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Packers Can Re-Sign Johnny Jolly Already

Johnny Jolly

Not going to lie. We will be livid if our boy Johnny Jolly is not re-signed by the Green Bay Packers this offseason. And now we have even more reason to be livid if that doesn’t happen.

Jolly has been cleared by doctors for action.

Jolly suffered a neck injury late in 2013 against Dallas. He missed the final two weeks of the regular season and the playoff game. He then had spinal fusion surgery on January 10. A little over three months later he’s apparently good to go, or at least the neck injury is.

Jolly had a bone graft taken from his hip that was used to repair his neck. The latter still isn’t fully healed.

There should seemingly be little in the way of Jolly getting a new contract. He wants to play in 2014 and he isn’t going to cost much.

Back in February, the Packers were in “wait-and-see mode” on Jolly. Well, now that he’s good to go medically, let’s get it done.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MJ March 18, 2014

    Let us remember that this guy and Jamari Lattimore were the vocal leaders behind one of the comebacks this season. Sign Jolly, will’ya Ted?

  2. Sean March 18, 2014

    Seriously… can’t see a big cap hit here. Would like to see him have a whole off-season working out at the Packer facility.

    Question is… did he make a big enough impression around the league last year that he might get more money elsewhere? DT/DE that big don’t grow on trees.

  3. Iltarion March 18, 2014

    A fat guy with a bad hip?

    That’s just what we need.

    You sign him near the veteran’s minimum and take a look at him in training camp. If it looks like the injuries have taken a toll, you cut him.

    I am more concerned with Matt Flynn and John Kuhn being resigned.

    1. Phatgzus March 18, 2014

      Cold as a cadaver, Iltarion, but dead on. Sign him to a cheap deal (at or around vet min.) and make him compete for his job once healthy.

      As for Matty Flynn and Kuuuuuhn, would love to see them back as well; as it’s week 2 of FA I think that’s a strong possibility, and likely at a bargain value. Kinda like finding a favorite B movie in the $2 bargain bin at Wally World.

    2. ay hombre March 18, 2014

      Some shit cracking me up on here today. But I’m all for Jolly for the league minimum. Make him earn a spot.

  4. E. Wolf March 18, 2014

    Well knick paddy-whack give a dog a bone! This is great news. Jolly was one of the few highlights defensively last year. Still angry at him for how stupid he wasto get in that mess that kept off the field for three years.

    1. Savage57 March 18, 2014

      I think that in the pantheon of worries that comprised the fabric of his life post purple-drank shitstorm, fans’ anger with him was somewhere below ‘I need to take a piss’.

    2. Phatgzus March 18, 2014

      Not so pissed at Jolly as I am the NFL and US legal system. Dude made a mistake and was made an example of, unfortunately he had enough purple drank ingredients to be charged with intent to distribute even though I doubt that was his intent. Yet people like Donte Stallworth drive drunk and kill somebody and only serve a few months. Some world we live in.

      1. You Enjoy Myself March 20, 2014

        Right on Phatgzus!

    3. E. Wolf March 18, 2014

      I can give him one bite of the apple. How many times was he busted? Three. That is just stupid. And it adversely affected our Packers. If continues to rise and can help revamp this defense, I guess I will get over it.

  5. Nick March 18, 2014

    yeah, sign him already. Big Dawg Needs To Hunt! (whatever that means) We need the leadership and fire.

  6. Aristomenes March 18, 2014


  7. ScholarAthlete March 18, 2014

    The agent gets a pass for writing ‘graph’. It would seem that a web author would know to use the correct term: graft.
    The point .is well taken – give Jolly a chance. The faithful love him.

  8. Ed west March 18, 2014

    Bring him back. My kids love his name. Johnny Jolly!! Then they laugh!

  9. I love Johnny Jolly. Compare his level of motivation to that of BJ Raji. Jolly has something to prove, and he’s still a hell of a player. Let’s sign him right away.

  10. lars March 19, 2014

    Look, we all like Jolly for sentimental reasons and the comeback story. But, signing a guy who just had neck fusion surgery and had multiple stingers. Reminds me of Jeremy Thompson. The Packers don’t fool around in that area, nor should they. Jolly’s on the wrong side of 30 and if you haven’t noticed they are departing from the fatties/dinosaurs on the DL to more athletic, faster, leaner and taller players like Guion and especially Peppers.

    Draft a NT in the mid-rounds to occupy blockers when Raji is gone next year and don’t take the risk on Jolly. BTW, they aren’t interested in Finley (neck/spine injury and over-rated mustard magnate) either.

    1. You Enjoy Myself March 20, 2014

      There is no “risk”. It would be like signing Anthony Hargrove last year. Give it a try and see what happens.

  11. s.d.schulz March 19, 2014

    To sign Peppers at 10 million a year, and not resign Jolly who made I believe around 750,000 a year makes no sense at all, Jolly is a beast who played hard on every play. Just because you sign him doesn’t mean you have to keep him. If jolly can’t make it back to 100%, IT will still cost less than the 4 years of first round money wasted on Justin Harrell. BET ON A WINNER, good luck J.Jolly

  12. Pastordad March 19, 2014

    What’s not to love about the name but Imagree with the above comments this is not something to play for someone who all to often must lead with his head…just saying.

  13. Zack March 19, 2014

    Thanks and gig ’em.

  14. Packer Bob March 20, 2014

    ^%#$ his long-term health and resign him.

  15. frenchjanine May 18, 2014

    Agree with you all. Bring Jolly back. But while he is healing, it can’t hurt to use his roster spot to test some new guys.