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Aaron Rodgers’ MVP Odds Are Third Best

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

We’ve got some odds for the 2014 NFL MVP, courtesy of Bovada. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers comes in at 15/2, which puts him third on the list.

How the 11th-best player in the NFL has the third-best MVP odds, we’ll never know!

Ahead of Rodgers are Peyton Manning at 3/1 and Drew Brees at 11/2. Just after Rodgers are Tom Brady at 9/1 and Dandy Luck at 16/1.

Then the clown show begins.

Who’s that with those giant floppy red shoes on piled into that car that’s five times too small for them? Why, it’s Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford!

Seriously, those two fucking jokers are tied for the sixth-best MVP odds at 20/1.

If I were you, I’d go lay a nice 100 spot on Rodgers. You can find the full list and odds here.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf July 8, 2014

    Peyton Manning has now proven himself to be the choke artist of all time with this last Super Bowl. Brees throws too many interceptions.
    I am really optimistic about this year. Ted has seemingly addressed all of the holes that had me gloomy.
    As for that ridiculous top 100 players bit, who gives a fuck. Let talking heads like Rich Eisen blabber on with their drivel. The Packers will quietly work without all the media fawning over them.

    1. Cheese July 8, 2014

      The only reason Peyton Manning has a Super Bowl ring is because he played against Rex Grossman. Let me say that again, he had to play against REX GROSSMAN. Put any other QB with mediocre talent in there and all of a sudden Manning is the new Marino with no rings. Fuck, the Bears even had a free touchdown from Hester running one back and they still couldn’t win.

      1. E. Wolf July 8, 2014

        Well cmon, I do not believe Marino was quite the choke artist that Peyton Manning has now proven himself to be (although I never followed him closely and my memory is dim now that it is well over 20 Years). This last Super Bowl proves what a choke artist Manning is, particularly in the context of all those losses against the Chargers, the Super Bowl loss to the Saints.
        Btw, this bolsters my position that Berty failed to give the Vikings a Lombardi by a fluke. If that 12 man penalty does not happen,. … doomsday scenario.
        On happier matters, how about that German side. Blitzkrieg Baby! D E U T S C H L A N D siegt gegen Brazilien und alle andere Gegner! If they had not given up that garbage goal, worst world cup beating in Brazilian history. Now it is just tied for worst.

    2. K.L. July 9, 2014

      Rich Eisen doesn’t have anything to do with the Top 100, as far as I know. He’s one of the only good football reporters still in the business, I think.

  2. Ed west July 8, 2014

    Manning is going to crash this year.

    1. E. Wolf July 8, 2014

      Most Super Bowl losers do. Not since Tom Landry’s 78 team has a team won with the same quarterback and same coach after losing it.

  3. Nacho Libre July 8, 2014

    Manning will break Brent’s career TD pass record this season. History in the making…

  4. chad lundberg July 9, 2014

    How in the FUCK is Drew Brees ahead of Rodgers???? Drew blowjob is a Fucking choir boy compared to him! A CHOIR BOY!!! Seriously, he’s no better than Matthew Stafford! His offense is absolutely loaded with talent and he plays indoors. There isnt even a comparison!!!

  5. Andrew Chitko July 10, 2014

    I’d say 7.5 to 1 is some pretty good value on ARodge.