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Brad Jones and Mason Crosby Worked at McDonalds

Brad Jones: McDonalds employee

Oh… this is gold, Jerry! Gold! The Green Bay Packers are on their Tailgate Tour. They made a stop in Ashland yesterday, where the current and former players went into a local McDonalds and a Subway and started taking orders and whatnot. Among them, were linebacker Brad Jones and kicker Mason Crosby, who took over behind the counter at McDonalds.

Ironic, since that’s where both of them should be working.

Did you know that one was coming? Did I telegraph it too much?

Alright, Crosby shouldn’t be working at McDonalds after his bounce-back 2013 season, but he looked a lot like a guy who should be slinging burgers after that 2012 debacle.

Now Jones, on the other hand, well… he better get comfortable wearing shirts that have a little, yellow M embroidered on the breast.

After getting a new contract last offseason, Jones went out and dropped a giant deuce right there on the field.

If the Packers can draft a capable inside linebacker next month, Jones may well be looking for a new job. Good thing he can add this experience to his resume.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf April 18, 2014

    I don’t like this. If i had my way, every single MacDonald’s would be burned to the ground. When I watched Super-Size Me in the theatre, I pumped fist and screamed in adulation when Morgan Spurlock alluded to death of Ronald McDonald.

    1. Mike R April 18, 2014

      Egg White Delights are the shit, try them. If lazy fat asses can’t control themselves and are hitting the drive though multiple times a week, how is that McDonald’s fault? If not McDonald’s, it will be something else. Weird how some dude in Super Size Me only ate deep fired processed food for months, and didn’t feel very well afterwards. I am guessing if I ate Doritos and drank beer for every meal for months, my body wouldn’t like it too much. Should Frito Lay be burned to the ground?

      1. E. Wolf April 18, 2014

        Try watching the movie. I direct you to the segments of the film documenting how billions of dollars directed at children are spent.

        1. billybong April 18, 2014

          yah yah, i watched the movie too…so whats your suggestions to remedy this situation in America….oh thats easy, tell the middle class and poor to stop eating junk food…yup, go organic…hahaha….how simple

          1. Phatgzus April 19, 2014

            Fast food is actually more expensive than home-cooked meals, but then there’s the whole time management issue. I dunno, maybe make a shit ton of food one day when you’re not busy and have leftovers for days or weeks.

        2. Mike R April 19, 2014

          Last time I checked kids can’t drive themselves to McDonalds to buy themselves a happy meal.

          1. E. Wolf April 19, 2014

            That too was addressed in the film. As for the other bit, that slop is far more expensive than home cooked meals. And that does not take too much tme.
            I think it proves my point that none of us would want anyone associated with the Packers eating at or working or otherwise associated with McDonald’s. That is because McDonald’s is a fucking disgrace in every way, nutritionally, culturally, aesthetically, that also does incalculable economic harm not just here in Amiland, but across the planet.


          2. Savage57 April 20, 2014

            Oh shit, another Wolfie crusade.

            Let me get this straight – you want to kill a fictional promotional character, a clown no less, who’s no more than the brain fart of some marketing puke, because you saw a movie with an agenda that said if you eat too much of the same shit for a month you’ll probably gain some weight.

            Where’s the petition link and how do I sign up?

          3. E. Wolf April 22, 2014

            Relax Savage,

            It is just a clever slogan with lots of vitriol. Would you expect any less from yours truly?

  2. 8BitEra April 18, 2014

    Jones really is in danger if we get an ILB that can play in the draft. They’ll likely keep him around until the final 53 for competition’s sake, but he’d only count $1.425M in dead money over the next 2 years.

    1. the real russ letlow April 18, 2014

      Jones is a fairly good special teamer. keep him one more and play him on teams.

  3. Vijay April 18, 2014

    Pita Bros will help to change the unhealthy eating landscape in WI. Store opens later this Summer!

    1. Cheese April 18, 2014

      Chipotle went non gmo not long ago

    2. billybong April 18, 2014

      your joking of course….take the time to go to a Golden Corral during supper time hours…watch the feeding frenzy unfold…

      1. Iltarion April 19, 2014

        I recommend never going to Golden Corral. Ever.

        You’re welcome.

  4. Nacho dan April 18, 2014

    That’s why I live on alcohol and weed. Alcohols regulated by the government and weed is from the earth. Let’s see Morgan Spurlock do this for 30 days bro!

  5. Nacho Libre April 18, 2014

    Or how about the old Evel Knievel diet? The two W’s, whiskey and women. I’ll need more than 30 days for that…

    1. Phatgzus April 19, 2014

      Good ol’ Evel, ruined his first liver, then got a new one and kept on drinkin’, just like Frank Gallagher. Dude was a giant dick but I’ll give him credit, he had the cajones to go big instead of home

  6. Ed west April 18, 2014

    Wolfie you needed a documentary to find out McDonalds markets to children? Come to GB we’ll go to Brett Favre’s steakhouse, calm down and have a salad..

    1. E. Wolf April 19, 2014

      I will break bread with (almost) any Packer fan. But I won’t eat there. I hitched a ride to go toa different steakhouse after the game–because I will not eat there.

  7. Iltarion April 19, 2014

    E. Wolf, lets count the ways you are exhibiting dumbassery in these comments.

    First of all, you paid money to see dipshit anti-capitalist propaganda at a movie theater. Did they also show “Hail Hitler! The Moral Certitude of the Third Reich” while you were there? Let’s hear about it. Maybe you bought that shit too.

    Ronald McDonald is a fictional character and thus never dies.

    Besides being the 2nd most recognizable brand on the planet, McDonald’s is one of America’s most successful businesses. It is one of America’s biggest employers, and employs unskilled people all over the globe. Yeah, pays them shit, but that’s what you make when you have no skills and otherwise wouldn’t have a job.

    McDonald’s has raised billions, that’s right, billion of dollars for children’s charities.

    Its consistency of product and service are remarkable across thousands of franchises. Pretty much unmatched in the business world.

    And most importantly, it is the only place besides getting a Little Caesar’s large pizza where I can feed my family of four for $16. When my son has his Happy Meal with a plain cheeseburger, small fry, apples and milk, he is getting a healthier meal with fewer calories than if he was having two slices of pizza or my meal of a caesar’s salad with Italian.

    My kids love the food there. It is one of the only meals we have where there is no worry about them eating every bite.

    As a parent, it is my job to be mindful of the amount of fastfood they eat, same as the amount of pizza or cookies that they eat.

    Frankly, there are plenty of more dangerous things to worry about.

    As far as McD’s goes. Props to them. Love them.

    Go sprout your communist crap somewhere else.

    1. E. Wolf April 20, 2014

      I don’t see what Adolph Hitler has to do with any of this (or for that matter Stalin or Mao or any other megalamaniac tyrant). It is his birthday today so maybe you were giving him a shoutout.
      Yes I paid money to see Super-size me (obviously). It is one of my favorites. One can say many things about it, but it is not anti-capitalist.
      You think this abomination is something Americans should be proud of? I think it is something we should be deeply ashamed. Junkfood epitomizing our junk culture which is sadly corrupting various cultures around the world.
      We are not going to agree so I will leave it at that, and hope that our shared support and enthusiasm for this team can return to us to more friendly exchanges. I doubt however you will appreciate my kind gesture.
      Oh and as for 16 bucks, you get what you pay for. You can easily feed that many with a home cooked meal. And if your wife has any sort of culinary abilities, any one (child or adult) will favor the homecooked meal.
      My last retort will be Rammstein’s Amerika. They were never that great after Sehnsucht, but this is one of my favorites. It is not a love song, because Till cannot speak his mothertongue.

  8. Lisa April 20, 2014

    Football season better hurry

  9. tedtomato April 23, 2014

    Preparing themselves for their next career? Oh wait..they didnt play in the sec.