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49ers Anthony Davis Thinks Green Bay is a Shithole

Anthony Davis

San Francisco 49ers tackle Anthony Davis is not a fan of Green Bay or Appleton.

Davis referred to one or both of those places as a shithole last night on Twitter. Also, for some reason, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, who’s about 80 now, showed up to talk to the 49ers last night.

We throw Appleton into the mix because the 49ers stayed there last night. We’re guessing Davis is probably referring to the whole area, though.

Davis, being the royal piece of shit he is, has since removed the tweet. You know, now it’s like it never happened.

Anyway, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking who the fuck is Anthony Davis anyway? Well, I had to look it up, so that should tell you something about Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis doesn’t fucking matter. Oh, and he’s from Piscataway, New Jersey.

New Fucking Jersey!

So, a mediocre offensive lineman that no one knows, who is from a garbage dump and in love with an 80-year-old wrestler, isn’t fond of Green Bay and he isn’t apologizing.

Tony probably has a little title envy because, as you might expect, he’s never won shit. Please feel free to point that out to him on Twitter.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. tedtomato January 5, 2014

    Who gives a fuck what that moron says…hope the pack lights up the scoreboard on these douchebags

    1. TyKo Steamboat January 5, 2014

      it’s 3 degrees there rite now…which is a tropical heat wave compared to what they originally forecasted…

      that’s good

  2. Iltarion January 5, 2014

    That’s rich coming from a guy from an area of the country that people in Detroit and Cleveland make jokes about.

    Of course, then there’s San Fran- a city that the rest of the country wishes would secede and just become their own communist Lichtenstein. Is there anyway the rest of us can vote and force San Fran’s secession? Like we all vote to secede from San Fran?

    Yeah, not a lot going on in Green Bay. Just a bunch of blue collar people working, raising their kids and paying their taxes. I’m sure its a pretty depressing place for a rich black athlete.

  3. bruns January 5, 2014

    While I don’t care what this guy thinks, the comment doesn’t surprise me.

    If I remember correctly, the opposing team stays at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. It isn’t horrible, but far from a great hotel. I wouldn’t stay there if I had a choice (better options in the $120 range). I have heard other teams complain that it is the worst “visiting team” hotel in the NFL.

    1. Kozak January 5, 2014

      Yeah but they get to eat dinner at Lombardi’s Steak House…

    2. Kozak January 5, 2014

      They are just lucky it’s not like the old days. When the Bears would visit a fucking brass band would play up and down the halls all night……

  4. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

    Yup, you nailed it, I have only 1 question: Who?

  5. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

    There are places in Camden, Newark and elsewhere that feature urban decay rivaling that of Detroit and Gary, Indiana.
    When you take Amtrak south towards Philly and DC, you see some of the urban ruins. Often times during the winter months you see campfires set in some of the abandoned buildings.

  6. 702packerfan January 5, 2014

    Dude is from Piscataway??? Talking about a shithole?? Then again he does offer an expert opinion on shitholes!!!

  7. Richard Crainium January 5, 2014

    God I wish I was racist, bigot, and a homophobe… Then I could call this piece of shit all kinds of names.

  8. gidge January 5, 2014

    Thank you, Anthony Davis. We appreciate the feedback. And on behalf of the entire Packers Nation, we definitely think of you as a shithole too!

  9. PackAttack January 5, 2014

    I’m gonna burn the shit hole down if McCarthy calls another busted play.

  10. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

    Don’t even get the satisfaction of revenge. ….

  11. Beantownpackerbacker January 5, 2014

    Fire Capers! Please! It needs to happen now!

  12. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU January 5, 2014


    1. PackAttack January 5, 2014

      Please do. It’s too much of a chore for slow fucks like Nick Perry and AJ Hawk to do. So far Kaepernick has destroyed us and only us —- what a joke. This organization needs to collapse and start over.

  13. PackAttack January 5, 2014

    Fire Capers and McCarthy!!!! This was the most pathetic and embarrassing performance I’ve seen from this team. McCarthy’s play calling is beyond horrible, SF comes to town and McCarthy is completely mind fucked. You can’t kick FG’s when you need TD’s. What the fuck is he calling in the 4th Q? Who calls these plays?

    Defensively! HOLY SHIT! Micah Hyde and Davon House!! HOLY SHIT! These guys play pro football? AJ Hawk, again, gets bitched by Vernon Davis. No pressure. Kaepernick destroys this defense (again and again and again) with the run. Capers has no answer.

    Harbaugh owns this team. McCarthy can’t win big games when he needs to. The 2010 Super Bowl is a long ways in the rear view mirror. Changes need to take place — NOW!

    What a fucking horrible game. Fucking pathetic.

    1. Cheese January 5, 2014

      He’s not playing to win. I knew the second they decided to kick the last field goal to tie the game with four minutes left the game was over. All the 49ers had to do was run the clock and kick a field goal and what did they do??

  14. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

    Oh good god here come the Ted and Mac haters…. FUCK ME!

    1. PackAttack January 5, 2014

      You gotta fucking win games man. You can’t get your shit pushed in by the same fucking team 4 times in 2 years and be 0-4. McCarthy has not taken this team where it needs to be in the post-season. There is no excuse for losing that game tonight.

      Bad play calling all around. This offense couldn’t do shit and they rarely used Jones and Cobb. Why pay Jones this off-season? They don’t use him. McCarthy is trying to run WAY, WAY, WAY too much and Lacy’s career is going to be over by 25 with the way McCarthy uses him.

      On Defense. MD Jennings, Brad Jones, Micah Hyde and Davon House are borderline practice squad players. Micah Hyde dropping that game winning INT was all that needs to be said. Davon House just got bitched all night, no chance. Hawk and Jones —- it’s time to make a change….sorry.

      This organization is going nowhere with it’s current direction. But I suppose idiots like you enjoying getting your ass consistently in the playoffs four four straight years.

      What’s going to change?

      1. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

        Um, its three years (11, 12, 13). Piss poor tackling is a matter of coaching–defensive coaching. Combine that with a roster already depleted wtih injuries losing Shields and who else on defense, not to mention our left tackle.
        Get rid of Capers, runa complete overhaul of our training and medical staff. Beyond that, I support Mac and Ted.

        1. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

          Capers just called a heckuva a game.

          1. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

            I don’t know about that. And I am convinced the continual lack of execution, such as poor tackling, not being on assignment, goes to coaching.

          2. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

            That does go to coaching, the defensive coordinator does not coach position groups, he calls the game, creates the schemes, that’s about it.

            If you want to go after coaches then go after Perry, Trgovac, Whitt, McCurley, and Kevin Greene. I’d recommend Greene and McCurley and even Perry in this one. The D-line had one of it’s best games, the secondary made some plays and missed some, then again they were without (arguably) their best player.

          3. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

            From what I understand the OC and DC oversee coaching responsibilites for this. In some ways it is a miracle we held on given all the injuries, losing Shields on top of everyone else. Mulamba and another guy were banged up, too–this when we are already reduced largely to 2nd stringers

      2. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

        I have only one thing worth saying to you, PackAttack: You, sir, are a moron.

        Good Day

        1. PackAttack January 5, 2014

          Yeah great season fat fuck….I’m always supportive of fucking losers like you. Go home you piece of shit. You can kiss my ass….losers lose and winners win….AND you can be proud of fucking losers.

          1. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

            Nah, winners try and losers attack winners.

  15. tedtomato January 5, 2014

    That last drive wouldve never won the game if once..just once..they called holding on sfs oline..i mean cmon..a blind person could see that..kaperdick…fuck you fag!! Ihope kuechly eats you for lunch..enjoy your ref aided victory..maybe if mcfatty whined about the holding as much as jimmy windbag does..they might actually call it!!

    1. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

      I agree Bush was held.

  16. Remedy January 5, 2014

    That fuckup by Jarrett Bush was unforgivable

  17. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

    We could have won…Sam Shields makes that pick. Tramon Williams makes that pick. Casey Heyward makes that pick. Hell, maybe even the taller Davon House makes that pick.

    Clay Matthews makes that tackle.

    Bad run D on that last series-you don’t give up those last 5 yards Dawson just might have missed it, we at least have 4 plays worth of time if you stop them on 3rd.

    MM, Rodgers and the OL had a terrible 1st Quarter. Rodgers missed reads on open receivers at least 3 times, underthrew JJ, then JJ dropped another.

    After that the Offense played great except in the RZ.

    For the most part, the Special Teams was good.

    Proud of this D: No Matthews, lost SS early, then Mulumba hurt himself and wasn’t the same when he came back. All that considered, outside of 2 costly mistakes by Mulumba and 1 by Bush the D played very well. Tramon Williams is back, love the pick, love him running over Crapperdinck so much more.

    Eddie Lacy deserves his own religion.

    Proud of this team, awesome ride boys, on to next year.

    Go, Pack, Go!

  18. SEAHAWKSOWNYOU January 5, 2014

    LOL you won’t win shit next year. Your rings are tainted and old. Rodgers is a total fag. OUR DYNASTY BEGINS NOW FAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

      LMFAO, thanks for the chuckle, chucklehead, I needed that.

    2. kozak January 6, 2014

      I will SO love watching your shitbird team get beat. Dynasty? You have to win SOMETHING first. And I thought you metrosexual Seattle decaf chai soy latte drinking assholes were all good with the gay thing. I heard your whole team was looking forward to the fisting they crave. Oh yeah, I’m dowe with your mom, so come wipe off her face and take her for a walk before she shits the carpet again.

  19. PackAttack January 5, 2014

    Green Bay trailed the whole game and ran the ball more than the 49ers did tonight. Nobody in the NFL ran more than SF did this year and at home, trailing, Mike McCarthy manages to out-run SF. Classic.

    James Jones missed two catches. David Bahkarti gets a penalty in the RZ after having a slap fight with Aldon Smith. Davon House and Micah Hyde couldn’t cover Capers if he ran routes. AJ Hawk is the worst LB in the NFL, it’s done. Brad Jones is a close second. MD Jennings and Raji are non-existent on this D. Nick Perry sighting tonight, after two years he made one big play, then Kaepernick bitched him on another.

    Dropping INT’s, bad play calling, bad defense, another early round exit — IT MUST BE PACKER FOOTBALL!!

    1. kozak January 6, 2014

      Hey, if you hate it so much, go find another fucking team. I hear the Lions and Vikings are looking for fans. You don’t even have Bear material.

  20. tedtomato January 5, 2014

    Im not saying we have great players on defense..or the offensive..yes..offensive line!! But..cmon you call holding or false start on pack..but..none on jimmys shitbags…at least be fair..theres no way kaperdick has as many big plays if thats called evenly!!

  21. PackAttack January 5, 2014

    who cares…..there is no way this offense or defense for that matter could beat Carolina on the road. McCarthy would run 60 fucking halfback dives before it dawns on him he can use the passing game on 1st down….fat moron….injuries and first round exits are becoming a regularity around here.

  22. Minnesota January 5, 2014

    OF course Appleton/Green Bay is a Sh!thole. is the Sky blue?

    Soft team that can’t stay healthy. The QB is Gay and Brittle.

    haha! Packers suck.

    1. E. Wolf January 5, 2014

      Hey Vikings fan, I suggest you check the score. Its Green Bay 13, Minnesota Zer-0! So shut your fucking piehole. And that goes for that Seahawks troll as well.

    2. PackAttack January 5, 2014

      Ok faggot…you got the best RB league and can’t even sniff the playoffs…

      take phatgzus and you two losers can go fuck yourselves. waste of time.

      1. Phatgzus January 5, 2014

        Sounds like winner talk…

  23. gabriel February 10, 2014

    I have to agree Green Bay is a shit hole and people here are not friendly and judgemental which is funny because they dont look good themselves

  24. Frankie June 18, 2016

    Faqu all; faqe the Packers. Your town sucks, and you all fund their salaries because you’ve got nothing better to do there. What a dump!