Julius Peppers is Dating Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro

The Green Bay Packers big offseason catch, Julius Peppers, is currently on vacation somewhere warm. More importantly, he’s on vacation with a catch of his own — model Claudia Sampedro.

Why? Because that’s what ballers do. They vacation with models. Here’s a pic she posted on Instagram.

So who is this broad? Well, she’s a model. What more do you need to know?

Alright, she has Colombian parents, but was born in Cuba. Then she moved to Miami when she was eight. She’s been compared to Kim Kardashian, which is probably because she also dated Reggie Bush. Oh, and because she looks like that.

She has a kid, who we believe to be five. She is also Peppers’ junior by a few years. She’s 25. JP is 34.

You can be sure we’ll be posting a bunch of pictures of this broad soon.

Really, the only question now is which Packer has the hotter broad? Peppers or Aaron Rodgers, who’s dating Jessica Szohr.


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12 Comments on "Julius Peppers is Dating Claudia Sampedro"

  1. E. Wolf

    This is becoming like TMZ. Maybe I should just suspend my interest in and devotion for this team until draft comes around.

  2. Savage57

    Add this line to the Peppers bio in the 2014 Packers program.

    “In his spare time, he enjoys banging hot Latina babes with huge titties.”

  3. Mike R

    No question in my mind, Jessica Szohr is hotter. Not a fan of the big fake tits. Jessica is working with what God have her.

  4. Matt Ahrens

    What century are you living in?
    Come on, man, you know you can do better than that.
    pick up the back of your hands that are dragging on the floor and show some civility.
    You’re going to give Packer fans a bad reputation!

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