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Micah Hyde

Now that the NFL Draft has concluded, we have a better idea of what the Green Bay Packers positional groups are going to look like going into the season.

That also means we have a better idea of who’s going to be battling for playing time and who basically gets a starting job handed to them.

These guys all had pretty bright futures. Right up until the draft, that is.

Micah Hyde
The Packers were high on Hyde after a strong rookie season and for good reason. Coach Mike McCarthy talked about how he had to find a way to get Hyde on the field more in 2014. Well, the logical way to do that was to move him from cornerback to safety. At corner, Hyde is going to be sitting behind Sam Shields and Tramon Williams and battling Casey Hayward for snaps. Well, that is probably what he ends up doing instead of starting at the back end of the defense. The Packers drafted Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in the first round and you have to assume he ends up starting. They also foolishly gave Morgan Burnett a contract extension prior to last season, so you have to assume he’s the other starter. Unless the Packers totally reverse their usual M.O. and actually make a guy they gave a new contract to EARN his job, then Hyde is a part-time player again.

Johnny Jolly
Yeah, he’s not actually on the team because the Packers haven’t given their best defensive lineman from last season a contract for some reason. However, we all assumed they would at some point because Johnny Jolly is not only awesome, but the heart and soul of the defense. You don’t need any guys with leadership traits, though! The Packers picked defensive lineman Khyri Thornton in the third round. They add him to a group of offseason signings that include Letroy Guion, Julius Peppers and B.J. Raji. These moves add up to a nice, quiet fuck you to Jolly (and Ryan Pickett, who we expected wouldn’t be back).

Brandon Bostick
Remember when the Packers were saying Bostick could be their tight end of the future last season? We do. It was right before he got injured and went on IR. Well, instead of entering 2014 as No. 2 on the depth chart and maybe competing for the starting spot, Bostick is just one of five tight ends again. The Packers took Cal tight end Richard Rodgers in the third round and re-signed Andrew Quarless in the offseason. They also have Ryan Taylor and Jake Stoneburner hanging around too. If we were going to handicap it, we’d bet that Quarless opens the season as the starter, but Rodgers is going to get his fair share of reps. So Bostick pretty much just lost the tight end of the future label without actually doing anything to lose it.

Jarrett Boykin
Here’s another guy that was getting hype all offseason. Boykin, a Total Packers favorite, came on in his second NFL season, recording over 600 yards receiving. McCarthy was talking about how much he liked Boykin and we all assumed his role would expand with James Jones departing in free agency. Then the Packers went out and drafted three receivers. Two of those guys probably aren’t going to take time away from Boykin, but then there’s Davante Adams. You don’t draft a guy in the second round and not expect him to make a big contribution. Adams obviously isn’t going to start over Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb, but Boykin will have to prove himself again to keep Adams out of the No. 3 spot. You know who’s even more screwed? Chris Harper and Kevin Dorsey, the two guys below Boykin on the depth chart.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MGP May 13, 2014

    Monty, wtf?!

    Morgan Burnett as a starter, not Micah Hyde?!

    I don’t buy that…

  2. Green Beans May 13, 2014

    Well this is just fucky.

  3. Sean May 13, 2014

    Micah Hyde — Actually could see him still getting a lot of snaps. Packers still pretty thin at safety position. Hayward actually has to prove he can stay on the field.

    Johnny Jolly — could still see the Packers bringing him back at some point. I mean someone is going to get hurt.

    Bostick — Needs to prove it this year in Camp.

    Boykin — Could still see him making big contributions on games plus no guarantee that either Nelson or Cobb will resign. I expect them to “break the bank” on Cobb. I suspect they will “low ball” Nelson or let him “test the market” and watch him walk away like Jones and Jennings.

  4. lars May 13, 2014

    Boykin will make the team as the 4th receiver. Good point on Burnett—we’ve seen the same thing with AJ Hawk in that he also received a ridiculous contract and then proceeded to stink up Lambeau in 2011. There will be a place for Hyde, though. Now, Davon House is the real screwee.

  5. Ryan Ellison May 13, 2014

    You put a negative spin on this, I read it as lots of competition in all the positions we struggled at

  6. Mike R May 13, 2014

    Not really buying any of it for these guys. Maybe Bostick, but I expect JJ to be back. Boykin and Hyde are just fine, and will be important parts of the roster.

  7. Vijay May 13, 2014

    I don’t know, if it were me, this is a draft I would’ve targeted specific players for ‘need’ positions and made trades to move up and down the rounds after 1 to get my guy(s).

  8. GBslacker May 13, 2014

    Micah Hyde was drafted late because he was a little (a lot?) slower than other cornerbacks. At safety, he’s between a bigger run-support guy and a faster cover guy. A case could be made for him having some of the same liabilities as those of Jennings and McMillian. HHCD represents an upgrade in experience playing the position, but likely much more.

    Johnny Jolly did not impress me last season. As with most of the Packers interior dLinemen, he didn’t seem well conditioned. Is it scheme, or simply tolerance, whereby the fatties can bitch-slap to a standstill after two steps? Although a fan favorite, his three year hiatus didn’t help his return and his cervical fusion has all but sealed his fate. Hands to the face can be seen on most every NFL snap. While illegal is doesn’t seem to be consistently enforced. I would think that would cause him great deal of pain. At 31 years of age, he might be done.

    Brandon Bostick has experience in the Packer system. Even if GB found a Finley clone, he’ll need time to develop. Remember how Finley explained at press conferences how the coaches and quarterback failed to maximize his talents? Who knows how long it will take the dullards of McCarthy and ARodgers to finely tune their game to RRodgers. If BB has a halfway decent camp, he may likely split snaps with Q after a few games. I like what I’ve seen of him, and that’s been with the Packers, in the NFL.

    Jarrett Boykin is another with experience in the Packer system. That counts! He knows what to do and when to do it. It will take time for Adams, et al to pick it up. Boykin has big, sure mitts and runs a decent route. IMO, it’s about ball control. Keep the defense off the field.

  9. Iltarion May 13, 2014

    Johnny Jolly is old, fat and hurt his neck. You are giving a guy a lot of credit for “reenergizing” a defense that went from 11th in 2012 to 24th in 2013. Strange that…

    Micah Hyde is your dime starter in the slot right now, which the Packers could be playing a lot of. And if Morgan Burnett doesn’t look sterling in training camp or stubs his toe, Hyde might take his spot. Plus, we have to see Casey Hayward back first before we put Hyde on the bench.

    Davon House is the guy in trouble. He needs to have a good training camp or we might actually see a trade. I think House is worth a 6th or 7th rounder.

    I think Bostick has a specialized talent that none of the other TEs have. He has the speed to stretch the field, and his speed makes him good on special teams. The only thing that is a threat to this guy is injuries.

    Boykin is just fine. He is our #3 right now, and I don’t see that changing. Adams will likely start out as our #4 with hopes to move up in the future.

    Kevin Dorsey and Miles White are the guys in trouble. I see Abbredaris making the roster as a returner. So, Nelson, Cobb, Boykin, Adams and Abbredaris are your likely 5 unless someone cracks that or the Packers keep 6, which is possible.

  10. GBslacker May 13, 2014

    A guy I think is screwed is Jonathan Franklin.

    I think Lacy, Starks, and Harris stick.

    Neal might be a surprise.

    Add Kuhn and that would be 5 RBs; would they keep 6?

    1. Iltarion May 13, 2014

      No way.

      Lacy, Starks, Harris, Franklin and Kuhn. There is your 5.

      That position is more locked down than any other on our roster.

      Unless one of those guys goes to the IR, any other RB is PS bound.

  11. Icebowler May 13, 2014

    Unless our injury karma does a one eighty, none of our backups are screwed.

  12. BearDownPackUp May 13, 2014

    Eh. 1 year and everything resets itself correctly. Jolly is just fine either way, I love him but through injuries and age. I could cut him for Guion if it came down to it.

    Tramon is finished in GB after this season and then Hyde is your slot. Boykin, Cobb or Nelson will leave for free agency or trade next year: enter Davante Adams on a full-time basis.

    If Bostick can’t keep his job from a rookie, then he doesn’t deserve it BUT Taylor and Stoneburner will get burned if Finley finally gets his doctors not.

    I actually feel the worst for Franklin or Harris. Both very talented but i’ll be god damned if we dont have the best/deepest backfield in the league. FUUCCKK it feels good to say that…

  13. jtmax May 13, 2014

    Don’t get all this worry about guys not getting PT. Injuries decimate our lineup every year even before season start. I guarantee that all capable players will get their chance. Tramon Williams might be next victim of injury bug. Getting old and slight frame. I’m just glad we have depth from this draft. Not really confident about TE position though. No one has demonstrated ability to stay healthy or can reliably catch passes. Hope Rodgers bloom somehow – maybe the MVP can take him under his wings being from same school.