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18 Comments on "Olivia Munn: Here’s What Aaron Rodgers is Getting Into"

  1. BerryJS

    It’s not often I get to say this but… nice restraint! Well done boys. I really hope he can keep focused on football. Besides closing the wrong eye while shooting her squirt gun she is a ten.

  2. Nacho Libre

    Ah, to be rich and famous. Can’t decide which broad’s cheeks I wanna beat up. I wish I had that problem..!

  3. Nacho dan

    Yeah dude I totally wouldn’t fuck her… Now I’m gonna go plow my fat cheese eating wife

  4. E. Wolf

    SHe has an amazing body, even better that there is no obvious aftermarket bits. Natural titties for me, thank you. If only she had a nice trim ;lady garden. …

      • E. Wolf

        How exactly is that creepy, to note that she appears to be au natural without any plastic surgery. As for the bit about down under, she makes it pretty obvious with the couple of camel toe shots.
        Beyond that, you conflate characters in Silence of Lambs. Clarice Sterling was Dr. Lecter’s object of desire. The rub some lotion was the famous bit from Buffalo Bill. The prior in some ways was actually a protagonist, who proved capable of doing good (he helped saved that girl’s life after all and also helped Starling clear some of her personal demons).
        Anyway, FUCK YOU TOO!

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