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Just Because: Here’s Martin Maldonado Blasting a Guy in the Face

Martin Maldonado

There’s jack shit going on with the Green Bay Packers today. The local hacks are reporting that the schedule will be out this week. Yeah, we told you that last week. Let’s rehash it!

No, we’re not going to do that. And we’re probably going to take the rest of the day off of trying to make up stories about the Packers when there are none, for that matter.

But this if fun, so we thought we’d bring it to you instead.

The Milwaukee Brewers played the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday, winning 3-2 in 14. Hell of a game. I’m really starting to enjoy idiot fans booing Ryan Braun every time he comes to the plate, especially when he jacks a solo shot in the 9th to tie the game, like he did yesterday.

Boo that, asshats!

Anyway, the Crew and the Pirates got into a little brouhaha in the third inning of that contest. Carlos Gomez, swinging for the fences as always, hit a shot. He apparently thought it was a homer and flipped his bat. Well, it wasn’t, but he turned it into a triple anyway because Carlos Gomez.

Whatever jerkoff was pitching for the Pirates didn’t like Gomez’s bat flip, started jawing and the benches cleared. Because baseball has stupid unwritten rules.

We didn’t actually see this because we were listening to the sweet sounds of Bob Uecker on the MLB app. However, we saw it today and it’s glorious.

Brewers’ backup catcher Martin Maldonado was involved in the fray and he absolutely jacked a motherfucker.

After, he explained that he was just defending Gomez, who he said was being held down by two guys. We can’t really tell if that was the case or not, but somebody got his regardless.

Don’t mess with Martin Maldonado.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. the real russ letlow April 21, 2014

    1.) the pitcher is a pussy for getting his feelings hurt. Just shut your mouth and pitch. If you don’t like the bat flip, don’t let the batter hit one like that. Pitch better.

    2.) helluva punch, but he was a little high on the head and looks like he got him on the forehead. Betcha it left a good monkey bump, but I’ll bet Maldonado’s hand hurt a bit. Saw him flexing it in the dugout.

  2. Nacho dan April 21, 2014


  3. Howard April 21, 2014

    Hell Baseball is almost as impossible to watch as pro basketball, soccer, and bowling. It must really be a slow day.

    How can anyone give a shit about the unwritten rules of baseball when Pete Rose cannot even get in the baseball hall of fame.

    I wonder if Gomez will have his feelings hurt when he gets plunked in the back or head a few times with a fastball in future games. I bet Gomez just shuts his mouth and walks to first base(not).

    1. the real russ letlow April 21, 2014

      when he wakes up, he might have something to say! like, ” where am I?…”

    2. Cheese April 21, 2014

      Basketball is a million times better to watch than baseball, or whatever lame sport you can think of. Still not better than football though.

  4. Nacho dan April 21, 2014

    But a hundred times worse than anal ring toss

  5. rebelgb April 22, 2014

    My first thought was that was a pretty good punch for a Nigger, though not at all surprising it was a sucker punch. Cuss 1 most niggers cant fight (they just talk a big game) and 2 sucker punching women is just another day at the office.

    However Martin is Peurto Rican, so it all makes sense.

  6. Arcturus April 22, 2014

    Apparently this blog seems to be a magnet for the stupidest of Packer fans.

  7. rebelgb April 22, 2014

    I know right!! *wink

  8. Brewtown Packer Backer April 23, 2014

    Monty- Please ban this knuckle-dragging piece of redneck shit named rebelgb for the love of all that is decent.