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Green Bay Packers: Four Positions of Weakness


Ahmad Bradshaw runs over A.J. Hawk

If you’ve been paying attention the past couple days, you knew this was coming. We’ve talked about the Green Bay Packers’ positions of strength and the areas where they’re not bad off, but could use some reinforcements.

Now we’re getting down to the turds. You probably already know which positions we’re talking about or at least which players we like to single out. Cough, *A.J. Hawk* cough, cough.

You probably won’t be surprised that three of the four positions are on the defensive side of the ball either. So let’s get on with it.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKo Steamboat February 20, 2014

    If you knew nothing about the last 5 seasons of the NFL or the GB Packers & read only this one article, you’d think they were one of the worst teams in the NFL.

    Pretty much covers the whole defense here when you mention Safety, ILB & D-Line.

  2. Iltarion February 20, 2014

    Safety and D-line are no brainers. Anyone with eyes knows the Packers need to improve there.

    The Packers could make zero changes at TE and ILB, and I would be completely unconcerned with it. The Packers haven’t really had a “play-making” TE in anything but theory and glimpses all during this run. I would be happy with a TE who could block.

    ILB is a much over-ballyhooed position. When the D-line was playing well, those guys played well. When the D-line sucked, they sucked. Such is typically the case with ILBs. AJ Hawk had 117 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 caused fumbles and 1 INT. I don’t know. Sounds like he made some “plays” to me.

  3. Phatgzus February 20, 2014

    Dunno about Boyd overachieving unless you consider him getting playing time some incredible feat. I do like his potential and his hustle (I remember him nearly making the tackle on a run 20-yards down the field and on the side of the field opposite of where he lined up), but let’s be realistic, he was JAG last year.

  4. MADCity Packer Fan February 20, 2014

    The only thing those shiny new contracts are going to be good for are ass napkins after the season had. It really is time to get rid of the baggage and bring in guys that can make plays.