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Five Thoughts on Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl XLVIII: Russell Wilson

Well who the hell saw that coming? No one here, that’s for sure. That was a goddam whitewashing pretty much from the start. Super Bowl XLVIII is in the books and the Seattle Seahawks pounded the Denver Broncos 43-8.

First of all, let us say congratulations to Wisconsin Badgers legend Russell Wilson. We’re happy for that dude. Now, here are five things we took away from the game.

There goes that big-game legacy
So I picked Denver to win the game. I thought they had too many receiving weapons and Peyton Manning would make checks at the line to hit the open guy. He was playing too well not to have a great game. Well, wrong! In each previous week that Denver played a playoff game I pointed out that Manning wasn’t a big game quarterback. I pointed out that he was a mere 1-1 in Super Bowls and that he had an overall playoff record hovering around .500. Then I went and picked his team in the big game. What did he do? Nothing. Manning is now 1-2 in Super Bowls and he just surpassed one Brett Lorenzo Favre for the most losses by a quarterback in playoff history with 12. Give me Joe Montana at quarterback any damn day.

Speaking of Manning, where the hell were all those checks he was making in the earlier rounds? How many times did you hear Manning yell Omaha during the playoffs and change the play at the line to exploit the defense? More than you wanted to. How many times did he do that on Sunday? None that I recall.

Percy Harvin is a game-changer
While I was thinking of picking Seattle to win the game I though, yeah, their defense. I also thought receiver/returner Percy Harvin was an X-factor. He only played in one game for Seattle all season and he didn’t even finish it. That is, until the Super Bowl when Harvin was indeed the X-factor. He had 45 yards rushing, 5 receiving and 87 on one kick return, which went to the house. That’s 137 total yards. He had a decent case for MVP, but I understand why they gave it to linebacker Malcolm Smith. He had 10 tackles, knocked down a pass and returned a pick for a touchdown.

Speaking of game-changers
You could also make an argument for Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman as MVP. Yeah, he only had three tackles and one pass knocked down. He also left the game early with an ankle injury. That being said, was there one guy on the field who altered the game more than Sherman?

Those creeps can roll
And they’re going to be able to roll for a while. That is, the Seattle Seahawks. They’re the youngest team, by average age, ever to win a Super Bowl. If they can keep their nucleus together, they’re going to be good for a long time. And to think, people used to say that about the Green Bay Packers. On another note, it’s tough to repeat. You can go ask the 2011 Green Bay Packers who rolled through the regular season at 15-1 and then lost their first playoff game.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. K.L. February 2, 2014

    Congrats to the seahawks. I really have nothing against them. If our defense played with just half the physicality that Seattle’s defense does, we would probably have the best team in the league.

    1. Chad Lundberg February 2, 2014

      Fuck the seacocks, but yeah, if the pack actually played like they really cared this would have been a different story.

  2. Charlie Martin February 2, 2014

    fuck the bears
    fuck the niners
    fuck peyton manning
    fuck Eli
    If it aint any of those fuckers hoisting the trophy, than its been a good fucking year

    1. Charlie Martin February 2, 2014

      and don’t even mention the fucking queens. As if they were even eligible…

      1. Chad Lundberg February 2, 2014

        Are you fucking kidding??? They’re the most arrogant team in the NFL! They rubbed it in during the fail mary! Fuck the seacocks!!!

        But I will say fuck the niners, seeing Kaeperdick’s face after the championship game was priceless!!!

        1. K.L. February 2, 2014

          That was mostly just the dickhead fans and Golden Tate. You don’t have to like them to respect the organization as a whole. But I agree with Charlie.

          1. Chad Lundberg February 2, 2014

            Pete Caroll taunted when the Lance Easely came out on the field and announced the “touchdown”. HE wouldn’t stop cheering and gloating. The next day he was asked about the call he wouldn’t stop going off about how it was the right call and how incredibly awesome it was.

            Fuck sherman and fuck carroll. Seeing those two host the trophy is worse than if Rex Ryan had won the Super Bowl. Big mouth big ego.

          2. TyKo Steamboat February 2, 2014

            Chad, Pete didn’t “taunt”….he just celebrated in emotion of the moment…

            I was pissed too…but Pete was just happy in the moment. He really did everything right.

            Go Pack!!!

          3. Chad Lundberg February 4, 2014

            Well I just don’t see it that way. If nothing else, that team seriously lacks humility. I never see them come out and show class when the chance is presented.

            Manning made a good example of showing class when he lost to the Ravens last year. He went and congradulated Ray Lewis for a very successful career.

  3. DJ February 2, 2014

    True, the Seahawks have a young team….but free agency looms and their cap space is pretty thin. Browner & Thurmond are up this year and Sherman & Douglas next yr. That is almost their entire secondary. WRs Tate & Baldwin are up this yr & Harvin is an $11 million cap hit. Plus Wilson is gonna want to get a new deal….something’s gotta give…cant keep’em all. As we all know too well…the champs always get poached. Such is life in the NFL.

    1. Chad Lundberg February 2, 2014

      That’s the ONLY saving grace about this game, GOD it sucks seeing those pricks hosting the trophy. But at least there’s just no way in hell they can keep this team together for long. There’s about a good 8 players on that team that could easily demand a $50 million dollar contract. Same goes for the Niners.

      Packers are better suited in the long run.

  4. Chad Lundberg February 2, 2014

    Five thoughts???

    Damn, the Seacocks are scary!
    Damn, the Seacocks are scary!
    Damn, the Seacocks are scary!
    Damn, the Seacocks are scary!
    Damn, the Seacocks are scary!

    Fuck! The Packers better get their shit together and get that defense a rollin otherwise there may be NO CHANCE of a lombardi next year!

    Make no mistake, this ain’t a fucking dynasty, all their best players were paid less than $10 million this year because they were all late draft picks still playing within their first four years. They can’t POSSIBLY keep them altogether for even 2 more years!


    FUUUUCK!!! I hate those damn SEACOCKS!!! Packers better damn well make them their bitch!

    1. Cheese February 3, 2014

      You mad bro?

      1. Tucson Packer February 3, 2014

        Inst that “bro” thing getting old yet?

  5. vj February 2, 2014

    The core of their best players are not due for a raise until the season after next…between them and the 49ers, its going to be a very tough road for anybody playing in the NFC. Does this outcome also reveal how weak the AFC is comparitively? Or, what it just another royal choke job by Manning and Co.? I go with the former.
    Damn, John Schneider is brilliant…at least right now he is!

  6. TyKo Steamboat February 2, 2014

    I love the Seacocks’ style. So awesome

    Hard to hate Carrol & Wilson.
    I will forever love this team for fucken-up The over-rated, stinken Doncos. A team the played the Raiders twice, the Jaguars, Chargers 3 times, a beat-up Patriots team, struggled against the cowgirls, Ginas…ect.

    Thank you Seattle, from the bottom of my heart. I skied the slopes today…so many douchey, fair-weather, fickle, bandwagon stoners with fresh price tags hangen off of their ugly pumpkin-shit orange jerseys today…time to hang-em up, Donko phoneys…

    Better Ingredients, Better Pizza…


  7. Vijay February 3, 2014

    Now on to the draft kids!
    Here’s a super sleeper from tiny D-II Shepherd College. He played DE in college but is lightning quick and can play standing up as a OLB as well. Watch what he does at the 2:50 mark.

    Also, not that we need another RB, but James Starks record at Buffalo was broken this year by a very impressive compact back named Branden Oliver who prides himself on being a complete player.


    1. Vijay February 3, 2014

      Of course, there’s always this guy…if you like ACC players
      Jeremiah Attaochu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLceQLeY2f8

  8. E. Wolf February 3, 2014

    Being from Seattle, I honestly thought this day would NEVER happen, that the Seahawks would always be like the Houston Astros, or Atlanta Falcons.
    Their uniforms are still an abomination, although their away unis are not too bad. Lance Easley still needs to die.
    Still I am glad the Broncos lost. I guess I am glad the city I come from finally wins it at after nearly forty years, especially as it did not happen at the expense of the team I do support. But here is one thing I really like; the Minnesota Vikings still cannot win it all, whereas now even the Seattle Seahawks have one.

  9. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey February 3, 2014

    Seems like in the modern era, defensive teams go one and done. Here’s hoping a bunch of off-season arrests dismantle the Seahawks, because they are a hell of a squad at the moment.

  10. Table Top Pack Man February 3, 2014

    I don’t understand how a team that participates in free agency can win a superbowl…Is that how you do it? Not according to the Polar Bear, it’s not.

    Iltarion, what was that about Percy Harvin being a huge waste of money? Sometime gambles pay off.

    1. iltarion February 3, 2014

      So THAT was worth $25 million? Hahaha… good stuff.

      Or you could save that money and win anyway.

  11. Don Q February 3, 2014

    Where’s that asshole Viking fan who goes by “THESEAHAWKSOWNYOU”? Hopefully he fell through the ice on lake Minnetonka.

    1. Tucson Packer February 3, 2014

      If he didn’t, can you imagine how hungover he is?

  12. Savage57 February 3, 2014

    I looked at my buddy after the safety snap (I’ve heard speculation that Manning actually yelled ‘Oconomowoc’ and it confused the shit out of Ramirez) and said to him “the Broncos are going to lose.” Bad juju like that is a harbinger of a really fucked up day in the offing.

    Kudo’s to the Seahawks. They straight up bitch slapped and then ass-raped the Broncos. That defense swarms like those mutant alien bugs in that POS movie, “Starship Troopers”. As a Packer fan you want to hate the Seahawks, but if you can set the FM game aside, there’s a lot to like about the team, the players and their ‘take no prisoners’ approach to how they play the game.

    I really enjoyed seeing Manning spend most of the game with that ‘I just shit myself’ look on his face and I was surprised there weren’t more shots of him getting in his teammates asses and throwing around some blame for his shitty play. Hopefully his shitty 1-2 record in the Super Bowl and his sub-.500 record in the playoffs shuts down ‘Manning’ and the term ‘GOAT’ being used in the same sentence.

    I really hope that MM shows tape of this game to Dom, his coaches and the defensive players and reminds them that when you put the tampons away and man up, this is how football is supposed to be played. If MM’s excuse about how the CBA supposedly prevents teams from being able to practice tackling and become physically intimidating is true, what does Carrolll do with these guys to turn them into fucking meat-eaters?

    1. Phatgzus February 3, 2014

      He has his docs “feed” them amphetamines-Theo Morell status.

  13. Cheese February 3, 2014

    Typical Broncos fashion. A team with an over hyped quarterback that gets his balls licked by the media daily, gets blown out, resulting in him having more SB losses than wins. What about his LEGACY? Who gives a shit.

    Seattle was so refreshing to watch that it makes me cringe thinking about how pathetic Green Bays defense is.

  14. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU February 3, 2014


    1. Tucson Packer February 3, 2014

      There’s that “class” we were looking for..

    2. Savage57 February 3, 2014

      Congratulations to the Seahawks on an outstanding season and a truly epic win in the Super Bowl.

      Now, as to their fans, specifically this turd that comes on here at recess on the left coast, you’re all still card-carrying members of
      the “Children of Fathers Who Should Have Worn Condoms” club.


    3. E. Wolf February 3, 2014

      When we won Super Bowl XLV, do you think there was a single Packer fan who went on say the Niners board? I could say some going on Vikings boards, but they are a true, division rival.
      Still, it is pretty pathetic, if you are in fact a Seahawks fan.

  15. iltarion February 3, 2014

    It kind of makes sense that since Seattle is a throwback team, we had a throwback Super Bowl, as in back to the 80’s/early 90’s.

    Denver just flat out didn’t show up, from the first snap on. I thought I was watching the Broncos in the 80’s again.

    I remain unimpressed with Seattle’s offense. Their defense is great and pretty much single-handedly won that game. But it is DAMN tough to repeat as champions, and great defenses are typically a everyone having their best year at the same time kind of thing.

    1. Cheese February 3, 2014

      Their offense seemed to move the ball just fine to me. They moved it a lot better than Prince Manning did.

    2. E. Wolf February 3, 2014

      How is Seattle a throwback team?

  16. Don Q February 3, 2014

    SEAHAWKSOWNYOU must have stayed off the thin ice. Too fuckin bad for our sake. This kid must be 8 years old, that would explain why he calls people “fags” and doesn’t know how to turn caps lock off. Stupid Viking fan.

  17. FITZCORE1252 February 3, 2014

    The absence of “Omaha” is really pretty simple. Seattle doesn’t change up their D, hardly ever, therefore there is no chess game going on between Peyton and the D.

    1. TyKo Steamboat February 3, 2014

      “Omaha” is code for: Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

      1. Vijay February 3, 2014

        Nicely done!

  18. gort February 3, 2014

    There really is only one Super Bowl XLVIII thought that counts: Speed Kills!
    Oh my God – the Seahawks are fast! They got D linemen that are faster than our line backers. They got linebackers that are faster than our DBs. The student (John Schneider) has passed the teacher (Ted Thompson) and I mean passed him fast (speed again). We MUST draft fast guys and then our medical / conditioning staff must figure out how to not tweak the hamstrings of the fast guys.