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Aaron Rodgers Wants a Sit Down with Starr, Favre

Aaron Rodgers and Bart Starr

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is an idea man and he’s got a doozy right here. He has suggested that he should have a sit down with former Packers quarterbacks Bart Starr and Brett Favre.

Not like a mafia sit down or anything. There’s no beef to work out. Quite the opposite in fact.

Rodgers’ proposal would be some sort of love fest for the fans, where the three quarterbacks would talk about tossing the old pigskin around for the Pack.

“I’ve always thought it would be fun to do something, the three of us, some sort of sit down where we could all talk about our experiences,” Rodgers said. “I’m sure that’s three interesting perspectives on this place and the appreciation for it. But Bart’s been a great mentor and a great guy. It was a blast to win his award, and I think Brett’s ready to be welcomed back the way he deserves to be welcomed back, and that will be exciting.”

The vagaries there at the end of Rodgers’ statement is the Bart Starr Award, which Rodgers collected the week of the Super Bowl. Each year, Starr give it to a player who is a do gooder in the community.

Then there’s the inevitable Favre return, where everyone will undoubtedly shower old Lord Favre with praise and admiration. Because he deserves nothing but, gosh darn it.

So maybe after the Return of Favre, we can all get together for this sit down.

I’ll tell you what would be great. It would be great if they put these three guys on stage during the shareholder’s meeting. Less Big Ted saying absolutely nothing and Ginger Gap Tooth patting himself on the back and more stories about football by dudes who played football!

You know, then it would be like our stock wasn’t completely worthless and a total waste of money.

That’s fucking novel, man.

Of course, we’re pretty sure if the Packers would put on an event like this, they’d charge you for it. If there’s money to be made off of you, you can bet your ass the organization will find a way to suck every last dime out of your pocket.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf June 23, 2014

    Why? Why is this happening? Bart Starr not only wanted the Packers to win Super Bowl XLV, he was there. Berty? Quite the Opposite.

    1. Savage57 June 23, 2014

      Because some people aren’t filled with hate and spite and can get over the slights they perceive?

      If AR can move past it, given all the shit he had to endure, the question is, why can’t you?

      1. E. Wolf June 23, 2014

        Fans take losses harder than most players. By the same tokens, the hatred and enmity not just I but many Packer fans harbor for the Vikings is on a different level.
        If things had turned out just a little different in New Orleans, and the Vikings won the Super Bowl, it would take me years to get over. And I would not have Super Bowl XLV to rely on in that scenario. I doubt Thompson and McCarthy would even still be in Green Bay.

        1. RelampagoBlanco June 23, 2014

          Just throw some more grease in your hair, comb it back all pretty and quit bitching. It’s past old at this point, it’s drifted to pathetic.

          1. E. Wolf June 23, 2014

            I used pomade, thank you. In the spirt of the 20s and 30s.

          2. K.L. June 23, 2014

            Thank you.

  2. ferris June 23, 2014

    Maybe a 4 some with Jenn. Bert can text her.

  3. DD June 23, 2014

    It’s confirmed, E. Wolf puts erect penises in his mouth.

    1. Tucson Packer June 24, 2014

      DD, you are always talking about someone or something being “gay” and now you make even more comments about penises.

      Come out of the closet already

  4. E. Wolf June 23, 2014

    Someone needs to do a parody of Sunday Bloody Sunday:


    Most of the first stanza could stand as is:

    I can’t believe the news today
    Oh, I can’t close my eyes
    And make it go away
    How long…
    How long must we sing this song
    How long, how long.

    And yes I am so sick of it!

  5. Howard June 23, 2014

    The question I have with all the return of Favre and retire his number talk is does Favre need to be paid to show up?

    If the Packers are considering a twenty plus million dollar “Marketing Agreement” for Favre to grace his presence upon Lambeau field then I say hell no!!! In fact I do not think Favre should get another dollar from the Packers for anything.

    There are only two things I believe Favre cares about and those are more money and his legacy. I do not believe the Packers should assist Favre to achieve either.

    1. Tucson Packer June 24, 2014

      Ha, you bet your ass ‘ol #4 wont do anything without someone shoving some money down up ass to do it.

      Hell I bet he doesn’t even put on jeans without a sponsor. Oh wait.

  6. knucklehead June 23, 2014

    “…it WOULD take me years to get over.”

    Favre as a Viking 2009 and 2010 season.

    My math is bad but counting 2011, 2012,2013 and now 2014 that’s almost 4 yearS.

    I think the operative word here for you is not would but DOES or IS.

    It IS taking you years to get over this.
    Or, it DOES take me years to get over this.

    I hated him too for a while. But he’s not a Vi-queen, he’s a Packer. If you keep going on about this you’ll make him a Queen.

    We need to move on.

    Bring that dickhead back into the fold.

    1. E. Wolf June 23, 2014

      I liken it to what Gordon Gekko tried to do to Blue Star Airlines, except that what this man did was far worse because he had various ties of affinity to the Packers and its fans. I am over it the way employees or patrons of Blue Star lines are over it. All is well–the Vikings are in serious rebuild mode and we have one title and counting, poised for at least one more.
      That does not mean that I am willing to forgive or forget the man who tried to destroy the one thing I love most and redeem the thing I hate more than anything on the entire planet.
      Had the Vikings won the Super Bowl, I am not sure what I would have done. Maybe jump off a bridge? Go into hiding in Argentina, Germany or somewhere far, far away. I have no idea.
      People really do not appreciate how close we were to utter and total disaster. In my mind they have the intellectual and emotional constitution of a rodeo bull. For five seconds they are charging after the rider trying to kill him, then a rodeo clown distracts him.
      STAY FOC– — USED, PEOPLE. We were all looking down the barrel of a gun that he pointed at us and fired. The circumstances that saved us from doom are as freakish as that scene from Pulp Fiction.

      1. Dave June 24, 2014

        holy shit man, you need help

        1. Tucson Packer June 24, 2014

          You and others, Dave, need a backbone.

          You and everyone else on here are either a Packers fan or a #4 fan.

          #4 did all he could do to ruin the Packers and “stick it to Ted” -#4 (and all Packers and their fans by doing so)

          #4 doesn’t like the Packers.

          Who do you like, #4 or the Packers?
          ’cause those are two TOTALLY different things.

        2. E. Wolf June 24, 2014

          Hey Tucson,

          I love ya, brother. Here is something I want to know–would those who so want this reconciliation to happen be forgiving someone who tried to kill their cat or dog, but failed by the narrowest of margin.
          This guy has barely even said “sorry about that.”
          Say it with me people, slowly enunciate each and every syllable; This man did everything in his power to make the Vikings Super Bowl Champions, and in the process foil this current regime.
          This morning Bill Johnson had the audacity to say “it is not like Brett did anything wrong or break any rules.”
          WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Are the Packers an important part of your life or are they not? If they are, what this man did is at least on par with someone who tried to kill your pet.

  7. Cheese June 23, 2014

    “You know, then it would be like our stock wasn’t completely worthless and a total waste of money.”

    You knew what the stock entitled when you bought it Einstein. It’s not like they forced you to give them money.

  8. CO Bob June 24, 2014

    I love the fact that no other pro football team could be having this discussion. I can’t think of one team with 2 QB HOFers, plus 1 “might be” QB HOFer, still alive to tell tales together.
    The Packers are fucking awesome!

    1. Pack Morris June 24, 2014

      Never thought of it that way, Bob. Really is pretty cool.

    2. Kozak June 24, 2014

      I used to take my son to Lambeau when 4 was QB and say, ” remember this you probably won’t see anything like this for decades”. Who would have thought AR would be every bit as good, and more…..

  9. Kozak June 24, 2014

    People count your blessings. As a Packer fan I’ve had the fun of watching 3 of the all time great quarterbacks in history win championships for the Green and Gold. What other teams fans can say that?

  10. gort June 24, 2014

    EW and Tucson, you need to go to time out. This is NOT a “life or death” situation, nobody is pointing a gun at you, telling you to jump off a bridge, or threatening to kill your dog. The Packers are in the entertainment business. You two, along with the rest of us, were well entertained for a few years with Brett Favre (neither of you can use his real name) playing QB for the Packers and winning a Super Bowl. So what if he and Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy had a very public kerfuffle. Water under the bridge. Yeah, he tried his best to win when he played for the Vikings. He did his job and should not be faulted for trying to do his best. None of us liked his motivation, but he didn’t get to the big game and the Packers still have 13 Championships compared to 000 for the Vikings. Get over it.

    1. E. Wolf June 24, 2014

      NO! From now until the end of time, NO!
      The Packers are not just entertainment. They are an obsession, a passion.
      No shit he did not ultimately succeed in his bid. But the culpability of wrongdoing is not measured solely on whether someone succeeds or not. There is the element of intent. And there is the fact that he failed only by the narrowest of margins.
      So again, by your logic, employees and enthusiasts of Blue Star airlines should just pat Gordon Gekko on the back and invite him over to fuck one’s mother and sister, never mind his attempt to destroy you. Really though what this man did was far worse. So to hell with that, and to hell with you!

  11. gort June 24, 2014

    From the web site http://www.bluestarairlines.com

    “Blue Star Airlines remains one of the strongest imaginary airlines in the industry. Because we don’t actually exist, we have been able to avoid the high fuel costs real airlines incur.”

    They are FAKE, Gordon Gekko is a fictional character.

    You will get an ulcer if you keep up with your hatred.

    1. E. Wolf June 24, 2014

      Yes, those characters are fictional, as is the narrative. It is not the case however that one cannot draw important philosophical questions and insights from fictional narrative. If that were the case, people would not study literature.

  12. Tucson Packer June 25, 2014

    Gee, thanks for filling me in on #4’s birth name, had nooo idea.

    And if #4 DID happen to get to that elusive mountain top which is the Super Bowl (and win it in purple) your whole argument would be garbage, well, more so anyway.

    If it is so “water under the bridge” as you say why doesn’t ‘ol #4 just man up and apologize to the fan base he wronged?

    But, I need not ask such a question to you as you have already forgiven the guy without need of any formalities.
    I’ll ask a Packer fan, not a #4 fan.

    For you it seems that

  13. the real jeff ircink June 25, 2014

    the idea is “happening”, e. wolf, because there are so many more people in the universe that a very different than YOU. concentrate on your petition….

  14. Jimmy June 26, 2014

    This could be a big money raiser for the Packers Foundation.

  15. Joe July 22, 2014

    Why is packers bring back favre just retire his number and let him be if they bring favre back I will not watch the packers no more all favre is going to do is bring the packers back down Rogers is doing a good job work with Rogers and leave favre alone