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You Won’t Have Jerron McMillian to Kick Around Anymore

Anquan Boldin runs by Jerron McMillian

The Green Bay Packers have cut the cord on safety Jerron McMillian, releasing the 2012 fourth-round draft pick on Tuesday.

The move was necessary for the Packers to sign running back Kahlil Bell, who will serve as the Packers’ third back and play special teams.

McMillian is kind of representative of Ted Thompson’s recent drafts — not a lot of production on the field. McMillian split time opposite Morgan Burnett with M.D. Jennings his rookie season.

This season, he pretty much went backwards. McMillian began the season as a starter with Burnett injured. During that time he was responsible for giving up a number of big plays to receivers. When Burnett came back McMillian went back to splitting time with Jennings. That time was most noteworthy for the number of missed tackles he had.

Eventually, the Packers started using undrafted rookie Chris Banjo ahead of McMillian and the only time he saw the field was on special teams.

McMillian had just 15 tackles and no turnover plays this season.

He clearly became expendable when Sean Richardson returned from the physically unable to perform list in week 12.

If you take a look at the Packers 2012 draft class as a whole, it’s a pretty depressing picture. McMillian joins three other players who are no longer with the team — quarterback B.J. Coleman, tackle Andrew Datko and linebacker Terrell Manning.

Cornerback Casey Hayward was injured most of the season and is now on injured reserve. Defensive tackle Jerel Worthy has played in just one game this season after tearing his ACL late last season.

The only production from that class this season has been from defensive tackle Mike Daniels — in a part-time role — and linebacker Nick Perry.

Daniels has 5.5 sacks. Perry has four sacks and three forced fumbles, although he’s only been healthy enough to play in five games.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Iltarion December 3, 2013

    This was 12 weeks overdue.

    The good thing is that this means Sean Richardson is likely to get more playing time. He is a big guy who can add some needed physicality to the defense.

  2. GBslacker December 3, 2013

    “Defensive tackle Jerel Worthy hasn’t played at all this season after tearing his ACL late last season.”

    He was active and played in the Minnesota game, on Nov. 24.

    However, he didn’t accumulate any statistics of note; goose-eggs in all categories. If you care to equate “hasn’t played” with no production, I’ll buy it…

    1. PF4L December 3, 2013

      I was told by someone smarter than I am, that Worthy has had significant playing time this season. This same person has said Sherrod has had significant playing time this season also. So maybe it’s true.

  3. Remedy December 3, 2013

    This guy was truly awful

    1. Shawn December 3, 2013

      Well said.

  4. Ryan December 3, 2013

    I don’t agree that the 2012 draft class looks depressing. Daniels, Perry, Worthy and Hayward, I see some potential there.

    1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

      So do I–So do I. A combination of injruies and coaching I think can be attributed. Put someone in new, just look at what Ryan did to that Saints defense.

      1. Savage57 December 3, 2013

        Have to agree that unit had looked pretty good this season, but the Saints D looked Packerish last night against the ‘hawks.

        1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

          What was it, 14 points off turnovers? Besides Seahawks are tough at home. In any case, that team still made an incredible turn around on defense. I think we can too.
          I believe in Ted and Mac–I believe in this team.

    2. PF4L December 3, 2013

      Potential is a wonderful thing, if you can get on the field.

  5. Dick Trickle "33" December 3, 2013

    later fuckwad

  6. Savage57 December 3, 2013

    But there’s always M.D. Jennings!

    1. buster bluth December 3, 2013

      thats Medical Doctor to you.

      1. Cheese December 3, 2013

        Jennings works on the Packers medical staff? that explains a lot..

  7. vj December 3, 2013

    Yeah…I don’t think this bears repeating…but let the bloggers on TotalPackers pick the players from now on. Couldn’t fare much worse.
    Don’t forget Big Ted traded up to get both McMillian and Manning…..ouch!!!

    1. Mike December 4, 2013

      Are you surprised?

  8. Pete Rock December 3, 2013

    The D needs better players but more importantly they need some fucking leadership. someone to scream at them for being complete and total pussies.

    Clay Matthew did not look pissed off enough after that game for my liking….

    1. PF4L December 3, 2013

      Capers was bitching at him, I mean really giving them a mouthful, but I don’t think they heard him up in the coach’s box because of the glass..

      1. GBslacker December 3, 2013

        his dentures were falling out… he was simply chewing them back into place

      2. Mike December 4, 2013

        Funny! both comments!

  9. PF4L December 3, 2013

    I’d be happy if the players knew where they had to be lined up, instead looking at each like they are lost.

    1. Abe Frohman December 4, 2013

      what floors me is how under Capers first year he came in and turned the D around. I recall seeing many statistics about how he was good the first few years, then fell off considerably with pretty much every D he’s ever coached. We seem to be experiencing that in spades. I completely agree with you – guys don’t look like they know where they’re supposed to be lined up. It’s gotta stop and he’s gotta go.

      1. Mike December 4, 2013

        Food for thought, How many of those defensive players are here now! How many were NOT TT picks? and, how many of those other players did he jettison off the team? making it possible for him to have an all TT defense???Interesting eh???

  10. J.R. Augustine December 3, 2013

    What? No McMillian! The season’s over. :)

  11. TyKo Steamboat December 3, 2013

    I am a Ted Thompson supporter. He does it the rite, patient way. No emotional over-reactions. I would like to see an occasional free agent (I.E. Adam Levitre or Chris Canty) but I digress…
    I feel in the future, he will make these moves.

    I feel Teddy T’s biggest downfall is not being able to let go of his own draft picks…glad to see he can cut a cord. In Big Ted we trust.

    1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

      Amen, brother. In Ted we trust.

      1. Lance McCullers December 3, 2013

        How’s that working out for you this year? Know we all drink when you blame injuries..

        1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

          It is working for me just fine. Blaming injuries (and Dom Capers) makes a hell of a lot more sense than you cretins blaming Ted.

          1. vj December 3, 2013

            And who was it that hired Dom Capers pre tell?

          2. Lance McCullers December 4, 2013


    2. PF4L December 3, 2013

      Teds biggest downfall is not letting go of draft picks? What’s the next biggest downfall after that? How he handled Brett Favre?

      I can think of numerous downfalls.

      1) Not protecting your franchise QB

      2) Neglecting the safety position

      3) Letting poor, embarrassing coaching and Coordinator problems linger for years. With no end in sight. No offense Dom or Shawn.

      4)Thinking he can sign countless UFA’s and other teams rejects, and turn shit to gold, because he did it once years ago.

      5) Missing on too many draft picks, Be it injury or otherwise.

      6) Sleeping while the Ravens (stole) picked up a solid 1st round draft pick Left Tackle in Eugene Monroe

      1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

        1) Not protecting your franchise QB.

        He did. Sherrod was a bust, but everyne lauded the pick at the time. Even so, Bulaga is a good lineman. No matter how much you protest to the contrary, Ted is not responsible for him going down in the preason. And news flash you insufferable fool, starting caliber linemen, particularly starting caliber tackles, are very hard to find. That’s why half the teams have terrible lines. And that’s why the best prospects usually go in abut the top 10 of the first round. And yet despite that, Ted picked up Bakthiari. Problem solved going forward.

        Point Three is more on Mac. In hindsight he ought to have sent Dom packing last year. This year wil lbe the year however.

        5) I would love for you or someone to present a comparison chart tabulating busts versus hits by active GMs. Betcha anything that Ted ranks in the top five

        As for point six, hindsight is always 20-20. The 09 was a bust heavy draft, and he did pretty well in that draft, getting Clay Matthews and TJ Lang BJ Raji addressed the needs at the time. In 2008 our defense, particularly against the run, was horrible.

        About the only point that has any credibility concerns the safety position. Look for him to address that this offseason.

        1. PF4L December 3, 2013

          1st of all. I never ever said one word about Bulaga, but you like to put words in my mouth, so I’m not surprised you’d fabricate that. He’s an average right tackle. Does everything ok, nothing great. Needs to stay on the field.

          Next, you say lineman are hard to find. But the reality is, the top tier teams in the NFL find the hard to find lineman and they don’t usually pick high in the draft. So you failed with that point. Ted has the luxury (IMO) of having the most valuable QB in the league. Protecting him should be priority #1.

          Bakhtiari has played 12 games, he shows promise like Bulaga did in his 1st year. But he also struggles in his 1st year like Bulaga did. The man has played 12 games, he struggles at times. Lets get him some more time under his belt before we claim “Problem solved”.

          So in your mind the only concern is safety?

          I guess that explains everything I needed to know.

          You can’t say McCarthy will fire Capers as a certainty, can you? Has McCarthy told you that? We’ll see what happens. I deal with reality. You don’t know that for sure, so stop pretending you do please. Thank you for understanding.

          I don’t need a chart to tell me, that Teds player acquisitions were more productive in his 1st 5 years, than the last 3.

          1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

            You keep blasting Ted for not protecting Rodgers, which suggests he is blameworthy for Bulaga going down.
            And Ted has put fortha considerable effort to protect Rodgers. Sherrod can only be criticized with the advantage of hindsight.
            No its not a certainty, but all the pundits are saying he (Dom) is gone. I will give you this–if Mac keeps Dom after this year, I will not be able to support him then.
            Finally, with a good overhaul on defensive coordinator and coaching, some of those picks in those past three years could show even greater improvement. After all, Nick Collins really did not become Nick Collins until his fourth year.

          2. PF4L December 3, 2013

            I “suggested” Ted is to blame for Bulagas injury? Really? Putting words in my mouth again? What is your deal with that? I have to defend myself from you putting words in my mouth? Is that how this works?

            So having Bulaga back ends the problems on the line? We didn’t have problems when Bulaga has been playing? Bulaga gives up sacks too, Did you know that?

            Bulaga has missed 23 games since 2011. I shouldn’t have to explain what that means.

            Now were getting into brain damage territory. You have yourself a goodnight Wolf.

        2. PF4L December 3, 2013

          I’m thinking to myself, Wolfie thinks the O line problems solved. The only concern according to him is safety.

          Riddle me this. If the O line problem is solved, why did Flynn land on his ass 15 times, 7 of them sacks, including a safety 5 days ago? Not to mention the hurries.

          That’s some funny shit Uncle Wolfie.

        3. vj December 3, 2013

          Bahktiari does not solve your Left Tackle necessarily. It may but it also may not. I feel we have three or four RT/ Guards on our roster. I don’t feel Bulaga can handle speed rushers that well.
          I thought the idea was to get better, not worse using Ted’s system. You cannot make a convincing case that has happened. And the buck stops with Ted so, yes, we can hate on him for his shitty methods as much as we want to.

      2. Mike December 4, 2013

        Yes that’s right! TT the Alchemist!

  12. PF4L December 3, 2013

    That’s 2

  13. PF4L December 3, 2013

    In support of Ted Thompson, he doesn’t over-react. He’s a very patient man. What other team’s GM would let the defense and special teams shit the bed for 3 seasons now, without demanding better accountability. You have to give Capers and Slocum more time to right the ship. I think 2 or 3 more years and if it hasn’t improved by then, Ted may be forced to give them a verbal warning.
    Then if they don’t improve by 2016. You give them one more year. Then decide your next move in 2017.
    If at that time a move is made to change the Def. coordinator, the new guy can implement a new system, get some players to fit it, and should be all set to rock the NFL for the Green Bay Packers in 2019.

    The same year Rodgers contract is up.


    1. TyKo Steamboat December 3, 2013

      There are 32 teams in the NFL…it is VERY hard to win a Superbowl…

      Ted Thompson has a ring. He has been there. If it were any other pussy GM in this league, we may not have traded Favre to the Jets (which was the right move). Ted balanced the budget & salary cap & will keep Rodgers & Matthews as Packers.

      He didn’t offer Greg Jennings a new contract (which was the right non-move). He was patient & let Eddie Lacy come to us in the 2nd round..

      Is it Ted Thompson’s fault that the Packers had a slew of injuries this season? Including our franchise QB…No.

      A lot of the NFL is luck (i.e. which teams are fortunate enough to stay healthy)

      Packers fans owe Ted Thompson more than they’ll ever know. The Packers organization is like a rectangle…1.) Rodgers 2.) Ted Thompson 3.) McCarthy 4.) Mark Murphy. … These cornerstones have delivered us one Superbowl already & it is my belief that in the next 7 years, they will bring us 1 more at least…

      Who would you rather have as a GM? Hmmmm…


      1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

        Here is an email i sent to Homer and Thunder a couple months back about Ted:

        Those who doubt Ted Thompson, the Polar Bear, offend me. The guy rebuilt the team from a 4-12 team in 05 to a contender almost every year since 07. He stared into the eyes of NFL immortality (number four) and said NO, and went with Rodgers without the advantage of hindsight. He scored big in the 09 draft, a draft largely regarded as bust heavy by many. And now some of the picks that many of us thought might not pan out, such as Perry and Neal, are suddenly showing a lot of promise.
        The man is a genius–a savant. We Packer fans can thank him, perhaps more than anyone else, for XLV and our current status as a strong contender for more Super Bowl Championships. Ted Thompson is the good steward and guardian who oversees the welfare of our beloved franchise. He, in his infinite wisdow, knows it is better to think long-term than pay too much for an overthehiil, overpriced veteran, and he has the genius to find young talent to win far more often than not. THANK YOU, TED!

        1. Lance McCullers December 4, 2013

          I remember that…Homer was making fun of you and reminded their listeners that they accept emails from special needs kids on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays.

          1. E. Wolf December 4, 2013

            That was another email, the one blasting him for shooting his mouth off about the Bears game already being won.
            He and Thunder acted pretty shameful that week, laughing and joking like it was some sort of party.

          2. PF4L December 4, 2013

            Now thats funny.

      2. PF4L December 3, 2013

        Tyko……It is hard to win a Super Bowl, that’s why I praised Ted years back, when he was making the right moves.

        I praised him for how he handled Favre, and had the balls to show him, that he wasn’t bigger than the Green Bay Packers. Players play, GM’s make the decisions on the team, not Brett Favre.

        Ted did offer Jennings a contract, Jennings turned it down. (You should know that) and if you didn’t, please don’t act like you know something you don’t.

        Ted doesn’t handle the salary cap and balancing the budget. They have CPA’s and CFO’s for that

        We can’t use the injury excuse too often can we?

        Fans don’t “owe” Ted anything, He receives millions to do his job. His job is to win Super Bowls. Just as we don’t owe Brett Favre anything, the Packers paid him 98 million. I think that should be good.

        With that said, Maybe you haven’t seen the Packers shit the bed in the playoffs, or on defense, or special teams going on 3 years now. 2010 is long gone. I have faith and trust in those that have earned it, not because of something they did years ago.

        If you choose to idolize Ted, that is your freedom. I don’t idolize present day failure.

    2. vj December 4, 2013

      Hahahahaha I loved that rant!!!!

  14. PF4L December 3, 2013

    We could have paid Charles Woodson his 10 million dollars he was due for 2013. Why didn’t we?

    Was it because his performance at the time was not up to his past performance of say 3 years ago possibly?

    His value diminished because he wasn’t performing as well as in the past.

    Why is Ted’s job performance so different?

    1. Mike December 4, 2013

      Nice point!

  15. Iltarion December 3, 2013

    31 NFL GMs, countless team executives, NFL scouts and everyone else who is paid to know about football disagree with you.

    Nothing else to say.


    Anyone talking about Ted going anywhere are like my parents talking about getting Obama out of office. It is a complete waste of time. Ted is not going anywhere. Reconcile yourself to that fact. The sooner you do that. The better off you’ll be.

    It would take the Packers losing for like 4 or 5 years straight, and with Aaron Rodgers at QB? Yeah, that aint happening.

    1. vj December 4, 2013

      I would rather have Obama be our GM over Ted Thompson and he is a Bears lover. I could throw darts blindfolded at a draft board and have better results than that old billy goat.

      1. PF4L December 4, 2013

        The thing about Wolfie, if you want to watch him bust a nut. Just press a button. :)

    2. PF4L December 4, 2013

      Do you have some inside information Wolfie?

      Did you talk to the 31 GM’s, countless team executives, scouts, ect and ask them about TT?

  16. E. Wolf December 4, 2013

    I could throw darts blindfolded at a draft board and have better results than that old billy goat.

    The fuck you could.

  17. E. Wolf December 4, 2013

    At PFAIL,

    Whatever man, you keep blasting Ted for “not protecting Rodgers.” I have stated my position, you have stated yours. We are not going to convince each other.
    And yeah Bulagas missed games are going to be high we he is on injured reserve for an entire year.

  18. bob at 81 December 4, 2013

    you’re all on the wrong page … what is needed is a new strength and conditioning coach – our injuries are horrendous. TT can get the players, but MM gets the coaches. and there is the rub.
    I complained when we had bad years, and it seems to help [only] me. but good bad or ugly,

    they are my GREEN BAY PACKERS

    1. E. Wolf December 4, 2013

      Bob, I have been saying that all along. Leading the league for three out of four years aint just coincidence.

  19. john December 4, 2013

    and so, all you with short term memory loss, do you remember how well rated our D was rated early on (pree Aaron’s injury)? Same players what they did do is give up but, th epotential is there

  20. Mike December 4, 2013

    Something is rotten in Green Bay, and I will guarantee you that TT is part of it. MM needs to pull his head out of half the coaches asses and can them after the year is finished, strength and conditioning needs to be one of the first to be addressed.

  21. john December 4, 2013

    PF4LLook at the won loss record, none better

    1. PF4L December 4, 2013


      If you’re hungry, i still have some left over turkey from Thanksgiving.

      Watching the most pathetic NFL performance on both sides of the ball that i’ve ever witnessed in my life, made me lose my appetite.

      That came right after finally getting over the last 2 embarrassing 49er games. Not too mention watching the train wreck games this season without Rodgers.

      So in light of the present day team TT has assembled i say this.

      No Rodgers, no chance.

  22. the real russ letlow December 4, 2013

    there was a lot of fire TT & MM rhetoric prior to January 2011 as well. Oh well.

    1. E. Wolf December 4, 2013

      By blaming Ted rather than obvious more legitimate factors, you are in effect calling for Ted to be fired.

      1. PF4L December 5, 2013

        Let me guess, like injurys?

  23. PF4L December 4, 2013

    For the record, i never said fire TT or MM. I simply am commenting on reality. Dom Capers is another story.

    Someone at 1265 Lombardi Ave. Has to step up finally and address Capers poor performance performance. How many years have to go by, until someone says “Hey Dom, this isn’t working, were going in another direction.”

    Some job accountability.

  24. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    PF4L Just out of curiosity name me 5 top tier teams who have an all pro LT aso Flynn is no Rodgers he holds the ball longer than Rodgers which means more time for a sack and once again you bring up how Ozzie got Monroe. If Monroe was so good why would he be traded even though hr was a previous 1st round pick, could it be because he was better than McKinney rather than just being a stud at that position

  25. PF4L December 5, 2013

    Trading for a 1st round left tackle, one thats better than the left tackle McKinney, to protect Flacco. That’s somehow not smart?..The Packers shouldn’t upgrade a tackle position if it presents itself? Faux, tell me, did you get dropped on your head a lot as a kid?