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Report: Sam Shields Seeking Around $5 Million Annually

Sam Shields

We know the Green Bay Packers want cornerback Sam Shields back and we’ve been wondering what the holdup is.

We projected Shields would be seeking $5-7 million annually. If he were on the high end of that scale, the Packers would rightfully balk. If he were on the low end, well, just sign the guy already.

Tom Silverstein says Shields is indeed on the low end.

…a source familiar with [Shields’ agent Drew] Rosenhaus said the basis for the deal Shields wants is the four-year, $22.4 million contract Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings signed in January. More than half of Jennings’ deal is guaranteed and the first-year compensation is more than $8 million.

That deal would pay Shields an average of $5.6 million per season. It’s nowhere near the deal the Packers other starting cornerback, Tramon Williams, got back in 2010. That deal averaged $8.25 million per season.

So that’s good news for the Packers because they certainly can’t afford to pay two cornerbacks No. 1 cornerback money.

The argument against giving Shields Jennings-type money is that he hasn’t made a Pro Bowl, while Jennings has made two. We’re sure the Packers are using that as an argument to get Shields’ annual salary lower.

The argument rings hollow to us — and probably Shields and Rosenhaus — when you consider the extension safety Morgan Burnett and his zero Pro Bowls got last offseason. That deal averages a little more than $5.2 million annually.

Who wants to bet Ted Thompson wishes he would have given that money to Shields instead of Burnett last year?

Anyway, we expect Shields’ deal to get done. What he’s asking for isn’t outrageous, providing Silverstein’s source is correct. Neither are the parameters of the deal. When you factor in the signing bonus, which is spread evenly over the length of the contract for salary cap purposes, $8 million up front is very doable.

Remember, the Packers have close to $30 million in salary cap space and they won’t be wasting a big chunk of it on re-signing B.J. Raji.

So let’s make it happen.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nick Perry February 22, 2014

    If this report is accurate and TT hasn’t got him signed, Shields may just want to take that tattoo and leave. The contracts TT gave Hawk, Crosby and Burnett were borderline reckless. This is a no brainer that should have been done by now.

    1. GBslacker February 22, 2014

      Reckless indeed.

      You pay for performance. Bottom line.
      Nobody gives a shit if you’re a societal menace if you’re the best.

      The opposite is true, as well. When someone doesn’t live up to their stellar billing, then you force a contract renegotiation.

  2. Savage57 February 22, 2014

    Holy Shit!

    Blue light special on NFL CB’s.

    Re-negotiate TW, then sign SS.

    1. Vijay February 23, 2014

      I would argue we need a ball hawking FS more than an in the box SS, but that’s just me. Besides, word is Micah Hyde will get his shot there though I’d feel more comfortable taking a safety like Jimmie Ward (late 2, early 3) to play free to compete.

      I think they’re also looking developmental RT in case Sherrod doesn’t pan ever out and Bulaga’s injury history dicates moving on after 2014 (club option). Someone like Ja’Wuan James from Tennessee would fit the bill nicely in the early rounds.

      The more I look at the potential draft board, the more I like the idea of trading out of Rd#1 and collecting a couple more high 2nd-4th round picks. Especially since the best TE and safety prospects could be long gone by pick #21. But, we have to see how the draft board falls…Notre Dame TE Troy Niklas and Austin Seferian Jenkins could slip into Rds 2.

      Combine FEVER! Sorry…

  3. Zippy Joe February 22, 2014

    Pay the man.

  4. K.L. February 22, 2014

    Shields hasn’t made the pro-bowl #1 because there are so many star cornerbacks in the league and #2 because he is underrated, or at least his name is not widely recognized. I don’t think you can judge him based on pro-bowl selections.

    If all he wants is 5-6 million, great. Sign him.

  5. Remedy February 22, 2014

    Holy fucking shit this is great news

  6. Teddy KGB February 22, 2014

    Pay heem. Pay that man heez money.

    1. Vijay February 23, 2014

      Well played. Sign SAM!!!

  7. lars February 23, 2014

    If that’s all he wants why isn’t Shields already re-signed? Agree with commenter Nick Perry, outrageous contracts were handed to stiffs like Hawk and Burnett, and now they reportedly ow ball Shields? WTF?

  8. jtmax February 23, 2014

    I believe that TT is hesitating because of what happened with Tramon and Morgan. What’s to stop Shields from sliding like those bums once he gets that big contract. To remedy that just sign him to big contract but make him earn the numbers with performance based bonuses.

    1. Phatgzus February 24, 2014

      Very much a possibility, then again Rosenhaus is his agent and reports don/t generally mean shit; we’ll just have to wait for the dets.

  9. rebelgb February 23, 2014

    If this is true offer him 5.5 and finish the deal! Where is this info coming from? Surely this is cheaper than the Pack expected? I dont want to hear shit about the Pro Bowl…the Pro Bowl is a fucking joke.

  10. NjPackFan February 23, 2014

    That’s great news, if it is indeed true. It’s a bargain for a starting #1 corner in the NFL. And i think he’ll just continue to develop and get better in the coming years.