The Packers Are Not Amused, People

Packers cease and desist

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve received a cease and desist letter. That is, before yesterday. But thankfully, the Green Bay Packers legal team was quick to brighten our day by providing just that.

Earlier in the week, when there was nothing going on (much like the rest of the week), we took some photos from that website that’s run by the organization. These photos were nothing special. They were shots of players at the first day of organized workouts. So we decided to spice them up by adding our own thought and speech bubbles to several of the shots.

Because, you know, humor.

Well, the Packers were not amused.

We had to remove that post. So if you were wondering where all of those brilliant parody images went, that’s where — into the ether, never to be seen again.

Now, people do this sort of thing every day. Take a photo, put some funny caption on it and circulate it around the Interweb. If it’s an image of the Packers, you do it and they can find you, they’ll probably threaten to sue you too.

It’s certainly within their right to do so.

Then you can get a fancy cease and desist on Packers letterhead just like this one!

Packers cease and desist Packers cease and desist

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

23 Comments on "The Packers Are Not Amused, People"

  1. E. Wolf

    Hey Monty,

    You should have told the Packers–or rather the Packers legal team– to go screw. Parody is one of the fair use exception to copyright.
    This cease and desist letter is without merit. It is a pity such bullying tactics rarely face sanctions.

    • You Enjoy Myself

      It is a pity such bullying tactics rarely face sanctions.

      Kinda sad really.

  2. Howard

    There are some lawyers and companies that do nothing but try to make money off of trademark and copyright infringments. They search out and punish ($$$) those who they believe tread on there shield; Hopefully the Packers are not one of those; however if they mean businees you are still using there logo at the top of your page. You may want to look at the logo you are using not just the photos from their website.

  3. 1265lombardiave

    You would have thought they would have enjoyed the humor… especially after the “joke” of a defense they’ve had for a few years.

    Glad my shareholder dollars are hard at work, with Mr. Jerry Hanson.

  4. E. Wolf

    I read that letter and it would seem that they are directing the cease and letter to this sites use of the G logo as well. That might have merit. The photos–no way.

    • andy

      Maybe you could argue that monty is using a georgia bulldogs logo but just altered the colors and they are the ones that should be suing him?

  5. Tucson Packer

    Very truly mine, Mr. Jerry H. Hanson; You obviously get paid way too much, who exactly do I need to send a letter to about that?

    Stop pissing off your OWN fan-base. moron.

  6. Savage57

    Dear Mr. Hanson,

    As you may or may not know, sometimes in life a dash of humor is required to make the journey bearable. In that spirit and on behalf of all the readers and followers of, I must demand that you immediately cease and desist to send me this weak-ass, sabre-rattling shit about your precious trademarks and copyrights. Anyone with an IQ over 10 can decipher the difference between the actual Green Bay Packers website and this one.

    If you have a problem with that, we can take it outside.

    Incorrigibly yours,


  7. vj

    There might be something to the satirical nature of posts that’s permissable and protected by your first amendment rights. You can send a letter back indicating that you will cooperate with removal of all licensed trademarks, logos (while maintaining your own). Further, you can ask or simply put up a disclaimer about the site and its purpose on the homepage.
    However, you could threaten to counter sue Packers for violation of first amendment which does not bar you from commenting on people who are in the organization and are public figures or celebrities. Double check all that.

  8. If the Packers let one website owner profit from infringing on their trademarks, then they lose leverage on other aspects of their trademark infringements.

    But before going off on the Packers, really put some thought into it. Yes, it’s easy to say “wow poor sports Packers, get over it”, but when you look at the big picture, it’s really obvious.

    Based on the communications I’ve had with the Packers, if you remove the ads from your website, that removes you from being commercial and therefore you won’t register on their radar. Remove the ads, you should be all good! (not a lawyer, just basing off my experience lol)

  9. nurseratchett

    I’m so proud to be part of TP at this moment.

    If our Packers were busy smacking their wives or getting DUI’s like in Minnesota or Detroit, I’m sure the GB legal counsel would actually have something to do.

    FIGHT THE POWER, MONTY!!! Yeeeeaaah, boy!

  10. Tom

    They are right in-so-far as you are infringing on the trademark by using the logo on the top of the website. I see nothing in this letter that references any copyright infringement based on the pictures that you took down, those are probably fine to keep up, as they probably fall into fair use that other folks have mentioned.

  11. MadCity Packer Fan

    Why would the Packers try and mess with a great blog like this that reaches out to fans with great coverage?! So stupid…keep doing it Monty! Don’t be intimidated by this crap!

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