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John Schneider Shirtless and Wearing a Championship Belt

John Schneider

Seattle Seahawks general manger John Schneider used to be one of Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson’s evil henchmen.

Then he went and assembled his own Super Bowl champion. He celebrated like a champion too.

Safety Early Thomas briefly posted this picture of a shirtless Schneider wearing a WWE championship belt in the locker room after the Seahawks win last night. He later removed it, but then some hack from SB Nation reposted it.

As a side note, Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was the first to debut the championship belt after a Super Bowl. He gave it to Aaron Rodgers in 2011.

That’s not the point here, though.

Could you imagine Big Ted doing something like this? Or would you even want to?

Yeah, think about that the rest of the day — a shirtless, title-belt wearing Ted Thompson has been seared into your brain!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf February 3, 2014

    That was our thing–both the belt and Schneider.
    The Polar Bear is far too stoic for such theatrics.

  2. Hawk_Eye February 3, 2014

    Maybe that’s why the Seahawks won. The let people be themselves.

    1. Mike February 3, 2014

      that’s the most likely explanation

      1. lars February 3, 2014

        Lot of truth to that. Loose, physical and very tough players and a non-uptight GM and HC, who isn’t afraid to tke a chance on a trade or FA’S.

    2. Savage57 February 4, 2014

      This from Peter King’s MMQB article:

      “After that Super Bowl rout Sunday night, one of the Seahawks’ most respected players, fullback Michael Robinson, thought he had it figured out.

      “Football is a game,” Robinson said in the bowels of MetLife Stadium. “A game. Pete has figured that out. He makes football fun. All aspects of it—practices, games. One of our goals is to play at a level other teams can’t match. That’s what you saw tonight. What do you see when you see a team, running around practicing to music all week? They’re loose. They’re full of energy. And that’s what we are. I know it works for us.”

  3. Tucson Packer February 3, 2014

    Well now if that isn’t original…

  4. Iltarion February 3, 2014

    It is called alcohol, boys, and the embarrassing shit that results from its consumption.

  5. Mr Bob Harris February 3, 2014

    I would be completely fine with a naked championship-belt-wearing TT, if it meant we had just won the Super Bowl.

    I can handle a little extra Ted if it mean having a little more Lombardi.

  6. FITZCORE1252 February 4, 2014

    Thomas is a shrimp, how damn short is Schneider!?