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Note to Green Bay Packers: Here Are the Top Safeties in the Draft

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

All Green Bay Packers fans should be ecstatic about this news. All of the top safeties, with the exception of Stanford’s Ed Reynolds, have now declared for the 2014 NFL Draft. The biggest name — Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix — declared Thursday morning.

We’re going to tell you about a bunch of these guys in a moment, but first, let’s review.

The Green Bay Packers safeties were a collective steaming pile of dog crap in 2013. Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings were arguably the worst starting safety tandem in the NFL. Probably not even arguably, now that we think of it.

It started with Jennings, who is more recognized for missing tackles, not creating turnovers and giving up yards after the catch than he is anything positive. Jennings is a restricted free agent and we pray the Packers do not re-sign him. Did he know in addition to not creating any turnovers, the guy didn’t even defend one pass in 2013? Then there’s Burnett, who signed a big extension in the offseason and then turned into one of the biggest underachievers on the team.

It didn’t end there. Jerron McMillian, a fourth-round pick in 2012, was cut midseason he was so bad. That was a swell draft pick, Ted. Like Jennings, the other two safeties on the active roster were one-time undrafted free agents. One, Sean Richardson, was injured the majority of the year and the other, Chris Banjo, is raw as raw can be.

So how bad were these clowns in 2013? The Packers had the only group of safeties in the entire NFL not to record an interception. It’s like you almost have to try to not intercept balls for that to happen.

Anyway, you get the point. The Packers need actual NFL-caliber talent at the position. That’s not to say Richardson or Banjo won’t continue to develop, but neither is going to step into the starting lineup and be a playmaker next season.

Here are your playmakers.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ryan January 11, 2014

    I’m intrigued by the idea of moving Hyde to safety, that is if we get Shields and Williams back. Then we will have plenty of depth at corner (House, Hayward, Bush) It will allow us to get the best possible players on the field at the same time. Don’t get me wrong landing a rookie day 1 starter would be amazing, but Im a realist also.

    1. Savage57 January 12, 2014

      If Shields takes the money elsewhere, CB will be thin as hell. House is nothing more than a liability in the Jennings/McMillan class (show him the door). So that leaves Williams, Hyde and Bush.

      Packers are thin all across the back end. That is, if you expect the guys to actually be able to play.

      1. Phatgzus January 12, 2014

        You forgot Hayward, though admittedly he is now an injury concern.

  2. Ryan January 11, 2014

    Our biggest need may be at DL. Jolly, Pickett, Raji and Wilson all free agents, thats scary.

  3. CO Bob January 11, 2014


    I like this article. Solution oriented.

    Not that Ted would sign em, but who are the current FAs/RFAs? Doesn’t have to be a list of marquee ones…..not sure if any are worth signing either.

    Some seem to complain about always fixing thru the draft….if all the RFAs and FAs are turds, then at least we can put that crap to rest….

  4. Richard Cranium January 11, 2014

    Jarius Byrd… Horseshit bleacher report says he will get 6m per. I would rather have a safety who can hit and pick than Sam Shields for 8m per. My guess is we get neither cuz TT is grandpa gay tightwad.

  5. Najeh Davenportland January 11, 2014

    TJ Ward should be a target in free agency. He is a bad man.

  6. Big B January 11, 2014

    Saw some true safety play today- Thomas on SEA and Bush with NO made more plays in the first half than Dr Jennings made all year. Amazing contrast of defensive play compared with Packers slow, non-hitting Stay Puft men. We need a talent infusion on D stat.

    1. Savage57 January 12, 2014

      I agree. Thomas and Bush put on a clinic. I hope the Packers POS safeties watched so they could learn how to play the position. Or decide to go and have their vag’s sewn up.

      As to the draftees, anytime I see a safety that waits and tries to back jump and tackle at the shoulders as they go by, I go wait a minute, we have a team full of those guys. I like the guys like the dudes from Stanford and Wash State that attack like a cruise missile from the front when they tackle.

      Maybe Teddy should check the size of these guys sacks at the combine and see if he can find a safety that has some balls.

  7. Cuban January 11, 2014

    I think the list of Safeties we should be looking at are small school undraftable types who “project” down the line, why we would get our gopes up by looking at the top safeties is beyond me, we all know thats not how ted works

  8. Richard Cranium January 11, 2014

    That guy who played LB in 12′ at SC would be perfect! Let’s take a guy who’s either a) never really played the position in college b) has limited experience or c) is injury prone… I think that covers all of TeddyBears 1st round picks. Except for Rodgers… Who has single handedly saved TeddyBallgames hide.

    1. Tucson Packer January 11, 2014

      and we all know that was more McCarthy’s choice than TT’s

      1. Phatgzus January 11, 2014


  9. vj January 12, 2014

    Calvin Pryor is my lead dog so far, if we take a young safety early. Though keep in mind, NFC West teams drafted high for position of need and still acquired a vet at same position to really hedge their bets and create ultimate competition. Putting too much on most rookies is never a favorable strategy.

  10. vj January 12, 2014

    Yeah, Bailey or Bucannon seem like really good selections as well…especially that Bucannon kid, I am excited to see more tape on him.

  11. vj January 12, 2014

    Clinton Dix fans should look at that bad Auburn film and see a guy totally lost out there in run support. I think I’d go playmaking TE or DT in Rd1 and select from Safeties Pryor, Bucannon or Bailey in Rd2.

  12. tedtomato January 12, 2014

    Just hope shithead ted doesnt sit on his hands during free agency or the draft..we have the worst safeties in the nfl..i would make burnett take a pay cut also!!!

  13. Howard January 12, 2014

    It is clear based on the safeties available that if available pack takes Stephon Tuitt first then one of the safeties in the second .Maybe even move up for the safety. The one problem almost more disturbing than the lack of safety play was how easy contain was lost at the edge. Not only could Tuitt pass rush he could contain with his speed and length.

  14. gidge January 12, 2014

    We’ll see if they pick up anyone decent or if we’re left disappointed again next year. With Burnett, yet again. These are some decently compiled candidates; it’s awesome to see they could have something if they just chose wisely. Sidenote: dude, you have got to edit your paragraphs.

  15. Iltarion January 12, 2014

    Its way too damn early for draft articles. Or for comments on draft articles.

    1. Savage57 January 13, 2014

      Absolutely the most contentious part of the year.

      “My guy!”

      “No, my guy!”

      “Fuck you, he sucks.”

      “No, fuck you, you obviously don’t know anything about pro football or the draft. Leave it to me and the other experts.”

      “Anyways, the Packers shouldn’t even be looking at (fill in the blank) position for their first round pick.”

      “What? You obviously aren’t a real fan.”

      “I’ve been a more loyal fan of the Packers longer than you have and I know everything their is to know about college and pro football.”

      “Hold up a second, be right back. Need to go change my tampon.”

  16. Richard Cranium January 13, 2014

    That’s fuckin funny… Enough to keep me from posting till next year!! Off to Africa to help starving children! Peace!!

  17. [email protected] January 14, 2014

    Ha Ha Clinton-Dix? As a fan who misses the names (not necessarily the players) like Brady Popinga, Atari Bigby, et al, I love this name. Too bad he looked so crappy against Auburn.