kluwe has made an unsubstantiated claim that has been disputed by the person Kluwe made the claim. In addition it appears no one except Kluwe in the position to dispute the coaches denials have come forward in support of Kluwe. This goes to the saying innocent until proven guilty. Hopefully this goes on in court for a while and whom ever has liable and slandered has to pay. It will be great fun discussing the dysfunctional Vikings throughout the process. Oh Nick just because you try to slanders us who comment does not mean you will silence our points of view.

  12. Howard July 16, 2014

    And to make my previous statement more accurate some of us may be biased in that we believe Jared Allen likes sheep a lot.

  13. J.B. July 16, 2014

    All I know is that Nick hates Martin Luther King Jr.

    Nick, your racism is repugnant.

  14. iltarion July 16, 2014

    There is some hilarious shit going on in here.

    I agree with this lawsuit 100%, and like Kluwe, I am quite put out by the Vikings.

    They should have never cut this guy. He is the perfect whiny byotch to punt for the Vikings into infinity. I am especially angry that I can no longer laugh at this joker’s fruitless, soapbox rants or his complete disregard for the fact that he is a KICKER, not a football player, and no one gives a RATS ASS what he thinks about anything.

  15. I’m too de-functional to respond to all this repugnance. Folks that can’t understand an analagous statement are probably too gay to debate with anyway.

  16. E. Wolf July 16, 2014

    Nick Collins, I Miss You…:

    I’m too de-functional to respond to all this repugnance. Folks that can’t understand an analagous statement are probably too gay to debate with anyway.

    De-functional is not a word there, pup. And the bit about being “too gay to debate with” is incredibly ironic.

    1. Howard July 17, 2014

      Wolf I believe the misspelling of the word by Nick was a jab at me as I misspelled the word in an earlier post (13). Good for you Nick I get it. Nick do you have an answer to my questions in post (18)? So do you know otherwise?

  17. J.B. July 16, 2014

    I don’t think Nick knows what an analogy is.

    What a fucking moron.