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2014 NFL Draft: The Book on Davante Adams

Davante Adams

The Green Bay Packers used their second-round pick on Fresno State receiver Davante Adams. Atta boy, Big Ted!

Way to throw us all for a loop.

Adams is 6-1, 212 and he had a whopping 131 catches, 1,718 yards and 24 touchdowns in 2013. Those are some holy shit! numbers.

Adams is a possession-type receiver and you could well argue the Packers don’t really have a true possession receiver. They do however have a couple top-tier receivers in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. They also have an up-and-coming guy in Jarrett Boykin.

So why the hell spend a second-round pick on a receiver?

Well, James Jones is gone to Oakland, so you could view Adams as Jones’ replacement. The pick also gives the Packers some flexibility both on the field and financially.

When you add Adams to the mix, Mike McCarthy can run more four receiver sets. And Ted is most certainly protecting himself in case Nelson and Cobb hit free agency.

Both of them are scheduled to do so after this season concludes.

Here’s what NFL.com has to say.

A rangy, sure-handed possession receiver with starter-caliber, positional traits. Lacks top-end speed and strength. As a 21-year-old, third-year sophomore entering the draft early, is still growing into his body and developing core strength. Comparing favorably to a poor man’s Michael Crabtree, Adams possesses very intriguing upside to be groomed.

And now, highlights!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg May 9, 2014

    Should have taken Chris Borland IMO. Packers have had a lot of success drafting receivers in the second round though, I sure hope this guy is a lot more than just a James Jones clone.

    1. Iltarion May 9, 2014

      Yeah, I hope he is a lot more than a guy who led the NFL in TDs one season too. I mean, we expect more than that.

      Nice take.

      Don’t need no Chris Borland.

      1. Chad Lundberg May 11, 2014

        1. Why the Sarcasm? It’s pointless unless that’s what it takes to make you feel better about yourself.

        2. Rodgers is our quarterback, so that helps him.

        3. Jennings and Nelson were constantly battling injuries that year.

        4. If you honestly think Jones was that good, then why didn’t the Packers keep him? They could have kept him for peanuts.

        5. Are you happy with Hawk and Jones at ILB? Because if so, you might be the only person I know who is.

        1. Phatgzus May 11, 2014

          3) Increase the attention on JJ-he still showed up. He’ also made about a dozen incredible catches in the past 2 years.

          4) We have Cobb, Jordy, and Boykin-those peanuts are going to other elephants.

          5) Hawk and Jones, though not spectacular, are serviceable (hawk gets too much flack because of his draft posiotion); this was also a weak draft for ILBs. Some believe that Borland, though a stud at Wisco, is nothing but an undersized, less athletic Hawk.

  2. rebelgb May 9, 2014

    Is it just me or has there been a theme early on with our 2 draft pics? Fucking Attitude!! You know, thats one thing this team does lack. Love this pic too. So far this draft is going fucking great!

    1. Phatgzus May 11, 2014

      Not just you, this goes back a year or 2, ever since SF has been beating us with physicallity (Jones, Boyd).

  3. E. Wolf May 9, 2014

    I am skeptical of this selection, and even more so of their first third rounder.

  4. K.L. May 9, 2014

    Not a fan of this pick. We’re already loaded at wide receiver. We didn’t need to draft one in the second round. Pissed that Borland went to SF too. Damn it. Oh well.

  5. Iltarion May 9, 2014

    We are “loaded” with two proven good WRs?

    This guy looks like a slightly more explosive James Jones. We could only be so lucky.

    Those production numbers are reminiscent of Jordy Nelson’s last year in school. Again, we could only be so lucky.

    Love this pick. The last thing we need is another slow ILB.

    1. CA May 9, 2014

      Seriously, thank god some of these fanboys aren’t running the Packers. Borland is a smaller Hawk, why the hell do we want that? I love the pick, frees up the 4 WR sets McCarthy likes to run. And injuries happen, if Jordy or Cobb goes down we’re left with one of them and Boykin? No thanks.

      Nice pick Teddy.

  6. vijay May 9, 2014

    The best offense is a supremely talented Defense. I was hoping the brass would get that but it’s all pretty much more of the same…let’s cross our fingers that injuries don’t effect us as much as our nemesis’ in San Fran and Seattle.

  7. jtmax May 12, 2014

    Best defense is great offense. Keeping Marshawn Lynch and CK off the field is the best way to stop Hawks and Niners. Adams is not going to burn anyone but sure hands, good route running is what we need with loss of Jones. We need to sustain drives. This is a guy you can rely on to pick up that first down. We have Cobb and Nelson to stretch the field with their speed. Boykin and Adams are physical receivers with sure hands for moving chains. I get this pick. Injuries happen too much in GB and we need to always have 3 healthy receivers who can start. Our team identity rides on the passing game.