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Packers Tried to Get Brett Favre Back Last Year

Brett Favre

The Green Bay Packers have made it known that they want former quarterback Brett Favre back in the fold. Word is, they were looking for that reunion to happen last season.

President Mark Murphy said today that the Packers tried to get Favre to come back for a game last season. His duties as offensive coordinator at Oak Grove High School in his native Hattiesburg prevented that reunion.

Favre, however, reportedly will not be coaching this year. If that’s the case, he’s all but certain to make an appearance in Green Bay.

“We do have on-going communications with him, and I think relations are good. We’re hopeful to have him come back soon,” Murphy said.

“We wanted to have him come back to a game last year, and his team kept winning and winning, so it kind of made it tough to find a time where it worked.”

Murphy has said numerous times the team will retire Favre’s number, preferably before he goes into the Hall of Fame in 2016. We doubt this first planned appearance will coincide with that moment though.

If the Packers are smart, they’ll bring Favre back, gauge fan reaction and then plan the number retirement ceremony. You don’t really want a guy getting booed while he’s having his moment.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ann Gatlin April 15, 2014

    I cannot wait for Brett to return to GB. It is past time!!!!!!!!!

  2. bob at 81 April 15, 2014

    give him his due. what he did for the team, the town and football will be remembered long after we are just dust. his results will truly need to be given there true do.
    brett, thanks for the memories. . . GO PACK GO

  3. MGP April 15, 2014

    Welcome back a traitor?!

    No thanks….

    1. Phatgzus April 15, 2014

      except he wanted to continue to play, for the Packers no less (he turned down a $20 M to not play to do so), but TT didn’t want him back. So, who’s the real traitor? The Legend who helped resurrect a franchise a franchise or the new outsider who didn’t want that legend back? The answer is: Neither-football is a business and both did what they believed is in the best interest of their personal enterprises. You and the rest of us fans aren’t important enough to even have been considered in the decision, so quit being a butt-hurt egocentric, it’s been half a decade, move on.

      1. MGP April 15, 2014

        In the last years in Green Bay Brett Favre was not the same great QB.

        So, the team want to give Aaron Rodgers a chance to start.

        So, the ego of Favre was hurt and in the end he play in Minnesota (!!) just by despite!

        So, yeah, i have not such thing as respect for Favre and don’t want n.º 4 to be retire!

        1. Cheese April 15, 2014

          Favre won sportsman of the year in 2007 and was the only person voted for MVP other than Brady for his 50 touchdown season where they had him in during garbage time with Randy Moss against shitty AFC teams like the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets.

          Phatgzus, finally someone who notices that the PACKERS told Favre he could not play for them. It’s funny how so many people remember things the way that they want to. Did Favre dick them around for years about retiring? Absolutely. Did the Packers make the right decision? I think that answers is obvious.

          Why does everyone need a face to point their finger at and blame? It is what it is. Hating on Favre will not make your life any better, except if you like stroking your ego by telling people how you were somehow “right” about everything and enjoy acting like a victim. Here’s how I see it – “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

          So fuck it, bring him back and lets all drink beers while we reminisce about the Packers of the 90’s!

          1. Iltarion April 15, 2014

            The Packers told Favre he couldn’t play for them AFTER he had a tearful retirement presser where he said he didn’t want to play football anymore.

            You hand the keys to the car to Aaron Rodgers, and then what? You are supposed to give them back? No effing way. TT and MM never get the credit they deserve for taking the heat they took. They stuck to their word with Rodgers, and we all reaped the reward in 2010.

            Make no mistake. The only reason Brett came back to was to PLAY FOR THE VIKINGS. It had nothing to do with- I just want to play football again. If that were really the case, he would have stayed in NY.

            Otherwise, I agree with your general sentiment. Time to get over it and bring him back.

      2. Deepsky April 15, 2014

        Once again, history is rewritten by those who believe in the virgin birth, miracles delivered and Ted Thompson crucifixion of Brett Favre.

  4. Carl with a "C" April 15, 2014

    They wanted him back to PLAY last year when A Rod went down.

    1. Cheese April 15, 2014

      That would have been awesome. For sure better than any of the three guys they had at back up.

  5. [email protected] April 15, 2014

    I know its inevitable, but I refuse to be nice.

    Thanks for the memories, we’ll never forget you, Brent…..

  6. RelampagoBlanco April 15, 2014

    Wow. I figured Wolfie would have lectured everyone on how bad of an idea it is by now. Then go on and troll his petition to stop the well deserved ceremony to retire #4. Get past 20 signatures yet?

  7. Argos April 15, 2014

    They don’t have to gauge fan reaction. Sure, we all hated him when he went to the Vikings, and a lot of us disliked him when he tried returning and ended up with the Jets. But when they bring him back, and retire his number, he will get a standing ovation.

  8. the real russ letlow April 15, 2014


  9. ferris April 15, 2014

    I’m more concerned with the number of spelling errors and improper grammar by the people who post these comments. MGP…just by despite? Don’t want #4 to be retire? Bob at 81… uses the proper form of due and the wrong form using do instead of due in the same paragraph.
    Do you live in Minnesota? If Vikings fans read this they will have some ammo.

    1. MGP April 15, 2014

      Ferris, i’m not live in Minnesota :-) or even in USA.

      I live in Portugal and i am a (very proud) portuguese fan of the Green Bay Packers.

      Go to a map and check: USA…cross the Atlantic Ocean straight ahead and then you find Portugal.

      English is not my native language.

      I’m sorry for my spelling errors and improper grammar, but i don´t have many chances to practice…

      1. ferris April 15, 2014

        My apologies. I know where your Country is and I am impressed with bilingual people, as I am not bilingual. Mistakes are mistakes and I make a lot of them, like my post being critical. But reading these sometimes makes me wonder about people and education, but that was a false assumption regarding your comments. This tells me that Portuguese education is far superior to the US. I’m also sure this tells me you are smarter than I am, so again I’m sorry.

        1. MGP April 15, 2014

          Ferris, you don’t need to apologize.

          I should really make an effort to write better, but i have some problems with grammar… :-)

          1. Kato April 15, 2014

            I love the fact that there is at least one packers fan in portugal.

      2. Iltarion April 15, 2014

        Props, MGP, you write english better than any of us write portuguese.

        1. ferris April 15, 2014

          Very true. Beer, brats and cheese party in Portugal.

    2. bob at 81 May 5, 2014

      golly gee, my my – I will match my years as a packer fan to your”s as a learned scholar. I may not have the schooling, but I have the heart of a packer fan for over 66 years. GPG

  10. therealChuckywasCecil April 15, 2014

    I hope they do it this year and move on. I’m so sick of the debate on this. Personally I detested his behavior during the entire ordeal, although he did give me one more moment of pleasure at New Orleans during the NFC championship game in 2009. Like a relative you got pissed off at a few years ago, I have mellowed and can see things as a greater body of work and not just the temporary insanity he suffered at the end.

  11. E. Wolf April 15, 2014

    It is very simple folks. This guy finagled his way out of a contract with the Jets, with the specific purpose of waging a personal vendetta against Ted and Mac–and by extension our Green Bay Packers. What he tried to do, and was quite nearly successful, was this:

    –give the Vikings their first Super Bowl Championship, and

    –utterly derail, dismantle, and sabotage the Rodgers McCarthy era.

    It is for these reasons that he must NEVER be forgiven.
    If he does come back, I am confident he will be booed and jeered, far worse than Ryan Longwell was.

    LEARN TO *HATE* PACKER FANS. This guy did everything he could to sabotage our team and bring our most hated rival the hardware. He did he damndest to harm each and everyone one of us.
    I hate his fucking guts and always will. Why? Because I do not have the emotional and intellectual constitution of a fucking Rodeo bull who cannot stay focused on something more than five seconds. I remember transgressions against me and those things that I care so deeply about, and am able to harness and nurture my hatred and anger and disgust. Nothing is more important to me than the Packers success, long and short term, and the Vikings will forever remain a hopeless obsession. Because Berty Judas conspired against these two interests that should of utmost importance to us all, he must FOREVER remain a periah–persona non grata. He must forever be anathema and excommunicate.

    1. MGP April 15, 2014

      100% correct, Mr. Wolf!

    2. Deepsky April 15, 2014

      I don’t hate Brett Favre, but, as I have done before, I can post 30 news articles describing IN DETAIL how Favre tried to sabotage the Packers. In fact, it is Brett Favre who hated the Packers, not the other way around. I can’t welcome him back until he apologizes for trying to sabotage the franchise that made him famous.

      1. E. Wolf April 15, 2014

        You’re god damn right!

  12. K.L. April 15, 2014

    I welcome him back. But if we keep retiring numbers, then we’re going to run out of numbers to use pretty soon.

  13. TyKo Steamboat April 15, 2014

    Brett Favre was a Minnesota ViQueen

  14. Packin Smithy April 15, 2014

    Lot of butt hurt people here.
    Give the man his dues. Yeah his last years in football was fucked up, but the majority of those years was leading Green Bay out of decades long slump, and bringing back the trophy named after the Packers greatest coach back to Title Town.
    You can’t forget that. But most of these butt hurt people rather just remember him going to the Vikings.
    Stop with the ‘Brent’ and ‘Burt’ shit ya fuckin children. I get loyalty to your team and being hurt when your hero goes to a rival team, but it’s time to put that in the past and fuckin grow up. Stop making the Packers fanbase look like shit.
    Retire his number, honor what he’s done for the Packers, let all the butthurt people talk shit and forget about 15 years of Packers football.

    1. MGP April 15, 2014

      “(…) let all the butthurt people talk shit and forget about 15 years of Packers football”.

      Well, Brett Favre signed with the Vikings after 15 years in Green Bay…

      So…who forget what?!

    2. the real russ letlow April 15, 2014

      hey Smithy, thanks for telling everyone to just grow up. Thats the grown up thing to do. But maybe it would carry a little more weight if you didn’t use the term “butt hurt”.

    3. Deepsky April 15, 2014

      Harlan lead the Packers out of the slump, not Favre. Instead of being run by a real estate agent or a judge, the Packers were finally run by a professional football executive. They almost won the division in 1989 with Don Majkowski and probably would have had more success with him if he had not gotten hurt and they won the Super Bowl again with Rodgers. Neither of these had anything to do with Brett Favre.

  15. Iltarion April 15, 2014

    As usual, the Brett fan club has convenient amnesia regarding a lot of what went down.

    That being said, forgiveness is sublime.

    Obviously you want to beat the HOF induction, so it has to happen either this season or the next.

  16. Cuban April 15, 2014

    If i do remember correctly people wanted favre to come back and they booed rodgers and the family night so dont all of you act like you knew rodgers was the second coming, hell the packers even have full faith hence the drafting of brohm and flynn

    And wolf you say he did his best to sabotage the packers, well yea he was getting paid to beat them, also im pretty sure mccarthy had that same goal in mind with kampman playing outside linebacker that year, that may have been part of the reason they vikings kicked their ass

  17. the real russ letlow April 15, 2014

    well, it continues to be obvious that there are two side in the Favre saga and that will never change. One thing the ol’ dickslinger did that everyone agrees on was to permanently divide the greatest fan base in pro sports on his way out the door.

  18. E. Wolf April 15, 2014

    While my petition has not yet had the success I originally envisioned, I still believe it can blossom, however belatedly, into something to be reckoned with. For it has no expiration date. Here it is for anyone new to this blog or never took the trouble to get involved.


    We may not be able to prevent this, but we can at least make Berty and his legion of apologists a little uncomfy. It is not too late!

  19. Don Q April 15, 2014

    Props to MGP! Packer fans are Everywhere!
    I hope you make it to Lambeau Field someday if you haven’t already, MGP.

    1. MGP April 16, 2014


      See a game in Lambeau Field is one of my biggest dreams…

      Maybe one day i can live the dream….

  20. Gort April 15, 2014

    I am neither a Brett hater nor do I drink the “Brett is the greatest ever” Kool Aid. I am a realist. He won a SB and he lost one. He threw a bunch of TD passes and he threw a bunch of picks. He won some games he should have lost and he lost some he should have won. I still think that his greatest accomplishment was the consecutive start record. That was truly amazing, especially at the QB position. My biggest criticism is that he demanded to be released from his contract (I think that 2 years remained when he retired) when he decided to come back shortly after his tearful “retirement”. I seem to recall that he was quite vocal when other players wanted out of their contract – you signed the contract, you should renegotiate or play to your contract. I think that a certain “Sharper” wanted big bucks or a trade. The news reports were that Brett told him to stay and play. He didn’t like that same advice when it applied to him. I think that Brett wanted to be QB, head coach, and GM. I think that Brett wanted the Pack to sign Randy Moss – the obnoxious piece of crap who “mooned” those of you who were in the stadium and indirectly the rest of us watching on TV. Brett got pissed and wanted to get revenge on the organization when that didn’t happen. Time heals all wounds and it has been long enough. Brett should come back and his name should be added to the stadium ring with the other Hall of Famers after he is enshrined at Canton. I am not so sure about retiring numbers. There are probably damned few fans remaining who remember a #3 or a #14 on a Packer jersey (except maybe from old movies) – no disrespect intended for Tony Canadeo or Don Hutson. Maybe select numbers should be made inactive for a period of time, lets say 25 years. After that time has passed, the team could have a big ceremony to re-activate the special number and celebrate that player again. That sounds like an opportunity to sell more stuff.

    1. Deepsky April 15, 2014

      Brett Favre was a great quarterback, one of many that played for the Packers long before and after Favre came along. He didn’t save the franchise. He didn’t even win the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl was won by the Packer defense that intercepted Bledsoe 4 times and Desmond Howard that sealed a victory with TD return. The only thing Brett Favre did that game was not throw a bunch of picks against the 19th ranked Patriots defense.

      1. Cheese April 15, 2014

        Reggie had three sacks too! Favre had 54 and 81 yard touchdown passes, plus he had a rushing touchdown. Favre shouldn’t have been SB MVP but he was no slouch either.

  21. Deepsky April 15, 2014

    This is the actual timeline of events, backed up by articles easily searchable on the internet. Please stop saying how the Packers didn’t want Favre back.

    1997 Favre starts talking retirement

    2002 Favre says “I think about retirement a heck of a lot more than I used to”

    2002 Sherman gives Favre own office and locker room

    2005 Packers draft Rodgers

    2006 After 8-8 season, Favre says “I’d say I’m not coming back”

    2006 Bus Cook tells media Favre would come back for 2006 season if Mariucci were named coach

    2006 Packers offer Favre a $3 million bonus to decide on his retirement by a certain date. The Packers move back date 3 times to give Favre more time to decide.

    2006 Rumors persist Favre is seeking a trade

    2007 According to Andy Brandt, Favre wants to be traded after the Packers failed to sign Randy Moss.


    2008 In March, McCarthy says he’ll reduce reps for Favre. HE AND THOMPSON MAKE PLANS TO VISIT FAVRE TO ASK HIM TO COME BACK.

    2008 Favre announces retirement the next day


    2008 Favre says on Letterman he wants to play for another team

    2008 Based on phone calls to the Vikings using a Packer phone, Packers claim Vikings have tampered with Favre

    2008 Favre bashes Pack in Van Sustern interview

    2008 Murphy offers $20 million to Favre to stay retired. McCarthy says Favre is “absolutely welcome back to camp”

    2008 Favre shows up for camp giving Pack ultimatum: start me or trade me to an NFC North team so he can beat the Packers

    2008 In training camp, Aaron Rodgers is booed by Favre fans and is cheered when he throws interceptions

    2008 Favre offers Lions information on Packers playbook

    2009 Favre has surgery, lies and says he’s not coming back

    2009 Favre joins Vikings

    2010 Favre tells Bears to beat the Packers in the playoffs

    2011 Packer president Mark Murphy says he would welcome back Favre to Green Bay when they retire his number

    2012 Packer HOF reaches out to Favre to attend the Holmgren induction, but he does not respond

    2013 Favre convinces Jennings to join Vikings

  22. Nacho Libre April 15, 2014

    My Brett Favre McFarlane figurine has just arrived at my door step, should I return to sender??

  23. rebelgb April 16, 2014

    Thank You Deepsky. Game set and match. All you Favre supporters cant fight facts.

    That being said, the asshole should be forgiven and his number retired so we can all move on.

    Had he succeeded in getting the Viqueens a SB I would probably never forgive him. However the Viqueens are still SB less and a total fucking joke. SO no harm done.

    1. E. Wolf April 16, 2014

      Had he succeeded in getting the Viqueens a SB I would probably never forgive him. However the Viqueens are still SB less and a total fucking joke. SO no harm done.

      That old chestnut. He failed, so it does not matter. Nevermind that he failed by the narrowest of margins, and under a very flukey set of circumstances that mirrors that of Steve Bartmann.
      By this logic, one should let attempted murder go scott free. No harm, no foul, right. Or perhaps those who would be affected should turn the other cheek to Gordon Greco after his bid for a hostile takeover of that airline to gut it and sell the assets.
      Treason pertains almost by definition to a failed attempt (if treason succeeds the sitting power is either overturned or loses the war or what have you). Although those charged and convicted of treason ultimately fail, the penalty for treason is DEATH, or at the very least lifetime banishment.
      And yet a mere two shake’s of a lamb’s tail, Packer fans act is all this were some howdy-do.
      Intentions, what is in someone’s hart matters most of all. What this man intended was to make the Vikings super bowl champions and prevent 2010 from happening at all.
      For these reasons, he should burn in hell!

  24. Ed west April 16, 2014

    Vansusteren interview in 08. Favre “nuclear bombed” his relationship with the packers..

  25. Tucson Packer April 17, 2014

    Not that my 2 cents matters, but this Ferve guy needs to itleast apologize to the die hard fans of the glorious Packers all around the world. He signed with a rival and did his BEST to stick it to TT (and by extension) all of Packer land by giving that rival its first SB trophy.

    The LEAST this guy can do is apologize.

    If its a legit, honest apology maybe then we can throw around the idea of retiring his jersey.

    1. E. Wolf April 17, 2014

      Heed this man’s words, people. He makes a lot of sense!

  26. the real jeff ircink April 24, 2014

    enter E. Wolf and his petition in 5, 4, 3…oh – he’s already been here. nevermind.

  27. the real jeff ircink April 24, 2014

    “apologize”? ha. you’re high, TP. you too, EW.

  28. sam g July 19, 2014

    the man wanted to keep playing football and wanted to win….wanted to get one more ring before he hung the cleats up. that wasnt gonna happen with the jets. the vikings had a very talented team at the time but a bad qb (tavares jackson) it was a perfect fit. brett is the ultimate competitor and if u want to be bitter about him competing and just ignore all he did for the franchise im ashamed to call u a fellow packers fan. take ur sensitivity and go watch figure skating instead please. u make me sick